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Perkowski, Mateusz

Western Innovator: Navigating cannabis policy’s complexities

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Oregon’s Douglas County considers 35,000 acres for rural housing

- Twenty-acre rural lifestyle home sites would be allowed on 35,000 acres in Oregon’s Douglas County under a proposal to be voted upon in January.

Irrigators protest Hood River instream water rights

- A proposal to develop new instream water rights to protect flows in Oregon’s Hood River basin have met with protests from irrigators.

Oregon radish seed lawsuit stayed over farmer objections

- A lawsuit filed by Oregon farmers seeking compensation for lost radish seed value has been put on hold over their objections.

$6.3 million approved for Oregon water projects

- Three irrigation piping projects and a hydroelectric facility fish ladder have won $6.3 million from Oregon’s water supply development fund.

Ranchers, environmentalists voice objections to Oregon Wolf Plan update

- Ranchers, hunters and environmentalists all found things to dislike in the proposed update to the Oregon Wolf Plan.

Oregon dairy changing hands after regulatory problems

- Regulatory problems with wastewater have prompted the closure and anticipated sale of the Volbeda Farms dairy facility near Salem, Ore.

Zinke issues recommendation for Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

- Recommendations for the revision of Oregon’s Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument have been made public.

Deadline set for Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument decision

- A dispute over the expansion of Oregon’s Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument must be resolved by Jan. 15 or litigation will resume.

Grass seed market strong heading into 2018

- Prices for grass seed are expected to remain strong as supply is matching demand.

Oregon agriculture wary of ‘cap-and-invest’ energy plan

- Farmers may pursue new revenue streams under Oregon’s “cap-and-invest” carbon regulation proposal but they’d also likely pay more for key

Solar developments could prompt new land regulations

- The board has also recommended five farmers to serve on the 12-member commission of the Oregon Agricultural Heritage Program.

Solar developments could prompt new land regulations

- A growing “cluster” of solar energy sites in Oregon’s Willamette Valley has prompted Yamhill and Marion county governments to consider barring such development on several higher-quality farmland soil cl...

Farmland investment firm expands with eye for mechanization

- Agriculture Capital Management, an investment firm, has bought thousands of acres of farmland and several packing facilities in Oregon and California since 2014.

Livestock nutrition company wins $3.85 million from ex-employee

- A judgment of $3.85 million has been awarded to Omnigen Research, an Oregon livestock company that prevailed in a lawsuit against an ex-employee accused of stealing trade secrets.

Judge: No ‘blanket immunity’ for aspiring pot growers facing lawsuit

- A judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed by grape producers against a planned marijuana operation in Oregon’s Yamhill County.

Housing projects on Oregon farmland hinge on ‘vested rights’

- Critics of two planned housing projects on Oregon farmland argue the landowners lack “vested rights” to develop their properties.

Eastern Oregon farmers hope to alter transmission line’s route

- Farmers hope Oregon regulators will alter the route of a 300-mile transmission line that’s expected to cross farmland.

Chinese logging ban to boost demand for foreign timber

- A ban on commercial logging natural forests in China is expected to boost the country’s demand for foreign logs.

New Oregon instream water rights worry irrigators

- New instream water rights sought by Oregon regulators are worrisome for irrigators.

Water rights legal theory unnerves irrigators

- A controversial legal theory involving Oregon’s instream water rights is making irrigators nervous.

Organic hydroponics likely to provoke legal challenge

- A legal challenge to organic certification of hydroponic crops is likely after a USDA advisory board voted against banning such systems.

OSU study: No unique threat from canola

- Oregon State University has concluded canola isn’t a unique threat to specialty seed crops.

Port of Portland container deal a test of labor relations

- A deal struck between the Port of Portland and the Swire Group will return container shipping to the facility.

Broader impact expected from Oregon landfill dispute

- A broader question about Oregon land use law is expected to be resolved by a landfill expansion dispute before the Oregon Supreme Court.

New CEO will oversee Wilco’s hazelnut foray

- Tim Ramsey, former CEO of Oregon Cherry Growers, expects to put his food processing expertise to use as he takes charge of Wilco.

USDA backs off from regulating GMOs as weeds

- Proposed regulations under which GMOS would be evaluated for noxious weed risk have been withdrawn.

New hop cultivar emerges from public-private partnership

- Strata, a new hop cultivar, has emerged from the public-private partnership between Indie Hops and Oregon State University.

Ranchers prevail in Idaho grazing dispute

- An environmentalist lawsuit against grazing in Idaho’s Salmon-Challis National Forest was dismissed by a federal judge.

Tiegs expands frozen fruit business with purchases

- Farmer and entrepreneur Frank Tiegs is expanding his frozen fruit business in Oregon and Washington.

Counties, timber group want to resume Cascade-Siskiyou litigation

- Timber and county groups want to re-activate litigation over the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, but for now lawsuits remain on hold until Dec. 1.

Craft brewers aim to revive public hop breeding

- Competition among hop breeders is getting a shot in the arm with funding from craft brewers.

Ruling reverses solar project on Oregon farmland

- Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals has reversed the approval of an 80-acre solar project in Jackson County.

Washington flower farm ordered to pay $2.5 million

- A Washington flower farm must pay $2.5 million to its former flower bulb supplier in the Netherlands, according to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Simplot loses dispute with farmer over processing company

- The J.R. Simplot Co. has lost its claim to Pasco Processing, which a judge has ruled totally belongs to farmer Frank Tiegs.

Blackberry competitors consider joining forces

- Competitors in the blackberry industry may join forces to raise money for promotions.

U.S. supplies of frozen berries plunge

- Price impacts from lower supplies of frozen blueberries and blackberries have been uneven.

Western Innovator: Breeder aims to restore ornamental markets

- Ornamental plant breeder Ryan Contreras wants to restore the popularity of nursery cultivars that have fallen out of favor.

Idaho rancher’s family files wrongful death lawsuit

- A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed over the shooting death of Idaho rancher Jack Yantis in 2015.