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Perkowski, Mateusz

Oregon’s hazelnut boom gains momentum

- Enthusiasm for hazelnuts is high due to healthy prices and the availability of new cultivars resistant to eastern filbert blight.

Trump can scale back monument designations, experts say

- Antiquities

Experts: Farm machinery sales to level off after steep drop

- farm machinery

Blueberry farmers face price stress, expert says

- blueberry

Western Innovator: Farm offers visitors taste of county living

- farm

Ranchers dread effects of Cascade-Siskiyou monument expansion

- The expansion announced Thursday adds about 48,000 acres to southwestern Oregon monument.

Beware of intentional food adulteration, expert says

- food

Judge rules in million-dollar disputes

- An Idaho farmer is owed $1.3 million for potatoes, and a sweet potato fry processor wins its case against H.J. Heinz.

Supreme Court refuses to hear wetland case

- A one-acre parcel in South Dakota was determined to be wetland despite its conversion to farmland.

Environmentalists win $60,000 for blocking motorized juniper removal

- juniper

Counties pressured to exit $1.4 billion forest lawsuit

- forest

Port of Portland subsidy question kicked to Oregon Supreme Court

- longshore

GMO vegetable oil lawsuit to proceed


Oregon’s above-average snowpack is good news — for now

- Oregon

Farms’ lawsuit against California labor regulators revived

- California

The other Christmas crops: Unique plants create a niche market

- Christmas crops are a niche for Northwest farmers.

In Europe, GMOs rejected by consumers, embraced by farmers

- European consumers dislike genetically engineered crops despite the dependence on biotech feed among livestock producers, according to USDA.

Murrelet questions block logging project

- Questions about the presence of threatened marbled murrelets have blocked logging on a private parcel that was once part of Oregon's Elliott State Forest.

Allegations of USDA livestock mistreatment overblown, audit finds

- Allegations of livestock mistreatment at a USDA research facility were largely overblown, according to an internal audit.

Lawsuit seeks reconsideration of BLM sage grouse rules

- Oregon's Harney Soil and Water Conservation District is challenging the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's new sage grouse rules in federal court.

USDA urges against Supreme Court review of wetland lawsuit

- A South Dakota farmer wants the U.S. Supreme Court to review his lawsuit over a wetland determination on his land, while the USDA doesn't want the case reconsidered.

Raisin confiscation lawsuit to proceed

- A judge has cleared the way for a lawsuit seeking compensation for raisins confiscated under a USDA marketing order.

Simplot accuses business partner of mismanagement

- The J.R. Simplot Co. is accusing its business partner, farmer Frank Tiegs, of seriously mismanaging two joint ventures.

How to avoid lawyers when neighbors disagree

- Neighbors who disagree can avoid the cost of lawsuits if they use a mediator to resolve their problems.

When neighbors disagree

- Disputes between neighbors are all too common.

Adoption of biotech alfalfa lags other GMO crops

- Genetically engineered alfalfa hasn't caught on as quickly as other biotech crops, according to USDA.

Appeals court drops California egg rule challenge

- A judge correctly dismissed a lawsuit filed by several state governments against California's rules for egg-laying hens.

Weed, predator funding on chopping block at ODA

- Weed biocontrol and predator control funding is on the chopping block at the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Marijuana testing poses regulatory quandaries

- Oregon has 18 laboratories accredited to test marijuana, but just four are able to test for pesticides.

Beef company recovers from rough patch

- Bartels Farms, a beef company in Eugene, Ore., is re-opening its slaughter facility after a USDA-ordered suspension.

Groups seek order to stop logging on former state forest land

- Environmentalists say logging will destroy protected bird habitat.

Wilco grows to keep pace with farm industry

- The Wilco farmers cooperative is expanding on several fronts.

Wet weather heralds busy season for slug researcher

- Slug expert Rory McDonnell is looking for ways that Oregon farmers can eliminate the slimy pests.