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Perkowski, Mateusz

Oregon’s water demand to grow by 15 percent by 2050

- Oregon's water demand will grow 15 percent by 2050, water regulators project.

Scenic status recommended for Oregon’s Molalla and Chetco rivers

- The Oregon Water Resources Commission approved scenic designations for the Molalla and Chetco rivers, which may restrict water rights and land uses if finalized.

Impact of Weyerhaeuser merger will depend on proximity

- Weyerhaeuser's planned merger with Plum Creek may affect small forestland owners depending on their proximity to the combined company's land and mills.

Regulators face competing views of ‘natural’ food

- The FDA is faced with competing definitions of the "natural" food label, prompting it to consider an official definition.

Helicopters cleared for Christmas tree harvest

- Christmas tree farmers have been cleared to use helicopters for harvest near Salem, Ore., despite airspace restrictions during low visibility conditions, though shipment disruptions remain a concern.

Expert: Shippers haven’t abandoned hopes for Port of Portland — yet

- Shippers haven't abandoned hopes of ocean carriers restoring container service to the Port of Portland, but time is running short, according to a freight expert.

Flowering rush spreads while regulations delay removal

- Flowering rush, an irrigation canal-clogging weed, has spread along the Columbia river while the federal governments seeks to clear regulatory hurdles to remove it.

Farm impacts impede landfill expansion

- A proposed landfill expansion onto farmland in Oregon's Yamhill County has been delayed by a ruling from the state's Land Use Board of Appeals.

Irrigation districts modernize with hydropower

- Irrigation systems are being retrofit to generate hydropower.

Group alleges Obama plans to circumvent court order

- An internal document apparently leaked from a federal immigration agency discusses several options for granting work authorization to immigrants, including those who entered the U.S. illegally.

EEOC owes $1 million for ‘baseless’ lawsuit against farms

- Two Washington farms were awarded nearly $1 million in attorney fees for defending themselves against federal labor law allegations that a judge called "baseless."

Four state leaders vie for helm of American Farm Bureau Federation

- Four candidates are vying for the presidency of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Judge allows intervenors in lawsuit challenging GMO ban

- Circuit Court Judge Michael Newman ruled Nov. 4 that Siskiyou Seeds and Oregonians for Safe Farms and Families can intervene in a lawsuit that seeks to overturn the county’s ban on genetically modified organisms.

Sheep producers dispute disease study in grazing lawsuit

- Severe restrictions on sheep grazing tied to potential disease transmission in Idaho's Payette National Forest were recently debated in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Oregon Farm Bureau seeks changes to paid sick rules

- The Oregon Farm Bureau wants state regulators to revise proposed rules for paid sick leave.

Cherry farm refutes lawsuit allegations

- A Washington farm is refuting allegations that it relatiated against farmworkers who disputed the piece rate paid for picking cherries.

Judges question agency’s handling of ‘cattle drift’

- The subject of "cattle drift" on the Oregon-California border was recently debated before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Chlorpyrifos maker confident despite revocation proposal

- Dow Agrosciences, which makes chlorpyrifos, says it doesn't believe a recent EPA proposal to ban most uses of the insecticide will prove necessary.

Cows, farmers adapt to robotic dairy systems

- Robotic dairy systems offer reduced labor, happy cows.

Feds must disclose some California water well info

- Geological data about water wells in California cannot be turned over to an environmental group, but the names and addresses of owners must, a federal judge ruled.

Thornless Marionberries reduce liability concerns

- A new variety of thornless Marionberry offers advantages for growers and processors.

Oregon CAFOs can now operate under state water permits

- CAFOs in Oregon don't have to obtain federal Clean Water Act permits if they'd prefer to operate under a state permiting system, as long as they don't discharge into surface water.

Distributor an organic pioneer

- David Lively, vice president of sales and marketing at the Organically Grown Co., helped launch the distribution company to bring more order to the organic market.

Organic administrator faces backlash

- Many organic groups that once praised USDA deputy administrator Miles McEvoy are now fighting his policies in federal court.

Audit: USDA disregards GMO field trial problems

- Biotech field trials were approved by USDA despite past problems with protocol violations, an internal audit alleges.

New Christmas tree checkoff prepares for fee collection

- Assessments will be collected on Christmas trees for the first time after the 2015 harvest to fund a checkoff program to promote the crop.

BLM tracks down online impersonator

- BLM has identified the employee who impersonated a former co-worker in online comments about two Oregon ranchers convicted of arson, but won't disclose the person's identity or possible disciplinary actions.

Aviation company stops spraying, faces fines

- Applebee Aviation of Banks, Ore., has agreed to a stipulated injunction not to apply pesticides after Oregon farm regulators accused the company of spraying with a suspended license.

Marijuana growers face irrigation complexities

- Marijuana growers who want to enter the legal market in Oregon may face restrictions on irrigation.

Almond heist points to cargo theft problem

- A recent legal dispute over stolen almonds points to the food industry's problem with cargo theft, which often occurs due to lax security, experts say.

Hazelnut dispute raises pricing questions

- A hazelnut pricing dispute has arisen between an Oregon farmers' cooperative and the estate of a deceased businessman.

Oregon hazelnut crop smaller than expected

- Oregon's hazelnut crop is smaller than initially expected but demand remains strong, quality is high and the low moisture content of nuts offers multiple benefits.

BLM computer used to impersonate former employee

- A BLM computer was apparently used to impersonate a former agency employee in online comments about Oregon ranchers convicted of arson.

Judge: EPA can scrap livestock database proposal

- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lawfully scrapped plans for a national database of concentrated animal feeding operations.

Judge sends Oregon ranchers back to prison

- A federal judge in Eugene, Ore., gave the father and son credit for time served but ordered them to serve the remainder of their mandatory five-year sentences for burning BLM rangeland.

Hemp grower encouraged by cross-pollination experiment

- An Oregon hemp grower believes that varietal differences between the industrial crop and marijuana may reduce unwanted cross-pollination.

Biotech developers may have duty to prevent export disruptions

- Biotech developers may have a duty to prevent export disruptions from GMO crops, even if the products are approved by USDA, according to a court ruling.

Litigation attempts to sort out radish seed ownership

- A legal dispute over radish seed is set to continue into 2016.

Airspace change threatens to disrupt Christmas tree harvest

- An airspace designation change threatens to disrupt Christmas tree helicopter harvests around Salem, Ore., but a solution may be at hand if federal regulators approve revisions.