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National wool and sheep review
Slaughter lambs were 10.00-20.00 lower, instances 20.00-40.00 lower. Slaughter ewes were weak to 5.00 lower, instances 10.00-20.00 lower.

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National feeder and stocker cattle report
Calving has been challenging for a wide area of producers this spring with temperature fluctuations and excessive moisture being reported.
Western hay price report
Trade very active in he Columbia Basin on new crop contracts, slow on domestic feeder hay due to low supplies.
Selected regional livestock auctions
Livestock prices from around the West
Immigration raid: Guatemalan worker arrested on dairy farm
A central New York dairy farmer says seven federal immigration officers came onto his property without permission, arrested a Guatemalan worker without producing a warrant and handcuffed the farmer when he challenged them
Potato stocks on par with previous year
Potato stocks on par with previous year
Potato shrinkage and loss, disappearance are down from a year ago due to a smaller crop.
House panel moves to curb food stamps, renew farm subsidies
In addition to food stamps, the measure would renew farm safety-net programs such as subsidies for crop insurance, farm credit, and land conservation.
US sorghum growers fear China tariffs could cost them dearly
Last year, Chinese buyers purchased more than 90 percent of the 245 million bushels of sorghum America exported.
Trump tweet appears to back away from rejoining TPP
Trump tweet appears to back away from rejoining TPP
The president says he doesn’t like the deal and would prefer a bilateral agreement with Japan instead.
Deal approves $216 million for Idaho utility’s expenses
Idaho officials have approved an agreement allowing a utility company's $216.5 million in relicensing expenses for a three-dam hydroelectric project on the Snake River on the Idaho-Oregon border
Japan fiscal year trade surplus with US up nearly 6 percent
Trump said after meeting with Abe that the two leaders did not agree on a major pan-Pacific trade pact.