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Review of Oregon’s wolf management plan begins

- A public hearing April 21 in Klamath Falls begins what is certain to be a contentious rehash of wolves’ impact on livestock and wild prey.

Biologists: Too soon to know if killing barred owls helps spotted owls

- One of the lead researchers acknowledges the “gut-wrenching” dilemma of killing one species to benefit another.

Wolves kill a calf in Oregon’s Wallowa County

- A dead cow was found near the calf’s remains, but showed no sign of having been attacked by wolves.

Columbia Gorge winemakers score with Portland consumers

- The region along the Columbia River east of Portland produces wines that match the changing climate and topography.

Entomological group honors Oregon State bee researcher

- Ramesh Sagili won an award for his work on insect physiology, biochemistry and toxicology.

Report: Oregon’s wolf population growth ‘weak’ in 2016

- ODFW doesn’t believe the low growth is a trend, offers explanations and emphasizes the count includes only confirmed wolves.

Japanese beetle eradication in a Portland suburb begins April 17

- State ag officials want to make sure an infestation confirmed last summer doesn’t spread to commercial nurseries and other high value crops.

Horticulturist appointed director of OSU’s Mid-Columbia center

- The OSU research and Extension station in Hood River has seen staff turnover and research interruptions.

Imperial Stock Ranch gains animal welfare, land management certification

- The Responsible Wool Standard means sheep are treated under a “Five Freedoms” concept.

Activists file suit against Wildlife Service’s use of cyanide ‘bombs’

- The lawsuit follows the poisoning of a protected gray wolf in Oregon’s Wallowa County and an Idaho incident in which a teen was injured and his dog killed.

NORPAC, biggest Willamette Valley food processor, names new CEO

- The Oregon farmers’ cooperative was formed in 1924 and processes more than 600 million pounds of frozen and canned vegetables annually.

‘Mass timber’ in Oregon’s future, speaker predicts

- Experts believe making tall buildings from cross-laminated wood panels could help revitalize the timber industry.

Wolves wipe out chickens, geese at NE Oregon residence

- ODFW says Shamrock Pack was responsible for Wallowa County attack.

Idaho honey production increased in 2016, but neighboring states dropped a bit

- Beekeepers battle colony collapse, pests and weather to produce honey and pollinate crops.

Cyanide traps that killed Northwest wolf and a dog come under scrutiny

- It’s unclear if the review will change the way USDA Wildlife Services uses cyanide predator traps.

NRCS funding available to improve stream quality, reduce pollution

- The conservation program is centered in Washington County, which retains a strong agricultural presence despite its high tech reputation.

Willamette Valley vineyards building facilities to make white, sparkling wines

- Oregon’s Willamette Valley is best known for Pinot noir wines, but vineyards see increased opportunity in branching out.

High pesticide level prompts pot recall

- Like other agricultural products, cannabis is subject to pesticide testing, but the regulatory structure is a work in progress.

Producers transitioning to organic say they need help to succeed

- Oregon State and Oregon Tilth set out to identify what’s keeping organic production from matching demand.

Glyphosate-resistant tumbleweed poses problem for farmers

- If wheat producers can’t spray for weeds, they may return to tillage as a control method. A direct-seeding advocacy group hopes they don’t.

Wildlife Services says it’s working to avoid future wolf harm

- Activists are harshly critical of the M-44 cyanide devices, which they say are extremely dangerous and kill indiscriminately.

Table grape options under study in Willamette Valley

- Oregon is known for its wine grapes, but research at Oregon State University showed table grapes might have a place as well.

OSU small farms survey asks producers what they want to learn

- The program, part of OSU Extension, is intended to help small farmers solve basic problems and find a market niche.

Stories from OSU professors help children explore nature

- A series of children’s books produced by OSU serve as an introduction to the science of fire and forest, with coast and city to follow.

Oregon wolf management plan moves into new phase

- As wolf population rises, conservationists worry Oregon will allow more wolves to be killed.

NE Oregon wolf poisoned by a trap set to kill coyotes

- ODFW believed it had agreement from USDA Wildlife Services not to use a cyanide powder trap in areas frequented by wolves.

Marijuana growers consider themselves farmers

- The cannabis industry is taking root in Oregon, even as Trump administration considers enforcing federal laws barring cultivation and sales.

ICE operation appears routine, but raises fears

- In a bitter political atmosphere, what might be a routine apprehension of people who are in the country illegally takes on heavier meaning.

Calf killed by wolf in Southern Oregon

- Tracking collar data showed a male wolf designated OR-25 was at the kill site.

Decline expected in Oregon grass seed harvest acreage

- Oregon provides grass seed to a world market, but weather combined with pests such as slugs, geese and voles can take a toll.