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Published on December 31, 1969 3:01AM

Last changed on September 9, 2013 7:05AM

An apology
and a promise

First and foremost, on behalf of the U.S. Postal Service, I apologize for any service issues you or your customers have experienced with regards to delivery of the Capital Press as reported in the June 28th Capital Press editorial.

As you alluded to, the Postal Service recently consolidated the Salem facility's mail processing operations to our larger Portland Processing & Distribution Center (P&DC) to more efficiently handle the declining mail volume the USPS is experiencing nation-wide. But to date, we have no complaints on record regarding delivery from either Capital Press representatives or your readership since our Salem operations consolidated into Portland. Regardless, we stand ready to work with the Capital Press and any postal customers who bring concerns about their mail service to our attention.

The Postal Service's financial crisis is well documented, losing $25 million per day nationally, as first class mail volume continues to decline. Overall mail volume has declined more than 25 percent over the past six years. That said, our employees' proud tradition is firmly entrenched on providing excellent service to every customer, so we look forward to working with the Capital Press to investigate any concerns you or your readership may have involving timely delivery.

Also, rest assured we are looking into your specific concern about a Salem employee "refusing" to accept your newspapers at our Salem facility. That is simply not USPS protocol. However, we do recommend mailing Capital Press from the Portland P&DC as you are now doing. Since the Capital Press is printed in Portland and now processed in Portland, you should expect your publication to be delivered to readers in the same amount of time as if you mailed it from Salem as long as it is received at our Portland facility by 5 p.m.

In conclusion, my entire staff looks forward to working with you to ensure your publication is delivered in a timely fashion. The USPS is dedicated to providing Capital Press with the best mail service possible and we look forward to a successful partnership for many years to come.

Kim Anderson

Portland District Manager

U.S. Postal Service


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