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Cove FFA Chapter embracing sustainability

Cove, Ore., FFA embracing sustainability.

By Josey Koehn

Cove FFA Reporter

Published on January 6, 2014 2:24PM

Cove FFA Students press apple pulp for cider and composting.

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Cove FFA Students press apple pulp for cider and composting.

Sustainability is the theme of the new generation.  In a world where we are constantly fed the rhetoric of those claiming world demise due to environmental changes, it’s only natural to want to decrease our harmful output in the world.

The Cove FFA Chapter has done just that. Over the last few years, the chapter acquired three acres of land and a new agricultural learning center to develop our marketing and production of eggs, vegetables, and seasonal products.

We are currently marketing such products out of our school farm, the local store, and our cafeteria. However, what strikes me about this operation is how it fuels itself internally.

We buy seeds at the beginning of the year and grow our plants throughout the spring and summer. When harvest time is upon us, there is always a fraction of plants not fit for sale. These plants are fed to the school’s chicken farm in addition or sometimes supplementing their usual feed.

This cuts down on feed costs, and creates a circle of sustainability. This circle is created when the waste of chickens is used to fertilize the plants still growing which may someday, go back to the chickens to create more fertilizer.

If the surplus of unusable plants is not used as chicken treats, it is composted. It will undergo this process in one of two ways: by the turning and rotting of organic matter or by worm processing in the Cove FFA worm farms.

Our nutrient rich compost is used in our own garden or sold to the public for the good of their crops.

In the future, we hope to continue with this trend of sustainability by expanding our worm farm, garden, and adding the addition of bee hives to cultivate our plants. The students in the Cove FFA chapter show true dedication to becoming a sustainable chapter through these means and display their love for the future of agriculture.


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