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Northern New England states fight invasive bugs
The emerald ash borer is a native of China that likely hitchhiked to the U.S. hidden in wood packing materials. It has destroyed millions of trees since being discovered in Michigan in 2002 and is now known to be in 25 states.

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Drought reduces hydroelectric output
Drought lowers river flows, electrical power output.
Wheat acres up, corn and soybeans down in South Dakota
The USDA says that spring wheat, winter wheat and durum wheat acres all are up this year in South Dakota, while soybean acres are down 1 percent and corn acres are down 10 percent.
A look at wildfire hotspots around the West
Wildfires appear in bone-dry parts of the West, causing evacuations, property damage.
Missouri Supreme Court upholds farming, gun rights measures
Critics complained that the measures misled voters and would have unintended consequences.
Federal judge rules Maui County GMO ban invalid
Maui voters passed the ordinance when they approved a ballot initiative last November.
U.S. potato acreage up 1.9 percent, NASS reports
U.S. potato acreage up 1.9 percent, NASS reports
Fall potato acres are up in the Northwest and nationwide, according to new numbers from the USDA and United Potato Growers of America.
EPA to propose banning chlorpyrifos insecticide
The EPA says it plans to ban the common insecticide chlorpyrifos but may change its mind based on discussions with manufacturers.
Vermont can help to conserve declining monarch butterfly
A biologist says Vermont’s meadows and old fields provide habitat for milkweed, which is a critical food source for monarchs.
North Dakota takes steps on pesticide inspections
The dispute was over whether the state needed inspectors with federal credentials, following the retirement two years ago of the state’s only federally certified inspector.
Smaller U.S. apple crop foreseen
A slightly smaller U.S. apple crop in 2015 should help wholesale apple prices and grower returns improve. Heat damage is a growing concern for the Washington crop.