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Landscape shifting for export hay, analyst says

- The export hay industry in the Northwest is responding to declining hay production in California by putting in new presses and expanding acreage.

Governors recommend specific ESA reforms

- Recommended reforms of the Endangered Species Act would allow collaborative conservation efforts time to work.

Wyoming develops unique solutions to water supply

- Public input was the key to garnering support for Wyoming’s water strategy, which includes improvements to existing dams and building small reservoirs.

Competition for water demands foresight, Idaho House speaker says

- Idaho’s economic growth and expanding population are putting pressure on water supplies, demanding continued commitment from the state Legislature to properly plan for the future.

Reclamation chief revitalizes agency’s infrastructure mission

- It’s a new day at the Bureau of Reclamation with the agency focusing on water infrastructure projects, according to the top administrator.

Tough new trespass law brings implications for agriculture

- Idaho’s new trespass law makes entering a property a punishable offense, which would legally apply to irrigation district employees taking a shortcut to reach a headgate.

Meat exports post strong gains in April

- While U.S. pork and beef exports set records in April, pork exports to Mexico could falter going forward due to Mexico’s retaliatory tariffs on imported U.S. pork.

April dairy exports break record

- U.S. dairy exports surged to an all-time high in April, but retaliatory tariffs on U.S. cheese by Mexico could put a dent in exports there.

USDA green lights California’s new federal milk marketing system

- California’s dairy industry will begin operating under the federal milk marketing order system on Nov. 1.

UI sets annual research tours at Aberdeen, Kimberly

- The morning tours will review research into weed and insect control and crop tolerance and response to herbicides.

Dairy can learn from alternative sectors, experts say

- Communicating with consumers on an emotional level rather than trying to convince them with facts is a good place to start, they say.

Analysts expect some liquidation of U.S. beef cow herd

- Without rain soon, the continuing drought in cattle country is going to put a dent in beef cow numbers. The dry conditions also forced calves into feedlots earlier than usual, resulting in large supplies of fed cattle this ...

Concerns over U.S. tariffs continue to grow

- The Trump administration has removed the tariff exemption on imports of steel and aluminum from Mexico, Canada and the EU, raising concerns of retaliatory tariffs on U.S. agricultural exports.

Land O’Lakes chief executive to retire

- Policinski, who has led the company since 2005, will retire at the end of June.

Agriculture caught in U.S.-China trade dispute

- The back and forth on tariff threats with China has left U.S. agriculture in a tenuous wait-and-see position.

As expected, spring feedlot placements down

- While the roll of cattle into feedlots has slowed, a large amount of early-placed cattle will be coming out of feedlots this summer and pressuring prices.

Speaker encourages women in agriculture to find their strengths

- Women need to identify their strengths and apply those strengths in leadership roles to make their operations more efficient and effective.

Dairy lenders look to the long game

- Northwest Farm Credit Services and Rabo AgriFinance maintain dairy lending through tough times and intend to continue that long-term strategy.

Senate bill would ease restrictions on livestock haulers

- The bill provides flexibility in drive-time restrictions for truckers hauling livestock and insects.

Bureau of Reclamation leader to speak at water law seminar

- The annual seminar will address issues that directly affect Idaho water users.

Organic food sales up 6.4 percent in 2017

- Sales of organic food reached $45.2 billion in 2017 and claimed 5.5 percent of total food sales in the U.S.

‘Got Jobs?’ campaign touts dairy’s economic impact

- The campaign has a website that shows the dairy industry’s economic impact at the national, state and congressional district levels, which dairymen can use to inform legislators and other policy makers about the impo...

Western Innovator: Helping dairy workers stay safe

- Idaho’s safety training for dairy workers is a collaborative approach by dairy producers and processors to heighten worker safety and will soon be on the national stage.

Agriculture weighs in on farm bill failure

- Some farm groups registered deep disappointment in the defeat of the House farm bill on Friday while others said it was deeply flawed.

Economist: Blockchain has a future in agriculture

- In addition to saving time and money, blockchain technology offers better transparency and greater security than conventional transactions.

USDA axes organic checkoff proposal

- USDA pulled the plug on a proposed organic checkoff program due to lack of consensus within the organic industry.

Farmland trust sounds alarm over vanishing farmland

- The continental U.S. lost nearly 31 million acres of farmland between 1992 and 2012, including 11 million acres of prime farm ground.

Optimism wanes in farm country, survey finds

- Trade uncertainties are weighing heavy in farm country, with more than half of respondents in a survey by Purdue University expecting a rocky road for the next five years.

Seattle Seahawk scores win on youth health

- Idaho dairy farmers teamed up with the NFL to celebrate students’ achievements in the Fuel Up to Play 60 initiative focused on encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Dairy co-ops tip scale in FMMO vote

- Bloc voting by the three largest dairy co-ops in California in favor of joining the federal milk marketing order system could clinch the deal, but it’s not official until USDA announces the outcome of the producer re...

Beef industry leaders target sustainability

- The framework to improve sustainability throughout the beef supply chain is meant to provide resources to help all segments of the industry identify areas for improvement and implement changes.

Farm share of food dollar dwindles

- Low commodity prices and increased consumption away from home are decreasing the farmer’s share of the consumer food dollar.

Dairy insurance product based on revenue

- The insurance would be similar to traditional crop insurance and would have a state-level component on per-cow production.

Producer meetings to focus on dairy insurance proposal

- The meetings will walk Idaho producers through the Dairy Revenue Protection proposal developed by American Farm Bureau Federation.

Report: Chinese tariff retaliation would hit ag hardest

- U.S. agriculture can expect a 15 percent drop in net farm income and job losses of about 181,000 if the Trump administration pushes ahead with its latest trade threats to China.

Recharge efforts healing Idaho aquifer

- By joining forces with the region’s canal companies and irrigation districts, the Idaho Water Resource Board is replenishing the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer.

NAFTA breakup would harm U.S. produce growers, analysts say

- A Rabobank report finds the demise of NAFTA would lead to fewer exports of U.S. fruit, tree nuts and vegetables and more imports of produce from Mexico and Canada.

Mexico-EU trade agreement intensifies U.S. dairy concerns

- U.S. cheese exports to Mexico would be restricted from using some common cheese names, threatening well-established markets.

USDA strengthens organic program, enforcement

- The agency has improved capacity for inspections and tightened enforcement, including increased on-site surveillance and unannounced inspections.

U.S. dairy continues to push for more access to Canada

- U.S. dairy groups want NAFTA negotiations to address Canada’s milk-pricing policies and high tariffs on U.S. dairy products.

Nominations open for Young Cattle Producer Conference

- The three-day conference is free but participation is limited to 20. The deadline for participant nominations is May 10.