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National Sheep and Wool Prices

National Wool and Sheep prices

Published on February 10, 2014 3:57PM

Wool prices in cents per pound and foreign currency per kilogram, sheep prices in dollars per hundredweight (cwt.) except some replacement animals on per head basis as indicated.


(USDA Market News)

Greeley, Colo.

Feb. 7

Domestic wool trading on a clean basis was at a standstill this week. There were no confirmed trades and demand was moderate. Some warehouses are beginning to get some wool into the warehouse. The vast majority of producers that shear this time of year are just getting things prepared for shearing. Domestic wool trading on a greasy basis was at a standstill this week. There were no confirmed trades.

Domestic Wool Tags - delivered to buyer, greasy basis:

#1 $.45-.50

#2 $.30-.40

#3 $.15-.25


(USDA Market News)

San Angelo, Texas

Feb. 7

Compared to last week: Slaughter lambs were steady to $10 higher. Slaughter ewes were steady to $5 lower. Feeder lambs were steady to $4 lower. Severe winter weather throughout much of the U.S. continues to hamper marketing.

At San Angelo, Texas, 2,270 head sold in a one-day sale. No sales in Equity Electronic Auction. In direct trading slaughter ewes were not tested; feeder lambs steady. 4,800 head of negotiated sales of slaughter lambs under 170 lbs. were steady to $1 higher, while over 170 lbs. were not well tested and 9,100 head of formula sales of carcasses under 55 lbs. were not well tested; 55-65 lbs. were $5-6 lower; 65-75 lbs. were $1 lower; 75-85 lbs. were $1 higher; 85-95 lbs. were $5-6 lower and over 95 lbs. were not tested. 6,893 lamb carcasses sold with 45 lbs. and down $23.30 lower; 45-55 lbs. $3.01 higher; 55-65 lbs. $3.29 lower and 65 lbs. and up $.55-.83 higher.

SLAUGHTER LAMBS Choice and Prime 2-3:

San Angelo: shorn and wooled 100-160 lbs. $174-185.

SLAUGHTER LAMBS Choice and Prime 1:

San Angelo: 40-60 lbs. $220-236; 60-70 lbs. $200-231; 70-80 lbs. $192-210; 80-85 lbs. $190-212; 93 lbs. $182.

DIRECT TRADING (Lambs with 3-4 percent shrink or equivalent):

4,800 Slaughter Lambs shorn and wooled 130-167 lbs. $140-180 (wtd avg $160.39); 170-175 lbs. $167; no dressed sales reported.

California: 5,500: Feeder Lambs 60-70 lbs. new crop $212-216; 85-95 new crop lbs. $200.


San Angelo: Good 2-3 (fleshy) $55-68; Utility and Good 1-3 (medium flesh) $70-80, few $82-86.

FEEDER LAMBS Medium and Large 1-2:

San Angelo: 75-120 lbs. $185-190; 95-105 lbs. $shorn 186-188.

REPLACEMENT EWES Medium and Large 1-2:

San Angelo: baby tooth 152 per head.


Weight Wtd. avg.

45 lbs. down $448.30

45-55 lbs. $373.32

55-65 lbs. $329.83

65-75 lbs. $311.86

75-85 lbs. $312.69

85 lbs. and up $289.34

Sheep and lamb slaughter under federal inspection for the week to date totaled 37,000 compared with 38,000 last week and 36,000 last year.


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