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WDFW offers blueprint for managing Blue Mountains elk

- WDFW circulates plan to increase Blue Mountains elk herd

WDFW sets traps for Togo wolfpack

- WDFW trapping to collar wolf in Togo pack

Washington county tallying elk damage to farms

- Skagit County assessor surveys elk damage to farmland

WDFW backtracks on shutting down wolf-tracking data

- WDFW backtracks on wolf collars

Togo wolfpack attacks livestock again in NE Washington

- Washington wolfpack kills cattle; no action yet from WDFW

Washington plans to add to wildlife area

- WDFW to take owneship of land to expand wildlife area

Judge overrules Washington Ecology on water-right change

- Judge overrules Ecology on water-right transfer

Washington judge orders release of Sarbanand’s H-2A records

- Federal judge orders state to turn over Sarbanand records

Wolf encounters rare, but not unknown in Washington

- More wolf conflicts in northeast Washington

Western Innovator: Marketing key for new farms

- Western Innovator Gary Fredricks, WSU Extension

Post-wolf rescue, wildlife agencies admit, ‘We can do better’

- Okanogan County commissioners meet on wolves

Washington farm groups tally win as judge sides with EPA

- Federal judge rules Ecology won't have to give back money

Wolves wouldn’t let woman leave Washington forest

- 25-year-old climbed tree twice to distance herself from barking wolf

Western Oregon, southwest Washington blanketed by ‘severe drought’

- Severe drought condtions cross Cascades in Willamette Valley

Dam breach in Washington to cost owner $2.5 million, plus fines

- Landowner settles with Washington Ecology over dam breach

WSDA eyes new organic fees, logo

- Washington looks at raising fees, organic logo

Red raspberry imports weigh on U.S. harvest

- Washington berry farmers struggle with low prices

Drought expands in Oregon, Washington

- Drought conditions spread in Oregon and Washington

Report raps two Thurston Conservation District supervisors

- Two Thurston Conservation District board members on hot seat

No clue to why cougar killed Washington cyclist

- Cougar who killed cyclist was healthy

WDFW resisted sending copter, sheriff to save woman treed by wolves

- Okanogan County sheriff: Wolf incident went 'sideways'

Wolf den site known, but not to Forest Service employee

- Forest Service knew location of den that woman was working near

WDFW rolls out wolf-tracking ‘blue blob’

- WDFW rolls out new wolf-data formats

Wildlife agencies, sheriff investigate after wolves chase woman

- Agencies followup on woman chased up tree by wolves

Washington farm groups join bid to nip city food taxes

- Beverage companies push for public vote on banning local food taxes in Washington

Washington’s wolf peacemaker ends her tenure

- Francine Madden ends works with Washington wolf group

Washington agency looked, didn’t find underfed farmworkers

- State investigator unable to confirm complaints about food at Sarbanand Foods

WDFW collars wolves, fills tracking gap

- WDFW collars two wolves in areas with history of depredations

WDFW to limit GPS data revealing whereabouts of wolves

- WDFW witholds wolf-collar data

Tribal concerns may drive cattle off Colville allotment

- Washington tribe objects to grazing in national forest

Drought officially returns to Western Washington

- Western Washingon drought developing

Washington farmers: Seals thwart salmon recovery

- Washington farm group points to offshore problem for declining fish — harbor seals.

Washington Ecology moves to raise air-quality fees

- Washington Ecology proposes new fees to montor from feedlots and elsewhere

EU slaps tariffs on U.S. cranberry concentrate

- EU slaps tariff on U.S. cranberries, but it could have been worse

Farms eyed as fast-growing Washington cities seek water

- Washington task force beginnings meetings on court water ruling

FDA wants a re-do on ‘added sugars’ guidance

- FDA signals reversal on 'Added Sugars' rule

Forecasters: Prospects grow for warm Northwest winter

- Odds increase for warm Northwet winter

Record farm fine slashed in half by judge

- Judge reduces fine against Sarbanand Farms

Washington spreads money for clean manure projects

- Washington Conservation Commission awards manure grants

Washington barn fire kills more than 25,000 chickens

- Fire in Tenino, Wash., kills 25,000 to 27,000 chickens