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Ryan Dumas, Carol

Court reinstates suspended WOTUS rule

- A U.S. district court ruling has resurrected a contentious 2015 rule that would give the federal government broad regulatory control over virtually any waters and associated land.

Industry invests in future dairy foods researchers

- Idaho’ dairy industry is taking an active role in recruiting and training students in dairy food technology and innovation.

BYU team wins dairy product competition

- Idaho milk processors hold the contest to hopefully bring new products to market and to foster relationships with upcoming food scientists.

Dairy industry faces marketing challenges

- Dairy leaders urge industry players to get involved in building consumer trust and fighting baseless absence-claims and the use of dairy terminology on non-dairy products.

Dairy farmers seek solution to ‘desperate times’

- One proposal, by the California Dairy Campaign, would allow U.S. dairy farmers to profitably grow with the flow of demand and not at a rate that creates oversupply.

USDA to spend $50 million on milk for food aid

- The $50 million in USDA milk purchases will help people through food assistance programs and provide support for dairy markets.

Sisters nurture legacy at family orchard

- The first fruit trees were planted in 1906 by the current owners’ great grandfather, who came to the area from Pennsylvania.

Idaho dairy research center gains traction

- The University of Idaho is in negotiations to purchase property for building a world-class dairy research farm in south-central Idaho.

M.V. Stampede kicks off with flare on Aug. 30

- Rodeo fans will enjoy an improved Magic Valley Stampede this year, with more stock saddle bronc and bull riders and an action-packed pre-show.

USDA rolls out new dairy insurance plan

- Sign-up for the revenue protection plan, which will function similarly to crop insurance policies, opens Oct. 9.

DEQ to offer free nitrate screening at Cassia County Fair

- The free screening and sample test kits will be available during the Cassia County Fair on Aug. 16 and 17.

USCA cattle forum to explore opportunities, challenges

- The forum will feature panel discussions and speakers addressing global trade, alternative proteins and the state of the industry.

Honeybee colonies stable despite steep losses

- Beekeepers have suffered elevated colony losses since 2006 but have kept numbers relatively stable, primarily by splitting colonies.

Rangeland research targets grazing patterns

- The University of Idaho will use GPS collars on cows to tie field observations on forage to satellite imagery available to ranchers and land managers.

Farm bill conference committee set to roll

- Late last month the House Agriculture Committee announced its conference members,

Dairy producers tee off for charity

- The charity golf tournament to raise money for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse raised more than $40,000.

Tariffs taking toll on dairy markets

- Both domestic and international buyers appear to have backed away from U.S. markets in the face of retaliatory tariffs by China and Mexico.

Equine West Nile virus confirmed in Idaho

- Horses that have been vaccinated for West Nile virus in previous years need boosters to be protected.

Dairy group wants immediate labeling enforcement

- FDA chief Scott Gottlieb said the agency will look into and get public comment on the use of dairy terms on plant-based food products in a process that will probably take a year.

Meat, poultry groups want USDA to regulate ‘fake meat’

- The tussle over which government agency will regulate cell-cultured protein products has united several agricultural groups in advocating USDA oversight.

U.S. mink pelt production declines

- U.S. mink pelt production in 2017 was lower year over year for the third year running and is moving back into sustainable levels after sky-high prices led to overproduction around the world.

Beef cow herd slowing but plenty of feeder cattle

- Analysts expect cattlemen to pull back on increases to the beef cow herd, but feeder cattle supplies will remain strong for another 18 months.

Cattle on feed up 4 percent, marketings keep pace

- Good beef demand is helping feedlots stay current, not backing up cattle and putting on weights.

FDA chief takes stand on imitation dairy products

- National Milk Producers Federation has been trying to get FDA to enforce existing labeling regulations on imitation dairy products for 20 years, contending manufacturers of those products are playing fast and loose with sta...

Milk prices, lower premiums boost MPP participation

- More than 21,000 dairy farmers have signed up for the improved Margin Protection Program, which offers significantly lower premiums on the first 5 million pounds of milk.

New dairy insurance plan gains federal approval

- A new insurance plan to protect revenue, developed by the American Farm Bureau Federation, would fill a gap in risk coverage for dairy farmers.

Beef, pork want equal scrutiny for lab-grown meat

- Livestock groups say meat grown in a laboratory should face the same oversight, inspection and labeling requirements as conventional beef and pork.

Livestock groups balk at FDA claim to ‘fake meat’

- FDA is claiming jurisdiction over animal cell-culture technology, drawing objection from beef and pork producers and criticism from dairy producers.

Aquifer recharge, other efforts paying off

- Abundant precipitation, recharge efforts and reduced water use boosted the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer by 1.7 million acre-feet this past winter, after increasing it by 660,000 acre-feet the year before.

New cold storage facility will serve McCain Foods

- The new facility is fully automated and comparable in size to a professional football stadium.

Export picture promising, but tariffs loom, analyst says

- The U.S. has alienated its three largest dairy customers, but middlemen could keep exports flowing.

Japanese businessmen look for opportunity in Idaho

- The Japanese companies represent a larger group of about 100 Asian businesses looking to grow their markets.

Twilight tour to highlight agricultural research

- The July 18 event will include a catered dinner, live music, field tours, research exhibits and activities for children.

U.S.-Mexico dispute could threaten reputation of U.S. dairy

- Trade uncertainty between the U.S. and Mexico will likely have Mexico looking elsewhere for dairy products and could cast the U.S. as an unreliable trade partner.

New tariffs chill U.S. beef export potential

- U.S. beef is being hit with retaliatory tariffs by Canada and China, which will raise prices to importers and send them shopping elsewhere.

Tariffs kick in, dampening agriculture outlook

- Uncertainty around trade, from tariffs to strained relations with NAFTA partners, is escalating concerns for U.S. agriculture.

China, Mexico tariffs would hammer U.S. meat exports

- The retaliatory tariffs come at an inopportune time for the growing U.S. pork industry and the U.S. beef industry that is trying to develop inroads to China’s beef market.

Districts bring conservation efforts down to earth

- Soil and water districts, NRCS work with farmers, ranchers to benefit land, streams.

Economists: Trade threats weigh on dairy markets

- Trade threat by Mexico and China, in response to U.S. tariffs on imports from those countries, are overriding fundamentals in place for higher milk prices.

Ag groups cheer Senate passage of farm bill

- Farm groups are pleased with the Senate’s passage of a farm bill and say they will continue to advocate for improvements through the conference process.

University of Idaho highlights numerous crop research projects

- Researchers at the Kimberley Research and Extension Center are drilling down into weed and insect control in potatoes, sugar beets, dry beans and small grains.

Farmer visit showcases uniqueness of Idaho ag

- Growers from cotton-growing regions in the U.S. are touring Idaho agriculture in a leadership exchange program through the National Cotton Council.