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Perkowski, Mateusz

Farmers seek legal fees from GMO ban supporters

- Farmers who successfully challenged Josephine County's GMO ban want supporters to pay their legal fees.

USDA projects 38,000-ton hazelnut crop

- Oregon is projected to forecast 38,000 tons of hazelnuts this year, up 22.5 percent from 2015.

Hood River basin’s water reservations renewed

- Water reservations in Oregon's Hood River basin, which allow for new water rights development, have been renewed for 20 years.

China may exempt some U.S. farm exports from Zika rules

- Chinese authorities may exempt some U.S. farm exports from rules aimed at keeping out the Zika virus.

Nothing easy about conservation easements

- Easements help farmers and ranchers address many issues, including estate planning and reducing taxes.

Oregon, county spar over timber lawsuit seeking $1.4 billion

- Lawyers for Oregon argue that a lawsuit filed by Linn County to recover money it and 14 other counties have lost due to the state's forest managment practices should not be granted class action status.

Merger sparks organic milk competition worries

- An organic industry watchdog worries that a planned merger between two major dairy companies will hurt prices for organic farmers.

Farmer seeks $50,000 in Oregon land use dispute

- Oregon farmer John Gilmour seeks to recover more than $50,000 in attorney fees after prevailing in a lawsuit over his straw-compressing facility.

Chinese Zika rules threaten U.S. farm exports

- China's regulations for stopping the Zika virus require quarantines and mosquito treatments for shipping containers, threatening to disrupt U.S. farm exports.

Feds find ‘reasonable indication’ of Chinese fertilizer dumping

- Chinese "dumping" of ammonium sulfate have likely hurt U.S. manufacturers of the fertilizer, according to trade officials.

Container-grown hazelnut trees provide head start

- Hazelnut trees grown in containers can save time when replacing older orchards.

‘Crazy snake worm’ unearthed in Oregon

- The "crazy snake worm" or "Asian jumping worm" has been detected in Oregon, which could pose a risk to forest health and water retention.

Threatened species policy challenged

- A nonprofit property rights law firm is challenging the federal government's policy for killing or harming threatened species.

Tentative deal struck in USDA predator lawsuit

- USDA has struck a tentative deal resolving an environmentalist lawsuit accusing the agency of violating federal law with its predator control efforts.

Oregon egg handler numbers surge

- More Oregon farmers are obtaining egg handler's licenses to expand marketing opportunities.

Small farm consultant offers business expertise

- A consultant and program manager of Oregon State University’s Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network helps small farmers get a handle on their finances.

Changing industry complicates hazelnut forecast

- Crews hired by USDA are being extra careful in collecting hazelnut data to ensure an accurate crop forecast.

Lawsuit accused environmental group of discrimination

- Western Watersheds Project was accused of age discrimination by an ex-employee in a lawsuit that was dismissed shortly after it was filed.

Oregon farmer challenging order to confine hogs

- An hog farmer is opposing the Oregon Department of Agriculture's order to build a swine confinement facility to correct water problems.

Russia bans cultivation, breeding of GMOs

- Russia's recent ban against breeding and cultivation of GMOs will shut off a potentially large market for U.S. biotech crops.

Lawsuit charging USDA censorship dismissed

- A lawsuit that accused USDA of censoring its scientists was dismissed by a federal judge.

Oregon farmer wins zoning dispute

- An Albany, Ore., farmer has won a land-use dispute. The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled that his straw-compressing facility does not require a conditional-use permit from the county.

Time runs out for Oregon timber ballot initiatives

- Time has run out for three ballot initiatives that would restrict Oregon forestry practices to qualify for the November general election.

Environmentalists shut out of Oregon forest litigation

- A judge has excluded environmental and fishing groups from a lawsuit over Oregon's forest management policy that seeks $1.4 billion in lost timber revenues.

Dispute brewing over Oregon canal property

- A farmer and irrigation district are both claiming ownership of the property underlying a canal in Central Oregon.

Farm machinery inventories grow as demand falls

- Farm machinery sales have continued decreasing in 2016, raising inventories and forcing some sellers to accept money-losing prices.

State urges dismissal of county’s timber management lawsuit

- The State of Oregon wants a lawsuit filed by Linn County challenging its management of state forests dismissed.

Farm cooperative buys struggling biotech developer

- Biotech developer Ceres was sold for $17 million to the Land O'Lakes farm cooperative.

Reduced penalties proposed for Oregon pesticide applicator

- An administrative judge has proposed reduced penalties for Applebee Aviation, an Oregon company accused of disregarding an order to stop spraying pesticides.

Monarch listing decision due in 2019

- The federal government must decide whether to protect monarch butterflies under the Endangered Species Act by mid-2019.

Organic premiums prone to volatility, study finds

- Organic premiums fluctuate over time, often independently of conventional market shifts, according to USDA study.

Irrigation district accused of cheating Oregon farmers

- Several Oregon farmers have filed a lawsuit claiming they were cheated out of water by the Westland Irrigation District.

Ukraine, Romania hungry for U.S. ag investment

- Oregon Department of Agriculture Director Katy Coba recently returned from a trade mission to Ukraine and Romania, which she reports are hungry for U.S. agricultural investment.

Fewer Northwest farmers gamble on ginseng

- Ginseng, a medicinal root that once provided a profitable niche in the Northwest, has been abandoned by most farmers in the region.

Oregon county’s GMO ban ruling appealed

- A ruling that overturned a GMO ban in Oregon's Josephine County is being appealed, which is expected to set statewide precedent.