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Perkowski, Mateusz

Expert: Dairy farmers should be ready to counter criticism

- Communications professor Robert Gass recently gave dairymen some pointers on countering criticisms of milk production.

Juniper funding garners bipartisan support

- Legislation that would devote more than $1 million to harvesting and processing juniper has garnered bipartisan support from Oregon lawmakers.

Expert: Immigration reform won’t fix farm labor shortage

- Immigration policy reforms cannot overcome broader economic forces that are reducing farm labor supplies, an expert says.

Repeal of raw milk advertising ban unopposed

- A bill that would repeal a ban on raw milk advertising in Oregon did not encounter opposition during a recent legislative hearing.

Aviation bill seeks to relieve landowner liability

- A bill before the Oregon legislature would absolve farmers and other landowners from liability related to aviation on their property.

Proposed limits on animal prizes worry cattlemen’s group

- A bill that would restrict contests in which animals are caught and given as prizes is being considered by Oregon lawmakers.

Farm regulators ponder marijuana oversight

- Farm regulators in Oregon are contemplating how recreational marijuana fits into existing regulations for pesticides and licenses, among other issues.

Poultry inspection ruling appealed

- A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against USDA's new poultry inspection system but a consumer advocacy group plans to appeal this ruling.

Restrictions proposed for hazard-prone land

- A bill that would restrict development and require building removals and retrofits in hazard-prone areas in Oregon has been criticized for its overbroad language.

Farm groups oppose merging state agencies

- A bill that would examine merging Oregon's natural resource agencies is opposed by farm and timber groups.

Beekeepers nervous over urban hive proposal

- Llegislation to set statewide beekeeping rules in Oregon encountered resistance during a recent hearing.

Oregon regulators seek quarantine notification changes

- The Oregon Department of Agriculture wants to notify farmers of quarantine orders for pests and diseases through methods other than newspapers.

Cherry trees shrink along with labor pool

- The size of cherry trees is shrinking along with the availability of labor, as farmers seek to increase efficiency with "pedestrian" orchards that don't require ladders for pruning or harvesting.

Loss of ocean carrier ‘devastating blow’ to ag exporters

- Experts say some Oregon ag exporters won't be able to afford the cost of shipping products to ports in Washington or California if the Port of Portland loses its largest container shipper.

Biotech critics claim GMO loophole will backfire

- GMO critics say a loophole in federal biotech regulations will backfire against major developers of transgenic seed.

Drone ban wins support from hunters, animal advocates

- A proposed ban on using aerial drones for hunting and fishing was met with a warm reception in the Oregon House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources on Feb. 10.

Influx of organic consumers raises marketing questions

- Experts provided an outlook on the organic market during the recent Organicology conference in Portland, Ore.

Container terminal operators warn of port shutdown

- Container terminal operators are warning that longshoremen are bringing West Coast ports to the point of gridlock without actually threatening to lock out their union from facilities.

Oregonians for Food and Shelter group reorganizes

- Katie Fast, former vice president of public policy for the Oregon Farm Burea, will serve as the new executive director of Oregonians for Food and Shelter. Scott Dahlman, the former executive director, will stay as the group...

Renewed pesticide lawsuit omits “right to farm” challenge

- A challenge to Oregon's right to farm law was omitted from a newly revised lawsuit over pesticides, but its constiutionality may still be questioned during litigation.

Environmental groups sue EPA over CAFOs

- Air emissions from livestock at confined ainimal feeding operations should be regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to lawsuits filed by several environmental groups.

Oregon bird control fireworks bill moves to House floor

- The Oregon House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources has approved a bill expanding the use of fireworks for bird control.

Stalled machinery sales may drive bargains

- Large farm machinery sales are slumping after years of robust growth, experts say.

Progress seen in port negotiations

- Longshoremen and container terminals have struck a tentative deal on truck chassis maintenance and repair, which is seen as a crossing a major obstacle in reaching a comprehensive labor contract.

Nurseries recruit pest predators

- Nurseries are increasingly recruiting predatory insects for biocontrol of pests due to public wariness of insecticides, increased regulatory scrutiny and the decreasing efficacy of some chemicals.

USDA cannot restrict GMO pine

- A genetically modified variety of pine developed by Arborgen cannot be restricted by USDA, the agency has determined.

Expert: Rising blueberry tide no reason for panic

- Blueberry production has grown but demand is also rising, according to a global data expert.

TV producer finds symbiosis with nurseries

- Jeff Gustin connects nurseries and gardeners with his weekly television show.

Ring rot sparks $1 million potato lawsuit

- A dispute over bacterial ring rot contamination in potatoes has sparked a $1 million lawsuit between Oregon and Idaho farms.

Environmentalists protest ‘test case’ logging project

- Environmentalists want to stop a "test case" logging project that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management claims restores forest resilience.

Pasteurization expected to shield hazelnut farmers

- Pasteurization equipment recently installed at the Hazelnut Growers of Oregon processing facility is expected to shield suppliers from on-farm food safety regulations.

Raisin ruling may impact crop volume controls

- A farmer's legal challenge to USDA's marketing order for raisins will be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court and could have an impact on other volume controls for crops.

Lawmaker: Oregon farm industry vulnerable in 2015 legislature

- Speakers at the Dunn Carney law firm's annual Ag Summit provided an outlook for Oregon's upcoming legislative session.

DOL complicates minimum wage enforcement, attorney says

- The U.S. Department of Labor plans to change its enforcement of minimum wage law for piece rate workers, potentially complicating record keeping for farmers.

Governor seeks to expand Oregon’s GMO authority

- A bill introduced at the behest of Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber would increase the authority of state farm regulators to create "control areas" for biotech crops.

Google Glass undergoes upgrades

- Google is stopping sale of its Glass wearable computer devices for now, but applications for agriculture and other professions are possible in the future.

DOL drops ‘hot goods’ charges against growers

- Charges of "hot goods" labor law violations against Oregon blueberry farmers have been dropped by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Deal on Oregon water fund struck

- An agreement has been struck on the key functions of Oregon's water supply development fund.

Researcher-farmer named Nut Grower of the Year

- Harry Lagerstedt, a retired researcher and nut grower, was honored as the top grower at the recent industry meeting in Corvallis, Ore.

Opponents of Oregon’s “right to farm” law can revive lawsuit

- A lawsuit against Oregon 's right to farm law was dismissed but its opponents can resurrect their constitutional challenge, a judge ruled.

Hazelnut farmers squeeze profits from sickly orchards

- High hazelnut prices are making growers reluctant to remove diseased orchards that still produce solid yields.

CEO draws link between food safety, worker treatment

- The CEO of a major baking company say to get workers committed to food safety, companies must show them respect.

Justices won’t question California Delta smelt protections

- The high court rejected appeals from farmers in California’s Central Valley and urban water districts that had challenged a plan to protect the 3-inch-long Delta smelt.

FDA to begin implementing food safety rules

- The Food and Drug Administration is preparing to implement new food safety rules.

Monarch butterfly protections could restrict GMOs

- A petition to list the monarch butterfly as a threatened species has set the stage for another battle over biotech crops.

Idaho’s “ag gag” law faces constitutional test

- Opponents and supporters of Idaho's prohibition against secret recordings of farm operations will soon face off in federal court over the law's constitutionality.

Mediators prevent port dispute from escalating

- Federal mediators are expected to prevent a labor contract dispute between longshoremen and container terminal operators from escalating, but disruptions to agricultural exports won't end soon.

Governor to propose Oregon GMO bill

- A bill related to genetic engineering in Oregon will be introduced by Gov. John Kitzhaber in the upcoming legislative session now that a key task force report is done.

ODA hopes to allow hemp planting this spring

- Oregon plans to adopt rules fro growing hemp in February but proponents of the crop want to remove prohibitions on the use of hemp seed in cosmetic and food products.

Biotech energy crop may be regulated as weed

- Ceres Inc. has developed a biotech variety of sorghum for ethanol production but USDA is thinking of regulating it as a noxious weed.