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Readers' views for Oct. 26, 2012

Published on October 26, 2012 3:01AM

Last changed on November 23, 2012 9:30AM

Democrat backs McKenna

As a Democrat, I support Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna for governor. Rob puts people and issues first, over the party and positioning.

Rob worked with me, the prosecuting attorneys and the sheriffs of our four counties from the 19th Legislative District to restore anti-meth drug task force funding, combatting the meth epidemic in southwest Washington.

SB6239 was the result, restoring funding to fight this serious drug crime. It passed the legislature unanimously and is still a major crime fighting tool today.

Rob defends rural natural resource jobs. Rob recently petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court along with 31 attorneys general from both parties to reverse a California federal court’s decision that trumps our state’s forestry laws.

Rob McKenna has worked with me and other Democrats in the legislature to get the job done. It is important that we elect leaders who focus on putting the people first instead of parties or positions. I’m proud to support Rob for governor of the state of Washington.

Mark L. Doumit
Olympia, Wash.

Family supports Measure 84

This message is directed toward voters in the state of Oregon.

Election Day 2012 is drawing near. The Oregon ballot will include Measure 84, the estate or “death” tax measure. I would like to share my story with you describing why my family is voting yes on 84.

My family’s trade is tree farming in northwest Oregon. My grandparents are 90 and 82; shortly, my parents will inherit their 300-acre Douglas fir tree farm. This farm has seen four generations of my family. Naturally, the trees, given their numbers, are worth a fair amount of money. The property’s value, due to the uncut timber, is greater than $1 million. This means that under the current circumstances my family would have to pay a 10 to 16 percent tax to transfer the land with the trees to my parents when my grandparents pass on. Should their deaths happen untimely, my parents will need to cut some of the timber in order to cover the tax, timber that would otherwise remain growing.

The Oregon estate tax is oppressive to small businesses, farms, ranches and other important industries. The new TV ad against Measure 84 claims that only 2 percent of Oregonians are benefitted by 84, while the ad shows a couple in sunglasses and fancy dress to represent the “rich” who benefit from Measure 84.

It angers me that hard-working Oregonians are depicted this way in the anti-84 ad, just because your estate is worth over a million does not mean you own a BMW, eat out nightly, et cetera. This tax singles out those who have built something for the future while paying taxes their whole lives. They can’t pass on, literally, without paying more to the state.

I would like to encourage you to vote yes on Measure 84 to aid Oregon industry.

Rose Durecka
Warren, Ore.


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