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Echo FFA Participates in Ag in the Classroom

April 23, 2013 several FFA members enrolled in Ag 3/4 at Echo High school visited the elementary students to teach them about agriculture and the importance of the industry in Oregon. The students read to the elementary kids the book, “Who Grew My Soup” which teaches kids about some of the ingredients they can find in their soup and where it is grown. Lesley Ibarra, one of the high school students helping out said, “reading to the kids reminded me of when I was younger and the older kids would come and teach me new things, I enjoyed passing down things to the younger kids.” The book takes the young boy in the story, Phineas Quinn, on a wild adventure to the fields where he learned to enjoy the taste of fresh grown foods. This book helps to encourage students to choose healthy foods over processed things.

After reading the story students went back to the classrooms with the elementary students and taught them a little more about agriculture in Oregon. The students did an activity called “Give Me Five!” This activity taught the kids about the five food groups they should eat from daily and some of the things we grow here in Oregon that fit into those food groups. The kids made hands with the five food groups labeled on the fingers, and on the other side drew pictures of foods they eat that fit into those categories. Student Naomi Sherbahn said, “I really enjoyed teaching the students about agriculture and seeing their smiling faces when we did the activities.” Going into the classroom and teaching the younger generations of agriculture is important because they are the future of our FFA program here at Echo and also the future of agriculture. The students hope that they inspired the elementary students and can’t wait to teach them more about agriculture in Oregon.


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