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Oregon FFA winners listed

Published on March 26, 2013 3:01AM

Last changed on April 25, 2013 8:41AM

Capital Press
2013 FFA state convention career development event results


First - Lillian Tegner, Phoenix

Second - Bryson Price, Sutherlin

Third - Whitney Wilber, Imbler

Fourth - Emily Roberts, Willamina

Public speaking

First - Nicholas Levy, Pendleton

Second - Katie Fuller, North Clackamas

Third - Emily Dulany, Eagle Point

Fourth - Lindsay McPeake, Bend

Beginning public speaking

First - Johanna Dejoria, Newberg

Second - Kelly Duggan, Redmond

Third - Monica Debord, North Clackamas

Fourth - Ben Wyborney, Ontario

Sophomore public speaking

First - Jake Buehner, Bend

Second - Paige Berriochoa, Crater

Third - Margaret Halstead, Newberg

Fourth - Joe Matteo, Sutherlin

Farm business management

First - Nyssa

Second - Lebanon

Third - Newberg

Fourth - Molalla

Extemporaneous public speaking

First - Aaron Morland, Newberg

Second - Luke Wildhaber, Dayton

Third - Carter Fritch, Ontario

Fourth - Jessica Roland, Ontario

Beginning parliamentary procedure

First - North Clackamas

Second - Dayton

Third - Nyssa

Fourth - Henley

Advanced parliamentary procedure

First - North Clackamas

Second - Newberg

Third - Hermiston

Fourth - Crater

Co-op quiz

First - Luke Coomer, Baker

Second - Julianne Benson, Dayton

Third - Brecklin Milton, Ontario

Fourth - Austin Miller, Scio

Job interview

First - Isaac Fisher, Madras

Second - Jacqueline Brown, Crater

Third - Belle Tegner, Phoneix

Fourth - Jamie Kennedy, Dallas

Ag issues

First - Hermiston

Second - Pendleton

Third - Ontario

Fourth - Phoenix


First - Scio

Second - Molalla

Third - North Clackamas

Fourth - Newberg

Ag in the classroom

First - Imbler

Second - Wallowa

Third - Canby

Agriscience fair

Animal systems

Division I - Elsie Duyn, Yamhill-Carlton

Division II - Johanna Dejoria, Newberg

Division IV - Katie and Karissa Noragon, Newberg

Power, structural and technical systems

Division I - Cole Evans, Newberg

Division II - Colin Atchison, Tillamook

Division IV - Collin LeMasters and Wyatt Mead, Canby

Plant systems

Division I - Cheyenne Hemenway, Tillamook

Division II - Natalie McWhirt, Canby

Environmental sciences and natural resource systems

Division II - Bryton Dorland, Tillamook

Division IV - Brenten Anderson and George Webster, Tillamook

Food Products and Processing Systems

Division IV - Maricruz Arias and Elizabeth Altamirano, Canby


Oregon FFA Alumni - Mitchell Evers, Banks ($1,500); Aaron Morland, Newberg ($1,000); Katie Fuller, North Clackamas ($1,000)

HH Gibson - Garrett Robinson, Heppner; Luke Coomer, Baker

Thornton - Luke Coomer, Baker; Devin Robinson, Baker; Jaimee Brentano, St. Paul

Gilmore - Katelin Walker, North Clackamas

AGR - Andrew Miles, North Lake

WLC - Shannon Tacy, Bend; Jessica Freeman, Sutherlin; Bailey Henderson, Scio; Riley Merrigan, Imbler

Sandy FFA Alumni - Andrew Miles, North Lake

Oregon Fairs Foundation -

Star Farmer

Erik Davies, Crane

State Star in Agricultural Placement

Nolan Smith, Willamina

State Star in Agribusiness

Austyn Polzel, Hood River Valley

State Star in Agriscience

Katie Fuller, North Clackamas


First - Olivia Wichman, Canby

Second - Maria Thompson, Crane

Third - Lucti Phillips, Vale

Fourth - Reggie Varesio, North Clackamas

National Chapter

Silver - Silverton,

Gold - Pendleton, Dayton, Imbler, Henley, Cascade, Willamina, Vale, Jordan Valley, Scio, Canby

Book Awards

Technology Scrapbook

Bronze - Crane, Crook County, Sheridan, Gervais, Molalla

Silver - Scio, Bend, Canby

Gold - Perrydale, Cascade

First - Pendleton


Bronze - Myrtle Point, Forest Grove, Imbler, Yamhill

Silver - Scio, Sandy, Cascade, Heppner, Phoenix

Gold - Sherman, Canby

First - Silverton

Secretary Books

Bronze - Sherwood, Scio, Crane

Silver - Bend, Molalla, Pendleton, Imbler

Gold - Silverton, Canby, Yamhill-Carlton, Henley

First - Perrydale

Treasurer's Book

Bronze - Central, Canby, Scio

Silver - Henley, Redmond, Imbler

Gold - Sherwood, Yamhill

First - Silverton

Beginning Portfolio

Bronze - Delany Hood, Bend; Faith Wilson, Scio; Adele Nix, Cascade; Sonny Surratt, Sheridan

Silver - Emily Wanous, Pendleton; Avery Baker, Henley

Gold -

First - Rebekah Rutledge, Sandy

Advanced Portfolio

Bronze - Veronica Turner, Henley; Kaitlin Smith, Redmond

Silver - Kara Fry, Sheridan; Ryan Herberger, Pendleton

Gold - Sandra Ruvalcaba, St. Paul; Lena Gourley, Scio

First - Lauren Riback, Molalla

Capital Press reporter award

Josey Koehn, Cove

Mariam Horton, North Lake

Proficiency awards

Ag Communications (E&P) - Bonnie Gisler, Scio

Ag Education (E&P) - Austin Miller, Scio

Ag Mechanics Design & Fabrication (E&P) - Nate Tompkins, Dayton

Ag Mechanics Repair & Maintenance (E &P) - Shad Wagler, Willamina

Agricultural Processing (E&P) - Angela Stafford, Elgin

Agricultural Sales (E&P) - McKenna Miller, Enterprise

Agricultural Services (E&P) - Garrett Correa, Pendleton

Beef Production Entreprenuership - Emily Hopfer, Days Creek

Beef Production Placement - Garret Robinson, Heppner

Dairy Production Entrepreneurship - Rebekah Gourley, Scio

Dairy Production Placement - Lena Gourley, Scio

Diversified Agricultural Production (E&P) - Gerritt Schimdlkofer, Banks

Diversified Crop Production (E&P) - Nathan Bernards, Dayton

Diversified Horticulture (E&P) - Lauren Uhde, Stayton

Diversified Livestock Production (E&P) - Logan Justice, Scio

Equine Science Entrepreneurship - Sydney Wolhaupter, Amity

Equine Science Placement - Elizabeth Davis, Crane

Forage Production (E&P) - Myranda McFetridge, Enterprise

Forest Management & Products (E&P) - Luke Wildhaber, Dayton

Fruit Production (E&P) - Jebediah Brateng, Dallas

Goat Production (E&P) - Derek Morales, Ontario

Grain Production (E&P) - Laramie Stipe, Ontario

Home & Community Development (E&P) - Megan Marchand, Central

Landscape Mangement (E&P) - Tanner Seal, Pine Eagle

Nursery Operations (E&P) - Michael Kurtis Brown, Santiam Christian

Poultry Production (E&P) - Sarah Nichol Simon, Central Linn

Sheep Production (E&P) - Bretta Wentz, Enterprise

Small Animal Production & Care (E&P) - Antonia Piscitelli, Newberg

Specialty Animal Production (E&P) - Kendall Hall, Forest Grove

Specialty Crop Production (E&P) - Logan Kuenzi, Silverton

Swine Production (E&P) - Cody Rathjen, Sandy

Turf Grass Management (E&P) - Tyrell Warn, Jordan Valley

Vegetable Production (E&P) - Robert Holdredge, Dayton

Veterinary Medicine (E&P) - Damon Greenshields, Enterprise


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