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Perkowski, Mateusz

Notification proposed for Oregon aerial pesticide sprays in forests

- A proposed bill would impose new notification requirements for aerially spraying pesticides in Oregon forests.

Oregon lawmakers consider banning livestock discrimination

- A proposed bill would prohibit county ordinances that discriminate against specific species of livestock.

Irrigators criticize $100 water rights fee proposal

- A proposed $100 water rights fee has drawn the ire of Oregon irrigators.

Farmworker housing operations tax credit progresses

- A bill that would provide farmers with tax credits for half the operational cost of maintaining farmworker housing has moved out of the Senate Committee on Finance and Revenue.

Court upholds $1.5 million judgment in Oregon dairy lawsuit

- The Oregon Court of Appeals has upheld a ruling that awarded a Tillamook dairy $1.5 million in damages and attorney fees.

Oregon ranch fighting Rogue River management plans

- An Oregon ranch and two industry groups have filed a lawsuit challenging management plans for the Rogue river.

Critics urge more livestock antibiotics oversight in Oregon

- Critics of federal oversight of livestock antibiotics want Oregon lawmakers to pass a bill that would limit antibiotic uses.

Bill would authorize GMO trespass lawsuits against patent holders

- A bill under consideration in Oregon would allow landowners to sue biotech patent holders over trespass by genetically engineered crops.

Reversal of Oregon’s GMO pre-emption debated

- Oregon’s House Agriculture Committee held a hearing March 16 on the proposed reversal of state pre-emption of local GMO restrictions.

Bills would ease new dwellings on farmland

- Two bills proposed in Oregon would ease new dwellings and let people live in recreational vehicles on farmland.

Irrigators butt heads with cities over water bills

- Irrigation districts in Oregon are butting heads with city governments over two bills related to water.

Irrigators butt heads with cities over water bills

- Irrigation districts in Oregon are butting heads with city governments over two bills related to water.

Judge dismisses lawsuit against grazing on eight Oregon allotments

- A federal judge has rejected arguments that cattle grazing hurts endangered sucker fish in violation of forest management law.

Western Innovator: Co-op branches out

- The Pratum Co-op, which has long served Oregon’s Willamette Valley, is branching out eastward with new location in Central Oregon.

Dairy air debate centers on nearly decade-old report

- Debate over a proposed bill that requires Oregon to adopt dairy air emission rules recently centered on a 2008 task force report.

Portland’s container port ‘saga’ still has uncertain ending

- With ICTSI out of the picture, the port will now seek to repair relations with the International Longshore Workers Union.

Proposal to expand ODA authority draws no objections

- The Oregon Department of Agriculture's proposal for expanded authority to conduct on-farm inspections has met with no resistance.

Lawmakers consider limiting biodigester tax credits

- Tax credits for biodigester would be limited under a proposed bill in Oregon.

Farmers oppose “show-up pay” proposal, citing unpredictable weather

- While Oregon farmers would dodge a two-week shift notice requirement under proposed predictable scheduling bills, they’d still be liable for “show-up pay.”

Lawmakers consider on-farm treatment of sewage sludge

- Lawmakers in Oregon are considering allowing on-farm treatment of sewage sludge to be used as fertilizer.

Lawmakers back away from controversial farm property tax bill

- Fierce opposition from farmers seems to have convinced Oregon lawmakers to back away from changing key agricultural property tax provisions.

‘Package’ destinations can boost agritourism revenues, expert says

- Farmers can band together to create “package” destinations for agritourism, according to Lisa Chase of the University of Vermont.

Appeals court rejects egg label lawsuit

- A lawsuit seeking egg cartons labeled with hen living conditions has been rejected.

Bull trout lawsuit dismissed as moot

- A environmental lawsuit over 26 Northwest dams and their potential impact on bull trout lawsuit has been dismissed as moot.

Natural resource groups skeptical of science panel proposal

- Natural resource groups are skeptical of a proposed Independent Science Review Board that would analyze controversies facing state agencies.

Ranchers oppose cuts to wolf compensation, predator control

- Ranchers oppose proposed budget cuts to the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s wolf compensation and predator control programs.

Bills propose to dispel Oregon wetland uncertainties

- Two bills before Oregon lawmakers seek to resolve uncertainties over wetland designations by exempting some properties from fill-removal laws.

Expert: Efficiency, not regulation, reducing dairy air emissions

- Improved fficiency, not regulation, is reducing emissions from Oregon dairies, an industry expert said.

Oregon farm regulators may scale back federal inspections

- The Oregon Department of Agriculture may reduce the number of food safety inspections it conducts on behalf of federal authorities.

Legality of Cascade-Siskiyou expansion challenged

- A lawsuit by 17 Oregon counties is challenging the expansion of the Cascade-Siskiyou national monument.

Environmentalists sue over USDA’s authority to kill Oregon wolves

- In 2014, the USDA’s analysis concluded its wolf control activities didn’t have significant environmental impacts, but five environmental groups challenged that finding in federal court.

Environmentalists challenge USDA’s authority to kill Oregon wolves

- wolves

Oregon water regulators propose third transaction fee hike

- Oregon’s water regulators have proposed raising fees for water rights transactions for the third time since 2009.

Climate change panel urges delay in Oregon forest policy decisions

- A panel of climate change experts has urged Oregon lawmakers to delay forest policy decisions until more is known about offsetting emissions.

Bill would prevent employers from recovering attorney fees in wage disputes

- A bill before Oregon lawmakers would prevent employers from recovering attorney fees when they prevail in wage disputes.

Feds: Chinese fertilizer dumping warrants countervailing duties

- Chinese dumping of ammonium sulfate fertilizer warrants countervailing duties, according to U.S. trade authorities.

Lawmakers consider extending fish screen tax credit

- Under Senate Bill 172, the tax credit — which covers 50 percent of installation costs up to $5,000 — would expire in 2024 instead of 2018

Western roots expected to inform Gorsuch’s perspective

- The Western roots of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch are expected to inform his perspective in environmental cases.

Bill seeks reversal of Oregon GMO preemption

- Biotech critics want to reverse an Oregon pre-emption law against local restrictions on GMOs.

Oregon jobs recovery lags in some rural areas

- Oregon has recovered the jobs lost during the “great recession” but some rural areas still lag behind.

Oregon snowpack above average, for now

- Oregon snowpack

Oregon lawmakers urged to boost noxious weed spending by $1 million

- Oregon’s House Agriculture Committee is considering a bill to increase spending on noxious weed programs by $1 million.

Botulism-tainted feed killed 11,000 mink, lawsuit claims

- A lawsuit filed by an Oregon farm claims that feed tainted with botulism killed 11,000 of its mink.

Endangered Species Act lawsuit over pesticides resurrected

- Environmental groups have convinced the 9th Circuit to resurrect a lawsuit over pesticide impacts on protected species.

Oregon lawmakers consider stronger invasive mussel defenses

- Oregon lawmakers are considering a bill to strengthen regulatory defenses against invasive mussels that threaten irrigation systems.

Lawmakers backing pesticide restrictions poised to shape farm policy

- legislative

Oregon sees major hazelnut crop upswing

- Oregon’s hazelnut crop increased about 40 percent, to 43,300 tons, in 2016 compared to the previous year.

New ODA director eyes issues ranging from farm bill to GMOs

- Alexis Taylor

Unsecured pesticides cause costly mishaps, expert says

- While farmers aren’t required to secure pesticide containers during transport in Oregon, spills can lead to costly clean-ups.

Grazing halted to study impacts on Oregon spotted frog

- Cattle grazing in the Chemult Pasture of Oregon's Fremont-Winema National Forest has been halted by a federal judge while the U.S. Forest Service reconsiders impacts to the threatened Oregon spotted frog.