No more pump cavitation...ever!

Published on October 22, 2013 9:58AM

The IC Pump Station control unit Model 30, when used with a Variable Frequency Drive, will not allow the pump to cavitate...Even if the pump intake is fully plugged!

How do we do it?  Using advanced technology the IC Pump Station control unit provides  "learn" mode that, when selected, compiles data about pump operation when it's working right and that data is stored in memory.  When the "learn" mode is off this stored data is constantly compared with the current pump operation data and if there is a significant variance the pump motor is slowed or even stopped before cavitation can occur.  See a YouTube demonstration at:

Features and benefits:
• No more cavitation...Ever.   Even if the pump intake is fully plugged!
• Flow is reduced to match ability  of the pump intake to pass water.  If the full flow intake water is  restored pump will resume normal (pressure and flow) operation.
• Energy saving.   Cavitation makes the pump very inefficient.  No cavitation  means the pump will run at peak efficiency at all times.
• The IC Pump Station control unit  can also sense the plugging of filters and can be used to trigger a flush  cycle complete with timers and flush cycle counters.
The standard IC Pump Station control functions are also provided...
• Low and high pressure safety  shutoffs.
• Hour meters
• Cycle counters
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