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Grant will fund onion promotion in Mexico, Latin America

- A $40,000 grant obtained by the Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee will be used to market and promote the big bulb onions grown in this area in Mexico and Latin America. The grant will fund in-store promotions and three t...

Camelina shows promise in Eastern Oregon

- While Eastern Oregon farmers are facing one of the tightest ever water years in their area this season, field trials at Oregon State University's Malheur County experiment station are showing that camelina could be a source...

Forecast: Idaho wheat production slightly lower

- Idaho wheat production may be down slightly this year but industry members say growing conditions have been excellent and they expect a quality crop in 2014.

‘Farmland’ film set for Boise Aug. 6

- A panel of Idaho farmers and ranchers will discuss agricultural issues and answer questions from the audience following a screening of the documentary film, "Farmland," in Boise Aug. 6. Idaho ag community pitched in to rais...

Lake Lowell water rapidly declining

- Farmers in southwestern Idaho have been asked to voluntarily conserve water in an effort to avoid a possible shortage at Lake Lowell near Nampa.

JUMP facility will house 52 antique tractors

- A $70 million facility being constructed in downtown Boise will house 52 antique tractors that will help serve as a reminder of Idaho's farming roots. The building is being funded by the J.R. Simplot family.

Growers slow to warm to frozen hops

- Hop growers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho ,the nation's top hop producing states, have been slow to warm to the idea of freezing instead of drying hops. A South Dakota man who is pushing the idea may shift the focus of hi...

Research clears bulb onions of E. coli risk

- Oregon State University researchers in Ontario have found that bulb onions pose no risk of E. coli contamination from irrigation water regardless of how they are irrigated and regarless of how much bacteria is present in th...

Idaho Wine Commission lands $88,000 grant

- The Idaho Wine Commission will use an $88,000 specialty crop grant from the Idaho State Department of Agriculture to try to increase quality, awareness and sales of Idaho wine.

Groups ponder recent dust rule proposal

- Submitting a proposed clarification to Idaho's fugitive dust rule to the EPA for federal approval could offer farmers and ranchers more protection, ag leaders were told July 16. But it would also include a public comment pe...

Lack of psyllids stymie insecticide research

- There have been few potato psyllids spotted in eastern Oregon this year, which is making it difficult for Oregon State University researchers to report results of a field trial designed to find the best pesticide treatments...

Growers need to prove demand for granular Eptam

- Gowan Co. will resume producing granular Eptam for bean growers if ag chemical suppliers agree to purchase it. And chemical suppliers will purchase the herbicide if growers agree to use it.

Lab analysis to test if weeds resistant to glyphosate

- Researchers may now know in a matter of weeks rather than months whether kochia weeds in Western Idaho and Eastern Idaho have developed resistance to glyphosate. In the meantime, Oregon State University researchers are prog...

New Idaho hydro generation unit delayed

- The Bureau of Reclamation has delayed construction of a new hydroelectric generating unit at Black Canyon Diversion Dam because the cost of the project may exceed its benefit. Irrigators in southwestern Idaho and eastern Or...

Pea, lentil council gets $134,000 grant

- The U.S. Dry Pea and Lentil Council will use a $134,000 specialty crop grant from the Idaho State Department of Agriculture to educate dozens of food industry leaders on the benefits of using pulse crops as ingredients in f...

Idaho funds record number of specialty crop projects

- Idaho's agriculture department will award a record amount of money in 2014 to a record amount of projects designed to benefit the state's specialty crop industry. The department also received a record amount of applications...

Woolf adapts quickly to Idaho Bean Commission

- The new administrator of the Idaho Bean Commission has adapted to the job quickly due to her past experience working with the Idaho Barley Commission. Bean commission members said Andi Woolf's work promoting the barley comm...

Idaho farm income dips during first quarter

- After a strong performance in 2013, total farm personal income dipped 4.2 percent during the first quarter of 2014. Despite the decrease, ag economists expect another strong performance overall from Idaho agriculture in 2014.

Alternative crop trials part of OSU field day

- During the Malheur County experiment station's annual Summer Farm Festival and Field Day Jul 9, Oregon State University researchers will discuss field trials of camelina grown without irrigation. The annual event also inclu...

Boise farmers’ markets thrive after split

- Capital City Public Market, Idaho's largest farmers market, and the new Boise Farmers Market, which was created by former CCPM vendors who wanted a more ag-centric market, are co-exisiting well and even feeding off each oth...

Idaho Wine Month pushes sales

- Idaho wine sales increased 32 percent during Idaho Wine Month last June and industry leaders expect to see another big gain this year.

Southwest Idaho farmers should have adequate water supply

- A year has made a big difference for water users in Idaho's Treasure Valley area, who are looking at an adequate supply of irrigation water this season. Allotments were reduced last year and water was shut off early, but ir...

Owyhee Irrigation water supply rapidly declining

- At the current pace of usage, the Owyhee Irrigation District could be out of water by early August. Farmers in Eastern Oregon are doing all they can to stretch their meager water supply but are running out of options.

Quick decision unlikely on Ag Security Act motion

- During oral arguments on the state's motion to dismiss a federal lawsuit against the Idaho Agricultural Security Act, plaintiffs argued it violates free speech while law supporters said it only regulates certain types of co...

Despite ag output growth, farm jobs not increasing

- Total farming jobs in Idaho have barely budged in two decades while the number of total state jobs has increased significantly. But economists say that's a good thing and shows the industry has become more efficient.

Gowan may resume production of Eptam 20G

- Gowan Co. officials have told Idaho Bean Commission members the company will resume producing Eptam 20G if industry can prove there is sufficient demand for the product, which controls the nightshade weed. Gowan needs an an...

Website links wholesalers, farmers

- A Boise entrepreneur's plan to make it easier for wholesale buyers to purchase food from local farmers is paying off but more work is needed before it can be taken across the country.

Agreement reached on Idaho dust rule

- Under a proposed clarification by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, farmers and ranchers won't be subject to fines for creating dust while conducting normal agricultural practices.

Judge nixes intervenor status for dairy group

- The driving force behind the Idaho Agricultural Security Act will not be allowed to intervene in a federal lawsuit targeting the law, which makes it a crime to interfere with or secretly film farming operations.

Gowan close to deciding on Eptam 20G

- Idaho dry bean growers are hopeful a discontinued herbicide that helped them control the weed nightshade will be produced again in time for the 2015 season. Gowan Seed Co. officials say they are close to deciding whether to...

Idaho farm video quickly goes viral

- A video produced and posted online by an organic farm in Boise has gone viral. The humorous, entertaining video was produced with minimal expense and time and has been viewed by more than 660,000 people.

‘Farmland’ coming to Idaho in July

- The feature-lenth documentary "Farmland" will be shown at a Boise theater in July. Idaho farm and ranching groups pitched in to raise the $8,000 necessary to bring the film to this state.

Onion virus appears early this year

- Symptoms of iris yellow spot virus in onions have appeared earlier than normal in the Treasure Valley area this year and growers are being encouraged to be extra-vigilant in their thrips management programs.

Test of weeds for glyphosate resistance will take 3 months

- It could take at least several weeks before researchers know for sure whether weeds found growing in two Roundup Ready sugar beet fields in the Treasure Valley area have in fact developed resistance to glyphosate.

Growers alerted about possible glyphosate-resistant weeds

- Idaho and Oregon farmers have been alerted about a possible case of glyphosate-resistant kochia weeds in at least two Roundup Ready sugar beet fields in the Treasure Valley area.

Event showcases new wheat, barley varieties

- Growers and seed dealers whill have an opporunity June 20 to view dozens of new wheat and barley varieties being screened for release by Oregon State University and University of Idaho researchers.

Idaho-Oregon onion crop off to good start

- Idaho and Oregon farmers in the Treasure Valley area say this year's onion crop is off to a great start, but there is a major concern about a possible water shortage on the Oregon side.

Idaho fights proposed plant listing

- The state of Idaho is again fighting a proposal to list a native Idaho desert plant as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The state has developed a conservation plan for the plant and doesn't believe a listing is ...

Treasure Valley farmers happy with ‘Goldilocks’weather

- Farmers in the Treasure Valley area of southwestern Idaho and eastern Oregon say weather conditions this spring have been almost ideal and they are reporting good plant growth.

Proposed Galloway dam studies continue

- The Idaho Water Resources Board considers a proposed 750,000 acre-foot dam and reservoir on the Weiser River to be one of its top priorities. The board recently took a significant step forward in its efforts to study whethe...

Idaho extending deadline for specialty crop grants

- The Idaho State Department of Agriculture is accepting more applications for its 2014 specialty crop block grant program. The department received twice as much money from the USDA this year for the program and will accept a...

Calf scramble event raises $22,000

- More than $22,000 was raised May 30 for an annual calf scramble event designed to teach Treasure Valley youths about agriculture. The money helps FFA and 4-H members purchase purebred heifers.

Farmers’ complaint about project heads to high court

- A group of southwestern Idaho farmers that is trying to prevent a 44-acre subdivision from being built in the middle of 12 square miles of agricultural land has appealed its case to the Idaho Supreme Court.

Stripe rust infection could be widespread

- Stripe rust was detected in a wheat field near Hazelton, Idaho, May 29. The field showed heavy stripe rust infection, which may indicate a larger problem, according to University of Idaho researchers.