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Chinese trade mission gets a taste of the Northwest

- As the buying power of China’s middle class expands, consumers are seeking the kind of healthy and high quality food and drink produced in the Pacific Northwest.

County, Azure Farms reach agreement on weed control

- The issue riled up a rural Oregon county and brought it unwanted attention on social media.

Oregon company sees bright future in tall wooden buildings

- Freres Lumber is building a new plant to make mass plywood panels.

Ranchers fume as ‘Rainbow Family’ set to camp on federal land in Oregon

- Allowing thousands of make-shift campers on sensitive habitat doesn’t sit well with ranchers who must follow strict grazing rules.

By any name, these insects are a pest

- Mormon crickets can overwhelm lawns and gardens and decimate wheat fields and pastures.

Montana hard cider company takes the top prize at competition

- The fifth annual Portland International Cider Cup featured entries from more than 40 cideries from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia.

New strawberry cultivars take center stage

- Oregon strawberries take center state in June, and a USDA breeder has released new ones that are vigorous in addition to good tasting.

Azure Farms, Sherman County near agreement on weed control

- Details need to be worked out, and the farm’s manager seeks assurance that county officials won’t jeopardize its organic certification by spraying herbicide.

Producers encouraged to meet with China trade mission in Portland

- Chinese consumers are increasingly interested in the food and drink products made in Oregon.

ODFW Commission wrestles with wolf management questions

- Oregon wolf discussion includes livestock kills, poaching, local management and more.

Ranchers on the lookout for ticks this summer

- Ticks do a “questing” behavior to latch on and start sucking blood.

Heading into summer, Oregon’s water supply outlook holding steady

- The heavy winter snow and cold, rainy spring combined to rout the drought.

Western Innovator: Helping the next generation

- Drawing from her own experience, Nellie McAdams urges aging farmers to make succession plans.

Native sage, grasses handle wildfires better, researchers say

- Overgrazing helped open the door to invasive grasses and shrubs that burn hotter and allow fires to do more damage to the rangeland.

Oregon’s wolf management plan may come to resemble Idaho’s

- Idaho has seven times as many wolves and allows hunting and trapping in addition to “lethal control” for livestock and ungulate losses.

OR-7 is alive, well and still bringing home the groceries

- The famous wandering wolf showed up in photos taken by a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service trail camera.

Freeze damage shows up in Washington, Oregon blackberries

- Oregon and Washington blackberry crops expected to be reduced by cold damage

Oregon’s Starker Forests names new president and CEO

- Jake Gibbs comes to the company from another family business, Lone Rock Timber Management.

Oregon wheat growers deal with additional stripe rust pressure

- Heavy snow and rain since last fall was great for thirsty wheat crops, but pathogens also flourish in such conditions.

ODFW investigating Wallowa County wolf death

- The body of wolf OR-42 was found in early May but the death wasn’t made public until May 23.

Azure Farms ‘on the right track’ but faces challenges in controlling weeds

- Sherman County, Ore., and the organic farm agreed last week to try a new weed management plan. Neighboring farmers hope it works, but have their doubts.

Fire sweeps through dairy farm’s barn, destroying hay and equipment

- The dairy’s co-operator sustained burns while trying to move a front-end loader out of the burning barn.

Sherman County, Azure Farms agree to try a new weed control plan

- For now, the agreement heads off a warning from the county that it would seek a quarantine on the organic farm, spray it for weeds and bill the owners.

Second round of Oregon wolf plan review happens in Portland

- Cattlemen, hunting groups and environmentalists have been invited to discuss ODFW’s wolf management plan.

Azure Farms submits a tentative weed management plan

- The organic farm in Sherman County has been criticized by neighboring farmers, who say noxious weeds are spreading to their ground.

Weed control supervisor gave organic farm control options; farmer says they’ve tried

- Fire, herbicides and repeated heavy, deep tillage are among possible weed control alternatives suggested by Sherman County.

County may press for quarantine of an organic farm

- Neighboring wheat growers say weeds spreading from Azure Farms threaten their crops.

For sale: When Oregon farm and ranch land changes hands

- Ag land is selling at a fast clip to a variety of buyers, with unclear ramifications.

Fossil sawmill earns a state loan to improve its juniper production

- Kendall Derby and his one-man juniper sawmill have been hanging on, and a state loan program may turn the tide.

Oregon’s water supply in good shape

- The water supply outlook is welcome news for Oregon irrigators, who have faced shortages the past few years.

In field trials, ODFW tests a drone to check wildlife

- Wildlife biologists might prefer riding in a helicopter, but a drone is cheaper.