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Published on October 30, 2012 3:01AM

Last changed on November 27, 2012 11:30AM

FFA winners from the West

National Career Development Event winners from the annual FFA national convention last week in Indianapolis.

Agricultural Communications

Third Place: Kyle Sneddon, Savannah Hoffman and McKenzie Bostic, all of Yelm FFA, Washington


Seventh Place: Taylor Ferreira, Edith Duran, Sandra Duran and Carolyn Schiber, all of Atwater FFA, California

Agricultural Sales

First Place: Claire Hammond, Raegan White, Julianne Benson and Anna Kameshima, all of Dayton FFA, Oregon

Eighth Place: Anthony Arellano, Taylor Francesconi, Madeleine Stone and Lynze Thornburg, all of Elk Grove FFA, California

Ninth Place: Austin O'Neill, Brandi Sansaver, Marissa Hansen and Olivia Schatz, all of Stanwood FFA , Washington

Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems

First Place: Patrick Swanson, Leif Small, Curtis Flake and Ashley Rich, all of Stanwood FFA, Washington

Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management

First Place: Alexandra Gamboni, Francesca Gambonini, Jessica Jones and Regina Pozzi, all of Petaluma FFA, California

Eighth Place: Jeni Hagler, Macy Hagler, Elizabeth Reynolds and Maggie Reynolds, all of Kuna FFA, Idaho

Environmental and Natural Resources

Second Place: Nathan Thompson, Sarah Flake, Brandon Reynolds and Lindsey Martin, all of Stanwood FFA, Washington

Farm Business Management

Eighth Place: Hunter Weinert, Breanna Veltkamp, Rebecca Steiger and Raquel Van Hofwegen, all of Lynden Christian FFA, Washington


Fifth Place: Marrisa Gzell, Heather Kirkendall, Jessica Jensen and Melissa Spence, all of Bret Harte FFA, California

Eighth Place: Geneva Ford, Gabby Bender, Tristian Beaty and Kristina Gillaspie, all of Woodland FFA, Washington


Ninth Place: Trevor Baisden, William Cote, Alec Postlewait and Ty Munsell, all of Mount Baker FFA, Washington

Horse Evaluation

Third Place: Elaine Elia, Sierra Hawkesworth, Kaitlin Nicholson and Callie Bassett, all of Bakersfield-Frontier FFA, California

Eighth Place: Lauren Riback, Kayla Hemmert, Alena Perry and Ashley Goolsby, all of Molalla FFA, Oregon

Job Interview

First Place: Bailey Peters of Centralia FFA, Washington

Livestock Evaluation

Second Place: Kayla Hildebrand, Amy Hanks, Vanessa Soto and Kayla Welcher, all of Templeton FFA, California

Marketing Plan

First Place: Joey Clifford, Gerald Moen and Molly Swanberg, all of Elk Grove FFA, California

Third Place: Zoe Kramme, Cassidy Gunst and Kailey Olson, all of Lynden FFA, Washington

Meats Evaluation and Technology

Second Place: Donnielle Aluisi, Kelsey Gray and Travis McDonald, all of Clovis FFA, California

Seventh Place: Caitlynn Rose Barton, Amedy Rian Vanderkooy, Fawn R Vargas and Callie Hobson, all of Hermiston FFA, Oregon

Eighth Place: Bryson O'Neill, Brandon Knodel, Connor O'Neill and Bridger Smith, all of Lind FFA, Washington

Milk Quality and Products

Second Place: Cheyenne Schmerber, Jake Elliott, Nick Fagen and Cameron Capps, all of Fruitland FFA, Idaho

Sixth Place: Joy Wilcox, Susana Brasil, Noemy Escamilla and Morgan Briner, all of Atwater FFA, California

Ninth Place: Ashley Miedema, Haley Van Beek, Samantha Douge and Karis Van Diest, all of Lynden Christian FFA, Washington


10th Place: Krista Brumbaugh, Kelly Jones, Savanah Reich and Travis Vazquez, all of Cottonwood-West Valley FFA, California

Poultry Evaluation

Third Place: Kelsey Lowe, Haley Warner, Elaine Jordan and Lauren Young, all of Bret Harte FFA, California

National Agriscience Fair

Animal Systems

First: Katie Fuller and Katelin Walker, N. Clackamas Land Lab FFA of Oregon

Services/Natural Resource Systems

Sixth: McKenzie Dukes Canby HS FFA of Oregon

Winners of National FFA Agricultural Proficiency Awards

Agriscience Research - Animal Systems

Winner: Madison Albiana, Elk Grove FFA Chapter, California

Madison Albiana of the Elk Grove FFA Chapter in California has been researching and comparing the average daily gains for crossbred and purebred hogs. Working with professors at California State University, she discovered that breed did not have a significant effect but the gender of the hogs was important in average daily gains. Albiana is supported by her parents, Chantelle and Michael, and her FFA advisors, Brittany Whyler, Matt Patton, Amy Erman, Alyssa Mangan, Shannon Welch and her father.

Specialty Animal Production - Entrepreneurship/Placement

Winner: Michael Valencia, Madera FFA Chapter, California

Michael Valencia of the Madera FFA Chapter in California is the owner of 75 honeybee hives and operates his own small business offering pollination services to local farmers. Starting as a freshman, his father -- also an apiarist -- donated 55 hives to his son to get started. Since becoming part of the industry, he has developed an understanding of the importance and impact of pollination on the farming community. Valencia markets his honey he collects to a cooperative in 55-gallon drums and plans to double his hives with each passing year. He is supported by his father Emilio and his FFA advisors, Sheryl Sisil, Robert Labrucherie, Rebecca Bigelow, Tim Denie, Alex Gutierrez and Brent George.


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