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Perkowski, Mateusz

Any impact of ‘Brexit’ vote on ag likely to be temporary, experts say

- A weaker pound could impact Britain's importation of commodities in wake of that nation's vote to leave European Union.

Pesticide residue prohibited in organic compost

- Compost with pesticide residues is prohibited in organic production due to a federal judge's ruling that overturned USDA policy.

Judge refuses to overturn Oregon grazing plans

- Grazing plans along Oregon's Sprague and Sycan rivers were upheld by a federal judge despite environmentalist claims that cattle degrage unoccupied bull trout habitat.

Oregon slaughter facilities face challenges

- Oregon's slaughter facilities are under pressure as owners retire or die, but replacedments are hard to find.

Farmer to challenge Clean Water Act tillage ruling

- A farmer plans to challenge a court ruling that his tillage operations violated the Clean Water Act.

9th Circuit ponders local GMO authority

- The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is wrestling with the amount of power that counties and state have to regulate GMOs.

Dairy cooperative accuses Sorrento of contract breach

- Sorrento, a major cheese producer, is accused of breaching a contract to buy organic milk from a dairy cooperative.

Farmers approve Wilco-HGO merger

- A merger of Wilco and Hazelnut Growers of Oregon was approved by the membership of both farm cooperatives.

France bans U.S. cherries due to insecticide

- France has banned U.S. cherries due to the insecticide dimethoate, which won't have a major market impact but raises troubling trade policy implications.

Oregon farmer seeks jury trial in Clean Water Act lawsuit

- Oregon farmer Bill Case wants a jury trial in the EPA's Clean Water Act lawsuit against him.

Farmers seek attorney fees in Oregon GMO litigation

- Farmers who prevailed against a GMO ban in Oregon's Josephine County are seeking $29,000 in attorney fees.

Coba joins U.S. trade mission headed to Ukraine, Romania

- Ukraine and Romania are the unlikely destinations for a USDA-led agricultural trade mission that's scheduled for June 13-17.

ODA won’t conduct on-farm food safety inspections

- The Oregon Department of Agriculture will wait to see what role the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will play in on-farm enforcement of the Food Safety Modernization Act before committing to take on the job.

Oregon farmers win radish seed lawsuit

- Oregon farmers have won a lawsuit over radish seeds filed by an out-of-state bank that claimed to own the crop.

Oregon farm regulators drop ‘stop work’ authority proposal

- After “combing through” existing enforcement laws for state agencies, however, the agency decided to first try using tools that are already on the books.

Oregon mulls change to noxious weed strategy

- Oregon is contemplating a strategy change in its battle against noxious weeds.

Demand for government loans outpaces funds

- Due to financial problems experienced by some farmers, demand of USDA operating loans is outpacing available funds.

Building a better fish screen

- The Farmers Conservation Alliance has developed fish screens that are more efficient and have fewer parts that can be damaged.

U.S. investigating Chinese fertilizer ‘dumping’

- Chinese manufacturers are accused of "dumping" ammonium sulfate to the detriment of U.S. manufacturers, which has driven down prices of the fertilizer.

Oregon livestock company wins trade secret injunction

- An Oregon livestock nutrition company is accusing a former employee of stealing trade secrets.

Supreme Court unanimously backs landowners in Clean Water Act case

- A Supreme Court ruling opens the way for landowners to sue the federal government when it determines their property is subject to the Clean Water Act.

Wilco, Hazelnut Growers of Oregon propose merger

- Wilco and Hazlenut Growers of Oregon, two farm cooperatives, are considering a merger.

Ruling hinders Oregon wind energy project

- A struggling wind turbine project on ranchland in Oregon's Harney County was dealt a serious legal setback due to a sage grouse sighting.

Judge rules softwood lumber checkoff unlawful

- The softwood lumber checkoff, which raises money to promote wood products, was created unlawfully, according to a federal judge.

Enforcement of Oregon labor laws criticized

- Enforcement of labor laws for forest workers was criticized during a recent Oregon legislative hearing.

Mistrial declared in Oregon pesticide dispute

- A lawsuit over off-target pesticide spraying in Oregon's Curry County was dismissed due to a mistrial.

Oregon commits $8.9 million to dam raising, other projects

- A dam-raising project in Oregon's Hood River County was one of nine water projects to receive a total $8.9 million from state regulators.

Oregon lawmakers hear arguments over Owyhee monument


SALEM — Advocates and opponents of a proposed 2.5 million-acre national monument in Eastern Oregon tried to enlist the support of state lawmakers during a recent legislative hearing.

The two sides are mounti...

Idaho ordered to pay $250,000 in ‘ag gag’ case


Idaho’s government must pay $250,000 in attorney fees to animal rights advocates who successfully fought in court to overturn the state’s so-called “ag gag” law.

The 2014 Idaho Ag Securi...

EPA water quantity report worries farm groups


Agriculture groups are nervous that a “technical report” released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will be used to justify new federal controls over water usage.

The EPA claims its report &...

‘Right to farm’ law questioned in Oregon pesticide dispute


Questions about the constitutionality of Oregon’s “right to farm” law, which shields growers from some lawsuits, have been resurrected in a pesticide dispute in Curry County.

Nuisance and tresp...

Cranberry antitrust lawsuit suffers setback


A federal judge has dealt a serious setback to anonymous cranberry farmers who filed a lawsuit accusing the Ocean Spray cooperative of manipulating prices.

The request to certify the lawsuit as a class action, whic...

Judge strikes down GMO ban in Oregon’s Josephine County


The prohibition against genetically engineered crops in Oregon’s Josephine County has been struck down by a judge who ruled the ordinance is pre-empted by state law.

Voters in the county approved the ban on ...

Listeria recall creates frozen vegetable conundrum


After numerous frozen vegetable brands were recalled for possible contamination with pathogenic listeria, attorney Bill Marler’s phone has been ringing “off the hook.”

Most of the callers are c...

Clean Water Act allegations dropped against Wyoming farmer


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has dropped Clean Water Act allegations against a Wyoming farmer, charges critics derided as an abuse of government authority.

In 2014, the agency accused Andy Johnson of Fo...

65,000 acres designated Oregon spotted frog ‘critical habitat’


More than 65,000 acres have been designated “critical habitat” for the Oregon spotted frog, a threatened species at the center of a lawsuit over irrigation.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says the...

Irrigators claim judge erred in hydropower ruling


Irrigators who rely on the Columbia and Snake rivers claim there’s a serious error in a recent court ruling that rebukes Northwest hydropower operations.

U.S. District Judge Michael Simon recently held the f...

Straw-compressing dispute raises Oregon land use questions


SALEM — A conflict over a straw-compressing facility has raised legal questions over what type of crop “processing” or “preparation” is allowed outright on Oregon farmland.

The Or...

Contaminated compost causes organic rift


A rift has developed among environmental and organic groups in a lawsuit over compost contaminated with pesticides used in organic farming.

Several environmental organizations are asking a federal judge to overturn...

Labor contractor held liable for $7.7 million


A labor contractor owes nearly $7.7 million to foreign guestworkers for committing “malicious” labor law violations, but the federal government faces new challenges in collecting the money.

Senior U.S...

Chilean fruit company expands its U.S. footprint


A large Chilean fruit company is expanding its U.S. footprint with the purchase of property in Oregon and a merger with a California-based berry producer.

Hortifrut of Santiago, Chile, which last year sold roughly ...

Oregon pesticide applicator fights license revocation


TUALATIN, Ore. — An aerial pesticide applicator is fighting allegations of willful misconduct from Oregon farm regulators who want to revoke his spraying license for at least five years.

An administrative la...

Grazing limits sought for unoccupied bull trout habitat


Medford, Ore. — Environmentalists want to limit cattle grazing along Oregon’s Sprague and Sycan rivers to protect bull trout habitat that the threatened species doesn’t actually occupy.