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Readers' views for Sept. 7, 2012

Published on September 7, 2012 3:01AM

Last changed on October 5, 2012 9:29AM

Milk keeps reader healthy

On July 27 Capital Press published an article about the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine's claims that milk does not contribute to bone health and can lead to childhood obesity.

As a healthy 89-year-old who grew up on a farm in Eastern Washington drinking cows' milk and who continues to drink cows' milk today, and having suffered several severe falls, including down some concrete stairs in China, I can say I have never broken nor even cracked a bone. I walk without a cane and climb two flights of stairs in my home unassisted.

Since I incline toward junk food instead of fruits and vegetables, I credit milk for my good health.

Maxine Keesling

Woodinville, Wash.

Rights must be exercised

When will government and corporations let us citizens live in peace and freedom? When will we, the people, do our duty and speak up? We can be a powerful force if we rise up as the seniors did when President Bill Clinton tried to pass the Catastrophic Health Care Bill.

The government has passed invalid laws (laws not agreeing with the Constitution) like the Patriot Act, Department of Homeland Security with its Transportation Safety Administration screening, surveillance and drones for protection from terrorism. But it is we who are treated as terrorists and our freedoms are confiscated. Benjamin Franklin stated that if we give up our freedoms for a little security, we deserve neither.

Treaties like Central American Free Trade Agreement and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership are entered into with a nongovernment (United Nations, an organization) and are endorsed by corporations for their benefit and not for the economy of our nation.

Many imported foods have been shown to be contaminated, have antibiotic residue and are dangerous for human consumption. Their prices are low, which undermines sales for farmers and ranchers who cannot recoup their cost and face bankruptcy.

The National Animal Identification System would impact farms, ranches and small homesteads, because of cost and regulations driving many out of farming. It was noted by the USDA that these diseases arise in the slaughter packing and transportation of products not by small farms. Because of our nation's financial condition, NAIS was not funded. But this is not a deterrent to the corporations because they are encouraging animal disease tracking. With passage of this bill, freedoms again are curtailed. Research more through the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. We must remember a nation unable feed itself is soon destroyed.

The list goes on and we do not exercise the powerful rights we possess. We pay all the bills and we know government does not produce one bushel of wheat or manufacture any item. Why aren't we demanding accountability from the branches of government instead of their pandering to corporations? Freedom is not free. We have to fight for it.

M.A. Novak

Yamhill, Ore.


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