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Santiam Christian‚€™s 6th Annual FFA Week

Published on March 16, 2013 3:01AM

Last changed on April 25, 2013 8:43AM

¬†The week of February 24 marked the beginning of the Santiam Christian‚Äôs 6th annual FFA Week. The week was filled with dress up days, an assembly, and special activities. On Thursday, the FFA had a special day for the elementary kids called Ag Day.¬† We had different activities for them to do, ranging from fish prints to ice cream.¬† The most popular event was either the tractor rides or the ‚Äúmake your own ice cream‚ÄĚ event. What was great about this event was that we could connect with the younger generation and teach them about agriculture.¬† All of the kids enjoyed this event very much, and learned a lot about agriculture.¬†

The events for Ag Day were; fish prints, tractor rides, make your own ice cream, make your own peppermint candy, a wheat grinding and butter shaking station, and a nutrition booth.  For the fish prints, we had all the kids paint these rubber fish and they made prints of fish on pieces of paper.  For the two stations that you made sweets the kids all got to see how the treat was made and then they got to do it themselves.  The wheat and nutrition booths were both educational activities that the kids got to learn about agriculture.  By far the favorite activity for the kids was riding in the blue barrels, pulled by our chapter tractor, Alvin.

To conclude FFA Week, we ended with a breakfast for teachers.  On Friday all of the FFA students came in early and baked waffles for all the teachers.  


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