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Perkowski, Mateusz

Judge reverses key ruling in $1.4 billion timber class action

- A judge has reversed a key ruling in a $1.4 billion lawsuit over Oregon’s timber management practices.

Oregon wineries, food processors oppose proposed work week limit

- Oregon’s wineries and food processors oppose a bill that would limit work weeks to 72 hours, arguing it would hinder periods of peak production.

Cascade-Siskiyou litigation halted during Trump review

- Three lawsuits over the expansion of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument have been halted while the Trump administration reviews the decision.

Supreme Court asked to reverse GMO cooking oil class action

- The U.S. Supreme Court has been asked by Conagra to review a lawsuit over GMO vegetable cooking oil.

Dow-DuPont deal not necessarily harbinger of Trump antitrust strategy

- The approval of the merger between Dow and Dupont is not necessarily representative of the Trump administration’s antitrust policies for agriculture, experts say.

Oregon lawmakers resolve sick pay confusion

- A bill recently passed by the Oregon Legislature allows farmers to pay piece-rate workers the state minimum wage for missed worktime due to illness.

Oregon water rights transaction fee hike gains traction

- A bill proposing to raise fees on many Oregon water rights transactions by nearly 16 percent has unanimously cleared the Subcommittee on Natural Resources of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means.

Battle against chlorpyrifos continues despite EPA decision

- Environmental groups are continuing their battle against chlorpyrifos despite the EPA’s denial of their request to ban the insecticide.

Landowner challenges Oregon county’s aerial spray prohibition

- A landowner has filed a lawsuit arguing that a ban on aerial pesticide spraying in Oregon’s Lincoln County is pre-empted by state law.

Farmers, foresters seek urban allies in Oregon’s Lane County

- A group of farmers and foresters in Oregon’s Lane County is seeking allies among urban residents.

Judge: Federal laws don’t shield Oregon from timber lawsuit

- Federal environmental statutes, such as the Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act, don’t shield the State of Oregon from a $1.4 billion lawsuit that alleges insufficient logging.

Oregon ranchers claim BLM lawsuit wrongly dismissed

- Oregon ranchers recently argued before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that their lawsuit against the BLM was wrongly dismissed.

‘Carbon tariffs’ on farm goods unlikely, experts say

- It’s unlikely “carbon tariffs” will soon be imposed on U.S. farm products in retaliation for withdrawal from the Paris accord on climate change, experts say.

NAFTA renegotiation prompts farm tariff investigation

- Plans to renegotiate NAFTA have prompted U.S. trade experts to launch an investigation of farm product tariffs.

Lawsuits challenge water rights decisions in Klamath, Boardman

- Irrigators in the Klamath region have filed a lawsuit against Oregon water regulators, as have environmentalist who oppose a dairy.

Many Oregon farm bills make progress, others in limbo

- Many bills dealing with farm-related issues are making progress in the Oregon legislature while others are stuck in limbo.

Oregon weed biocontrol spared in budget proposal

- biocontrol

Oregon predator control funding clears key hurdle

- Despite the recommnendation of Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, a key subcommittee has approved nearly $1 million in predator control funding.

Oregon livestock company prevails in trade secrets dispute

- An Oregon livestock nutrition company, Omnigen Research, has prevailed in a lawsuit against a former employee who allegedly stole trade secrets and who was found to have destroyed evidence in the case.

Critics claim liability bill would banish GMOs from Oregon

- Critics of a bill imposing liability on GMO patent holders say it would effectively banish biotech crops from Oregon.

Lawsuit challenges lifting of Argentinian lemon ban

- A lawsuit filed by U.S. citrus growers claims that USDA unlawfully decided to allow imports of Argentinian lemons due to foreign policy considerations rather than pest and disease risk.

New challenge to USDA predator control in Idaho

- Several environmental groups are challenge USDA predator control efforts in Idaho.

Simplot seeks injunction against supply disruption

- The J.R. Simplot Co. has asked a federal judge to issue an injunction to prevent business partner Frank Tiegs from disrupting its food supply.

Beehive privacy? 9th Circuit debates ‘ag gag’ law

- Judges from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals questioned the constitutionality of an Idaho law criminalizing secret recordings of farms.

Grant funding approved for John Day wastewater irrigation study, seven other proposals

- The Oregon Water Resources Commission has awarded $400,000 to eight water project feasibility studies, including a proposal to re-use wastewater for irrigiation in John Day.

Western Innovator: Making farmers’ markets successful

- Rebecca Landis

Oregon farmers sue bank for $6.7 million in radish seed dispute

- A group of Oregon farmers seeks more than $6.7 million from a bank that allegedly interfered with radish seed sales.

New agricultural wells prohibited in Oregon’s Walla Walla subbasin

- Regulators have voted to stop allowing new agricultural wells from being drilled in Oregon’s Walla Walla subbasin.

Oregon dairy industry builds trade ‘pipeline’ to SE Asia

- The Oregon dairy industry is trying to create a market “pipeline” for products heading to the Southeast Asian market, most recently with a trade mission to Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore.

Revived bull trout lawsuit seeks grazing prohibition

- grazing

USDA’s agreement to kill Oregon wolves ruled lawful

- An agreement by USDA’s Wildlife Services to kill wolves as directed by Oregon wildlife officials does not violate federal environmental law.

Deere, Monsanto cancel planter deal, averting antitrust trial

- The John Deere machinery company has canceled plans to buy a high-speed planter subsidiary of the Monsanto agribusiness firm shortly before a federal antitrust trial.

Feds lawfully denied ESA protection to whitebark pine, court rules

- The federal government acted lawfully in denying Endangered Species Act protection to whitepine bark, a tree species facing multiple threats, according to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Massive ships threaten Portland’s container export prospects

- Massive ships threaten the relevance of containerized shipping from the Port of Portland, while container availability complicates rail prospects.

Oregon cider business bill progresses

- A bill easing land use restrictions for Oregon cider businesses is making progress in the legislature with little opposition.

Drone privacy questions defy easy answers, attorney says

- Privacy issues remain murky for operating unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, even as flight regulations make headway, according to an attorney.

Controversial bills meet their end in legislature

- Multiple controversial bills related to Oregon agriculture have recently met their end, at least for the 2017 legislative session.

Conflict brewing between oyster farm, Tillamook dairies

- A lawsuit filed by an oyster farm over allegations of insufficient dairy waste regulation iin Oregon's Tillamook Bay has been dismissed, but it's likely to be soon refiled.