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Biologists finally collar wolf from Rogue Pack

- The breeding male of the Rogue Pack in Southern Oregon is OR-7, whose tracking collar provided details of his extensive travels after he dispersed from Wallowa County and into Northern California before returning to Oregon.

Federal wildlife agency says wolf was shot, offers reward

- In the past year, two wolves have been found dead in the Fremont-Wenema National Forest.

First REAL Oregon class selected for leadership training

- The program is intended to develop leaders who will speak for agriculture and natural resource industries during policy or legislation discussions.

Oregon Aglink to honor Farm Credit official, Marion County farmer

- The award winners will be honored in November at the annual Denim & Diamonds dinner and auction in Portland.

ODFW expands a kill permit against Harl Butte Pack

- Five wolves have been legally shot in Northeast Oregon since August.

Nation’s largest ‘mass timber’ building under construction in Oregon

- Policy makers got a closer look at an advanced wood product technology that many believe has strong economic potential.

ODFW confirms two more attacks by Harl Butte wolf pack


The Harl Butte wolf pack killed a calf and injured another in attacks investigated by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Sept. 29 and Oct. 1.

ODFW shot four pack members in August in what it described as an inc...

Oregon winemakers are upbeat — as usual

- Rain, snow, heat, bone dry and wildfire smoke? Welcome to Oregon’s 2017 wine vintage.

Wine in small batches works fine for little vineyards

- A small vineyard in the foothills of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains finds its own way in the wine industry.

‘Mass timber’ tour will involve legislators, building officials

- Advocates say using advanced wood products to construct multi-story buildings could revitalize a segment of Oregon’s timber industry.

Oregon State ag chemist studies Hurricane Harvey’s impact

- The wristbands, developed by Kim Anderson of OSU’s College of Agriculture, can be used to measure chemical exposure.

Western Innovator: At the center of Oregon’s wolf debate

- Retiring wolf program coordinator brought calm, capable professionalism to a contentious issue.

Students test unique ways to grow food without soil

- Speakers and “clean tech” competition entries at the Oregon Best Fest event in Portland highlighted connections to agriculture.

Oregon’s organic industry honors its own at awards luncheon

- A keynote speaker urges organic producers to step up and get more involved in research and legislation.

Oregon wolf plan update may be ready for review in December

- The ODFW Commission meeting marked the last appearance by longtime wolf plan coordinator Russ Morgan, who is retiring.

New wood products may impact forest management, wildfires

- Advanced wood product technology may provide a market for material now going up in smoke.

ODFW Commission to hear wolf plan update

- Oregon has killed five wolves for livestock attacks since August, with “lethal take” approval issued for another.

Craft beer sales slow, and industry changes may be on the way

- Oregon’s “alcohol cluster” of beer, wine, cider and spirits producers has been an economic bright spot for years.

Meacham Pack wolf killed in Northeast Oregon

- ODFW’s lethal control order authorized its own staff, the producer or an employee to kill two wolves from the pack that attacked the same herd four times in August.

‘So far, so good’ on Oregon organic farm’s weed control plan

- Sherman County’s warning to Azure Farms earlier this summer ignited a social media outburst that stunned and angered county residents.

Wildfires may be a wakeup call to urban residents

- Critics sometimes describe federal forest policy as “paralysis by analysis.”

Interim director of Oregon Aglink has ag family roots

- Oregon Aglink is a non-profit organization that helps the state’s producers explain what they do and why they do it.

Table grape field day set for OSU’s North Willamette station

- The event is primarily aimed at small farmers who might sell at markets, rather than large-scale production.

Oregon wine industry census shows more acreage, wineries

- Change is afoot, but the annual industry report indicated Oregon wine retains its market niche of high quality coupled with upscale price.

Some wolves may have become ‘habituated’ to eating cattle

- Northeast Oregon cattle ranchers have called for two entire packs to be killed, saying the state’s “incremental” approach won’t deter voracious wolves.

ODFW kills fourth wolf from Harl Butte pack

- The Harl Butte wolfpack now has six adults and at least three pups, agency says.

ODFW kills fourth wolf from Harl Butte pack

- The Harl Butte wolfpack now has six adults and at least three pups, agency says.

Autonomous robots and drones will operate future farms

- The “march from automation to autonomy” will change agriculture forever.

Cattle ranchers press for elimination of the entire Harl Butte wolf pack

- The Oregon governor’s natural resources adviser listened to what the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association had to say.