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Single apple moth found in Oregon

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has confirmed a single detection of light brown apple moth at a Polk County nursery, marking the first time the insect pest has been found in the state.

ODA officials said there is no evidence that a breeding population of the moth exists in Oregon.

"So far, the evidence points to a hitchhiker moth that arrived at the Polk County nursery with plant material shipped into Oregon," says Helmuth Rogg, manager of ODA's Insect Pest Prevention and Management Program.

"Considering we had two traps at the nursery that were checked twice over the summer, catching only one specimen indicates this is not an established population of the moth. A thousand other LBAM traps across the state were also negative," Rogg said.

The light brown apple moth was first detected in the continental U.S. in 2007 when it was found in California's Bay Area. The detection in Oregon is the first time LBAM has been found in the continental U.S. outside California.

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