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Annual Heppner FFA Chapter Banquet Held

By Lilly Sandford

Blue and red banners are hanging around  the room, as well as various pictures that have been taken throughout the year. This is the banquet room for the Annual Heppner FFA Chapter Banquet in Heppner, Oregon on May 10th, 2012 at 6pm. During the banquet members of the Heppner FFA Chapter  received their awards that they had won through out the year. The dinner was barbequed lamb, pork, and tri-tip, as well as various side dishes, salads and desserts brought by the Heppner FFA members. Also during the banquet there was the retiring of 2011-2012 chapter officers, and the installing of the 2012-2013 chapter officers. There were two guest speakers that attended the banquet, 2011-2012 State Reporter Caleb Forcier and the Heppner Alumni: Friends of FFA 2012-2013 President Sylvia Sandford. There was a gift given to the leaving high school principal Daye Stone as a thank you from the Heppner FFA Chapter.  The 2011-2012 officers also gave their advisor Beth Dickenson a gift for all of her hard work.

The  banquet is an opportunity to congratulate and award the members who worked hard and participated in numerous activities and competitions through the past year, as well as getting a chance to thank their local sponsors and supporters throughout their years of service and donations.

There was also a silent auction and a live auction to help raise money for Zech Hintz who is now the 2012-2013 State Treasurer. Zech would truly appreciate any help you could extend to his yearlong adventure and commitment. Along with the fundraising efforts that will be taking place, there has been an account set up at the Bank of Eastern Oregon where you may make a donation to help Zech fulfill his obligations as the 2012 - 2013 State FFA Treasurer and give him the opportunity to grow and learn during the upcoming year.


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