Agency recommends national park for Cesar Chavez

The National Park Service is considering sites for a new national park honoring farm worker leader Cesar Chavez.

Published on October 25, 2013 8:27AM

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — A former Phoenix church hall where farm workers started using the now famous rallying cry, “Si se puede,” is being considered for inclusion in the national parks system.

The Santa Rita Center in downtown Phoenix is one of five sites that the National Park Service recommended this week to Congress as part of a historical park honoring Cesar Chavez and the U.S. farm labor movement. The others in California include a national monument named last year for Chavez.

The Park Service says Chavez’s fast at the Santa Rita Center in 1972 helped reshaped Arizona’s political landscape.

Thousands of farm workers and supporters such as Coretta Scott King participated in rallies and Masses, giving voice to the United Farm Workers of America slogan.


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