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Greek farmers clash with riot police in pensions protest
Farming associations have been blockading highways with tractors for more than two weeks to protest a planned overhaul of the country’s troubled pension system.

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Vilsack: USDA budget down, but still ample
Vilsack: USDA budget down, but still ample
USDA's proposed budget would reduce funding for crop insurance and increase funding for agricultural research.
Parents push Hawaii lawmakers for pesticide buffer zones
The House Committees on Agriculture and Energy and Environmental Protection deferred the measure for a week.
Obama reduces USDA budget in his proposal
Total spending: $155.4 billion, including spending already required by law for food stamps, other government nutrition programs and farm subsidies.
Federal land acquisitions get budget boost
Federal land acquisitions get budget boost
Federal agencies got $450 million to spend on land acquisitions in 2016 through appropriations to the Land and Water Conservation Fund.
U.S. surpasses Germany in hop production
U.S. surpasses Germany in hop production
Germany usually leads the United States as the world's top hop producer, but drought switch that around in 2015.
Welcome to the ‘agrihood:’ Homes are built around working farms
Agrihoods frequently include farmer’s markets, inns and restaurants sited in communal hubs where the edibles are processed or sold.
Official details storm’s lasting effects on New Mexico’s dairy industry
Dairy operations and ranchers on the eastern side of the state were ready for the snow but not the gusts that came along with it.
School dietitians fight battle of the bland
The director of the Food Services Department says it’s possible to make the meals appetizing without running afoul of the new health guidelines.
Utah sues federal government over sage grouse plan
State officials argue that the guidelines announced in September impose unnecessary restrictions for activities on and near sage grouse habitat.
Obama seeks $10-per-barrel oil tax
House Speaker Paul Ryan called the plan “dead on arrival” and “an election-year distraction.”