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Groups argue proposal would rescind water rights

- Farm groups say a proposal to send more water down the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers to help fish could further deprive farms and ranches of water and lead to legal challenges.

California’s multi-billion-dollar nut boom keeps going

- A price slide for almonds, walnuts and pistachios is the first sign of adversity that California tree nut growers have faced in more than a decade. Has the state reached a ceiling in terms of how many nuts it can produce an...

Pistachio growers wrap up record harvest

- Pistachio growers in the San Joaquin Valley are wrapping up their harvest of an anticipated record crop.

Walnut harvest resumes after drenching rain

- The harvest of walnuts in Northern California is resuming this week after rain stopped work for several days. The shaking and sweeping should be finished before the end of October.

Festival raises funds, support for college ag program

- The annual Harvest Fest at Shasta College in Redding, Calif., provides tours of the college farm as well as dinner and entertainment, educating the community about the agriculture program's offerings while serving as a key ...

Rain may dampen prospects for California pumpkin crop

- Pumpkin growers in California report a plentiful crop as at least one farm has stepped up picking in case an anticipated mid-October rainy period materializes.

Brown signs bill to improve water conveyance in SJ Valley

- Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that could make it easier to move water to the most drought-stricken areas in the prime citrus-growing region of the San Joaquin Valley.

Navel orange growers set to begin harvest of smaller crop

- Navel orange growers in California's Central Valley are set to begin their harvest next week, as cool nights have aided the fruit's color and flavor.

Millennials gravitate to high-end wines, survey finds

- Millennials are still gravitating toward higher-value wines, industry professionals report in a pair of surveys by a University of California-Davis researcher.

Rice harvest proceeds as production, prices rebound

- The California rice harvest is under way as production is on the rebound after two drought-diminished seasons.

U.S. organic production value up 13 percent

- Consumer demand is a key factor as the value of organic production nationwide rose by 13 percent in 2015, industry insiders say.

Organic growers cheer new law reducing paperwork, fees

- Organic producers in California are pleased a new law will reduce their paperwork and fees for state registration.

Fair contest keeps youngsters involved in local beef industry

- About a dozen youngsters competed in a special class at the Tehama District Fair in Red Bluff, Calif., for calves and steers that were born and bred within the county. Local cattlemen sponsor the project to keep the youth i...

Meetings to train crew bosses on preventing spread of psyllid

- California's Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program and California Citrus Mutual are hosting a series of meetings for crew bosses on how to teach employees to prevent the spread of the Asian citrus psyllid, which can ca...

UC endowed chair to boost rice research

- The University of California and the California Rice Research Board are teaming to create a $1 million endowed chair for rice research, which will provide ongoing funding for projects to improve rice quality and boost growe...

Western Innovator: Rancher seeks solutions to region’s water worries

- Jim Morris' ranch in Etna, Calif., has been in his wife's family since the 1850s, and has for decades been involved in research projects that prmote sustainable farming.

Competition overseas spurs domestic marketing of walnuts

- With overseas markets becoming more competitive, it underscores the California Walnut Commission's desire to focus much of its energy on expanding domestic consumption of the nut, an industry leader says.

Navel orange growers expecting lighter crop, higher prices

- This year's navel orange crop in California's Central Valley is expected to be significantly smaller than last season's production, as warm summer temperatures and winter rains bolstered the 2015-2016 crop.

Groups say Calif. overtime law will hurt workers, farms

- California farm groups assert the new ag overtime bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown will prompt growers to hire workers in shifts and could lead to more consolidation of farms.

Study: planting wildflowers near crop fields benefits bees

- A University of California study finds that planting strips of wildflowers adjacent to farm fields can benefit the bees that pollinate the crops.

Conference to highlight precision ag technology, business topics

- An inaugural two-day conference in November will educate growers about new precision technologies in agriculture as well as best business practices.

Growers seek reforms as flood insurance program increases rates, toughens regs

- California growers and their allies are seeking reforms to the National Flood Insurance Program that would make allowances for processing facilities and other on-farm agricultural buildings. The NFIP is set to be reauthoriz...

Walnut growers work to maximize quality in expected record crop

- California walnut growers are poised to harvest their third record crop in as many years as many try to get the highest quality they can from their orchards in response to falling prices.

Plums for prune harvest smallest in decades

- California prune producers have wrapped up their harvest of a crop that was greatly diminished because of March storms that disrupted the blossom.

Calif. strawberry production picks up after slow start

- Strawberry production in California has kept a sizzling pace this summer, bringing the industry to near striking distance of last year's totals after a slow start because of winter rains.

Rice growers urged to use pesticides wisely to avoid resistance

- University of California entomologist Larry Godfrey advises rice growers to use insecticides judiciously, mainly because of resistance to the materials that has developed among pests.

Prices stabilize as Calif. growers harvest record almond crop

- The harvest of a record almond crop in California is under way as prices have stabilized after falling by nearly half from last year's levels.

Cattlemen’s group urges ranchers to stay engaged on water regs

- California Cattlemen's Association officials are urging ranchers to stay engaged in the state's application of new water-diversion reporting and measuring rules.

UC test projects help Scott Valley rancher conserve water

- Northern California cattle, sheep and hay producer Jim Morris is working with University of California researchers on several test projects aimed at saving water -- a crucial need in the contentious Scott Valley in far nort...

Pistachio growers poised for record crop

- Pistachio growers in California are set to have a record crop after a couple of disappointing seasons caused by drought and a lack of winter chiling hours.

UC-Davis testing fertilizer that turns ‘farm-to-fork’ on its head

- Researchers at the University of California-Davis are trying out a natural fertilizer made from food waste on a newly planted almond orchard to see if it can help growers reduce nitrogen leaching while preserving crop devel...