Cassia County approves slaughter facility

Cassia County has approved a conditional use permit for a cattle slaughter facility near Burley, Idaho. Construction is set to begin this spring. The facility will eventually process 500 head a day.
Carol Ryan Dumas

Capital Press

Published on February 26, 2014 9:58AM

BURLEY, Idaho — Cassia County building and zoning officials has approved a conditional use permit for a cattle slaughtering plant near Burley.

Proposed by Allen Ward 7 Brothers Meats, the plant would be located near the family’s calf ranch and add diversity to the operation owned by the seven Ward brothers, said Matt Thompson, owner an engineering firm employed by the company.

Construction is set to begin this spring on a 40,000-square-foot facility on a 40-acre parcel of land. The starting cost is about $5 million, he said.

More permitting from the Department of Environmental Quality will be required, he added.

The first phase of the operation will  process 300 animals a day, expanding to 500 animals a day in the second phase, he said.

The facility will break down carcasses, producing boxed beef and product for grinding and marketed in bulk to distributors, retailers and, in some cases, to processors for further processing, he said.

The rural site was chosen because it’s pretty remote with only a couple of neighbors, he said.


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