Tim Hearden

Northern California Reporter
Hearden, Tim

Prune orchards of the future may vary

- Soil type, tree spacing, rootstock selection and cropload management are among the factors that could determine how the prune orchard of the future performs, researchers say.

Almond industry leads way in food safety

- Pasteurization — the process of using heat to kill microbes in food and beverages — has enabled processors to maintain almonds’ unique texture and flavor while all but eliminating the safety risk.

Western Innovator: Living with wildfire

- University of California adviser devises strategies for avoiding, reducing fires.

New seed certification program tackles weedy rice

- California’s new Rice Seed Quality Assurance Program aims to verify the purity of the state’s specialty rice seed varieties and curb the spread of weedy rice, an undesirable strain that shatters before harvest.

Precise gene technology impacts GMO debate

- A University of California-Davis expert says the debate “is keeping pace with the science.”