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Perkowski, Mateusz

Takeover opportunity leads to creamery’s revival

- Rogue Creamery, founded in 1933, has experienced a revival under its new ownership.

EPA to propose banning chlorpyrifos insecticide

- The EPA says it plans to ban the common insecticide chlorpyrifos but may change its mind based on discussions with manufacturers.

REIT purchases 6,000 acres of Willamette Valley farmland

- A real estate investment trust has bought a family farm company in Oregon's Willamette Valley and plans to convert much of its acreage to organic production.

OSU poised to expand research, extension

- $14 million included in a higher education bill would allow Oregon State University to hire new research and extension employees, reversing a years-long reduction in manpower. The Oregon Senate still must pass the full fund...

‘Ag gag’ opponents point to free speech ruling

- A recent free speech ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court may shed light on the controversy over Idaho's "ag gag" law, which prohibits secret recordings of farms.

Hydropower challenge could impact irrigators

- Irrigators could be affected by the latest legal challege against the Northwest's hydropower system.

Compromise canola bill foreshadows controversy

- Debate over a recent Oregon canola bill likely foreshadows future controversies.

Experts: Dry soils will impede drought recovery

- Dry soils would impede the refilling of reservoirs even if snow is abundant in the coming winter, experts say.

Oregon’s $10 million water fund rules approved

- Rules for Oregon's $10 million water supply development fund have been approved, which means project developers will soon begin applying for money.

Potato growers reach $25 million antitrust settlement

- A potato marketing cooperative has settled allegations of violating antitrust law for $25 million.

Harney groundwater worries halt new well permits

- New well permits are halted in Oregon's Harney County due to groundwater worries.

Oregon legislators make final push on ag bills

- A roundup of recent legislative actions in Oregon.

Potato growers reach $25 million antitrust settlement

- A potato marketing cooperative has settled allegations of violating antitrust law for $25 million.

Increased BLM logging decision overturned

- A ruling that required increased logging on BLM property in Western oregon was overturned.

Farm exemption to paid sick leave bill rejected

- Farmers are not excluded from a requirement to provide workers with paid sick leave under a bil passed by the Oregon Senate.

Proposed Monsanto-Syngenta merger spawns antitrust concerns

- Monsanto's proposed merger with Syngenta has raised concerns of anti-competitive effects, experts say.

USDA computer overhaul $140 million over budget

- An overhaul of computer systems for managing farm programs at USDA's Farm Service Agency is way past due and overbudget, an audit found.

Judge: Logging project won’t impact wolves

- A judge has found that the Forest Service properly determined logging won't affect wolves in a Southern Oregon national park.

Canola extension bill heads for Senate vote

- A bill to extend limited canola production in Oregon's Willamette Valley will be voted on by the full Senate after previously pasing the House.

Klamath water transfer bill awaits governor’s signature

- Leases and transfers of water rights will be allowed in the Klamath Basin as adjudication continues under a bill approved by Oregon lawmakers.

Scaled-back GMO mediation bill advances

- A scaled-back version of a GMO mediation bill is advancing in the Oregon legislature despite some protest from biotech critics.

Canola extension bill headed for Senate vote

- A bill to extend limited canola production in Oregon's Willamette Valley will be voted on by the full Senate after previously pasing the House.

Bills to reduce farmer liability advance in Oregon

- Farmers would face reduced liability for accidents related to agritourism and aviation under proposals that are likely to become law in Oregon.

Oregon Senate approves nursery shipping revocation authority

- Negligent nurseries could have their shipping permits revoked by farm regulators under a bill passed by the Oregon Senate.

Grazing battle flares up in Oregon

- The battle over grazing on public lands has flared up in Oregon's Fremont-Winema National Forest.

Jackson County GMO ban litigation shifts gears

- A federal judge has also found that lawmakers intended to permit the GMO ban when they excluded Jackson County from a 2013 bill that pre-empted other local governments from regulating biotech crops.

Farmland trails bill dies in committee

- A bill that would increase government scrutiny of bike trails on Oregon farmland has died in a Senate committee after previously winning by a strong margin in the House.

Fight over Clean Water Act rule enters new phase

- The fight over EPA's Clean Water Act rule is likely to heat up on the political and legal fronts now that the regulation is final, experts say.

GMO control area proposal revived

- A proposal to create "control areas" for heightened regulation of GMOs has been resurrected in the Oregon legislature.

No-spray buffer requirement added to pesticide bill

- No-spray pesticide buffers were included in a package of Oregon legislation recently.

GMO mediation bill encounters opposition

- A bill that would encourage mediation over GMO conflicts in Oregon is now facing opposition after initially facing no controversy.

Judge questions whether ‘right to farm’ covers GMOs

- Oregon farmers contesting a county's ban on GMOs were in court Wednesday to argue that the ordinance is prohibited by the state's "right to farm" law.

GMO ban fails in Oregon’s Benton County

- Voters reject a proposed ban on GMOs in Oregon's Benton County.

Judge dismisses pesticide challenge

- A lawsuit against a new pesticide was dismissed but the legal battle is likely to continue.

Scientists pursue gene-disrupting pesticides

- Biopesticides that disrupt how genes are expressed offer a new way to fight specific insects, but critics fear unintended effects.

Legislative roundup: How ag bills have fared this session

- A summary of recent developments in the Oregon legislature.

Cover crop company faces $4.85 million in farmer liens

- Oregon farmers have filed $4.85 million in liens against a Pennsylvania company they claim is past due on payments for radish seed.

Experts: Grocery industry disruption will profit farmers

- Food retail is expected to be disrupted to the benefit of producers, experts say.

Opposition to Oregon canola bill continues in Senate

- The controversy over an Oregon canola bill is continuing in the Senate now that the House has passed the legislation.

9th Circuit upholds California pesticide rules

- California's pesticide rules for fumigant emissions have been upheld by a federal appeals court.

Beginning farmers get a helping hand

- Headwaters Farm Incubator serves as a springboard for people who want to get growing.

Extension Service plays a new role

- University researchers and extension agents are re-inventing their role within agriculture with limited resources.

Oregon water fund rules proposed

- Oregon's water supply development fund is closer to becoming reality now that rules have been proposed.