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Perkowski, Mateusz

Fight over Clean Water Act rule enters new phase

- The fight over EPA's Clean Water Act rule is likely to heat up on the political and legal fronts now that the regulation is final, experts say.

GMO control area proposal revived

- A proposal to create "control areas" for heightened regulation of GMOs has been resurrected in the Oregon legislature.

No-spray buffer requirement added to pesticide bill

- No-spray pesticide buffers were included in a package of Oregon legislation recently.

GMO mediation bill encounters opposition

- A bill that would encourage mediation over GMO conflicts in Oregon is now facing opposition after initially facing no controversy.

Judge questions whether ‘right to farm’ covers GMOs

- Oregon farmers contesting a county's ban on GMOs were in court Wednesday to argue that the ordinance is prohibited by the state's "right to farm" law.

GMO ban fails in Oregon’s Benton County

- Voters reject a proposed ban on GMOs in Oregon's Benton County.

Judge dismisses pesticide challenge

- A lawsuit against a new pesticide was dismissed but the legal battle is likely to continue.

Scientists pursue gene-disrupting pesticides

- Biopesticides that disrupt how genes are expressed offer a new way to fight specific insects, but critics fear unintended effects.

Legislative roundup: How ag bills have fared this session

- A summary of recent developments in the Oregon legislature.

Cover crop company faces $4.85 million in farmer liens

- Oregon farmers have filed $4.85 million in liens against a Pennsylvania company they claim is past due on payments for radish seed.

Experts: Grocery industry disruption will profit farmers

- Food retail is expected to be disrupted to the benefit of producers, experts say.

Opposition to Oregon canola bill continues in Senate

- The controversy over an Oregon canola bill is continuing in the Senate now that the House has passed the legislation.

9th Circuit upholds California pesticide rules

- California's pesticide rules for fumigant emissions have been upheld by a federal appeals court.

Beginning farmers get a helping hand

- Headwaters Farm Incubator serves as a springboard for people who want to get growing.

Extension Service plays a new role

- University researchers and extension agents are re-inventing their role within agriculture with limited resources.

Oregon water fund rules proposed

- Oregon's water supply development fund is closer to becoming reality now that rules have been proposed.

USDA seeks input on new GMO rules

- The USDA is soliciting public input on its biotech authority.

Water regulators seek to close funding loophole

- Lawmakers in Oregon are considering a bill that would close a loophole in funding regulations for water projects.

Grazing, timber groups lose national forest rule challenge

- A lawsuit filed by grazing and timber interests that challenged national forest regulations was dismissed for lack of legal standing.

Raw milk advertising closer to legality in Oregon

- A key legislative committee has voted to approve raw milk advertising and to prohibit hunting and fishing with drones in Oregon.

Judge: GMO labels constitutional

- Supporters of GMO labeling believe a Vermont ruling buttresses the case for similar requirements in other states.

Judge tosses out ranchers’ lawsuit against BLM

- A lawsuit filed by ranchers against BLM was thrown out by a federal judge.

Artificial beaver dam bill advances Oregon House

- A proposal to streamline permitting for fake beaver dams has progressed in the Oregon House.

Questions persist on urban farm tax relief

- Agricultural incentive zones, which provide tax relief for urban farmers in Oregon, have crossed a key legislative hurdle.

Agritourism bill overcomes trial lawyer opposition

- Legislation that would reduce the exposure of agritourism operators to lawsuits has passed a key legislative committee in Oregon.

GMO control area proposal dies in Oregon House

- Legislation in Oregon to create control areas for increased regulation of GMOs has died in a key House committee.

$2 million pesticide bill approve by House Ag Committee

- An additional $2 million in funding for pesticide enforcement was approved by a key Oregon legislative committee.

Klamath water transfer bill passes committee

- A bill allowing water transfers in the Klamath Basin was approved by a key Oregon legislative committee.

Antibiotics bill stays alive, heads to Senate Rules panel

- A bill limiting antibiotics in livestock has stayed alive in the Oregon legislature after moving to a new committee.

Industrial reserve bill falls short in committee

- A proposal to designate large lot industrial reserves of up to 500 acres outside urban growth boundaries in three Oregon counties has failed.

Bill centers on conflicts between mines, farmland

- A bill before Oregon lawmakers deals with conflicts between farming and mining.

Oregon bill proposes predator control districts

- A bill before Oregon lawmakers would raise funds for predator control through special county tax districts.

Bill would require reduced farmland impact from transmission lines

- Transmission lines across farmland would be subject to greater scrutiny by county governments under a proposed bill in Oregon.

Oregon GMO critics, proponents agree on mediation system

- A bill that would encourage mediation between farmers engaged in disputes over biotech, conventional and organic crops in Oregon is headed for a vote on the House floor.

Foreign markets loom large in GMO litigation

- Litigation over China's rejection of a biotech trait could set an important precedent, experts say.

Key committee approves canola extension

- A proposal to extend canola production in Oregon's Willamette Valley was approved by the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources on April 14. The bill now moves to a vote on the House floor with a "do pass" rec...

Experts: Marijuana may spur home-building on farmland

- Marijuana production can ease the income test to build farm dwellings in Oregon, which will likely lead to land use rule changes, experts say.

Increased scrutiny proposed for trails on farmland

- Recreational trails would be subject to conditional use permits in farm zones under a bill in Oregon.

Farm groups split on grass seed reporting

- Grass seed dealers would be required to turn inventory information over to Oregon farm regulators under a bill considered by lawmakers.

Tax relief proposed for urban farms

- Legislation would create tax incentives for urban farms in Oregon.

Proposal aims to override Oregon’s GMO pre-emption

- A proposed ballot initiative in Oregon would allow local government regulation of GMO, which is currently pre-empted by state law.

‘Industrial reserve’ bill criticized for threatening farmland

- Legislation that would allow several Oregon counties to designate large industrial areas outside their urban growth boundaries faced criticism during a Monday hearing.

Livestock antibiotic bill divides doctors, veterinarians

- A bill to limit antibiotics in livestock was recently considered by lawmakers in the Oregon Senate. A similar bill is proposed in the Oregon House.

Canola controversy resurfaces in Oregon

- A bill to extend limited canola production in Oregon's Willamette Valley has reignited a dispute before state lawmakers.

Controversy over beekeeping standards defused

- A bill to create best practices for residential beekeeping in Oregon has passed a key committee.

GMO label proponents tout glyphosate cancer finding

- A controversial finding that links glyphosate with cancer supports the legality of mandatory GMO labeling, supporters say.

Controversy over federal land transfer potentially moot

- Opinions clashed on a proposal to transfer federal land to state ownership, but legal experts say the Oregon bill lacks a solid legal foundation.

Portland ag exports still hinge on labor dispute

- The Port of Portland is unlikely to offer full contaner shipping service to Asia until the longshoremen's union resolves its dispute with a terminal operator, an official says.

Fake beaver dam bill divides environmentalists

- Legislation that would encourage landowners to build artificial beaver dams as part of a pilot project has run into opposition from some environmentalists.