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Perkowski, Mateusz

Grazing limits sought for unoccupied bull trout habitat


Medford, Ore. — Environmentalists want to limit cattle grazing along Oregon’s Sprague and Sycan rivers to protect bull trout habitat that the threatened species doesn’t actually occupy.


Study: Fewer farmworkers migrate, aggravating labor shortage


The agricultural labor shortage has less to do with the shrinking population of farmworkers than with its changing work habits, a new economic study found.

Since the late 1990s, the proportion of farmworkers who re...

Oregon farmers fighting bank to sell radish seed


Several warehouses are caught in the middle of a legal dispute over radish seeds between Oregon farms and an out-of-state bank.

Both the farms and the bank claim to own the radish seeds, which are currently stored ...

Lawsuit over Oregon wolf delisting ruled “moot”


An environmentalist legal challenge against Oregon’s decision to remove wolves from the state’s endangered species list has been dismissed due to legislation passed earlier this year.

Wolves were deli...

USDA faulted for biotech loophole


The U.S. Government Accountability Office has faulted the USDA for regulating only those biotech crops containing genes from plant pests.

Current USDA biotech restrictions only apply when genetic material from a pl...

Dispute erupts over unique mint cultivar


An Oregon essential oil supplier has filed a lawsuit claiming its unique mint variety is being grown without permission by a competitor in Washington state.

RCB International, a mint oil company in Albany, Ore., al...

Foresters seek solution to clear-cut image problem


Oregon’s timber industry has a blemish on its otherwise positive public image: People consider clearcutting unsightly.

Most Oregonians know that state law requires trees to be replanted after harvest, but cl...

Lawyers square off over Josephine County GMO ban


GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Farmers seeking to overturn the ban against genetically engineered crops in Oregon’s Josephine County have come under fire in court from proponents of the ordinance.

An April 14 co...

Most precipitation evaporates or returns to ground


More than 4 trillion gallons of precipitation falls on the country every day on average. That’s nearly enough to fill the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Grazing can continue despite “cattle drift” ruling

- Grazing can continue in national forests along the Oregon-California border despite an earlier court ruling that found "cattle drift" was insufficiently studied in the region.

Irrigators face tricky negotiations after legal victory

- Irrigators fighting a spotted frog lawsuit in Central Oregon now face tricky three-way settlement negotiations after winning a key legal victory.

Simplot cattle lawsuit seeks $1 million

- A lawsuit filed by the J.R. Simplot Co.'s feedlot division seeks nearly $1 million from a California livestock company.

Supreme Court ponders government’s Clean Water Act advice

- The nation's highest court is pondering whether the government's Clean Water Act determinations are more than just friendly advice.

Flurry of Oregon water complaints under investigation

- A flurry of water quality complaints complaints filed by a Polk County farmer are under investigation by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Dairyman faces license revocation for alleged threats

- A dairyman in Central Oregon faces the revocation of necessary licenses for allegedly threatening state farm regulators.

Christmas tree checkoff raises $1.5 million

- Checkoff fees collected on Christmas trees sold last year have generated $1.5 million so far to fund promotions for the crop.

ODA eyes adding ‘stop work’ orders to its authority

- The proposal is in an early stage but the agency is considering it as a possible “legislative concept” for the 2017 legislative session.

ODA opposes deregulation of biotech bentgrass

- The Oregon Department of Agriculture says it opposes a deregulation plan for genetically engineered bentgrass.

Environmentalists oppose official spotted frog ruling

- Environmentalist don't want a federal judge to issue an official ruling denying their request for water management changes to protect the Oregon spotted frog.

Judge denies injunction to protect spotted frog

- A federal judge has told plaintiffs that she's inclined to rule against their request for an injunction to modify water flow at Central Oregon reservoirs to benefit the Oregon spotted frog.

OSU hires expert to fight slug menace

- Slugs in Oregon will soon have a new foe — Oregon State University has hired a scientist to help growers control slug populations.

Farmworker retraining raises questions

- A federal program aimed at re-training farmworkers has raised questions at a time farmers face labor shortages and delays in obtaining clearance for guestworkers.

Food companies bend to GMO labeling pressure, experts say

- Decisions by General Mills and Campbells to label GMO ingredients show that activist pressure is affecting the food industry, experts say.

Judge refuses to dismiss pale cyst nematode lawsuit

- Idaho potato farmers can proceed with a lawsuit against pale cyst nematode regulations despite objections from USDA, which wanted the case dismissed.

Monarch butterfly lawsuit has GMO implications

- The battle over monarch butterflies has been brewing since 2014, when several environmental groups petitioned federal wildlife regulators to list the species as threatened or endangered.

Feds divvying up Willamette Valley dam water

- Water stored behind 13 dams in Oregon's Willamette Valley is being divvied up by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

USDA clears mildew-resistant biotech wheat

- Wheat that's genetically engineered to better withstand powdery mildew can be commercialized without undergoing USDA's deregulatory process for biotech crops.

Study: “Ag gag” laws reduce public trust

- "Ag gag" laws that criminalize hidden-camera investigations of farm operations reduce trust among consumers and make them more willing to regulate animal welfare, according to a study.

Governor signs Oregon wolf delisting bill

- A bill that ratifies the removal of wolves from Oregon's list of endangered species was signed by Gov. Kate Brown, dashing environmentalist hopes of a veto.

Sage grouse sighting raises Oregon wind power concerns

- A sage grouse sighting near a proposed wind power project in Oregon's Harney County recently prompted sharp questioning from federal appeals court judges.

Oregon regulators renew first water ‘reservations’

- Oregon regulators have renewed the first of several "water reservations" that are set to expire across the state between 2016 and 2020. WaterWatch of Oregon, an environmental group, argued the water reservation in the Burnt...

Despite strong sales, some Oregon wineries financially stressed

- More than one-fourth of Oregon wineries reported poor financial performance in a recent survey, which may actually be related to their success in growing sales and production, experts say.

Housing pilot projects OK’d despite farmland concerns

- Expedited urban growth boundary expansions on 50-acre parcels in two Oregon cities were approved by Oregon lawmakers despite concerns about sprawl onto farmland.

Oregon lawmakers approve hemp, wetland, drought, wildfire bills

- Oregon lawmakers approved bills related to hemp regulation, wetland conversion, drought mitigation and other agriculture-related issues during the short 2016 legislative session.

Oregon lawmakers ratify wolf delisting, nullifying lawsuit

- Removing wolves from Oregon's list of endangered species was legally correct, according to a bill passed by Oregon lawmakers that voids litigation by environmentalists.

9th Circuit upholds sheep grazing restrictions

- A prohibition against sheep grazing in most of Idaho's Payette National Forest was lawful, according to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Oregon House OKs urban growth boundary pilot projects

- A bill to expedite urban growth boundary expansions within two pilot projects has won the approval of the Oregon House.

Oregon farmer faces Clean Water Act lawsuit

- An Oregon farmer is accused of violating the Clean Water Act for stabilizing a riverbank that had been eroded by floodwaters.

Rules would allow Harney well-drilling despite moratorium

- Under proposed rules, irrigators would be allowed to drill wells in Oregon's Harney Basin despite concerns about groundwater depletion.