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Readers' views for Jan. 4, 2013

Published on January 4, 2013 3:01AM

Last changed on February 1, 2013 9:30AM

Pro-farm group appeals decision

Protect Grand Island Farms has decided to appeal the Yamhill County commissioners' recent re-approval of the Baker Rock quarry application. There are firm legal grounds for this appeal. Our attorneys, of Crag Environmental Law, are preparing a brief to submit to the Land Use Board of Appeals. This brief will outline the legal errors in the county's response to the recent remand sent to the county by LUBA.

For the PGIF board members this is a costly and stressful process that we do not take lightly. However, Grand Island is a place of historical, recreational and agricultural significance to those who live and work here and to the many Yamhill County families who come here every year to visit our beautiful Willamette Mission State Park, ride bikes, walk dogs, eat wonderful food, get a Christmas tree, pick a pumpkin or ride the Heiser Farm's Grand Island train. These experiences will be diminished if Baker Rock's quarry permit is approved.

And yes, we live here and farmers make a living here. This is also at risk. This is why we choose to stand up for our island but we are not alone in our fight. We are grateful to the hundreds of people who have spoken out in the support of Grand Island, donated money to help with the legal battle and given their time to help us over the past few years. Grand Island is everyone's "secret" place and we will do everything to keep it the island we all love."

Kris Bledsoe

Upper Island Farm

Dayton, Ore.

Let America drown, learn

I am glad Romney lost, even if I voted for him, because it is better to let Obama go down with the ship and his 52 percent crew. Then they have no one to blame but themselves for the crisis that is about to happen.

The 52 percent is not cut out to be survivors. We need a depression to put a brake on everyone and wake up to reality.

I can see why 52 percent voted for Obama. Their hand is in the cookie jar as they work for government unions or freebies. They blame the people who make jobs. They look at businesses as pariahs.

Without the people who hire to make money, you wouldn't have a job. Our money is becoming no better than toilet paper, as per Germany in the '30s. The fiscal cliff is here, we need a better captain to make America float again.

I see America drowning, in loss of respect, morals, honor and loss of belief in God and how our country became great.

Darryl Ehlers

Lynden, Wash.


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