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Ryan Dumas, Carol

Ag groups line up grassroots support for trade

- Farmers are mobilizing to make their voices heard on the benefits of free trade in light of a growing anti-trade sentiment in the U.S.

Consultant gives tips for NEPA success

- To be effective, comments on a draft decision document must be clear, concise and relevant. They need to stick to facts, be science-based and targeted to specific points in the document.

IDA lays out its legislative agenda

- A new phosphorous standard for nutrient management plans tops the list of Idaho dairymen’s legislative agenda at the state level. Immigration, trade and insurance are the focus at the national level.

Researchers continue long-term study of sage grouse, grazing

- The lack of empirical data on the relationship between livestock grazing and sage grouse survival is the driving force behind a collaborative 10-year field study being led by the University of Idaho.

Phosphorus indexing offers dairies flexibility, precision

- The new standard will better address the risk of phosphorus loss to the environment and allow dairymen to focus management on high-risk sites.

Quota passage clears path for Calif. FMMO

- California dairy producers are celebrating the outcome of the referendum and getting one huge step closer to abandoning the state milk marketing order for inclusion in the federal system.

California producers approve dairy quota

- Farmers have maintained that retention of a quota program was a critical component in adopting the federal milk marketing order system.

Label debate continues after COOL

- Some dairy, cattle producers believe voluntary country of origin labels could still be a major selling point.

Global dairy surplus weighs on prices

- Surpluses of exportable dairy products have already begun to weigh down milk prices, and the global milk supply continues to increase.

NCBA takes stock of progress in 2017

- Cattlemen saw a lot of progress on rolling back regulations under the Trump administration, and work continues to rein in more restrictive requirements.

Large feedlot numbers tempered by light weights

- There will be fewer feeder cattle available in the first quarter of 2018, as feedlots have moved lighter cattle into the system earlier than usual.

Low-stress handling more effective than conventional stockmanship

- Low-stress handling follows basic principles to apply pressure properly to get animals to do what the handler wants.

NCBA mostly pleased with tax plan

- While the bill does not repeal the death tax, it lessons its punch, and it expands cash accounting and expensing provisions.

Controversial ICE contract hasn’t materialized

- The local dairy community voiced strong opposition this past summer to a potential contract between Immigration Customs Enforcement and Jerome County to lease bed space at the county jail.

Rabobank: Expect increased competition in animal protein markets

- Global animal protein supplies are expected to increase 1.75 percent year over year in 2018, increasing competition between species and between exporters.

USDA plans to withdraw contentious organic rule

- The agency said it intends to withdraw the rule because it exceeds its statutory authority beyond the intent of the Organics Food Production Act.

UI researcher honored for clean water innovations

- Greg Moller’s team will be heading for Canada to test the technology’s ability to remove and recover nutrients in agricultural runoff water. Similar testing is planned for the Boise Basin, and testing on dairy...

Low milk prices depress Idaho hay market

- Last winter’s extreme weather pulled down Idaho’s hay stocks for livestock feed, but not enough to boost prices given less demand from dairies.

Large stocks of wheat, corn keep prices down

- Big supplies of corn and wheat around the world dampen the market outlook, but there could be upside if crops in the Southern Hemisphere are tight.

U.S. beef supply growing, balanced by stronger demand

- U.S. cattle inventory and beef production are expected to continue to grow through 2019, and the outlook is promising for domestic consumption and exports.

Russet potato supplies are tight, boosting prices

- With no slowdown in usage through November, the shortfall in this year’s russet potato production in the Pacific Northwest is going to lead to a supply crunch over the next six months.

USDA boosts ag export forecast to $140 billion for year

- USDA is forecasting $140 billion in agricultural exports in FY 2018 and a trade surplus of $23 billion.

USDA leaves no stone unturned to expand trade

- The new USDA undersecretary for trade has visited India, Brazil, Colombia and Panama in the last six weeks to increase opportunities for U.S. exports and imports.

USDA expands school flavored-milk options

- Milk consumption in schools has dropped by 288 million servings since USDA eliminated the option of low-fat flavored milk in 2012.

Western Innovator: Quest for sustainable aquaculture

- Ron Hardy built a fisheries research program respected around the world.

China tariff reduction a boost for U.S. cheese exports

- The reduced tariffs will make U.S. cheese more competitive in the Chinese market, but lack of a free trade agreement with the country continues to put the U.S. at a disadvantage to New Zealand and Australia.

DOT grants waiver to livestock haulers

- Livestock organizations say the available electronic logging devices and driving restrictions are not compatible with transporting livestock and livestock haulers are unprepared to meet the Dec. 18 compliance date.

CDFA extends vote on dairy quota program

- The department has sent out 1,054 ballots, and only 400 had been returned before the deadline was extended from Dec. 4 to Dec. 22. At least 51 percent of eligible producers must vote to advance a stand-alone quota program i...