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Senate passes 'horse tripping' ban


Capital Press

SALEM -- The Oregon Senate on April 16 passed a bill to ban "horse tripping" in rodeos.

Senate Bill 835 would eliminate what the Jordan Valley residents characterized in a committee hearing as a safe practice and one that is a signature feature of the Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo.

"If this bill is passed, it will not only affect the rodeo, but the whole community of Jordan Valley," Vern Kershner, president of the Jordan Valley rodeo, said in an April 8 committee hearing.

"They threw Jordan Valley under the bus," Jim Welsh, Oregon Cattlemen's Association lobbyist said after the 22-6 floor vote.

An amendment to the bill brought by Sen. Bill Hansell, R-Pendleton, would put in state statute a "Right to Rodeo" clause.

Hansell said he brought forward the amendment to ease concerns that the horse tripping ban would extend to other rodeo events.

SB835 now goes to the House.

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