China rejects U.S. distillers grain containing unapproved GMO strain

Chinese state media reports that country has rejected a shipment of dried distillers grain and a shipment of corn from the U.S. because they contained a strain of genetically modified corn not approved for importation.

Published on December 27, 2013 10:50AM

China has rejected a shipment of dried distiller’s grain from the United States that contained a genetically modified corn strain not approved for importation, according to a state media report.

The Xinhau News Agency reports 758 tons of distiller’s grain was rejected at Shanghai because it contained MIR162, an insect-resistant variety produced by Syngenta.

A 545,000-ton corn shipment also containing MIR162 was turned away last week, according to Xinahu.

The Chinese government does allow approved genetically modified grains into the country. MIR162 is reportedly still under review.