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N. California fires death toll now at 48; many still missing
The cause of the fires remained under investigation, but they broke out around the time and place two utilities reported equipment trouble.

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Western Innovator: Crop has Italian accent
Western Innovator: Crop has Italian accent
A relative of endive, radicchio is sometimes referred in English as “Italian chicory.”
Are Oregon’s cougars being overhunted? Experts disagree
Estimates of the cougar population in Oregon vary widely, and an accurate answer could shed more light on whether or not the big cats are being overhunted
Malibu residents ordered out as California wildfire nears
The fire erupted Thursday near the northwest corner of the city of Los Angeles as the region’s notorious Santa Ana winds gusted.
Northern California wildfire nearly quadruples in size
The entire town of Paradise was ordered evacuate, setting off a desperate exodus.
Evacuations ordered as Northern California wildfire grows
The California Highway Patrol closed Highway 70 near the fire and urged motorists to avoid the area.
California rejects $9 billion bond for water infrastructure
Voters previously approved nearly $35 billion in bonds since 1970 for water and environmental projects.
PG&E warns Northern California customers of possible outages
Pacific Gas and Electric Company is notifying customers in nine Northern California counties it may turn off power starting Thursday to reduce the risk of a wildfire amid hot and windy weather
California braces for extreme fire conditions
Peak winds are expected Thursday night, with the potential for gusts up to 50 mph in valleys and coasts.
California makes cage-free hens a state law
Californians take new steps in ethical treatment for animals and require all eggs come from cage-free hens by 2022
California considers making cage-free eggs a state law
California considers making cage-free eggs a state law
Californians consider ethical treatment for farm animals and requiring that all eggs come from cage-free hens by 2022