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Salmon FFA Chapter Holds 5th Annual Auction and Banquet

The Salmon FFA Chapter held their 5th Annual Auction and Banquet on May 8, 2013. The night was filled with: a beef dinner, keynote speakers, an auction, awards, special guests, generosity, laughs, and the farewell tear of senior members. 75 guests arrived at 5:30 to enjoy the silent auction and meal. The banquet then moved right into opening ceremonies. The chapter was fortunate enough so that three North Upper Snake River District FFA Officers, Amanda Hale, Shania Jenson, and Taelyn Nelson, were able to come down and participate in the opening and award ceremonies. Soon after the opening ceremonies, the live auction began. There were many generous FFA supporters in the audience and the chapter was able to earn a total of $5,466.

Dr. John Hall of the Cummings Ranch entertained the crowd with his keynote speech on the growing importance of agriculture in the world and the decline of interest in the field. He provided several exaggerated videos to show that the world is slowly losing knowledge of what agriculture truly consists of. The speech went on to explain that FFA is vitally important to the success of the world by helping students develop into the adults needed in agriculture. Dr. Hall’s presentation opened the eyes of both the FFA members and the guests to the role agriculture have in the world.

The night concluded with the awards ceremonies. There were seven FFA members that were qualified to receive the Greenhand FFA Degree. These members are: Tyler Cabigas, Matthew Carrell, Audra Faulkner, Kalden Jutunen, Craig Larsen, Colt Wilson, and Pantero Zuniga-Miller. Two members were recipients of the Chapter FFA Degree, BreAnna Olson and Sabrina Sanford. Alice Knight received the State FFA Degree. The Salmon FFA Chapter admitted four people into Honorary FFA Membership. The Honorary FFA Members are: Tom and Cari Whitson and Andy and Kathleen Knight. Four Distinguished Service Awards were given to the FFA Alumni Officers. They are: Angie Hurley, Merry Logan, Darci Bacon, and Faith Ryan. These people received an FFA Alumni coffee mug filled with candy from the FFA Chapter as a token of appreciation. Three student awards were given out. Erin Hurley received the Student Scholarship for maintaining a 3.86 GPA and her activity in FFA and other extracurricular activities. Sarah Spain received Leadership for doing an excellent job leading the Salmon FFA Chapter through a very hectic and chaotic year. BreAnna Olson received Student Service for her outstanding job in community service and running the Salmon FFA sponsored blood drive. Craig Larsen received the Star Greenhand Award for going above and beyond what was required. Alice Knight received the Chapter Star Farmer Award for having an exceptional Supervised Agriculture Experience. The last awards given out were for individual accomplishments in Career Development Events (CDE). In Dairy Evaluation, Alice Knight and Sarah Spain received the Gold Award. Craig Larsen received the Silver Award. Audra Faulkner and Colt Wilson received the Bronze Award. In Horse Evaluation, Alice Knight, Sabrina Sanford, and Sarah Spain received the Gold Award. Erin Hurley, Audra Faulkner, Colt Wilson, and Jade Wilson received the Bronze Award. Alice Knight placed 11th in the State Horse Evaluation in Twin Falls. In Job Interview, Alice Knight received the Gold Award, Audra Faulkner received the Silver Award, and Colt Wilson received the Bronze Award. In Livestock Evaluation, Alice Knight and Sarah Spain received the Silver Award. Craig Larsen received the Gold Award in the Creed Speaking Event. Alice Knight and Sarah Spain received the Bronze Award in the Natural Resource and Environmental Science Event.

Alice Knight shared her Senior FFA Officer Retiring Address. She told the story of her fight to have an Agriculture program in Leadore. When this did not happen, she moved to Salmon to be apart of their Ag program. This years retiring officers gave thanks to their wonderful adviser, Katie Cooper, by giving her a gift certificate to Last Chance, a inscribed FFA belt buckle, and a blue and yellow plant. The evening ended with the installation of the 2013-2014 Salmon FFA Chapter Officers. President is Erin Hurley. Vice President is Craig Larsen. Secretary is Audra Faulkner. Treasurer is Matthew Carrell. Reporter is Sarah Spain. Sentinel is Colt Wilson.  The Salmon FFA Chapter brought in more money than any other previous year. They would like to give special thanks to everyone in the community who donated or supported the Salmon FFA Chapter in any way. They are going to start their new year by traveling to Moscow, Idaho for State CDEs during June 4-7. They are going to compete in Dairy Evaluation, Livestock Evaluation, Mechanics, and Natural Resource and Environmental Science.


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