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Japan negotiator: TPP trade deal with U.S. possible by spring
The U.S. and Japan must set a deal before a final agreement among all the countries can be reached.

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New Mexico House panel tables horse slaughter bill
Animal advocates have been working to stop horse slaughter in the state. They acknowledged that a federal spending ban on inspectors has effectively put the brakes on the possibility of any horse processing plants opening in New Mexico, but they said the...
U.S. firm buys Canadian GM apple company
U.S. firm buys Canadian GM apple company
The Canadian company that developed a genetically modified apple is being purchased by a U.S. firm. The transaction is to be completed in the first half of this year.
University of Michigan researchers track coyote-wolf hybrids
A wolf and a coyote mated nearly 100 years ago. The result: the coywolf.
Michigan’s hops acreage set to double with 400-acre farm
The 400-acre farm, MI Local Hops, will be larger than most Michigan hops farms, which Michigan State University Extension hops expert Rob Sirrine said typically come in at five to 10 acres.
National monument supporters in California get antsy
The designation typically takes lands already owned by the government and walls them off from new mining, roads and power lines.
Conservation groups unite to oppose takeover of federal land
In the past few years, efforts by a growing fringe of state lawmakers to take over national public lands have surfaced in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming.
Congress passes one-week Homeland Security bill
Congress passes one-week Homeland Security bill
The legislation went to the White House for President Barack Obama’s signature, which the president provided just a few minutes before midnight.
Forecast: Seeds, nuts top ‘superfoods’ for 2015
Forecast: Seeds, nuts top ‘superfoods’ for 2015
Seeds and nuts will top the list of "what's in" when it comes to healthy eating in 2015. Kale, coconut products, Greek yogurt and avocados will also prevail. Consumers are also welcoming fat back into their diets, according to a survey of registered...
USDA extends yield, base acre deadline to March 31
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has extended a deadline for farmers to adjust the base acres and yield history of their farms for new programs under the 2014 Farm Bill.
Study shows countries distort wheat trade
Study shows countries distort wheat trade
U.S. Wheat Associates says a study shows that the governments of India, China, Turkey, Brazil and Thailand have increased trade-distorting subsidies for wheat, corn and rice production beyond their World Trade Organization agreements.