Reader comments on the GMO vote editorial.

Published on March 6, 2014 9:50AM

Doug Schieck

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Comments Re: freedom of choice key to GMO vote The rise in recent years of various cancers alone, not to mention other diseases should be cause for research which is not funded by companies with products which are potentially contributing factors in these diseases. In question also is the patenting of basic food crop seeds and hence the control of the many by the very few. There are many health concerns re: G.E.foods & a distinction should be made between plants which can physically (through nature or human assist) cross pollinate and those plants created by methods which cannot occur naturally. The Institute for Responsible Technology has an interesting article “65 health risks of G.M.foods” you might find interesting. I don’t think we know all the answers or even the right questions but it seems dangerous to assume any food items were the result of random chance changes & therefore subject to short sighted profit/control driven modification.


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