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Washington Farm Bureau’s D.C. trip cited in pesticide furor

- Washington Farm Bureau delegation wrapped up in latest tiff between Trump administratoin and New York Times

Environmentalists sue Cargill’s Ferndale Grain

- Two environmental groups allege Cargill Inc. violating Clean Water Act in Washington

WSDA fines irrigation district’s ex-manager for herbicide mishap

- Former irrigation district manager fined for pesticide misuse

Washington culvert case seen as Western water issue

- Washington attorney general appeals culvert case to U.S. Supreme Court

Washington tree fruit group makes case for piece-rate pay

- Washington State Tree Fruit Association weighs in on Dovex case, piece rates

WSDA nips gypsy moth outbreak in the bush

- An outbreak of gypsy moths in Washington makes spring spraying likely

U.S. cranberry growers to seek volume control

- Northwest cranberry production expected to be higher than last year

Berry farm defends response to worker’s illness

- Sumas, Wash., blueberry farm says worker who died was diabetic

WDFW keeps close watch on Smackout wolfpack

- Washington wildlife managers say they won't shoot more Smackout pack wolves if the wolves don't attack again

Washington farm, Ecology settle irrigation fine

- Washington Ecology settles with Skagit County blueberry farm over illegal irrigation

Washington Ecology defends CAFO permit’s price tag

- Washington Department of Ecology files motion to dismiss some of the claims against its new CAFO permit

Northwest wildfire outlook turns for the worse

- Northwest fire season moving into higher gear

USDA gives grants to induce poor to eat more produce

- Western Washington non-profit farm receives USDA grant to encourage poor people to buy fruits and vegetables

Washington farmers hire lab to connect bacteria to species

- Whatcom County farmers hire lab to sort out DNA of bacteria polluting shellfish beds

Washington AG: Dump straight piece-rate pay for farmworkers

- Washington attorney general files brief with Supreme Court supporting new pay scheme for piece-rate farmworkers

WSDA fines seed company for pesticide release

- Eastern Washington seed company and employee fined for pesticide violations that sent 11 to hospital

Vietnam seen as top new market for grains

- Vietnam touted as most lucrative emerging market for U.S. grains

Washington kills 2nd Smackout pack

- Second wolf in Smackout pack killed

Ex-trade negotiator: Trump’s top NAFTA goal misguided

- Former U.S. trade negotiator issues warning to grain growers about Trump's emphasis on trade deficits

Washington kills wolf in Smackout pack

- Washington kills wolf in Smackout pack

Washington Conservation Commission floats clean-water policy

- Washington Conservation Commission floats plan to tax parcels and give farmers incentives to follow 'best management practices'

Washington seed potato board proposes assessment hike

- Washington Seed Potato Commission proposes to raise assessments

Lawmakers exit Olympia with neither Hirst fix nor capital budget

- Washington Legislature adjourns without Hirst fix or capital budget

Group forms to defend Yakima dairies

- Save Family Farming starts Yakima affiliate to defend dairies

WDFW to shoot wolves in Smackout pack

- WDFW to shoot wolves in Stevens County

Western Washington wolf sticks around, but no mate seen

- A wolf fitted with a collar is sticking around Western Washington

Tour touts benefits of keeping USDA grants

- As White House proposes trimming spending, farmers say USDA grants help

Feds’ assurances on Puget Sound tribe’s reach pleases farm group

- Farm group OK with interior's action on tribe constitution

Northeast Washigton wolfpack kills second calf

- Sherman pack in Ferry County kills second calf

In flood’s wake, WSDA urges dairy to block off manure

- WSDA recommends dairy build a berm to prevent another release of manure-laced water

Washington dairyman gets cows back; animal abuse charges reduced

- Whatcom County dairy farmer's troubles with the law eased

Farmers bank on the value of wetlands

- Wetland mitigation banking centerpiece

Washington Strawberry Commission may disband

- Washington Strawberry Commission may terminate

WSDA report identifies ‘gaps’ in dairy rules

- WSDA report identifies 'gaps' in state program for managing manure from dairy cows

Washington irrigation innovator, Ron Van Gundy, dies

- Water resources 'titan' dies at age 73

Washington AG targets chemical ‘incredibly important’ to farmers

- Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson joins fight against chlorpyrifos

SW Washington blackberry crop falls short of low expectations

- Washington blackberry crop even worse than expected

Washington budget funds carbon cap, deterring wolves

- Washington lawmakers pass operating budget

Ex-EPA official linked to What’s Upstream to stay in Puget Sound post

- Dennis McLerran to stay on Puget Sound Leadership Council

Foodmakers say state’s $18 million fine unconstitutional

- Packaging food industry claims $18 million fine was unconstitutionally excessive

Key Republican pans House Democrats’ new Hirst plan

- Republicans and Farm Bureau rip newest Hirst proposal in House

Washington cautiously joins hemp sweepstakes

- Washington joins latest push for hemp

Washington Ecology seeks advisers on farm practices

- Washngton Ecology puts out roadmap to developing how-to-farm guidelines