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Perkowski, Mateusz

Attorney fees denied in Josephine County GMO lawsuit

- Supporters of Josephine County's GMO ban won't have to pay the attorney fees of farmers who defeated the ordinance in court.

CAFO air quality lawsuit dismissed

- A lawsuit over the federal government's lack of Clean Air Act regulations for CAFOs has been dismissed.

Western Innovator: Nursery grower ventures into hemp

- Nursery grower Barry Cook is diversifying his operation to include hemp.

Portland container shipping faces broad challenges

- Container shipping from the Port of Portland faces broader challenges than the labor dispute that discontinued service last year.

Oregon lawmakers discuss groundwater problems

- Groundwater proposals are likely to be debated during the 2017 legislative session.

Feds urge against Supreme Court review of Hage dispute

- Federal agencies don't want the U.S. Supreme Court to review a legal dispute with Wayne Hage, an iconic Nevada rancher.

Some farm groups endorse Hanson for ODA chief

- Several farm group's want Lisa Hanson, the Oregon Department of Agriculture's deputy director, to be appointed the permanent chief of the agency.

Nursery adopts plasticulture for trees

- Northwoods Nursery has found plasticulture improves weed control, water retention, plant growth.

ODA plans for both budget cuts, increases

- Oregon Department of Agriculture has two budget schemes as state's finances are still in the air.

Glyphosate-resistant tumbleweed discovered in NE Oregon

- Tumbleweed resistant to glyphosate has been confirmed in Oregon's Morrow County.

Oregon conservation easement program will seek $4.25 million

- A new program focused on conservation easements to protect farmland will seek $4.25 million from Oregon lawmakers next year.

Lawsuit alleges glyphosate-cancer link

- A lawsuit against the Monsanto Co. claims glyphosate herbicide caused a Washington man's cancer.

Study: Consumers prefer gene-disrupting pesticides over GMOs

- Consumers prefer RNAi biopesticides over GMOs, a study found.

Oregon nursery, landlord prevail in sexual harassment lawsuit

- Carlton Plants and the landlord, Carlton Nursery, won a lawsuit in which they were accused of creating a hostile work environment by ineffectively responding to a sexual harassment complaint.

County’s $1.4B timber lawsuit survives state’s motion to dismiss

- Oregon's attorneys have failed to convince a judge to dismiss a lawsuit that seeks $1.4 billion from the state for allegedly mismanaging timberlands.

Deere faces antitrust fight over seed planting firm

- The John Deere Co. will take on the federal government in an antitrust dispute.

Oregon farm supplier expands fertilizer capacity

- Marion Ag Service is building a new facility that will expand its fertilizer storage more than seven-fold.

Oregon State Fair livestock competition affirms breeding efforts

- Sheep breeder Monte Forster has participated in livestock competitions at the Oregon State Fair for 55 years.

USDA shifts GMO labeling policy for meat, eggs

- Meat and eggs raised without GMO feed can now be labeled as such, according to USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Oregon wild horse roundup canceled

- The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has canceled a planned roundup of wild horses in Eastern Oregon due to a fire.

Northwest hydropower study due in five years

- Federaul authorities must studythe environmental effects of altered Northwest hydropower operations by 2021.

Nurseries should prepare for next recession, economist says

- Charlie Hall, a horticulture economist at Texas A&M University, advises nurseries to prepare for the next recession.

Penalties reduced for Oregon pesticide applicator

- Applebee Aviation and its owner face $53,500 in civil fines and five-year revocations of their pesticide applicator licenses, which marks a reduction from the penalties initially sought by Oregon farm regulators.

Farmers seek legal fees from GMO ban supporters

- Farmers who successfully challenged Josephine County's GMO ban want supporters to pay their legal fees.

USDA projects 38,000-ton hazelnut crop

- Oregon is projected to forecast 38,000 tons of hazelnuts this year, up 22.5 percent from 2015.

Hood River basin’s water reservations renewed

- Water reservations in Oregon's Hood River basin, which allow for new water rights development, have been renewed for 20 years.

China may exempt some U.S. farm exports from Zika rules

- Chinese authorities may exempt some U.S. farm exports from rules aimed at keeping out the Zika virus.

Nothing easy about conservation easements

- Easements help farmers and ranchers address many issues, including estate planning and reducing taxes.

Oregon, county spar over timber lawsuit seeking $1.4 billion

- Lawyers for Oregon argue that a lawsuit filed by Linn County to recover money it and 14 other counties have lost due to the state's forest managment practices should not be granted class action status.

Merger sparks organic milk competition worries

- An organic industry watchdog worries that a planned merger between two major dairy companies will hurt prices for organic farmers.

Farmer seeks $50,000 in Oregon land use dispute

- Oregon farmer John Gilmour seeks to recover more than $50,000 in attorney fees after prevailing in a lawsuit over his straw-compressing facility.

Chinese Zika rules threaten U.S. farm exports

- China's regulations for stopping the Zika virus require quarantines and mosquito treatments for shipping containers, threatening to disrupt U.S. farm exports.

Feds find ‘reasonable indication’ of Chinese fertilizer dumping

- Chinese "dumping" of ammonium sulfate have likely hurt U.S. manufacturers of the fertilizer, according to trade officials.

Container-grown hazelnut trees provide head start

- Hazelnut trees grown in containers can save time when replacing older orchards.

‘Crazy snake worm’ unearthed in Oregon

- The "crazy snake worm" or "Asian jumping worm" has been detected in Oregon, which could pose a risk to forest health and water retention.

Threatened species policy challenged

- A nonprofit property rights law firm is challenging the federal government's policy for killing or harming threatened species.

Tentative deal struck in USDA predator lawsuit

- USDA has struck a tentative deal resolving an environmentalist lawsuit accusing the agency of violating federal law with its predator control efforts.

Oregon egg handler numbers surge

- More Oregon farmers are obtaining egg handler's licenses to expand marketing opportunities.