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Perkowski, Mateusz

Organic seed usage grows

- Organic seed usage has grown, though the trend is more prominent among smaller producers than larger ones.

Oregon bill would increase scrutiny of wetland conversions

- Wetland conversions of farms would be subject to local government approval under a proposed bill in Oregon.

Oregon seed pre-emption law challenged in Legislature

- Rep. Peter Buckley, D-Ashland, has proposed a House Bill 4041, which would effectively reverse Oregon's pre-emption statute.

Federal miscommunication causes pesticide respirator confusion

- Miscommunication among federal agencies has led to confusion about pesticide respirators among farmers.

Oregon farm regulators overrule judge on pesticide finding

- A dispute between Oregon farm regulators and a pesticide applicator may be headed for the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Insufficient number of marijuana labs may cause bottleneck

- There are currently no labs licensed to test recreational marijuana in Oregon, which may create a bottleneck in the state's regulatory system for the recently legalized crop.

Blueberry exports to Japan decrease

- Exports of blueberries to Japan have dropped since the country's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in 2011.

Oregon showdown further polarizes federal land debate

- The showndown between armed protesters and federal agents in Southeast Oregon will further polarize the public's view of federal land management.

Labor official offers paid sick leave advice

- A top official at Oregon's Bureau of Labor and Industries offered farmers advice on calculating sick leave wages for piece-rate workers.

New blight-resistant genes identified for hazelnuts

- New genes that confer Eastern Filbert Blight resistance are being incorporated into hazelnut trees.

Newton named Nut Grower of the Year

- Jeff Newton of Amity, Ore., has been named the 2015 Nut Grower of the Year.

Hazelnut acreage grows as farmers salvage old orchards

- Farmers are reluctant to remove old hazelnut orchards even as they plant new ones, leading to acreage growth in Oregon.

Grass-fed standard cancellation worries farm group

- The revocation of the "grass-fed" standard by USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service has worried the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.

Grazing fee protest may have long-term impact

- Failure to pay grazing fees to protest government control of federal lands could result in long-lasting penalties for ranchers.

Appeals court overturns Hage grazing conspiracy ruling

- A federal appeals court has reversed a ruling that held the government conspired against rancher Wayne Hage, who was an icon of the "Sagebrush Rebellion" against public land management.

Aerial applicator’s license suspension unwarranted, judge says

- A decision by Oregon farm regulators to suspend the pesticide applicator's license of Applebee Aviation without a hearing was unwarranted, according to an administrative law judge.

Oregon bills seek to ratify wolf delisting

- Two Oregon legislators want to ratify the delisting of wolves as an endangered species to help the decision withstand a lawsuit by environmentalists.

Judge rejects glyphosate labeling lawsuit

- A lawsuit accusing Monsanto of mislabeling its "Roundup" glyphosate herbicide has been thrown out of court because it's pre-empted by federal law.

With attention focused on rural West’s problems, what’s next?

- Due to the situation in Southeast Oregon, more of the country is paying attention to federal land management in the rural West. But now what?

Georgia farmer elected new American Farm Bureau president

- Georgian Zippy Duvall received more votes than the three other candidates for the organization's presidency — Barry Bushue of Oregon, Kevin Rogers of Arizona and Don Villwock of Indiana.

Farm Bureau drone policy change proves controversial

- Votes on unmanned aerial vehicles, gay marriage and cotton seeds proved controversial at the American Farm Bureau Federation's convention.

Water battles will come to head in 2016, experts say

- Battles of federal water regulations will shape the legal landscape for agriculture in 2016.

Farm transparency relieves consumer suspicion, experts say

- Consumers view agriculture as an institution, which breeds distrust, a research expert said.

Biotech convert preaches mandatory labels

- A biotech proponent believes labeling food that contain genetically engineered ingredients would eliminate one of the most persuasive arguments that opponents make against biotechnology.

Farmers grill USDA chief on issues

- USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack fielded questions directly from growers during the recent American Farm Bureau Federation's convention in Orlando, Fla.

Stallman retires with warning on excessive regulation

- Bob Stallman warned farmers and the government about regulations during his farewell address to the American Farm Bureau Federation, over which he has presided for 16 years.

Environmentalists appeal despite victory in ‘cattle drift’ case

- Environmentalists won a lawsuit over 'cattle drift" on the Oregon-California border but have nonetheless appealed the ruling because it doesn't overturn grazing authorizations.

Oregon farm regulators approve dairy expansions

- Four dairy farms have been approved to increase their herd sizes by the Oregon Department of Agriculture despite objections by some critics.

Most federal land conflicts occurring out of public eye

- The recent takeover of a national wildlife refuge headquarters in Oregon undermines legitimate grievances over federal land management.

Environmental lawsuits spiked in 2015

- The number of environmental lawsuits surged in 2015 from the previous year.

Wood products firm seeks bankruptcy protection

- A Washington forest products company is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which prevents creditors from foreclosing on collateral while a firm develops a debt repayment plan.

Hazelnut pricing dispute settled

- A hazelnut farmers' cooperative has settled a pricing dispute with the estate of Delford Smith, founder of Evergreen Aviation and Evergreen Agricultural Enterprises.

Report of Mexican Christmas tree rejections baffles farmers

- Mexico has rejected more Christmas trees due to pests this year, according to USDA.

Court rejects latest attack on poultry rules

- The latest challenge against USDA's new poultry inspection rules was thrown out of court.

Oregon Farm Bureau makes staffing changes

- Oregon Farm Bureau has hired two new employees and promoted a current employee.

Irrigators anxious over spotted frog lawsuit

- A lawsuit over the Oregon spotted frog is making irrigators anxious.

Farmers must disclose field locations in GMO settlement

- Alfalfa growers must submit their field data to attorneys representing biotech critics to participate in the GMO lawsuit settlement in Oregon's Jackson County.

Questions loom over paid leave for piece-rate farmworkers

- Oregon's paid sick leave rules have left farmers with unanswered questions about compensation for piece-rate workers.

Attorneys get $10.6 million in potato antitrust deal

- Attorneys who sued a potato farmers' cooperative for alleged antitrust violations will receive $10.6 million of a $25 million settlement fund.

Fungus expert spawns truffle orchards

- Charles Lefevre inoculates trees with fungi that produce truffles.

Oregon’s organic acreage grows as number of farms shrinks

- The total number of organic farms in the state decreased 18 percent, from 657 to 525, between 2008 and 2014 as organic acreage nearly doubled, from 105,600 to 204,000.

Oregon officials plan to spray 8,000 acres in Portland to stop Asian gypsy moths

- Oregon officials say they plan to spray 8,000 acres in Portland to stop the spread of Asian gypsy moths, which are a threat to agriculture.

Dow-Dupont merger’s impact on competition may draw scrutiny

- Dow's planned merger with Dupont may draw scrutiny from federal regulators concerned with stifled competition.

Pipeline incidents highlight need for caution

- Recent incidents involving agricultural excavation in California and Oregon point to the need for pipeline safety, experts say.