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University sells own cheese

WSU expert recruited to help start program at Oregon State


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Watch out, Cougar Gold, there is a new cheese on the block.

Beaver Classic, made, marketed and sold by Oregon State University students, is now for sale and ready to go head-to-head with Washington State University's prize winning Cougar Gold.

Lisbeth Goddik, OSU dairy food extension specialist and food science professor, said the two cheeses have distinct differences.

Cougar Gold is a white cheddar cheese, while Beaver Classic is made in the Alpine style, featuring subtle, nutty flavors.

"It's a cheese that is not produced in Oregon today," Goddik said. "We didn't want to produce something that was already out there.

"And we didn't want to make a mainstream cheddar cheese," she said. "We'll leave that to the bigger companies. This is an artisan scale and artisan type of cheese."

To date, OSU students have sold just a little over 1,000 pounds of Beaver Classic. Most of the 200 pounds a week the students produce are in storage, where it will stay for a minimum of six months.

The OSU food science program convinced long-time WSU cheese-making supervisor, Marc Bates, to come out of retirement and help get the OSU cheese off the ground.

Bates supervised the making of Cougar Gold for nearly 30 years.

"We convinced him to help us get started out right to make sure everything is done correctly and safely," she said.

Beaver Classic is available online, where it sells in wedges for $10. The cheese also sells for $25 a pound. The program is self-supporting, Goddik said.

"It is a perfect gift for OSU alumni," Goddik said.

The cheese also is available Fridays at the Department of Food Science and Technology, in Room 108 of Wiegand Hall from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.


OSU Beaver Classic Cheese: oregonstate.edu/main/cheese


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