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Study: No link between meat, prostate cancer

American Meat Institute Foundation hails results of meta-analysis


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New research has found no link between the consumption of red or processed meats and the development of prostate cancer.

A meta-analysis of large-scale studies published in the Nutrition Journal appears to contradict recent research that links the consumption of large amounts of red meat with cancer.

Scientists, led by Dr. Dominik Alexander of Exponent Health Sciences Practice, examined 26 studies -- 15 on red meat and 11 investigating processed meats and cancer risk, and concluded there was no association.

"The results of this meta-analysis are not supportive of an independent positive association between red and processed meat intake and prostate cancer," the researchers concluded in their review.

The peer-reviewed paper was published this month in Nutrition Journal Volume 9, Issue 50.

The paper came as little surprise to Betsy Booren, director of scientific affairs for the American Meat Institute Foundation, who noted that the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans affirm the health benefits of meat.

"This is yet another study added to the total body of scientific evidence which clearly demonstrates that red and processed meat is a healthy part of a balanced diet," Booren said in an e-mail. "Meat contains protein, amino acids and essential nutrients like iron and zinc.

"A balanced diet and a healthy body weight are what common sense suggests -- and what the total evidence has shown -- are the keys to good health," she said.

The researchers' meta-analysis looked at the summary associations between meat and total prostate cancer, evaluated associations among men with advanced disease, estimated dose response trends, evaluated potential sources of heterogeneity and assessed the potential for publication bias, according to a news release.

The authors note that additional studies are needed to evaluate potential associations between consumption preferences, dietary mutagens and prostate cancer, the release stated.


A Review and Meta-analysis of Prospective Studies of Red and processed Meat Intake and Prostate Cancer: http://bit.ly/ds5dKf


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