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Mateusz Perkowski

Oregon Reporter
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Perkowski, Mateusz

Blueberry growers go extra mile for South Korea customers

- Shipments of fresh blueberries to South Korea are subject to high hurdles, but some Oregon growers and packers see it as an investment in the future.

Court sorts out juice labeling laws

- The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in a false advertising case that may influence how fruit juices are marketed.

Ag economist helps farmers find their niche

- Oregon State University agricultural economist Larry Lev

Biotech wheat talks make ‘some progress’

- Monsanto is making progress in negotiations with farmers who are suing the biotech developer over an unauthorized release of genetically engineered wheat.

Judge allows pesticide bee lawsuit to proceed

- A lawsuit over the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's regulation of "neonicotinoid" pesticides will proceed despite several legal arguments being rejected by a federal judge.

Ruling may change Calif. water pricing, delivery

- A ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals may affect the pricing and timing of water deliveries for certain irrigators in California.

Public lands clashes have long history

- A dispute between federal authorities and a rancher in Nevada is emblematic of historic tensions, experts say.

Exports of Chile blueberries shrink

- Chilean exports of blueberries were reduced by port strikes and frosts, which could impact U.S. producers.

Scotts renews litigation against rival

- The Scotts Co. has resumed litigation against rival grass seed firm Pennington over alleged false ads.

Judge sides with Forest Service on timber sale

- An environmental group has failed to stop a 2,000-acre thinning project in Oregon's Mount Hood National Forest.

GMO task force meets for first time

- A new task force aimed at fleshing out the controversies over genetically
modified organisms in Oregon will include members with strongly contrasting
points of view. It meets for the first time today.

Study: As logging declines, lawsuits continue

- A study of national forest litigation over a 20 year period found that the U.S. Forest Service has been more willing to settle cases in recent years.

Seneca Foods buys into Truitt Bros.

- Half of the Truitt Bros. food processing company based in Salem, Ore., has been sold to the publicly traded corporation Seneca Foods for an undisclosed sum.

Experts weigh regulation of ag drones

- Experts at the Oregon Precision Farming Expo weighed in on the regulatory outlook for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Google Glass may become another farm tool

- The Google Glass device offers a multitude of possibilities for agriculture, according to a speaker at the recent Oregon Precision Farming Expo.

Christmas tree checkoff gets green light

- The USDA will begin administering a program to raise funds for Christmas tree promotions this year.

Grain company sues over fire

- A grain handler is suing a garbanzo bean company over a fire that damaged one of its facilities in Idaho.

Growers approve olive oil commission

- A new olive oil commission in California will regulate standards and grades for product produced in the state.

Judge rejects union’s subsidy argument

- The Port of Portland did not violate Oregon's constitution by paying subsidies to ocean carriers and its terminal operator, according to a federal judge.

Tilth program helps growers transition to organics

- Oregon Tilth has launched a new program, the Transitioning Farmer Network, that helps growers transition to organic production.

Records suggest scant evidence in ‘hot goods’ cases

- The U.S. Labor Department's allegations of labor law violations by farmers were based on scant evidence, internal agency e-mails show.

EPA charge cards misused, auditors say

- An internal audit has found that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's oversight of spending with government charge cards is ineffective.

U.S. herbicide maker battles Chinese imports

- Herbicide imports from China have caused a dispute between a U.S. pesticide company and overseas manufacturers of sulfentrazone.

Food safety workshops focus on the farm

- Farmers, labor contractors and others are learning how to conduct food safety training during a series of Oregon workshops.

Judge rules timber project unlawful

- A federal judge declared a timber project unlawful in Idaho's Panhandle National Forests.

Reports show lax enforcement of biotech rules

- USDA's oversight of field trials for genetically engineered crops is inadequate,
and the agency is unable to track even the number of “noncompliance” incidents that developers repo...

Food company switches to hummus production

- Truitt Family Foods is gearing up to introduce a new line of hummus, which involves $1 million in facility upgrades.

Feds: U.S. executives hid fraud at Chinese hog firm

- Financial fraud at a U.S.-Chinese hog production company was concealed by some American executives, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission says in court doucments.

Monsanto biotech wheat litigation on hiatus

- Lawsuits over an unauthorized release of Monsanto's biotech wheat have been put on hiatus as farmers and the company try to reach a settlement.

Union, grain handler accused of unfair labor practices

- National Labor Relations Board has filed complaints against a Northwest grain handler and the longshoremen's union. The parties are in a dispute over a labor contract.

Appeals court reverses part of delta smelt ruling

- The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reverses a portion of a case involving protectiong ot he delta smelt.

Oregon Legislature passes several ag bills

- The Oregon legislature has concluded its 2014 session having passed several bills related to agriculture.

Distillery returns to its roots with purchase

- Hood River Distillers has bought the Clear Creek Distillery, which ferments fruit into gourmet European-style brandies.

Audit shows NASS crop report vulnerability

- A new audit is critical of USDA's "lockup" procedures for securing confidential crop data that could affect futures markets.

Crop donation tax credit bill goes to governor

- Legislation that increases and extends a tax credit program for crop donations has unanimously passed the Oregon legislature.

Ukraine crisis may impact fertilizer prices

- The Russian military intervention in Ukraine may impact nitrogen markets.

Nursery operation grows on businessman

- Bob Terry innovator

Oregon Legislature passes land use law fix

- A legislative fix that seeks to resolve a land use dispute in the Portland area has been approved by the Oregon Legislature and awaits the signature of Gov. John Kitzhaber.

Labor Department asks judge to overturn ‘hot goods’ ruling

- The U.S. Department of Labor is responding to a magistrate judge's "hot goods" ruling by saying he made several errors.

Judge tosses out lawsuit challenging thinning project

- A lawsuit over thinning on Bureau of Land Managment land in Oregon has been rejected by a federal judge. At issue was the number of snags in the area.

Farm settles harassment lawsuit

- Roy Farms, a Washington fruit producer, has settled sexual harassment charges with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for $85,000.

Oregon Legislature passes land use law fix

- A legislative fix that seeks to resolve a land use dispute in the Portland area has been approved by the Oregon Legislature and awaits the signature of Gov. John Kitzhaber.

Distributors eye winemakers large and small

- Wine distributors recently offered their sales advice at the 2014 Oregon Wine Symposium in Portland, Ore.

Researchers hunt red blotch virus vectors

- Leafhoppers can transmit the red blotch virus in grapes in greenhouses but may not be responsible for spreading the disease in nature, experts say.

Land use bill heads to House floor

- A legislative fix that seeks to resolve a land use dispute in the Portland area will likely come up for a vote in the Oregon House after winning the support of a key committee and a variety of stakeholders.

Lawmakers try to fix rural reserve law

- An update on agriculture-related bills winding through the Oregon legislature.

Direct to consumer market key for Oregon wine

- Oregon wineries, with their premium-priced Pinot noir, continue to thrive on direct to consumer marketing, a researcher and banker told the Oregon Wine Symposium.

Legal minefield awaits ag employers, lawyer says

- More labor lawsuits name individual employers as defendants, in addition to their companies, a labor attorney recently warned Oregon dairy farmers.

Judge rules against Forest Service travel plan

- A federal judge has ruled that some of the U.S. Forest Service's road closures in an Idaho national forest are in violation of environmental law.

Equipment dealers told to target customer needs

- Farm machinery sales are expected to drop in 2014, making the job harder for dealers.