Union officers learn leadership skills

Union County officers attend leadership event.

By Ben Anderes


Published on January 20, 2014 3:45PM

On the 13th day of October 2013. The Union FFA officer team on a 2 day mission to become better leaders for the FFA chapter of Union.

Upon their arrival they were welcomed by the district and state officers. After the have met and mingled with other FFA officers, they competed in the ritual contest. The green hand officers took 5th place. The greenhand officers consisted of Wade Rynearson at president, Kortnee Mariot at vice president, Delanie Kohr at secretary, Emma Hall at treasure, Ellie Clark at reporter, Levi Cloutier at sentinel, Emma Dotson at Jr. adviser. The advance team took 3rd place. The advance team consisted of Courtney Rynearson at president, Sarah Good at vice president, Harris Lacky at secretary, Madeline Martens at treasure, Bern Anderes at reporter, Scott Yeager at sentinel, Victoria McCabe at historian, Chelsie Houck at Jr. adviser.

There were also workshops led by the state officers the taught us how to full fill our duties as officers. The officers consisted of Luke Wildhaber, Sarah Rutledge at vice president, Jessica Roland at sentinel, Jacob White at secretary, Aaron Morland at treasure, Remington Frazier at reporter.

In the down time we participated in the Ag olympics. Where tied for 1st. The games consisted of kiss in the hay, egg toss, pictionary, and the wheelbarrow race.

Later that afternoon we performed a skit which consisted of Scott Yeager rapping, a clapping routine and Bern Anderes singing. It was well liked by everyone.

That evening we had whats called reflections, where we discuss what we learned and what we took away from that day. This was a bit more serious. It made us realize how blessed we are.

The next day local celebrity Marty Campbell spoke about how to be brave and to take action when needed. Marty Campbell is the Leadership Director of Oregon FFA. He was well welcomed.

The meal were prepared by the ag teachers. There were many complements on the food. What high schooler doesn’t like baked potatoes, sub sandwiches, bacon, pancakes, and of course pizza.

Overall it was a great weekend. Courtney Rynearson said “it was truly life changing.” We all have learned lots. And can’t wait till next year.


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