Pasture Management 8 week Course

An 8-week course on improving the health and productivity of your pastures and the profitability of your animals. 8 Thursday evenings 6 to 9 pm Feb. 22 -April 12 plus 3 Saturday field trips.
1) Developing management goals; 2) Your rights and legal responsibilities; 3) Plant physiology, growth and identification; 4) Soil fertility, health and management in pasture; 5) Paddock and fencing design and materials; 6) Forage budgeting, hay cost and extending the grazing season; 7) Raising small ruminants on pasture and browse vs.forage; 8) Water rights, watering facility use and design; 9) Intensive grazing and ultra-high density grazing; 10) ODA meat marketing and labeling laws; 11) Business and marketing plans; 12) Putting it all together and developing your plan.

USDA Service Center
89 Alder St
Central Point, OR

Cost: $300 one/ $250 second person from same farm Website: Upcoming Dates:
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