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Man featured in ‘Farmers for America’ documentary
Calvin Riggleman, 36, got his start in farming the way many do.

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25 race horses killed by Southern California wildfire
25 race horses killed by Southern California wildfire
The California Horse Racing Board says approximately 25 race horses were killed when a wildfire engulfed about eight barns at a training center in northeast San Diego County
Report: Wolf population increase not hurting deer numbers
The first wolf pack was documented in Washington state in 2008.
Zinke recommends shrinking Nevada monument
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recommended scaling back the size of the Gold Butte National Monument in southern Nevada on Tuesday, drawing praise from Republican Sen. Dean Heller but sharp criticism from congressional Democrats and conservationists.
Wildlife disease occurrences spread in Montana
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks department is seeking 1,000 special deer licenses to issue to hunters in an attempt to test 300 deer for chronic wasting disease
Wildlife officials say white-tailed prairie dog in no danger
Tuesday’s announcement culminates a lengthy review of the squirrel-sized rodent’s legal status.
County issues disaster declaration for town without water
Town officials say a cause has not been determined for why the wells suddenly quit functioning.
Oregon sends strike teams, equipment to California wildfires
Oregon is sending 10 strike teams from all over the state to help California firefighters battle several massive blazes north of Los Angeles
Los Angeles moves toward legal pot sales milestone
Industry experts say it’s not clear how many L.A. businesses will be ready to open their doors on Jan. 1.
Where protected lands stand after national monument review
U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke conducted a review of 27 monuments established by former presidents over more than two decades.
Hundreds flee as fires randomly take, spare California homes
Wildfires hop-scotched downhill toward the Pacific Ocean on Monday and Tuesday with devastating effect, destroying homes seemingly at random while leaving others untouched.