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Organization gives thanks for Oregon ag

Published on November 15, 2012 3:01AM

Last changed on December 13, 2012 7:51AM

Infographic shows Thanksgiving foods produced in the state


Capital Press

While dining this Thanksgiving, 1,000 Friends of Oregon want consumers to give thanks to Oregon agriculture. After all, said Craig Beebe, a communications coordinator for the organization, much of what they are eating could be from the state.

In honor of Oregon agriculture, the land-use-planning organization has put together an infographic it hopes people will share on social media.

The infographic, which was to be released Nov. 14, conveys the state's annual consumption and production of wheat, cranberries, squash, winegrapes, snap beans, potatoes, pumpkins and turkeys. According to the graphic, other than winegrapes and turkeys, Oregon produces more than it consumes of each of those commodities.

The infographic also shows that Oregon agriculture adds $22 billion to Oregon's net state product annually.

Beebe said 1,000 Friends of Oregon got the idea of the infographic from a sister organization, 1,000 Friends of Maryland.

The sister organization's theme, however, was that Maryland growers don't produce a lot of what is consumed at Thanksgiving.

After starting on the project, the Oregon organization realized that Oregon grows a lot of what consumers eat at Thanksgiving: From the cranberries, to the potatoes, to the pumpkins.

"We think it is a feel-good story," Beebe said. "And the conclusion is that farmland is not something that is just sitting there waiting to be developed. It is land that is actively working.

"It is supporting 260,000 jobs around the state, and being exported around the world," he said.

"As you are saying thanks at your table this Thanksgiving, you should be saying thanks to Oregon agriculture as well," Beebe said.

See the infographic at http://www.friends.org/FieldtoFork


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