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Early water crucial for cover crop success

- A cover crop demonstrtation project in south-central Idaho has taught project leaders and farmer cooperators many lessons that can benefit growers.

Economist: Investigate margin protection program now

- While the new Margin Protection Program for dairy is debuting in a financially good year for dairymen -- thus gaining little interest -- one dairy economist says producers shouldn't delay working through the program's techn...

Idaho Milk Products opens tech center

- Idaho Milk Products of Jerome, Idaho, has added a technical center to its growing milk protein business and held a grand opening Oct. 24 to celbrate its five year mark.

UP surcharge raises intermodal freight costs

- Union Pacific is applying an overweight surcharge on intermodal containers headed for western ports, increasing freight costs for ag products headed for export markets.

U.S. dairymen adding cows on good margins

- U.S. milk production was up 4.1 percent in September over year-ago levels, boosted by 78,000 additional cows and increased per cow production of almost 2 pounds.

New beef checkoff offers way through stalemate

- Despite concerns by National Cattlemen's Beef Association and affiliate state cattlemen's associations over a proposed supplemental beef checkoff, other industry groups say a new checkoff is an opportunity to avoid problem...

WTO panel rules COOL detrimental to Canada, Mexico

- A WTO compliance panel on Monday ruled an amended U.S. country of origin labeling measure has a detrimental impact on imported Canadian and Mexican livestock.

Web tool aids dairy insurance decisions

- The University of Illinois has developed a market forecast tool to aid dairymen in their decisions regarding the new voluntary Market Protection Plan-Dairy, established by the new farm bill.

NCBA says generic checkoff would fall short

- NCBA and state cattle associations contend a supplemental beef checkoff proposed by USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack would be detrimental to the beef industry and producers and point out the differences between the current beef-s...

EPA, Jerome Cheese reach settlement

- Jerome Cheese has settled with EPA over alleged Clean Air Act violations at its Jerome, Idaho, plant. The company has agreed to pay an $88,000 penalty but admits no wrongdoing.

Cattleman band together against new checkoff

- Cattlemen are banding together to fight Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack's intention to resolve a stalemeate in the beef industry over amending the national beef checkoff by establishing a supplemental, secondary beef checkoff un...

Hay forecast up in U.S., Northwest

- USDA forecasts a 9.4 percent increase in all U.S. hay production in 2014. The agency also expects a 9 percent increase in hay production in the Northwest and a 1.8 percent increase in drought-stricken California.

Chobani’s non-GMO feed initiative surprises dairymen

- Chobani took Idaho dairymen by surprise in its announcement that it has partnered with Green America, which leads a non-GMO coalition, to explore alternatives to cattle feed produced from GMO crops.

2013 aquaculture census captures $1.

- Washington led total sales of aquaculture products in 2013, jumping up from fifth ranked in 2005, according to USDA's newest Census of Aquaculture. The state was also tops in mollusk sales and third ranked for food fish.

Global beef supplies continue to get tighter

- Tight global supplies of beef will tighten further for the remainder of 2014 and into 2015, but record prices in the beef and cattle complex are firm on unwavering consumer demand.

Rabobank forecasts 12 months of low dairy prices

- Rabobank analysts are forecasting a protracted period of low prices in international and regional dairy markets and a substantial fall in the U.S. market by early 2015.

Dairymen’s checkoff dollars do double duty

- The dairy industry's strategic partnerships with quick-serve restaurants and food brands funded by U.S. dairy farmers through the national dairy checkoff are reaping big results, increasing dairy sales by expanding dairy o...

U.S. butter market likely to melt after holiday buying

- Sky-high U.S. butter prices won't be able to elude world market forces in the months ahead and are expected to head much lower after the holiday buying season and into 2015.

Ag economy’s transition requires closer management

- U.S. agriculture is in transition from a 10-year wealth period, particularly in the grain sector, and will be influenced by a number of factors, including global economies and recession and unrest in Europe. 

Outlook bright for livestock, dairy

- An economic outlook by University of Missouri's FAPRI projects high prices for the livestock and dairy sectors and lower prices for the grains and oilseed sectors, resulting in livestock receipts eclipsing crop receipts in ...

U.S. milk production trending higher

- Strong domestic sales and exports have led to record-breaking prices for dairy products and milk, spurring an increase in U.S. milk production.

Research continues into alternative feed for trout

- USDA Agricultural Research Service continues building on 10 years of research to find alternatives to costly fish meal and fish oil in trout feed.

U.S. cattle on feed continues decline

- U.S. cattle inventories continue to decline. Cattle on feed was down only 1 percent year-over-year on Sept. 1. But placements into feedlots were down 10 percent, indicating a tightening supply of beef ahead.

Company developing alternative method to produce all-female trout

- A supplier of eggs to the trout industry is developing what appears to be a viable alternative to hormone use to produce all-female trout for commercial production. Up to 90 percent of commercial trout raised in the U.S. ar...

Russian cattle producers tour Idaho

- Idaho Agriculture Department hosted Russianbeef cattle producers in hopes of building relationships that will lead to cattle and semen sales in the future.

Researchers continue work on coldwater disease vaccine for trout

- University of Idaho researchers are one step closer to developing a vaccine for coldwater disease in trout and have completed four studies and a field trial on an enhanced vaccine.

Idaho Dairy Council awards $71,000-plus to schools

- Idaho dairymen have awarded more than $70,000 to 30 Idaho schools through the Idaho Dairy Council to support the Fuel Up To Play 60 program, which encourages healthful eating and physical activity.

High prices slow U.S. dairy exports

- U.S. dairy exports are slowing due to high U.S. prices that are discouraging buyers on the open market. Exports in July were down 9 percent from June on a volume basis and down 10 percent on a value basis.

Algae prompt health advisories in Idaho reservoir, lake

- Health advisories have been issued for a southern Idaho reservoir and a northern Idaho Lake due to blooms of blue-green algae, which release a toxin that can be deadly to humans and animals if ingested.

Farm bill provides new conservation easement program

- USDAwill invest $328 million in conservation easements to protect and restore farmland, grasslands and wetlands under a new program that consolidates three former easement programs administered by Natural Resources Conserva...

Biogas initiative recognizes dairy potential

- The White House sponsored Biogas Roadmap is an initiative of voluntary strategies the U.S. dairy industry can use to reduce methane emissions, produce biogas and recover nutrients with the anaerobic digestion of manure and ...

New dairy program offers choices

- National Milk Producers Foundation is encouraging dairymen to evaluate the new voluntary margin protection program and at least sign up for the no-premium basic coverage.

NMPF: Margin protection ‘excellent program’

- USDA launched sign up for the new dairy margin protection program that protects margins between a national milk price and a national feed cost calculation. Producers have until Nov. 28 to sign up for coverage of four month...

Six traits of successful farmers

- Producers with solid ag operations joke that successful operations take hard work and luck. But it take a lot more than that, and successful operators share some key qualities.

Hoof-health company expands to Jerome, Idaho

- A California company that develops hoof-health products and automated hoof-bath systems for dairies is expanding its operation to Jerome, Idaho, with a $2 million investment.

Idaho dairy ranks favorably with consumers

- Independent market research found that Idaho's dairy industry has a leg up on consumer perception, with high ratings from Idaho and non-Idaho consumers.

Idaho dairy weighs identity issue

- Idaho's dairy industry has questioned whether it needs a national marketing campaign to brand Idaho products. A marketing research team has found the industry's diversity of products would better benefit from an awareness c...