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Published on January 4, 2013 3:01AM

Last changed on February 1, 2013 9:30AM

By company name and display:

* Idaho Soil & Water Conservation Commission; loan programs

* Buckner/Superior; brass impact sprinklers

* The Navigator; Navigator Valves and The Kleat

* Idaho Power Company; irrigation programs

* JM Eagle; PVC pipe and HDPE plastic pipe

* E C Power Systems; John Deere industrial engines, Honda engines and power equipment

* Weather Tec; sprinklers

* B.A. Fischer Sales Co. Inc.; Aqua Burst Sprinklers, Archer Valves, BAFSCO Gun Cart, Canal Gates, Canal Liner, BAFSCO Primer Pumps

* BD Sales & Supply; BAFSCO, specified fittings (PVC & HDPE pipe fittings), Tuff-Skin butterfly valves, Irripod irrigation systems, Irrigation Components Northwest

* Clearwater Supply; John Deere Field Connect Wireless Moisture Monitor and drip tape, Toro Irrigation drip tape, Fresno Valves and Castings sand media filters

* John Deere Landscapes; landscaping irrigation supplies

* Branom Instrument Co.; Siemens, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Sierra Monitor, Red Lion, Noshok, Banner, Wika

* G&S Sales; Action, Old Castle Precast, Cresline NW, IPS Weld-On, Kenyon Midwest Rake, King Innovation, Spears Manufacturing, Universal Lighting Systems

* Rain Bird Agri-Products; Rainbird Agricultural Products sprinklers, drippers, dripline, micro-sprinklers, hand-held battery operated controllers

* Husker Power Products; Written-pole single phase electric motors, Profert/Herba Green - Smart ecological solutions

* Matco Norca; Matco Norca valves, fittings and nipples

* Agri-Lines Irrigation; Zimmatic

* Wade'Rain; Travis Pattern & Foundry; Wade'Rain Poweroll; Western Wheel Lines; Rainway, A&M, Western and Felton fittings; Bolt-Tite and Epoxy Underground Fittings

* Sprinkler Head Rebuilders LLC; irrigation sprinkler repairs

* Clemons Sales Corp.; Clemons irrigation fittings, Pressure Fine Filter, Clearwater suction screen, sand separator, self-cleaning suction screens, check valves, special fabrication

* Franklin Electric; FPS Irrigation Pump products, pivot boosters, submersible turbines, centrifugal pumps and controls

* 2M Supply; Franklin Electric, Cerus Industrial, Berkeley, Hunter, Rainbird products

* Fresno Valves & Castings; Fresno valves and castings products and services

* Cornell Pump Company; agricultural pumps

* Centennial Plastics; poly pipe/geothermal fusion HDPE

* Inman Interwest, Inc.; Amiad filtration, Wilkins backflow, Harco

* Rain For Rent; Reinke irrigation pumps, irrigation pipe, wheel line systems, center pivots

* HD Fowler; Netafim, Lorentz, Robbco

* Snake River Sales; United Elchem cements, VuFlow filters, SRS sprinklers, Focus lighting, tempo, drip and drainage

* Mitchell Lewis & Staver; pumps, motors, controls, Berkeley pumps, Danfoss drives

* Sprinkler Supply of Idaho; Focus Industries (landscape lighting), Weathermatic (sprinklers), Irritrol (sprinklers), Flex-Drain (drainage)

* Nelson Irrigation Corp.; Rotator, Orbiter, Big Gun, R33, R2000WF

* Walla Walla Sprinkler Supply; Big Gun Quick Coupling Valve, P85

* Irrigation Accessories Co. (IACO); Boombacks, Hoseboom, Alumiboom, Slingfinger Boom, goosenecks, furrow arms

* Robertson Supply Inc.; The Pump House Grundfos, Peerless, Paco, Pumps

* Droplet Irrigation; Eurodrip Drip Irrigation, T-L Pivot, Olson Screen Filter, irrigation parts

* T-L Irrigation; center pivot, linear

* Magnation Corp.; 6" HDMR Systems, 1" HDMR Unit, 3/4" HDMR Unit, H20 Energizer personal use funnel

* Control Components Northwest & Dykman Electrical, Inc.; Yaskawa variable frequency drives, Banner wireless sensor network, Red Lion remote data displays, Turck pressure

* Pipeco, Inc.; VAF filters, sprinkler cart, Munro pumps, Hunter products, MP rotators, valves, controllers

* Energy Management Corp.; Mitsubishi VFD's, WEG & MDI motors

* Silver Creek Supply; outdoor living products, water feature products, landscape products, irrigation products

* Intermountain landscape sales; Guardshack, Corona, Green Lee, Little Giant, Illumin FX, Valley View

* Cascadia Sales; McCrometer, Irrometer, Kichler, Blue-White, Aqua Control, Coleman Cable, SAS

* Toro; Toro MIB, drip irrigation products including, AquaTraxx tape, Blueline emitter line, valves, Bermad, PE hose

* Krause K Box; K Box and bubble screen

* Interwest Supply; valley pivots, K-Line pod irrigation

* Valmont; Valley irrigation products

* Precision Pumping Systems; V-Flow pump stations and RED-e-VFD pump control panels

* Evergreen Sprinkler; Hunter, Rainbird

* Senninger Irrigation; Celebrating 50 years - sprinklers, spray nozzles, and pressure regulators

* IIEA Information Booth; Capital Press - Fill out a survey for a door prize or pick up a show program.

* Frank J. Martin Co.; NDS products/ Highline access boxes

* RemoteFarm.net; Custom web interfaced irrigation controllers offering start, stop, monitoring of run status

* Ag Sense, LLC; Ag Sense remote irrigation monitor and control equipment

* NACO Industries; PVC pipe fittings and valves

* Bermad Inc.; Valves, controllers

* Mountain West Marketing; Seymour and Val Plastic

* Pierce Corporation; Pierce irrigation systems

Hospitality Sponsors: Control Components Northwest, John Deere Landscapes, Diamond Plastics/McDougall Sales, Inc.

Unattended Literature Tables: Gheen Irrigation Works, Harris Publishing


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