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Big year expected for Aberdeen spud breeders

- The Potato Variety Management Institute is poised to release five new potato varieties originating from Idaho. Furthermore, McDonald's is considering adding new PVMI lines to its list of approved spuds.

NPC lists priority issues prior to D.C. Fly-in

- The National Potato Council has announced its goals for 2015.

Judge stays Idaho water curtailment on 474 junior users

- After the Idaho Department of Water Resources mailed curtailment orders to 474 daires, cities and industrial water users in the Magic Valley drawing groundwaterfrom the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer, a district judge granted ...

Expert: Idaho potato industry has too much capacity

- The former executive director of Potato Growers of Idaho says the state's potato market is overcapitalized, and growers should consider lengthening their rotations to improve their outlook.

Psyllids decline, but overwintering concerns arise

- Levels of zebra chip, a crop disease in potatoes spread by potato psyllids and caused by the Liberibacter bacterium, were down signficiantly in the Pacific Northwest.

Potato growers adjust to changing conditions

- Idaho potato growers see evidence that spuds may be sensitive to climate change.

Potato virus Y incidences on the rise

- Potato virus Y rates are up in Idaho's recent winter grow-out results.

Equipment dealers see strong used demand

- Equipment dealers at the annual Ag Expo in Pocatello, Idaho, expect more farmers will buy used equipment or overhaul old equipment this season.

PCN program discovers 994 infested acres

- New infested acreage has been added to Idaho's pale cyst nematode program.

Bannock County opts against public access through farm

- The Bannock County Commission has voted against validating an old farm road through private property in McCammon, Idaho, as a public access to U.S. Forest Service land.

Idaho anti-GMO labeling talk concerns Farm Bureau

- The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation has concerns about efforts that have been discussed, led by Idaho's sugarbeet industry, to introduce legislation that would prevent a state or county policy regarding labeling of genetically...

Study links potato compounds to weight loss

- Canadian researchers have found extracts made from two varities of potatoes, including Russet Burbank, cause significant weight loss in mice.

Ranchers wary of proposed BLM handbook

- Cattle organizations are closely watching as the Bureau of Land Management updates its handbook.

Potato Board wants to donate salad bars to schools

- The United States Potato Commission has asked the industry to consider a program that would aim to add up to 3,000 salad bars in U.S. schools and provide creative recipe ideas, many featuring potatoes.

Pipeline could spare irrigators curtailments

- A pipeline to pump spring water to the Rangen, Inc., trout farm to fulfill mitigation requirements of a water call against junior groundwater users in on scheduled to be completed by a Jan. 19 deadline.

National FFA leaders visit Idaho schools

- The entire slate of national FFA officers is touring Idaho high schools to practice workshops and speeches, and to inspire young FFA members.

Idaho Ag Expo, potato conference set

- The 47th Annual Idaho Potato Conference and 36th Ag Expo, hosted at the Idaho State University campus, will run from Jan. 20-22.

Potato Lovers Month to span eight weeks

- The Idaho Potato Commission's annual Potato Lovers Month will be extended to an eight-week promotion.

Processors ship fries by air to ease shortages in Japan

- Some processors have flown french fries to Japan, seeking to keep markets intact in the face of West Coast dock worker labor stoppages and slowdowns.

Work group focuses on aquifer recharge credits

- A special work group is investigating options to resurrect legislation to implement a system awarding credits for aquifer recharge efforts in Idaho.

Farm Service Agency offers new insurance buy-up

- A new USDA Farm Service Agency insurance option has broad appeal for hay and grass seed growers, according to an agency official.

Farmer makes mark as famous Idaho potato pilot

- Eastern Idaho potato farmer James Hoff and the vintage biplane he built are in high demand for air show appearances following their appearances in an Idaho Potato Commission commercial.

Supporters of Oneida Narrows dam await ruling

- A public comment period has ended and farmers in southeast Idaho are awaiting approval of a controversial dam proposed for the Oneida Narrow stretch of the Bear River, which they say is needed to provide them with supplemen...

ConAgra lifts Magnida fertilizer plant appeal

- A proposed fertilizer plant in Power County, Idaho, has been delayed from reaching financial close.

Study finds more extensive wireworm trapping needed

- Research aims to better understand the movements of wireworms and the soils they use in Idaho.

Southern Idaho snowpack above average

- The snowpack in Southern Idaho is ahead of normal.

Research targets barley yellow dwarf

- University of Idaho scientists at the Aberdeen Research and Extension Center are starting research to help Idaho cereal farmers cope with barley yellow dwarf virus.

Idaho grower sees competition from Argentina

- Idaho Barley Commissioner Pat Purdy believes Argentina could become a stronger competitor with the U.S., following a trip there to learn about its agricultural production.

Flat oilseed prices expected

- Eastern Idaho growers should expect to see flat prices on oilseeds contracts for 2015, according to the owner of Mountain States Oilseeds in American Falls.

U.S., Mexico finalize sugar agreement

- The U.S. and Mexican governments have finalized an agreement to protect the U.S. market from the dumping of subsidied Mexican sugar.

Wheat, other commodities see promise in Cuban trade

- Restoring trade with Cuba could give a boost to Pacific Northwest Agriculture.

Analysis questions organic-conventional yield gap

- A new comprehensive analysis of several years of crop studies comparing conventional and organic production questions conventional wisdom about the yield gap between the two production methods.

Economist predicts stable input costs

- University of Idaho Extension economist Paul Patterson predicts farm input costs will rise only slightly in 2015.

Cows missing from Pocatello butcher

- Two cows were reported stolen, and one missing cow was found. In an earlier incident, police shot another cow after it escaped.

Federal spending bill pays dividends to ag

- The recently approved $1.1 trillion federal spending bill contains a lot to please agriculture.

Idaho growers look to whole-farm insurance

- The Risk Management Agency is rolling out a new whole farm insurance program.

Chobani shows off new filtration system

- Chobani has installed a high-tech reverse osmosis system at its Twin Falls plant to convert acid whey into pure water and a high-nutrition feed product.

Idaho ag posts another revenue record

- Idaho has set a record for farm-gate revenue for a fifth consecutive year.

Spending bill would add spuds to WIC

- Potatoes have been included in the WIC nutrition program in a new congressional spending bill.

Idaho unemployment insurance to drop

- Idaho unemployment insurance rates will be dow in 2015.

Idaho potato shipments, prices both increase

- Idaho's potato prices continue to strengthen, even as shipments have been ahead of last year's pace.

Beef charity to make first donations from its own herd

- A nonprofit ranch formed in Salmon to feed the hungry has been pleased by its progress and the support it's received from local ranchers.

Ranchers consider starting slaughter, processing facilities

- Idaho ranchers in the Salmon and Challis area are considering forming a cooperative to run their own USDA-inspected, mobile slaughtering facility, meat processing and packing facility and canning facility.

Pro-GMO side ‘wins’ online debate

- Supporter of genetically modified crops were declared the victors over opponents in a radio program's Dec. 3 debate.

New UI agronomist eyes water use

- University of Idaho has a new agronomist with expertise in water-use efficiency at its Aberdeen Research and Extension Center.

Study analyzes new guard dog breeds

- A new study aims to find better breeds of guard dogs for sheep producers — and possibly even some cattle ranchers.