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ODFW investigating Wallowa County wolf death

- The body of wolf OR-42 was found in early May but the death wasn’t made public until May 23.

Azure Farms ‘on the right track’ but faces challenges in controlling weeds

- Sherman County, Ore., and the organic farm agreed last week to try a new weed management plan. Neighboring farmers hope it works, but have their doubts.

Fire sweeps through dairy farm’s barn, destroying hay and equipment

- The dairy’s co-operator sustained burns while trying to move a front-end loader out of the burning barn.

Sherman County, Azure Farms agree to try a new weed control plan

- For now, the agreement heads off a warning from the county that it would seek a quarantine on the organic farm, spray it for weeds and bill the owners.

Second round of Oregon wolf plan review happens in Portland

- Cattlemen, hunting groups and environmentalists have been invited to discuss ODFW’s wolf management plan.

Azure Farms submits a tentative weed management plan

- The organic farm in Sherman County has been criticized by neighboring farmers, who say noxious weeds are spreading to their ground.

Weed control supervisor gave organic farm control options; farmer says they’ve tried

- Fire, herbicides and repeated heavy, deep tillage are among possible weed control alternatives suggested by Sherman County.

County may press for quarantine of an organic farm

- Neighboring wheat growers say weeds spreading from Azure Farms threaten their crops.

For sale: When Oregon farm and ranch land changes hands

- Ag land is selling at a fast clip to a variety of buyers, with unclear ramifications.

Fossil sawmill earns a state loan to improve its juniper production

- Kendall Derby and his one-man juniper sawmill have been hanging on, and a state loan program may turn the tide.

Oregon’s water supply in good shape

- The water supply outlook is welcome news for Oregon irrigators, who have faced shortages the past few years.

In field trials, ODFW tests a drone to check wildlife

- Wildlife biologists might prefer riding in a helicopter, but a drone is cheaper.

Oregon study shows taking out juniper trees benefits sage grouse

- The study showed a 25 percent population rate growth in areas that were treated, compared to control areas where trees were left in place.

Law professor tells producers to keep cool if ICE shows up

- Worried about labor shortages and seeking to protect their workers, five Oregon agricultural groups hosted an Immigration Forum.

Oregon State University displays new logo

- The logo is intended to represent the breadth of OSU’s ground-level ag, forestry and natural resource work across the state.

Review of Oregon’s wolf management plan begins

- A public hearing April 21 in Klamath Falls begins what is certain to be a contentious rehash of wolves’ impact on livestock and wild prey.

Biologists: Too soon to know if killing barred owls helps spotted owls

- One of the lead researchers acknowledges the “gut-wrenching” dilemma of killing one species to benefit another.

Wolves kill a calf in Oregon’s Wallowa County

- A dead cow was found near the calf’s remains, but showed no sign of having been attacked by wolves.

Columbia Gorge winemakers score with Portland consumers

- The region along the Columbia River east of Portland produces wines that match the changing climate and topography.

Entomological group honors Oregon State bee researcher

- Ramesh Sagili won an award for his work on insect physiology, biochemistry and toxicology.

Report: Oregon’s wolf population growth ‘weak’ in 2016

- ODFW doesn’t believe the low growth is a trend, offers explanations and emphasizes the count includes only confirmed wolves.

Japanese beetle eradication in a Portland suburb begins April 17

- State ag officials want to make sure an infestation confirmed last summer doesn’t spread to commercial nurseries and other high value crops.

Horticulturist appointed director of OSU’s Mid-Columbia center

- The OSU research and Extension station in Hood River has seen staff turnover and research interruptions.

Imperial Stock Ranch gains animal welfare, land management certification

- The Responsible Wool Standard means sheep are treated under a “Five Freedoms” concept.

Activists file suit against Wildlife Service’s use of cyanide ‘bombs’

- The lawsuit follows the poisoning of a protected gray wolf in Oregon’s Wallowa County and an Idaho incident in which a teen was injured and his dog killed.

NORPAC, biggest Willamette Valley food processor, names new CEO

- The Oregon farmers’ cooperative was formed in 1924 and processes more than 600 million pounds of frozen and canned vegetables annually.

‘Mass timber’ in Oregon’s future, speaker predicts

- Experts believe making tall buildings from cross-laminated wood panels could help revitalize the timber industry.