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Readers' views for Sept. 28, 2012

Published on September 28, 2012 3:01AM

Last changed on October 26, 2012 9:11AM

Government is out of control

Government has a problem of hiring too many people, and those people have to figure out what they can do to rationalize their jobs. So government becomes God.

This is wrong in the light of fining farmers for hiring underage kids and not paying minimum wage. There are adults who are so slow you as a farmer have to place them on piece work or they would be fired. Excuse me, but there are drones out there.

The government says no matter what they earn on piece work it will not be allowed to be below minimum wage. Where is the incentive to do better? Have these government officials ever worked in farming? You learn from a young age how to work, or did government officials get it from a book or a dream of righteousness?

The issue of the latest fine from the Department of Labor on a local farmer is ludicrous. I have fired many because they could not measure up, they did not learn or did not have the ambition to produce a minimum of work.

We as farmers are not evil people. We are teachers of life and honor, in many cases housing these people, because they have no home. Many of them come back and say thank you!

As a parent and homeowner, would you want a government person to come to say how your house was to function and how to raise your children? There is no difference between that and farmers creating jobs for kids and their families as a starting point. No one is forced to work or stay at a job that pays little or involves unfair labor practices.

Look how government is creating a big brother society, making everyone brain dead. Government has become a monster and out of control.

Darryl Ehlers

Lynden, Wash.


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