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Photo contest showcases ag experience

Matthew Weaver

Capital Press

Judges in the Spokane Ag Expo and Pacific Northwest Farm Forum look for images that capture the unique attributes of the land and ag experience. Gonzaga University photographer Rajah Bose says winning entries show and tell about the experience of working the land and capture moments between people or animals. Angela Lenssen of Pullman, Wash., and Garrett Lewis of Rockford, Wash., took home top prizes in the adult and youth categories this year.

SPOKANE — Top prize in the adult category of the Spokane Ag Expo and Pacific Northwest Farm Forum photo contest went to “Future Farmer,” by Angela Lenssen of Pullman, Wash.

“The body language of the subject against the nicely lit scene and wheat made this image the strongest of the bunch,” Gonzaga University photographer Rajah Bose said. “The child had a timeless element, a slice of Americana. The perfectly placed combine in the background gave context to the reader, the long wheat in the foreground gave texture.

“This is a great example of a personal experience of the land through the eyes of the photographer.”

Bose and the other judges said they were looking for photographs that stood out from the dozens of others.

They laid all of the entries on a table and walked around them, looking for images that were beautiful or “grabbing,” Bose said.

“The photos that win are ones that not only show, but tell about the experience of working the land, the beauty of the landscape and the details of life often overlooked by much of society,” Bose said. “We look for uniqueness, moments between people or between animals or between animals and people. We want to see how the land is used, not just the land. We want to see the people, not just where they live.”

Photographers who entered the annual contest were asked to depict agriculture in the Inland Northwest.

Second and third place in the adult category went to “Elevator in Spring,” by Robert Griffith of Veradale, Wash., and “My Grandmother’s Basket,” by Karen Baumann of Washtucna, Wash.

The Show Director’s Choice award went to “Old Iron Running Again,” by Otto Stevens of Spokane.

“Barley Sky,” by Marshall Howard of Spangle, Wash., “Wheat Field Fire,” by Lauren Crosby of Odessa, Wash., “The Day is Done,” also by Lenssen and “Spiral of the Ages,” by Tracy Delyea of Colville, Wash., all received honorable mentions.

Garrett Lewis of Rockford, Wash., placed first in the youth category for “Delivery Day.”

Bose said Lewis’ photo stood out for its composition and arrangement of the trucks depicted.

“The goal of the contest is to show a slice of life, and we believe this frame captured that more than the rest,” Bose said.

Allison Lenssen of Pullman, Wash., placed second for “Reel Times.” Kelsee Peavey of Sprague, Wash., received third place for “Silk Spun Barn.”

Lacy Elkins of Colville, Wash., received the Show Director’s Choice award in the youth category for “Motherhood.” Allison Lenssen received honorable mention for “Wheat and Harvester,” as did Tracy Melville of Lamont, Wash.,” for “Field and Sky.”

Greater Spokane Inc.’s Choice award went to Karen Baumann for “Hoefel Barn at Sunset.”

All 83 entries will be displayed at the Ag Expo and posted on its website.


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