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East Idaho dairy expands home delivery to Treasure Valley

- An east Idaho dairy will deliver its milk and other dairy products 286 miles away to homes in southwestern Idaho. Reed Dairy's decision to expand into Idaho's largest urban area was driven in part by low milk prices.

Sorghum facility would provide farmers with stable rotation crop

- A planned sorghum processing facility near Parma, Idaho, is expected to benefit farmers and dairymen in the area.

Ag Pavilion educates thousands of fairgoers each year about Idaho farming

- The Agriculture Pavilion at the Western Idaho Fair teaches thousands of people each year about farming and provides them a better understanding of how farmers and ranchers produce the food they eat.

Idaho sorghum to be used in ‘paper’ products

- A planned $90 million project near Parma in southwestern Idaho will use sorghum produced by local farmers to create paper products for the food industry. It will also use cow and other agricultural waste to create biogas an...

Idaho judge dismisses case against business tax credit

- A tax reimbursement credit that was passed by the Idaho Legislature in 2014 with the support of farm groups has survived a court challenge by a company that claimed it harmed their business by helping a competitor.

Organic seed supply lags demand as industry grows

- A new report shows that the state of the nation's organic seed industry has improved in the last five years but it also says significant work still needs to be done to improve the quality and availability of organic seed.

Southwestern Idaho farmers raise pay to keep workers

- Agricultural producers in southwestern Idaho are having a difficult time finding workers and having to pay more to keep the laborers they do have.

National alfalfa alliance creates voluntary checkoff

- A new national alfalfa checkoff program will provide funds for public research into the nation's third most valuable crop.

Boise Farmers Market vendors have no regrets about 2013 split

- Farm vendors at the Boise Farmers Market say they have no regrets over their split from Idaho's largest farmers market four seasons ago and that vendors at both markets are co-existing well.

Idaho ag exports down 19 percent in first half of 2016

- The total value of Idaho farm exports through the first half of 2016 is down 19 percent from the same period last year and off 39 percent from two years ago.

Irrigation water should flow in SW Idaho until October

- Most farmers in the Treasure Valley region of southwestern Idaho will end up with a normal water supply this year.

Southcentral Idaho wineries, growers want their own AVA

- In an effort to promote their region to wine consumers, wineries and grape growers in Southcentral Idaho hope to obtain their own American Viticultural Area designation.

Idaho-Oregon onion growers seek cause of new plant disease

- Oregon State University researchers are trying to determine what is causing a new onion disease so they can figure out ways to help growers fight it.

Owyhee Reservoir could have carryover of160,000 acre-feet

- There could be 100,000 to 150,000 acre-feet of storage water left in the Owyhee Reservoir when this season ends, which would give growers a buffer heading into next season that they haven't enjoyed in awhile.

Beef, dairy groups host inaugural Idaho Sports Nutrition Symposium

- About 95 sports trainers, nutritionists and coaches attended the inaugural Idaho Sports Nutrition Symposium, sponsored by the state's dairy and beef industries.

USDA plans impact statement on deregulation of GE bentgrass

- The makers of a genetically engineered creeping bentgrass that escaped field trials and has taken root in two Oregon counties, have asked APHIS to deregulate the plant.

Researcher developing early-season fruit counting system

- A southwestern Idaho professor is developing a fruit counting system that could help orchardists accurately estimate yields early in the season.

Final Idaho burn proposal could face challenge

- Idaho farm group support DEQ's final proposal to amend the state's crop residue burning program but the plan is opposed by groups representing environmentalists and public health advocates.

Yantis’ neighbor: Death investigation outcome disappointing

- The two Adams County deputies who shot and killed a Council, Idaho, rancher will not be charged, federal and state authorities announced July 29.

No charges in shooting of Idaho rancher

- The U.S. attorney's office in Idaho and the state attorney general announced today there is not enough evidence to charge the Adams County deputies who shot and killed a local rancher.

TV ad encourages Oregonians to oppose Malheur County monument

- A group formed by East Oregon ranchers to oppose a proposed national monument in Malheur County is using a TV ad to spread its message to people in the Portland area.

Researchers help nursery industry with native plant goals

- Idaho's nursery industry will team up with University of Idaho researchers on a project designed to introduce new, aesthetically pleasing native plants to the market.

Camelina, quinoa studied as alternative crops in E. Oregon

- Oregon State University researchers in Malheur County are conducting field trials to determine whether camelina and quinoa can be grown in the region.

Oregon House speaker supports efforts to help Malheur County economy

- After visiting Malheur County last month, Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek said she has a better understanding of the unique challenges this part of the state has in competing with Idaho, a state with a much lower minimum wa...

Wyden: Obama administration well aware of local opposition to national monument

- Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., told Malheur County residents July 21 he has made it clear to President Barack Obama that there is strong local opposition to a proposed national monument in that county.

No progress made on Idaho field burning changes

- Idaho farm and environmental groups left their third negotiated rulemaking meeting far apart on proposed changes to the state's field burning program.

Onion growers confirm success of applying herbicide through drip system

- Idaho and Oregon onion growers are reporting good results from applying a popular herbicide through drip irrigation systems. This is the first year they have been able to do that.

Are pumpkin seeds a viable crop for the Treasure Valley?

- Researchers and individual farmers in the Treasure Valley area who are experimenting with growing pumpkin seeds for the snack market reported mixed results this year. But they still think the crop could be a promising addit...

Idea could lead to deal on Idaho field burning changes

- An EPA official has floated an idea he thinks might provide a way for Idaho farm and environmental groups to reach an agreement on proposed changes to the state's crop residue burning program.

OSU suggests later application to control thrips

- An Oregon State University field trial is finding that if onion growers use one of their most effective pesticides a little later in the season, they could have more successful controlling onion thrips.

U.S. House passes bill that prevents a Malheur County national monument

- The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a funding bill that also prohibits the declaration of a national monument in Malheur County, Oregon.

Proposed Idaho field burning changes still rankle environmentalists

- Farm groups and representatives of environmental and public health groups have once more meeting to try to iron out their differences over proposed changes to the state's crop residue burning program

Group asks Idaho paper to hike local farm news coverage

- A member of an Idaho agribusiness committee has sent a letter to the state's largest newspaper asking it to cover more local farming issues.

Idaho researchers creating ‘IdaBot,’ an autonomous utility robot

- Northwest Nazarene University researchers in Idaho are trying to develop a low-cost robotic platform for specialty crop growers.

Idaho ag department awards $1.9 million to 15 specialty crop projects

- The Idaho State Department of Agriculture will provide $1.9 million in funding to 15 projects designed to improve the competitiveness of Idaho's specialty crop industries.

Idaho farm groups join national effort to end trade ban on Cuba

- Idaho ag groups have joined a national effort to convince Congress to loosen trade and travel bans to Cuba. Gov. Butch Otter, a farmer and rancher, will chair the state coalition.

Giant steer looms large over Boise Airport

- Visitors to the Boise Airport's baggage claim area will see a 15-foot, inflatable steer during the month of July. The display is meant to attract attention to the state's beef industry.

New FAA rules for drones could be a ‘game-changer’ for agriculture

- The Federal Aviation Administration's newly released rules for small drones is a big win for agriculture, industry experts say.

Potato and onion storage company locates U.S. headquarters in Boise

- A Dutch company that sells its potato and onion storage technology in 60 countries has located its U.S. headquarters in Boise.

Spearmint acres down in Far West as mint oil market softens

- Spearmint acres in the Far West, which includes Idaho, Oregon and Washington, are down this year in response to a softening market.

Idaho ag welcomes Little’s run for governor

- Idaho Lt. Gov. Brad Little, a rancher and farmer, has filed the paperwork necessary to run for governor. That news went over well in farm country since Little has been actively involved in the industry his whole life.