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Senator criticizes EPA watchdog after it clears What’s Upstream

- EPA watchdog finds nothing wrong with What's Upstream

Inslee stays out of rural well issue; special session at hand

- With the regular session in its final days, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said he has not studied a Senate proposal to reopen rural Washington to well drilling, disappointing the lawmaker who introduced the measure

Rail bill aided by Washington Farm Bureau passes

- Washington lawmakers pass bill to allow industrial development near short-line railroads in Eastern Washington and one Western Washington county

WA lawmakers OK new way to deter wolves

- Washington lawmakers thrust state Department of Agriculture into campaign to prevent conflicts between wolves and cattle

Farm Bureau leader looks forward to Perdue confirmation

- American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall looks forward to fellow Georgian Sonny Perdue's confirmation

WA lawmakers pass bill to give farmers heads-up

- Washington Legislature sends bill to governor requiring DNR to give farmers more notice before terminating leases

Washington’s hemp plan suddenly hazy

- Washington Department of Agriculture finalizes hemp rules as lawmakers pass blll that could undercut them

Farm Bureau to feds: Don’t bring griz to North Cascades

- Washington Farm Bureau recommends federal agencies drop plans to import grizzly bears

WSDA reports increase in cropland acreage

- Acres of cropland growing in Washington, according to state Department of Agriculture

Agritourism bill makes trip through Washington Legislature

- A bill to shield Washington agritourism from lawsuits wins backing from Senate and House and even acceptance from trial lawyers

Washington lawmakers seek to shield wolf-plagued ranchers from threats

- Washington lawmakers embrace withholding names of ranchers who help state wildlife managers probe and stop wolf depredations

Inslee: Rural well issue shouldn’t distract lawmakers

- Washington Gov. Jay Inslee lists legislative priorities; the list doens't include reopening rural Washington to new wells

Washington hemp rules near finish line

- Washington may start issuing licenses to grow and process hemp as soon as May 15

Washington lawmakers rollback veggie oil shipping rules

- Senate joins House is drawing line between canola and crude oils

Ecology shift clears path for Washington feedlot dust bill

- Washington Ecology relaxes opposition to feedlot bill

Washington AG: What’s Upstream didn’t need to report lobbying

- Save Family Farming rethinks complaint against What's Upstream

Washington wolf group charts quicker path to lethal control

- Washington charts shorter path to shooting wolves

Washington GOP lawmaker slices beef checkoff hike

- Washington beef checkoof redo

WSU wolf researcher defends remarks as school probes how he made them

- WSU wolf researcher defends press release as administrators distance school from remarks

House Democrats offer options to Senate’s Hirst bill

- Washington House committee hears Hirst bill; two other proposals lurk

WSU professor backs curbing lethal removal

- WSU wolf scientist Robert Wielgus has a recommendation

Trump adviser: No more EPA-funded attacks on farmers

- White House adviser says Trump won't tolerate billboards that attack farmers

Washington Farm Bureau likes new recipe for food forum

- Washington Farm Bureau reverses stance on food policy forum

House ag committee backs phased-in beef checkoff increase

- House ag committee passes beef checkoff bill

Two farm suppliers lobby Washington lawmakers for tax-law change

- Two Eastern Washington farm chemical suppliers may get tax relief

Senate’s ‘use it or lose it’ water bill heads to House

- Senate sends over bill to ensure a farmer who saves water doesn't lose water right

Western Innovator: Guarding plants against sneak attacks

- Cindy Cooper, plants services program manager at Washington State Department of Agriculture

Washington’s wolves multiply, but stay bunched up

- Washington now has 115 wolves, up 28 percent from last year, but not much closer to recovery

WDFW reply to sharp email on wolves causes flap

- Washington wolf email flap

WDFW floats new way to count wolf attacks

- WDFW floats new way of counting wolf depredations

WA lawmakers asked to fund manure-into-water technology

- Washington engineer says he has the solution to dairy's manure problem

Washington dairy industry touts safety training

- Washington dairy safety training coming

Federal government OKs hemp seeds for Washington state

- Washington receives federal OK to import hemp seeds, opening the way for spring plantings

Washington lawmaker not on board with hiking beef checkoff

- Washington state lawmakers says he doubts House will got for doubling Beef Commission's budget

Washington House OKs food policy bill

- Washington House passes amended version of food policy bill that rankled food producers

Washington groups work to reduce rural well restrictions

- The Washington Senate has passed a 'Hirst fix,' but legislation has bogged down in the House

Washington Senate trims, passes piece-rate bill

- Washington Senate passes bill to give growers formula for setting back pay claims, but legislation leaves open what future practices will be

Washington railroads on track for regulatory relief

- Bill to spare small railroads from the brunt of new regs passes Wahington House

Officials issue alert after snowmelt flows off dairies

- Washington Department of Health warns residents of Central Washington community that water system may be tainted by manure

Washington judge hands food companies $1 million legal tab

- A Washington judge orders Grocery Manufacturers Association to pay nearly $1.1 million in attorney fees stemming from campaign disclosure violation

WSDA readies hemp rules, but needs federal OK

- Washington State Department of Agriculture prepares rules for growing hemp, but it still needs seeds to make the program sprout

Pesticide alert proposal stalls in Washington legislature

- Washington legislation to require farmers to alert neighbors at least 48 hours before spaying stalled in the House, but law firm and union leader say the push will continue

Washington Farm Bureau joins suit against pay, sick leave law

- Washington Farm Bureau hopes suit against minium wage, sick leave will break losing streak

Washington commission confirms What’s Upstream stayed within state law

- What's Upstream may have been sophisticated and well funded, but it wasn't grassroots lobbying, according to Washington Public Disclosure Commission