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Top 10 products demonstrate all levels of innovation

Top 10 innovative products are spotlighted at the World Ag Expo.

By Cecilia Parsons

For the Capital Press

Published on January 29, 2014 4:07PM

TULARE, Calif. — Chosen annually by a panel of farmers, ranchers and agriculture professionals, World Ag Expo’s Top Ten New Products range from complex technology to a simple tool.

The Expo is a showcase every year for new agricultural equipment and technology, which in fiercely compete to make the Top 10 list.

These products ascended to the top due to their uniqueness and usefulness in agricultural production, according to an Expo press release.

AgVu offers a color aerial image of a field that shows early indicators of plant health, yield and crop maturity. Plant stress due to disease, insect pressure or nutrient deficiency can be detected early and management decisions made.

AgVu was developed by Advanced Reconnaissance Corp. and is available on a subscription basis. It can be seen in Building C, space 3105. Website: www.advrecon.com

Bandit Xpress is a three-wheeled self-propelled self-steering platform on which up to four workers can harvest or prune fruit trees. The unit features two adjustable height platforms. Workers can harvest fruit from top to bottom of the tree in a single pass. A mechanical auto-steering system eliminates the need for a driver.

Bandit Xpress is made by Automated Ag Systems. It can be seen in exhibit space E22. Website: www.automatedag.com

The Bin Bot is a skid-steering electric robot for clean up and maintenance work inside bins and other confined spaces where is may be unsafe or unlawful for workers to enter. Built by Mack Robotics, the Bin Bot replaces workers in dangerous situations such as dislodging grain stuck to bin walls and various maintenance chores.

Bin Bot can be seen in Pavilion A, space 1113. Website: www.mackrobotics.com.

CAFOweb is an online software program that allows operators of confined animal feeding operations to manage nutrient applications by making real-time science-based decisions when applying nutrient water, manure solids and chemical fertilizer to crop fields.

CAFOweb predicts the rate and timing of nutrient applications and alerts the operator when approaching threshold for nitrogen contamination of groundwater.

CAFOweb, developed by Glorieta Geosciences, can bee seen in the Dairy Center in space 6641. Website: www.cafoweb.com

CultiClean combines the action of a rototiller with the weed killing effectiveness of fire. This unique implement offers high-density vegetable crop growers a way to prepare weed-free seedbeds. Flames from a propane burner superheat the soil as two rototillers prepare a seedbed free from weeds or weed seeds in the top few inches of soil.

Sutton Agricultural Enterprises, Inc. developed CultiClean, which can be seen at show space L9. Website: HYPERLINK www.suttonag.com

FPM300 is an automated feed pusher for dairy and beef producers, providing an alternative to sweeping or tractor-mounted blades. The Feed Pusher pushes forage back into place with a bi-directional steel plow attached to a rail mounted on the concrete feed curb.

Developed by DeLaval, the FPM300 can be seen in the Dairy Center, space 6725-6730. Website: www.delaval-us.com

GeoBlu is an unmanned aerial vehicle providing farmers and ranchers an “eye in the sky” to scout crop conditions, livestock locations and other visual monitoring.

The battery-powered lightweight vehicle was developed by GeoBlu Services. It can be seen in Pavilion C, space 3902. Website: www.geobluservices.com

The ML5.8 hammer is a long handled zinc composite hammer that doesn’t damage what it hits, doesn’t create sparks or vibrate. The 5 1/2-pound hammer develops 12 pounds more force than an eight-pound sledgehammer.

Built by Hammer Works Manufacturing, LLC, the ML5.8 can be seen at Pavilion C, space 3108.

Website: www.hammerworksmfg.com

Lindsay Corp. has not yet announced the newest addition to its line of self-propelled center-pivot and lateral move irrigation systems will complement the company’s FieldNet wireless irrigation management system.

Lindsay Corp.’s product can be seen in Space L40. Website: www.myfieldnet.com

The McMAG3000 is a flow meter that fits a common range of line sizes. The meter is independent of outside power and offers high accuracy where mechanical meters are not always the ideal choice. This meter is designed to handle wide flow ranges, plus dirty water.

Developed by McCrometer, Inc. it can be seen in Pavilion B space 2415. Website: www.mccrometer.com


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