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Heavy rain along Rocky Mountain Front leads to flooding
Heavy rain falling along the Rocky Mountain Front over the last several days has triggered some flooding, closing some roads and trapping a horseback party in the Scapegoat Wilderness

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Montana fire season forecast to be big, despite snowy winter
Montana is still recovering from last year’s fire season, when 1,500 square miles burned.
New Yellowstone boss named following predecessor’s ouster
Cameron “Cam” Sholly will replace Dan Wenk, who has been superintendent since 2011.
Agency considers dropping wolf protections
Since securing protection in the 1970s, they have bounced back in parts of the country.
Grizzly bear dies after eating pesticides in garage
A grizzly bear has died after eating pesticides in an open garage northeast of Great Falls
Montana’s Blackfeet tribe, Zinke put water deal into effect
Leaders of the Blackfeet Nation and U.S. Interior Department have put into effect a $471 million settlement of water rights claims for the northwestern Montana tribe that was decades in the making
Supreme Court tie goes to Washington tribes in landmark culvert case
Supreme Court tie goes to Washington tribes in landmark culvert case
Supreme Court upholds order to replace fish-blocking culverts
What Washington Can Learn From Montana’s Grizzlies
Reintroducing and relocating grizzlies has always been a tense topic in Washington.
Sage grouse DNA study maps crucial mating grounds in US West
A DNA study of sage grouse has revealed a vast network of mating grounds in the U.S. West akin to interconnected regional airport hubs that the imperiled species is using to maintain genetic diversity across its entire range
Wildlife officials capture, relocate grizzly bear
Wildlife officials have captured a grizzly bear that made its way to a Montana residential area
Bears attack Montana researcher, llamas
Bears attack Montana researcher, llamas
A researcher for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is recovering from two skull fractures and other wounds after being attacked by a bear, apparently a grizzly, south of Libby, Mont. Llamas were killed in separate incident.