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Letters to the editor of the Capital Press.

Published on November 21, 2013 8:34AM

Last changed on November 21, 2013 9:25AM

As a member of the Linn County Farm Bureau, I want to thank the Capital Press for the sponsorship of the Oregon Farm Bureau’s Women’s Advisory Council workshop, “Planning for the Four Seasons: Birth, growth, retirement, succession” on Nov. 3 and 4 in Salem.

Our natural resource community has become older and this was a timely workshop. I had the pleasure of attending the event both days. It was a excellent experience for me because the speakers were well qualified and offered some real-life solutions to the topics. I especially liked economist Rod Sharp and Jeff Tranel’s presentations because of their good humor and easy way of speaking, as they were well versed and grounded in the subject matter.

What I took away from the workshop was how family dynamics comes into play as our agricultural family business begins to deal with succession — how well each member gets along with each other and the owner about to retire. Communications is always important as our children grow up and take on responsibilities around the farm business. It is especially important as they reach their teen and adult lives because if we do not have it right by then, succession will be an even harder nut to crack. So, I appreciate the discussion and insight about communications.

Thank you so much for your sponsorship.

Mary G. Grimes

Albany, Ore.

We’re in danger of losing our sovereignty

Referring to the article “Do Feds Seek Power Over Every Pond, Puddle and Pothole” in the Nov. 9 Capital Press: Please help me understand why we are allowing this dangerous organization (the U.N., with their political correctness, sustainability and agendas) dictate to our sovereign nation. Everything is presented to us through rose-colored glasses and preying on our generosity and compassion, but they are stretching their tentacles to enslave us.

How many farmers and businessmen have had their ability curtailed to make a living by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Endangered Species Act? Who are they and what is their intent? There are a lot more dangers to us than can be written in this short letter. It would behoove each of us to research the 2000 U.N. Millennium Development Goal and Agenda 21. You will find they do want power over every pond, puddle, mudhole and every aspect of our lives.

We have elected legislators to represent us and safeguard our nation, but they are ignoring their oath and the Constitution and we, the people, are guilty for allowing this. It’s our country, our lives and our money that is paying all the bills. Why aren’t we demanding accountability and removing from office those who think they are above the law (the Constitution)?

We must act now and consistently, for the Clean Water Act isn’t the only danger we face. How many heard about or have researched these trade treaties? Here again, jobs and a stronger economy are professed, but just as with NAFTA and CAFTA, our jobs disappeared, our trade deficit increased and farms were sold or went bankrupt.

The intent, no doubt, is to make us the North American Union, as these trade deals are the same tactics used to bring about the E.U. A note here — look into the unrest springing up in Europe. Tea parties are springing up because the people are tired of the restrictions and want their sovereignty back. May this bit of information inspire all of us to research and demand accountability and resist the binding tentacles of these agendas, acts and bills. For we have always been good stewards of the land.

Mrs. Mary A. Novak

Yamhill, Ore.


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