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Rice growers wrap up drought-diminished harvest
Photo courtesy CFBF/Ag Alert
Rice growers wrap up drought-diminished harvest
California rice farmers are wrapping up their harvest of a crop that's expected to be 23 percent smaller than last year's. Good yields on many of the acres that were planted will help make up at least a small part of the loss of revenue, as will sales of...

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Yellow fever mosquito reaches Southern California
Experts say the mosquito is aggressive and bites during the day. It’s capable of spreading yellow fever, dengue and chikungunya — although so far those diseases haven’t turned up in Los Angeles County.
Big leap forward for recovery of endangered frog
The amphibians, whose scientific name is Rana muscosa, once thrived in the high mountain streams and lakes of the Sierra Nevada and Southern California.
$7.5 billion question faces California water users
$7.5 billion question faces California water users
Under California's proposed $7.5 billion water bond, it could take years before growers see any water from new storage projects, if they ever do. But farm groups say the measure would still provide a boost to existing water supplies.
UC course teaches about on-farm conservation
The University of California Cooperative Extension is offering an online course that aims to foster understanding among food safety professionals of certain conservation measures taken on the farm.
Calif. weather outlook still dry, but surprises may loom
Calif. weather outlook still dry, but surprises may loom
Forecasters still maintain that any El Nino that develops in California this winter will be weak, but a series of storms this week have suggested that occasional, pleasant surprises could be in store for the state.
Dairy farmers ask for help with hungry elk
Dairy farmers say the elk have knocked down fences and often gobble up the rye grasses that cows rely upon.
Vehicle sparked Yosemite fire that led to pilot death
Investigators had not determined what type of vehicle or what part may have caused the sparks, saying it could be the result of several things such as trailer safety chains dragging on the pavement, vehicle brake parts generating a spark or other sources.
Wildfires burn along key California interstate
About a dozen aircraft, including air tankers and helicopters, were making drops of fire retardant over the area, where a handful of homes dotted heavily forested foothills. About 80 homes were under threat, and six residential streets were under...
California water use drops 11.5 percent in August
The data is self-reported by water agencies with 3,000 or more customers. Together, the reporting agencies serve 33.5 million Californians, or roughly 87 percent of the state’s population.
Pilot dies in crash fighting California wildfire
The fire had broken out about 90 minutes earlier Tuesday near Route 140, which leads into the heart of the park.