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Readers' views for Jan. 25, 2013

Published on January 25, 2013 3:01AM

Last changed on February 22, 2013 9:29AM

United Nations to take our freedom

Because people are allowing government control of their freedoms, to violate the Constitution, and are not taking a stand, this letter is written to awaken them to what is being implemented by the politicians they have voted into office.

We, at the United Nations welcome you to the new world order. We thank you for your cooperation and acceptance of political correctness which helped you to accept our agendas. We thank your government, legislators, and judiciary for agreeing with us and incrementally implementing the agendas that make this transition possible -- the land use laws, endangered species and sustainability were all necessary to bring about this change.

Now that you have given up your rights and freedoms, we will plan a better life for you. You will live in villages where you will work and be schooled. Occasionally you will be separated from your family to work in another area we deem appropriate.

In the village will be a community kitchen for your meals. There will be no cars as your activities and recreation will be centered. Money won't be needed as we will apportion a stipend to use for food and lodging. All air travel will be controlled.

The Convention on the Law of the Sea Treaty is about to be ratified, so we will control all oceans. Because of this ratification we will be in control of sea exploration and mining, giving us the ability to tax, and nation status. Much revenue from this venture will enable us to further our cause.

The animals and poultry were to be controlled by the National Animal Identification System but there was a financial glitch hindering implementation. Now, with the final steps of animal disease tracking to regulate interstate animal sales and trade, we have a foot in the door for final corporate and government control.

We are working for control of forests with certification helping us implement fees and regulations and rules causing many to relinquish growing rights and ownership to corporations and government. If you consider the growing trees, there is no difference between certified and noncertified. (It is just control.)

These are some of the steps that will usher in a new utopia. You won't have a care or worry, as we, as a nanny, will care for you from cradle to grave. We'll be in control of land, air and sea. All monies will be controlled. Your government is being restructured and you will be a controlled dependent society without any freedoms or rights. So turn down your thermostat, turn off the lights. There is much to do tomorrow.

This what you want, isn't it?

Mary A. Novak

Yamhill, Ore.


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