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Perkowski, Mateusz

Weed, predator funding on chopping block at ODA

- Weed biocontrol and predator control funding is on the chopping block at the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Marijuana testing poses regulatory quandaries

- Oregon has 18 laboratories accredited to test marijuana, but just four are able to test for pesticides.

Beef company recovers from rough patch

- Bartels Farms, a beef company in Eugene, Ore., is re-opening its slaughter facility after a USDA-ordered suspension.

Groups seek order to stop logging on former state forest land

- Environmentalists say logging will destroy protected bird habitat.

Wilco grows to keep pace with farm industry

- The Wilco farmers cooperative is expanding on several fronts.

Wet weather heralds busy season for slug researcher

- Slug expert Rory McDonnell is looking for ways that Oregon farmers can eliminate the slimy pests.

USDA official named to lead ODA

- An official with the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been appointed director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

State and local GMO bans declared legal

- State and local GMO prohibitions are allowed under federal law, the 9th U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled.

Western Innovator: Miniature crane solves problem

- Brent Wing constructed a miniature crane mounted on a small tractor, outfitted with a winch capable of picking up objects weighing up to 2,000 pounds.

Judge refuses to dismiss claim against former OSU professor

- Former OSU grad student accused of stealing professor's formula.

As prices fall, more farmers struggle with loan payments

- Deteriorating farm credit has caused "nonperforming" loans in the Farm Credit System network of lenders to surge 19 percent, to more than $2 billion.

Rural areas lag in economic recovery, study shows

- Rural areas lag urban areas in economic recovery, but counties reliant on farming outperformed those in several other categories.

‘Frivolous’ lawsuit costs Oregon rancher $13,700, judge rules

- Oregon rancher William Holdner must pay $13,700 in attorney fees for filing a "frivolous" lawsuit against state farm regulators, a federal judge said.

Oregon GMO mediation needs legislative fix

- A GMO mediation program overseen by Oregon farm regulators has been blocked by a legislative mix-up.

USDA: Midsize farms hold their own

- Midsize farmers declined in number by 5 percent between 1992 and 2012, according to USDA.

Oregon farmers see Christmas tree shortage

- Farmers are reporting a Christmas tree shortage.

Three candidates compete for ODA chief

- Three candidates seeking to replace Katy Coba as the Oregon Department of Agriculture's director met with interviewers in Salem on Nov. 2.

Study: Some farmers ignore precision ag tools

- Some precision ag tools aren't used to their full potential, the USDA has found.

USDA to revise predator control studies

- USDA will revise predator control plans under a settlement deal with environmentalists.

Oregon spotted frog lawsuit settled

- A lawsuit over irrigation impacts on the Oregon spotted frog has been settled.

Eastern Oregon water reservations renewed

- Irrigators can develop up to 144,100 acre feet in Eastern Oregon with the renewal of water reservations in three basins.

USDA clears new GMO potato variety

- A new variety of potato genetically modified without plant pests can be commercialized without undergoing USDA's deregulatory process for biotech crops.

Supreme Court turns down Hage lawsuit appeal

- Lawsuit against deceased "Sagebrush Rebellion" icon Wayne Hage won't be reviews by Supreme Court.

Oregon water regulators seek $3 million

- Oregon water regulators seek $3 million to deal with groundwater concerns.

Settlement deal possible in Oregon Clean Water Act lawsuit

- A settlement appears possible in a Clean Water Act lawsuit against an Oregon farmer.

Oregon irrigation district urges dismissal of water lawsuit

- An Oregon irrigation district wants a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit accusing it of cheating farmers out of water.

Oregon barn fire leads to wetland dispute

- An Oregon hay exporter whose barns burned down is accused of wetland violations after trying to rebuild.

Christmas tree promotions available to farmers

- Christmas tree promotional are available to farmers to download for free.

Deere claims rival sparked antitrust fight

- Deere & Co. claims that competitor CNH was the "driving force" behind a federal antitrust lawsuit.

Solar panels on high-value farmland raise concerns

- Solardevelopment on prime farmland in Oregon has raised concerns in the agricultural industry.

Judge rejects Idaho anti-grazing arguments

- Sheep grazing's impact on sage grouse was sufficiently studied on 220,000 publicly owned acres in Idaho, a judge has ruled.

Class certification raises stakes in $1.4 billion Oregon forest lawsuit

- The certification of a class action lawsuit has raised the stakes of Oregon in litigation over its forest management.

Longshoremen oppose defunct subsidy program

- The longshoremen's union is fighting a Port of Portland subsidy program that effectively kept its members employed.

Barns, farm structures find new life

- Reclaimed lumber from old barns and other farm buildings is popular among home renovators and wood workers.

Proposed Oregon bike trail unnerves farmers

- A proposed rail-to-trail project in Oregon's Yamhill County has farmers worried about conflicts with agriculture.

Lawsuit accuses Owyhee Irrigation District of shorting water

- A lawsuit claims Owyhee Irrigation District in Oregon's Malheur County delivered insufficient water to a farming couple.