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Federal Officials Outline New Plan To Lower Wildfire Risk
New strategy would also make use of technological advances, like remote sensing, fire simulation tools and mapping technologies.

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Yosemite park reopens, but fire’s toll on tourism still felt
In Yosemite, the wildfire peaked during the busiest month for tourism.
Wildfire forces evacuations in Glacier, Yosemite to reopen
The fire burning in Glacier was one of several started by lightning on Saturday evening.
Lawmakers, conservationists ask Congress to reauthorize fund
The fund, created in 1965, spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year on land consolidation, conservation easements, urban parks and other projects.
Montana to keep 1,000 bears amid push to lift protections
Grizzlies also are increasingly found on the open plains to the east of Glacier, where they can quickly run into conflicts with farmers and ranchers.
Group says US energy panel stacked with industry supporters
Critics allege the panel has made one-sided recommendations that favor industry and weaken environmental protections.
USCA cattle forum to explore opportunities, challenges
USCA cattle forum to explore opportunities, challenges
The forum will feature panel discussions and speakers addressing global trade, alternative proteins and the state of the industry.
Risk assessment on Yellowstone bison could delay transfer
A plan to transfer wild bison from Yellowstone National Park to an American Indian tribe in northeast Montana faces possible delay
South Korea delegation visits SE Idaho wheat players
South Korea delegation visits SE Idaho wheat players
Some 1.6 million metric tons of U.S.-grown wheat went to South Korea from June 1, 2017, to May 31 of this year.