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for May 17, 2013

Published on May 18, 2013 3:01AM

Banking bill needs support

I am a third-generation farmer who lives and farms in Kitsap County, Wash. I have been involved in agriculture the majority of my 70-plus years.

I am writing as an appeal to Congress to reintroduce legislation known as the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, which would separate commercial banks from brokerage firms.

It is the only means by which we can completely and thoroughly pull the reins on the out-of-control crisis that has overtaken family farmers as well as the rest of our economy in Washington state and indeed the whole nation. Our local economy has clearly caught up to the rest of our very troubled nation's economic fall.

I am new to federal-level political activity but I know that Sen. Maria Cantwell introduced the original bill in 2009, which gave us quite a bit of hope that the pressure from Wall Street, the hedge funds and derivatives grouping and the too big to fail, jail or close banks' days were numbered. Why is it the practice to allow criminals to continue to loot the country? The immediate need is a companion bill to the one in the U.S. House that currently has 60 co-sponsors.

There are literally thousands and thousands of people who have expressed support for this from labor, farm, scientific, health and other groupings to many dozens of activists who are giving of their own precious time to travel to state houses, community organizations and to Washington, D.C.

What I fail to understand is why is there nothing coming from Cantwell on this matter in the U.S. Senate. She was the public voice for this.

We need a courageous, clear voice to stand up on behalf of the people. None of the other "instead of Glass-Steagall" bills and tactics will work.

I hope that Cantwell will decide that she will indeed stand up for the people with the reintroduction of this bill. I stand ready to help Cantwell to gather the support of those in the farm and family communities who are in desperate need of leadership.

Please consider this my "mayday call" to Cantwell to have the courage to use the power we voters have given her to take action to introduce and pass a companion bill to HR129 now.

Nikki Johanson

Silverdale, Wash.


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