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EPA enforces new water rule in 37 states despite injunction
The Environmental Protection Agency will enforce its new Clean Water Act rule in 37 states despite a judge's injunction.

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Vilsack announces expanded sage grouse program
Vilsack announces expanded sage grouse program
The U.S. ag secretary will announce a new round of work to keep greater sage grouse off the endangered species list and visit the wildfire control center in Portland.
Aerial applicator plane crashes; pilot dies
The plane went down Wednesday in a wooded area in Wisconsin while spraying a potato farm.
Standing Rock attorney wants to legalize hemp on reservation
The tribe's chairman says he agrees that industrial hemp could be beneficial to the reservation but wants to first get a permit from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Farm seeks repayment for confiscated raisins
Farm seeks repayment for confiscated raisins
A California farm is seeking repayment from USDA for raisins it turned over under an unconstitutional volume control program.
Drought devastates some of Poland’s crops
Authorities estimate tens of thousands of Polish farms involving at least 2 million acres have lost large portions of their crops.
Iowa State cancels poultry farm classes to avoid bird flu
The importance of the rare chickens to research is that the genetic makeup differs from what’s used in commercial production today.
Former USDA inspector loses whistleblower lawsuit
Former USDA inspector loses whistleblower lawsuit
A former USDA inspector has lost a whistleblower lawsuit that accused the agency of ignoring food safety problems.
Navajo farmers reject use of water after mine spill
The Navajo Nation has been hesitant to lift restrictions on using the river water, mostly over concerns about contaminants being stirred up and washed down the river.
Man admits forcing immigrant teenagers into egg farm work
The teens were put to work at an egg farm, which relied on a contractor, one of the people charged in the case, to recruit and hire the workers. The farm has not been implicated in the plot.
Wheat flag smut re-emerges in Kansas after decades
Farmers are being encouraged to choose wheat varieties resistant to fungi, apply fungicides to their seeds before planting winter wheat, and delay planting.