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Readers' views for May 20, 2011

Published on May 20, 2011 3:01AM

Last changed on June 17, 2011 7:38AM

Ag doesn't need more planning

We see proposals for wisely planned societies, to relieve boring repetitive jobs and wisely use resources. It seems that our agricultural journalism has been remiss in not bringing us news of the farming aspects.

Agricultural production varies a third from year to year due to weather. How will this be compensated for?

Will farmers be put on an hourly wage? An eight-hour day?

Will wolves, bear and elk have free access to crops in the field?

Will endangered species such as the furbish lousewart and Delta shrimp get more water rights than food crops?

What will be the prescribed ratio of bulls and roosters to cows and hens? How much area for each?

Will ag be run by initiative and referendum, or experts?

Several other questions will come to mind, depending on your field; but a few questions are common to all.

I assume the planned cities figure on eating.

R.W. Robinson

Sequim, Wash.

Legislation will help dairy farmers

Once again our farmers are facing more difficult times and we need to make the right changes before it is to late for most of them. Proposals are being brought forth again on what needs to be done to solve the crisis, but there is only one proposal that will give our farmers not only the cost of producing their product but it will also give them profitability. The Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act of 2011 is the only hope that the farmers truly have.

Why is it so hard for our government officials to realize that the farmers who are supplying their country with safe, quality food need to earn a living? Why is it that they should not be paid a fair price for their product? They can't keep providing our nation a quality product for an unfair price. They have called 2009 the year of the depression for the farmers, but from what we are hearing the 2011 year will be even harder for them. The prices may be up for a short time but the holes that were dug from 2009 are still there, now on top of that, equity has been used up, and costs for the products -- seed, fertilizer and fuel -- have all skyrocketed. Lending agencies are not lending, so how will the crops go in or be harvested if they get in?

It is time that Washington wake up before we can't turn back. We do not want to rely on imports to feed our nation and we should not. Our nation was built by our farmers, we need to help them survive so we can have our great nation back, we need to secure our food supply.

We need to get the Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act of 2011 passed before it is too late. I encourage all farmers, consumers, congressmen and senators to read the Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act of 2011 and find out from someone like Arden Tewksbury (manager of the Progressive Agriculture Organization) if you have questions why this is the proposal to support.

Tewksbury's number is 570-313-7209. Do the right thing and call and find out more about this proposal and how we can return profitability to your farmers again.

Robin Fitch

West Winfield, N.Y.


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