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Perkowski, Mateusz

Irrigation-clogging weed cleared for removal

- Flowering rush, an invasive species that clogs irrigation canals and intakes, has been approved for removal after federal authorities reviewed the proposal under Endangered Species Act.

Curtailed negotiations may prolong port congestion

- Curtailed negotiations between the longshoremen's union and container terminal operators may prolong congestion at West Coast ports, impeding exports of farm products.

President could act in event of port shutdown

- In the event of a container terminal lockout, President Barack Obama can order ports to re-open.

GMO alfalfa growers challenge Oregon county’s ban

- Oregon alfalfa farmers have challenged a county ban on genetically modified organisms based on the state's right to farm law.

Ocean carriers add fees to container shipments

- New fees charged by ocean carriers are adding to problems with port congestion faced by agricultural exporters.

Wheat farmers remain unclear on GMO settlement

- Farmers have uncertainties about the $2 million Monsanto wheat settlement, experts say.

Klamath pact supporters press bill’s passage

- A bill that would ratify dam removal and conservation funding along the Klamath River is running out of time for passage in Congress.

McDonald’s not interested in GMO potatoes

- McDonald's has turned down genetically modified potatoes, but its developer seeks to sell them through alternate channels.

Critics rebuke GMO report

- An Oregon GMO task force report received some mild rebukes from biotech critics recently.

Monsanto to pay $2.4 million to wheat farmers, groups

- Settlement stems from lawsuits growers filed over biotech wheat.

Companies ask judge to dismiss ‘right to farm’ challenge

- Oral arguments are upcoming in a case challenging the constitutionality of Oregon's " right to farm" law.

President could act in event of port shutdown

- In the event of a container terminal lockout, President Barack Obama can order ports to re-open.

Judge dismisses consumer lawsuit against dairy cooperative

- A consumer lawsuit against Darigold has been dismissed. The company believes the case was used to draw publicity to a farm worker unionization effort.

Closure of butcher shops leaves growers unpaid

- Bill the Butcher, an upscale chain of meat shops in Seattle, has shut down with roughly $500,000 owed to nich meat producers across the Northwest.

Container slowdown spreads to California ports

- West Coast port slowdowns are impacting agricultural exports.

With defeat likely, fight for GMO labeling continues

- A ballot initiative on genetically modified organism labeling in Oregon appears headed for defeat.

Josephine County voters reject pesticide ban

- Josephine County voters rejected a ballot initiative banning most commercial pesticide use.

Oregonians reject driver’s cards for illegal immigrants

- Voters defeated an Oregon ballot initiative which would allow for driver's cards for undocumented workers.

Monsanto, wheat growers seek settlement extension

- Disclosure of a settlement between Monsanto and soft white wheat growers has been delayed until Nov. 12. The growers had sued the biotech developer over an unauthorized release of genetically engineered wheat in Oregon last...

Union slowdown causes tension at container terminals

- Container terminal operators are accusing longshoremen of slowing down work at the ports of Seattle and Tacoma.

Task force scraps key water storage fund requirement

- A controversial requirement for obtaining money from Oregon's water supply development fund has been tentatively scrapped by a key task force.

Removal of weed from Columbia requires review

- The federal government must review the removal of flowering rush, an invasive weed, under environmental laws before the plants can be yanked from new sites along the Columbia River in Oregon.

Think tank links H-2A with human trafficking

- A new report from a policy think tank links the H-2A agricultural guest worker program with human trafficking.

Judge believes DOL should return ‘hot goods’ money

- A federal judge recently heard oral arguments in the U.S. Labor Department's "hot goods" case against farmers.

Pollinator task force backs pesticide reporting system

- An Oregon pollinator task force has completed a report to the state legislature with proposals to improve bee health.

Oregon GMO task force drafts report

- Oregon GMO task force agrees on need for regulatory clarity, disagree on exact scheme.

DOL seeks additional charges against growers

- The U.S. Department of Labor wants to expand litigation against Oregon blueberry farmers accused of "hot goods" labor law violations.

Economist doubts population projections

- Projections of massive global population growth may be inflated, which casts doubt on the notion of long term upward pressure on commodity crop prices, an economist says.

77,000-acre cattle operation changes hands

- Another large property in Central Oregon recently changed hands.

Josephine County to vote on pesticide ban

- Opponents of a proposed ban on commercial pesticide use in Oregon's Josephine County say the measure is pre-empted by state law but could nonetheless spur vandalism, trespass and assault.

Trading company sues Smithfield after Russia trade ban

- A legal dispute has erupted between a major pork producer and a trading company due to a Russian ban on U.S. farm products.

Task force members differ over water diversions

- Several representatives of farm and irrigation associations criticized the direction of a task force that’s studying how much water can be withdrawn from streams during periods of high seasonal flows, such as during ...

Organic industry confused by GMO vaccines

- A lack of clarity about which livestock vaccines are made with genetically modified organisms is creating confusion in the organic industry.

Vermont’s GMO label law faces legal test

- A federal judge will hear oral arguments over Vermont's genetically modified organism labeling law in mid-December.

Hawaii GMO case heads for court

- Oral arguments over a Hawaiian county's ban on genetically modified organisms will be held on Oct. 23.

Judge tosses out non-compete agreements

- A dairy genetics company has lost a lawsuit against artificial insemination technicians in Washington who defected to another firm.

Northwest farmland prices avoid Midwestern slump

- Farmland values in the Northwest won't be affected by a decline in prices in the Midwest, experts say.

Group appeals after losing log salvage lawsuit

- Environmentalists have appealed a court ruling that allows salvage logging of burned trees in Southern Oregon.

Ochoco Lumber completes 32,000-acre sale

- Ochoco Lumber has sold 32,000 acres for $18.5 million and some of the funds will go to upgrade its sawmill and biomass facilities in John Day, Ore.

Irrigation-clogging weed arrives in Oregon

- Flowering rush, a Eurasian aquatic weed, was found for the first time in Oregon this summer and is already creating problems in other states by clogging irrigation canals.

Several NW grazing cases decided in federal court

- Several lawsuits over grazing plans have been decided by federal judges in Idaho and Oregon.

Critics claim contract weakens longshoremen’s union

- A labor consultant and a labor history professor claim the longshoremen's union was weakened in its recent contract with grain exporters, which will reduce the risk of shipping disruptions.

Wash. wheat farmer found GM plants in 2007

- A USDA investigation found a Washington farmer had experienced problems with glyphosate-resistant wheat in 2007 but destroyed the crop before it could be tested for a transgenic trait.

Wheat groups to get compensation in GMO settlement

- Wheat industry groups will receive money as part of a settlement of the lawsuit wheat farmers filed against Monsanto over an unauthorized release of biotech wheat.

Food safety warnings aren’t a ‘taking,’ judge rules

- Incorrect food safety warnings by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that caused tomato prices to plunge were not unconstitutional government takings, according to a court ruling.

‘Terroir’ matters in cheese, researcher finds

- Lisbeth Goddik of Oregon State University helps the dairy industry resolve problems in milk and cheese production.

Unauthorized GMO wheat in Montana

- USDA said more biotech wheat was found at a former field trial site in Montana but it's unrelated to a 2013 unauthorized release in Oregon. The agency has ended its investigation into the Oregon incident without firm conclu...

Oregon land issues may spark legislative fixes

- A land use expert says conflicts between farming and otherland uses in Oregon may spark new legislative proposals.

Oregon Board of Ag sets legislative agenda

- The Oregon Board of Agriculture is narrowing down a list of priorities it will present to the Legislature.