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Perkowski, Mateusz

Judge rules against county GMO regulations

- A court ruling on genetically modified organism regulations in Hawaii's Kauai County may have implications for other litigation over biotech crops.

Longshormen lose refer container work

- The longshoremen's union has lost two jobs plugging and unplugging refrigerated containers at the Port of Portland due to lagging productivity.

Longshore workers OK Northwest grain deal

- Longshoremen have OK's a new contract with Northwest grain handlers and will return to work Wednesday.

DOL can’t appeal ruling on ‘hot goods’ deals

- The U.S. Labor Department won't be able to immediately appeal an order that threw out "hot goods" settlements with Oregon farmers.

Court rules in elevator’s favor in biotech dispute

- The Syngenta biotech firm cannot force the Bunge grain elevator company to accept its Agrisure Viptera variety of genetically engineered corn, a federal appeals court ruled.

Buffer agreement awaits judge’s approval

- Federal regulators have finalized a deal with environmentalists regarding no-spray pesticide buffers around waterways.

After late start, water fund begins to take shape

- Two task forces charged with shaping Oregon 's $10 million water supply fund held their first joint meeting on Aug. 15.

Tree Top sues over blueberry shipment

- Tree Top, a farmers cooperative, is suing Naturipe, a berry producer, over a shipment of blueberries that allegedly contained pistachios.

Labor deal eases fears of grain export disruptions

- Longshoremen and grain exporters have struck a tentative deal, which has eased the mind of the Northwest grain industry.

Dairies sue EPA to keep records private

- Dairies in Washington are suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to prevent public disclosure of their confidential data.

Hazelnut growers target pathogens, pests

- Various aspects of food safety in the hazelnut industry and other topices were discussed during a recent tour organized by the Nut Growers Society.

Labor Dept. renews, expands litigation against berry farm

- The U.S. Labor Department has filed a new lawsuit against a Washington blueberry farm.

USDA refuses inspectors for United Grain terminal

- USDA is refusing to conduct grain inspections at a major export facility, effectively shutting down most exports.

COOL ruling could impact a GMO label lawsuit

- A recent ruling on country-of-origin labeling may have implications in legal battles over the labeling of genetically modified organisms.

Oregon misses key water supply fund deadline

- A water supply fund in Oregon may be delayed because key reports were not finished by the July 1 deadline.

Organic farm diversifies market channels

- Gathering Together Farm relies on multiple sales channels to sell its organic produce.

DOL’s ‘hot goods’ tactics leave reps cold

- Congressmen recently blasted the U.S. Department of Labor for coercing farmers with its "hot goods" authority.

Family carves out niche for squash seed

- A Willamette Valley, Ore., company has built an innovative business in harvesting and processing squash seed.

Agri Beef sues partners in biodiesel venture

- An Idaho beef company is suing its partners in a biofuel joint venture.

Wash. mint farm sues Dow over crop damage

- A Washington farm is suing Dow AgroSciences, claiming the company's Stinger herbicide damaged its mint crop.

Court upholds FDA’s animal antiobiotic plan

- A federal appeals court has ruled that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn't have to begin the process of withdrawing antibiotics from subtherapeutic use in animal agriculture.

Philippines opens doors to some U.S. vegetables

- The Philippines recently began accepting several fresh U.S. vegetables and the country is a growing export destination for U.S. farm goods.

State inspectors refuse to enter United Grain terminal

- The United Grain Co. export facility in Vancouver, Wash., has stopped operating because state grain inspectors refuse to enter the facility due to pickets by the longshoremen's union.

Judge lifts order against log exporter

- A federal judge has cleared the way for an Astoria, Ore., log exporter to move logs owned by a major Chinese building materials company.

New powdery mildew strain appears in hops

- A new strain of powdery mildew has infected hopyards across the Northwest.

Two more mobile slaughter units vandalized

- Mobile slaughter trucks have again been targeted by animal rights acitivists.

Feds phase out neonicotinoid use on refuges

- Farmers who grow crops on national wildlife refuges in the Northwest won't be allowed to use neonicotinoid pesticides beginning in 2016.

Judge sets deadline for decision on butterfly

- Federal authorities must decide whether to list a rare Oregon butterfly as threatened or endangered by the end of June 2015.

EPA considers regs to curb herbicide resistance in weeds

- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency may devise new restrictions to impede herbicide resistance in weeds due to genetically engineered crops.

S. Korea organic pact reopens doors

- South Korea has begun recognizing U.S. organic standards for processed foods as the equivalent of its own.

Study: Wolf attacks impact calf weight

- Wolves don't have an impact on cattle weight unless they kill a member of the herd, according to an economic study.

Terminal operators, union negotiating new pact

- Negotiations between longshoremen and container export terminals continue even as a contract has expired.

Christmas tree grower settles ‘hot goods’ case

- Bottomley Evergreens and Farms must pay $315,000 to settle allegations of labor law violations.

Farmworkers sue Oregon labor contractor

- Farmworkers have filed a lawsuit claiming their housing costs were unlawfully deducted from their wages.

GMO labeling initiative submitted

- GMO labeling proponents say they''ve collected more than enough signatures to get the issue in front of Oregon voters.

Tribal logging case appealed

- The Coquille Indian Tribe and federal authorities won a lawsuit in which environmentalists challenged logging on tribal land, but the ruling has been appealed.

Pesticides one of many factors impacting bees, expert says

- An Oregon task force on pollinators and pesticides met for the first time in Salem, Ore., on June 30.