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Perkowski, Mateusz

Judge refuses to block Idaho salvage logging

- A federal judge has rejected a request by environmentalists to stop salvage logging in Idaho’s Boise National Forest, where 190,000 acres burned in 2016 as part of the Pioneer Fire.

Oregon rancher, county intervene in grazing challenge

- An Oregon rancher and Wallowa County have intervened to defend against an environmental lawsuit that challenges cattle grazing.

FDA warns Oregon juice maker about fungal toxin

- An Oregon juice manufacturer is accused by the FDA of violating food safety regulations by inadequately controlling for patulin, a fungal toxin.

Lost Valley Farm’s owner seeks to sell dairy

- The owner of Lost Valley Farm, a controversial Oregon dairy, wants to sell the property and cattle herd for about $109 million.

Oregon environmental regulators gauge water quality

- Oregon’s top environmental regulators discussed agricultural water quality during a tour of waterways in Wasco County.

Bank challenges Oregon farmers’ radish seed victory

- Two years after farmers won a lawsuit claiming ownership of radish seeds, an out-of-state bank has asked an appeals court to overturn the decision.

USDA leaves unresolved questions in GMO labeling proposal

- Key matters, such as which foods are considered bioengineered, are still uncertain under USDA’s proposal for labeling GMOs.

Idaho farm trucking company seeks bankruptcy protection

- An Idaho trucking company specializing in dairy feed and other farm goods has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Bee colonies stable despite steep annual losses

- While beekeepers have experienced severe annual colony losses for more than a decade, they’ve managed to keep total hive numbers stable, the USDA has found.

Bankruptcy shouldn’t stop Oregon dairy cattle auction, creditor claims

- Cattle owned by a controversial Oregon dairy farm should be auctioned off despite the company’s bankruptcy filing, according to a major creditor.

Container business grows at Portland intermodal facility

- While the number of containers moving through the Port of Portland’s intermodal facility has grown, a competitor said the operation has done little but cut into private business.

BLM floats wild horse reduction plans

- The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is considering four options to reduce the wild horse population by 69 percent over six to 12 years.

Judge rules Oregon rancher trespassed on federal land

- A judge has ruled Oregon rancher Tyler Smith unlawfully trespassed by allowing cattle to graze on public land. The case now moves to trial to determine whether damages and an injunction are warranted.

Bankruptcy forestalls Oregon dairy auction

- The planned auction of Lost Valley Farm in Boardman, Ore., on April 27 was called off due to the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of owner Greg te Velde.

Growers prepare to decide fate of Christmas tree checkoff

- A checkoff program aimed at promoting real Christmas trees is up for a vote by growers in May.

Counties oppose appeal in $1 billion Oregon timber lawsuit

- A class action lawsuit seeking $1 billion over Oregon’s timber practices should go straight to trial without an “interlocutory appeal,” according to 14 counties that filed the case.

Rural brewery aims for Oregon land use change

- Agrarian Ales, an Oregon brewery, has stayed operational under a makeshift compromise with Lane County officials but hopes for a more permanent fix to its zoning problem.

After 15 years, ranchers, government defeat anti-grazing lawsuit

- An environmentalist lawsuit filed 15 years ago against livestock grazing in Oregon’s Malheur National Forest has been dismissed by a federal judge.

Spud farm’s bankruptcy case dismissed

- bankruptcy

Oregon regulators challenge county’s rural housing zone

- A land use change in Oregon’s Douglas County allowing 20-acre home sites on 22,500 acres of farm and forestland has been appealed by state regulators and a conservation group.

Last call for Willamette Valley canola planting

- Canola may be planted in Oregon’s Willamette Valley for the last time under a 500-acre legislative limit that expires next year. The legal territory for the crop remains uncharted in the region beyond 2019.

Judge: Oregon farmer liable for Clean Water Act violation

- A judge has found that Oregon farmer Bill Case should be held liable for violating the Clean Water Act without a jury trial.

Audit faults Forest Service’s marijuana procedures

- Unrehabilitated marijuana grow sites in national forests are prone to being reactivated by illicit producers, an audit found. Illicit marijuana production is blamed for depleting waterways and contaminating the environment ...

Bankruptcies point to tougher organic potato market

- The recent bankruptcies of two organic potato farms in the Klamath basin point to tough conditions in the niche market.

Judge orders Oregon dairy to cooperate with auction

- Lost Valley Farm, a controversial Oregon dairy, has been ordered not to interfere with the planned liquidation of its cattle herd.

‘Crooked calf’ lawsuit seeks $376,000 in damages

- Consumption of lupines by preganant cows caused “crooked calf syndrome” and more than $376,000 in damages, according to a lawsuit filed against an Oregon cattle company.

Anti-competition worries persist about Bayer-Monsanto merger

- Concerns about the anti-competitive effects of the Bayer-Monsanto merger persist despite recent regulatory clearance for the deal.

9th Circuit preserves injunction against state beef council

- The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has preserved a preliminary injunction against the Montana Beef Council’s spending of rancher checkoff dollars.

Judge: Oregon emergency horse roundup violated law

- The emergency roundup of 150 wild horses in Oregon after a 2016 fire violated environmental law, a judge has ruled.

Western Innovator: OMRI ensures organic material compliance

- The Organic Material Review Institute, based in Eugene, Ore., check whether farm inputs and other products meet organic standards.

Environmentalists urge judge not to dismiss grazing lawsuit

- During oral arguments held April 5 in Portland, environmentalists asked a federal judge not to dismiss their lawsuit over alleged grazing impacts to bull trout in Oregon’s Malheur National forest.

High-fiber, gene-edited wheat cleared for commercialization

- The USDA has determined a wheat cultivar that’s gene-edited for higher fiber content doesn’t need to undergo the deregulatory process for GMOs because it’s not a potential plant pest.

Ruling overturns limit on replacing Oregon farm dwellings

- The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled farmland dwellings can be rebuilt even if they were demolished longer than five years ago, reversing a

Defunct Oregon beef processor expects to cover debts

- Defunct Oregon beef processor Bartels Packing, which owes cattle suppliers and feedlots more than $4.6 million, expects that an orderly liquidation of assets will cover its debts.