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Wheat, Dan

Rain helps bolster river flows

- Low flow in the Wenatchee River caused the first water restrictions in several years, but rain may change that. Growers are more concerned with finding pickers.

GMO test slows hay exports to China

- U.S. hay exporters are watching an important growth market, China, dry up following tests that showed trace amounts of GMO alfalfa in shipments. Officials from the USDA, China and GMO developer Monsanto are meeting to discu...

Spud harvest underway in Washington

- Potato growers are busy at about the half-way point of their annual harvest in Washington's Columbia Basin. One grower says too hot a July hurt his yield.

Hover wants state to keep grain inspections

- Bud Hover, director of the Washington Department of Agriculture, told the Washington Association of Wheat Growers how his department worked to keep grain flowing during a labor dispute. He says growers need to support renew...

Manager retires with association

- Washington's tree fruit future is bright but there are no guarantees, says an industry leader retiring after 42 years as his association shuts down.

Wash. farmer, daughter on ‘Survivor’

- He survived decades as a Washington farmer. Now Dale Wentworth and his daughter, Kelley, find out if they can survive on the CBS reality show "Survivor."

GMOs face the test in Hawaii

- Syngenta is one of the big five global seed companies doing GMO and pesticide research and development in Hawaii. They are involved in a statewide and national debate over GMO crops.

EEOC sues Washington fruit grower over firing

- An East Wenatchee tree fruit grower has run afoul the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for allegedly violating law by firing an employee because she was pregnant.

Washington apple harvest in full swing

- Washington growers are nearing the half-way point of harvesting their largest apple crop in history. So far good weather has helped but most everyone could use more pickers.

Large apple crop holds down processing prices

- Early indications in Michigan are that this fall's large apple crop is holding down prices growers will get for apples processed into pies, sauce and juice.

Wash. irrigators await water fix

- Irrigation districts south of Wenatchee, Wash., await low Columbia River flow to install pipes to ensure water for orchards during drawdowns. Repairs to a Wanapum Dam crack, which precipitated the irrigation problem, reach ...

New tree fruit association operating

- Washington's tree fruit industry has consolidated four trade associations into one coinciding with the traditional Sept. 1 start of the new apple crop sales year.

Pacific Northwest pear forecast increases

- The Pacific Northwest pear crop is about 1.5 million boxes larger than forecast in May but still smaller than last year's record which should offset loss of exports to Russia.

Vegetable processor needs workers

- A Quincy, Wash., vegetable processor is short 62 percent of its night crew and there are reports of picker shortages in apples and pears.

Large U.S. apple crop poses marketing challenges

- Big apple crops in the United States and Europe will be challenged by Russia's boycott. Washington growers hope weather stays good for maximum quality.

H-2A visa program working again

- The Washington Farm Labor Association says it is able to get H-2A guestworker visas again to help Washington's apple and pear harvests after weeks of problems in getting visas from the U.S. State Department.

Ancient waves of grain

- August is heavy wheat harvest in the Pacific Northwest. But there is one grower who charts a different path — growing an ancient ancestor of modern wheat.

Record Washington apple crop forecast

- The Washington apple industry is forecasting a record 140.2-million-box crop. A three-month harvest is just starting. Having enough pickers and enough good weather for harvest are concerns. So is disruption of markets becau...

Apple commission increases export promotions

- The Washington Apple Commission has increased apple export promotions 15 percent to help sell this fall's crop, which is expected to be large.

Cold Train suspends service, blames rail congestion

- A refrigerated rail service from Washington to the Midwest and East has shut down after four years.

Russian ban hurts Washington apples

- Loss of Russia as an export market puts the squeeze on the Washington apple industry to find other buyers for about $12 million worth of apples.

Labor association resumes H-2A efforts

- The Washington Farm Labor Association will resume trying to bring hundreds of guestworkers from Mexico to Washington to help in apple and pear harvest but remains wary of the process.

Didier top vote-getter in U.S. House primary

- Clint Didier, a Pasco rancher, former NFL football player and Tea Party Republican, finished Tuesday's primary election ahead of former state Department of Agriculture Director Dan Newhouse. The two face each other in the N...

Pacific Northwest cherries aim for record

- Cherry growers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Montana are closing in on the finish of a probable record crop and a season of good prices.

Ranchers begin long road to recovery

- Residents of Washington's upper Methow Valley were almost three weeks into dealing with the largest fire in state history when a new fire took more homes.