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Chelan FFA Competes in Sub-District Leadership and Agriculture Mechanics

Published on March 28, 2013 3:01AM

Last changed on April 25, 2013 8:41AM

<span style=Chelan FFA members competed in the Sub District Leadership CDE and Ag Mech CDE in Wenatchee on Thursday March 21st.  "/>

Chelan FFA members competed in the Sub District Leadership CDE and Ag Mech CDE in Wenatchee on Thursday March 21st.  

15 Chelan FFA members traveled to Wenatchee to compete in the Sub-District Leadership Career Development Events and Agriculture Mechanics CDE. 

Three members competed in the Prepared Public Speaking CDE  where they had research, write, and present a 6-8 minute speech on an agricultural related topic.   Apolinar Blanco earned a first place banner with his speech on farmland.  Lupe Villasenor earned a second place banner with her speech on immigration.  Bobby Hanson earned the 4th place spot and is the alternate to District with his speech on advances in civilization allowed by agriculture. 

These three member were joined by Dylan Sherman in the Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE where they had to draw 3 topics, choose one, and then in 30 minutes prepare a 4-6 minute speech.  They place 4-7 in the Extemp CDE. 

In the Rituals/Novice Parliamentary Procedure CDE, six freshmen members have to perform the opening and closing ceremonies of an FFA meeting, and then be given a topic an 4 assigned motions to perform with each member making at least 3 debates, and then answer oral questions about parliamentary law at the end.  The team of Dane Schwartz, Josie Gallup,  Thomas Armstrong, Ty Miller, Sarah Goyne, and Anna Doty did extremely well and finished up 4th as the alternate team to the District CDE. 

In the Ag Mech CDE, the five Chelan FFA members split into 2 teams to complete the art metal assignment.  Each team was to choose from a bucket of scrap metal, nuts, bolts, and other odds and ends and then create a sculpture of an animal that was no more than 5” tall, 5” wide, and 7” long that incorporated 2 arc welding skills, and 2 gas welding skills that had to be both visible and identifiable.  All within a time limit of 40 minutes.  Jake Straub and Javier Rivera were the first place team, and Michael Tutino, Ryan Gerber and Hayden Habich were 4th overall. 


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