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Bonners Ferry FFA Meets with Idaho Legislators

The Bonners Ferry FFA Chapter made the long journey on January 27th, to Boise, Idaho for the annual Idaho Co-Op Council Cenarrusa Day on the Hill and the 212/360 Leadership Tranning Conferences. Both events included over 500 FFA members from all across the state of Idaho. For many FFA members this is a highlight for the year, because this is an opportunity for members to meet new people from across the state and get a chance to see how Idaho’s government works. Members that attend this trip included, Collin Stone, Emma Pluid, Spencer Jantz, Abby Davis, Malorie Stippich, Aaron Durham, Warren Carle, Chase Hannahs, Kate Wood, Erica Wood, Makenzie Carle, Gabby Munson, Dani Hooper and Andrea Maas.

On January 28th, members from the Bonners Ferry FFA chapter started off their day off with a tour of the State Capitol of Idaho. They first stopped with a tour of Governor Butch Otter’s office. After taking the tour of the Governor’s office members made it through all levels of the capitol, while learning how Idaho’s government functions. Some interesting facts that were learned along the way, is that the pillars that span from the top floor to the bottom floor of the capitol are actually made of plaster and made to look like marble with a method that originated from Italy. After making it through the capitol, members went the ICC Cenarrusa luncheon with Idaho legislators.

At the ICC Day On the Hill members got the opportunity to meet with legislators from across Idaho during a luncheon that is named after Mr. and Mrs. Cenarrusa. Mr. Cenarrusa was a long time Idaho Legislator who earned his degree in agriculture and believed it was important to connect agriculture and government together. During the luncheon Idaho Legislators were recognized for their hard work and their support of agriculture education. District 1 Senator, Shawn Keough, and District 1 Representative George Eskridge, sat with the members of the Bonners Ferry FFA Chapter during the ceremonies. Eskridge received an award from the CO-OP board for being an outstanding legislator and supporter of agriculture education.

After the luncheon members started their leadership training conferences. 212 and 360 are conferences that develop leadership abilities and give them a chance to meet new people from across the state. 212 is a beginning leadership conference for younger members. 212 degrees is the temperature at which water boils, symbolizing a change. After it boils it takes a new form which is why it is the name of the conference because the purpose is trying to create leaders for tomorrow. Many of the members agreed that this conference was exciting and a good experience.

360 is the second leadership conference. 360 degrees is the degrees of a full circle. This conference is designed to make members better leaders and self reflect on themselves and improve their leadership skills. Gabby Munson, a member that attended this conference, said “It was a fun, experience, I learned a lot and got to meet new people from across the state.”

               The purpose of this FFA event was to inspire others to become leaders, and improve their leadership skills to become more effective leaders. Members had a fun and said that they learned many things that they can take into their everyday situations they face. 


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