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Perkowski, Mateusz

Massive ships threaten Portland’s container export prospects

- Massive ships threaten the relevance of containerized shipping from the Port of Portland, while container availability complicates rail prospects.

Oregon cider business bill progresses

- A bill easing land use restrictions for Oregon cider businesses is making progress in the legislature with little opposition.

Drone privacy questions defy easy answers, attorney says

- Privacy issues remain murky for operating unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, even as flight regulations make headway, according to an attorney.

Controversial bills meet their end in legislature

- Multiple controversial bills related to Oregon agriculture have recently met their end, at least for the 2017 legislative session.

Conflict brewing between oyster farm, Tillamook dairies

- A lawsuit filed by an oyster farm over allegations of insufficient dairy waste regulation iin Oregon's Tillamook Bay has been dismissed, but it's likely to be soon refiled.

Oregon drops several defenses in $1.4 billion timber lawsuit

- Oregon’s government has agreed to drop several defenses against a class action lawsuit brought by counties that seeks $1.4 billion for insufficient logging of state forests.

Livestock antibiotics bill dies in Oregon Senate

- A bill restricting antibiotic usage in livestock has died in the Senate Health Care Committee.

Oregon GMO liability bill survives Legislature’s deadline

- A bill that would allow biotech patent holders to be sued for unwanted GMO presence in Oregon has survived a crucial deadline.

Oregon water rights fee wins committee approval

- A bill that would impose an annual water rights fee has passed the House Energy and Environment Committee without a specific amount.

Bills imposing new dairy, forestry regulations fail

- Bills that would impose new regulations on dairy air emissions and notification requirements for forestry pesticide sprays have failed.

Bill exempting slow-growing Oregon counties from land use goals survives

- A bill exempting slow-growing Oregon counties from statewide land use goals will survive but faces revisions.

Air emissions exemption for farms overturned

- An exemption for farms from having to report certain air pollutants has been invalidated.

Irrigators compromise with cities on notification bill

- Irrigation districts have compromised with local governments on a bill requiring notification of proposed subdivisions.

Oregon hemp commission proposal passes muster

- A proposal to create the Oregon Industrial Hemp Commission, which would fund promotions and research, has passed an initial committee, along with bills funding the battle against sudden oak death and creating a farmland pre...

Bill proposing solar restrictions on farmland dies

- A bill requiring solar developers to conduct an alternatives analysis before siting projects on high-value farmland has died.

Bills reversing GMO pre-emption die in Oregon

- A battle over Oregon’s statewide pre-emption of local GMO regulations has died in the House and Senate.

Oregon wetland exemption moves forward

- An exemption to Oregon’s wetland fill-removal law has passed a key committee with a “do pass” recommendation for a House floor vote.

Bills reversing GMO pre-emption die in Oregon

- A battle over Oregon’s statewide pre-emption of local GMO regulations has died in the House but continues in the Senate.

Oregon water measurement bill passes initial committee

- A bill requiring water measurement devices for Oregon irrigators has passed the House Energy and Environment Committee.

Dreary spring slows Oregon farmers, crops, insects

- The dreary spring weather has slowed the development of crops and insects, as well as the progress of field work.

Irrigators file lawsuit over Klamath refuge restrictions

- Multiple irrigators have filed a lawsuit over farming restrictions on national wildlife refuges in the Klamath basin.

Deadline kills Oregon pesticide lawsuit bill, other legislation

- A bill making it easier to file pesticide-related lawsuits in Oregon has died along with a slew of other farm-related legislation.

Judge: No permit required for predator hunting derby

- A federal judge has ruled that no permit was required from the U.S. Forest Service for a predator hunting derby in Idaho.

Bill relaxing Oregon land use rules survives deadline

- A bill that would relax Oregon land use rules to spur rural development has survived an initial deadline.

New hurdle proposed for solar projects on high-value farmland

- A new hurdle has been proposed for commercial solar projects on high-value farmland in Oregon.

$5.6 million for Oregon farm-to-school funding passes key committee

- A bill directing $5.6 million for Oregon’s farm-to-school program has passed a key committee.

Farmland protection fund criticized as unaffordable

- A proposed fund to protect Oregon farmland was criticized for using public dollars to help agriculture.

Farmer claims processing facility buyout; Simplot calls it a ‘sham’

- Farmer Frank Tiegs claims to have bought out half the shares of Pasco Processing, which partner J.R. Simplot calls a “sham.”

$785,000 added to judgment against Heinz

- More than $785,000 in attorney fees were added to a judgment of $1.2 million against the H.J. Heinz Co.

Nearly doubling Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument sets up battle

- Cascade-Siskiyou

Power utility argues Oregon giant cane bills unnecessary

- The Portland General Electric power utility says bills that impose conditions on giant cane, a biomass crop, are unnecessary.

Labels, restrictions proposed for neonicotinoid pesticides

- Labels and usage restrictions would be imposed on neonicotinoid pesticides under two Oregon bills.

Hemp bills would move crop into mainstream

- Bills proposed in Oregon would create a commodity commission and seed certification process for hemp.

Bill would remove barrier to Oregon pesticide lawsuits

- A proposed bill in Oregon would remove a barrier to lawsuits over alleged pesticide damages.

Bill would remove Oregon egg-grading requirement

- A bill proposes to remove grading requirements for eggs sold directly to consumers in Oregon.

Notification proposed for Oregon aerial pesticide sprays in forests

- A proposed bill would impose new notification requirements for aerially spraying pesticides in Oregon forests.

Oregon lawmakers consider banning livestock discrimination

- A proposed bill would prohibit county ordinances that discriminate against specific species of livestock.

Irrigators criticize $100 water rights fee proposal

- A proposed $100 water rights fee has drawn the ire of Oregon irrigators.

Farmworker housing operations tax credit progresses

- A bill that would provide farmers with tax credits for half the operational cost of maintaining farmworker housing has moved out of the Senate Committee on Finance and Revenue.

Court upholds $1.5 million judgment in Oregon dairy lawsuit

- The Oregon Court of Appeals has upheld a ruling that awarded a Tillamook dairy $1.5 million in damages and attorney fees.

Oregon ranch fighting Rogue River management plans

- An Oregon ranch and two industry groups have filed a lawsuit challenging management plans for the Rogue river.

Critics urge more livestock antibiotics oversight in Oregon

- Critics of federal oversight of livestock antibiotics want Oregon lawmakers to pass a bill that would limit antibiotic uses.

Bill would authorize GMO trespass lawsuits against patent holders

- A bill under consideration in Oregon would allow landowners to sue biotech patent holders over trespass by genetically engineered crops.

Reversal of Oregon’s GMO pre-emption debated

- Oregon’s House Agriculture Committee held a hearing March 16 on the proposed reversal of state pre-emption of local GMO restrictions.

Bills would ease new dwellings on farmland

- Two bills proposed in Oregon would ease new dwellings and let people live in recreational vehicles on farmland.

Irrigators butt heads with cities over water bills

- Irrigation districts in Oregon are butting heads with city governments over two bills related to water.

Irrigators butt heads with cities over water bills

- Irrigation districts in Oregon are butting heads with city governments over two bills related to water.

Judge dismisses lawsuit against grazing on eight Oregon allotments

- A federal judge has rejected arguments that cattle grazing hurts endangered sucker fish in violation of forest management law.

Western Innovator: Co-op branches out

- The Pratum Co-op, which has long served Oregon’s Willamette Valley, is branching out eastward with new location in Central Oregon.

Dairy air debate centers on nearly decade-old report

- Debate over a proposed bill that requires Oregon to adopt dairy air emission rules recently centered on a 2008 task force report.