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28 state AGs want WOTUS implementation delayed

- Nearly 30 states that filed lawsuits against EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers over a new rule defining federal juristdiction under the Clean Water Act are requesting a delay in implementation to allow for judicial review...

Heat, drought take toll on Western milk production

- Challenged by heat and drought, milk production in the West is curbing solid production increases in other parts of the country, such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Cattle on feed up, marketings lower

- Increased cattle on feed numbers are more reflective of feedlots holding cattle longer rather than higher cattle supplies, given decreased marketings of fed cattle and lower slaughter levels.

Opportunity knocks for U.S. dairy exports

- The world will need an additional 45 billion pounds of milk by 2020, offering a lot of opportunity for U.S. exporters. Consistency and the ability to withstand downturns will be key factors for success.

Mid-year cattle inventory confirms expansion

- USDA's July 1 cattle inventory report verifies beef herd expansion with increases in beef cow and heifer repplacement numbers.

U.S. milk prices face downward pressure, analyst says

- U.S. markets, particularly for cheese and butter, have shielded U.S. dairymen from the severe downturn in milk prices in most other production regions. But that insulation isn't expected to hold up in the second half of the...

Growers: Monsanto investment in wheat research will spur industry

- Wheat growers are excited about Monsanto's new Wheat Technology Center in Idaho's Magic Valley, saying technology and innovation will help them catch up to advances in other crops and be more productive and competitive.

Ag questions new Clean Water Act rule

- EPA and Arny Corps of Engineers are meeting with major pushback on the final rule they say is intended to clarify waters protected under the Clean Water Act.

CDFA raises its cap on whey value

- Dairy farmers in California have received recognition from the state ag department that Class 4b milk prices are out of alignment with prices for similar milk across the country. That recognition comes in a significant temp...

Southern Idaho wins food-processing recognition

- Southern Idaho's Magic Valley has won a U.S. Department of Commerce designation as a top manufacturing community in food processing, putting the region's accomplishments in the national spotlight.

Lawyers outline Idaho reservoir refill resolution

- A negotiated settlement earlier this year in the upper Snake water system firms up the right to physically fill a reservoir even if the accounting shows it full on paper and establishes the right to refill water evacuated f...

Idaho targets water-quality challenges

- Idaho stakeholders have tools to meet water-quality standards in a cost-effective manner, but many challenges exist regarding designated uses of water bodies and water-quality trading.

PerforMix expands production to Magic Valley

- Animal-nutrition company PerforMix, a subsidiary of AgriBeef Co. in Boise, broke ground on a liquid-supplement production facility in Rupert in a continued celebration of the Magic Valley's burgeoining ag processing industry.

WOW expands dairy storage, distribution in Idaho

- WOW Logistics, a nationwide dairy storage, distribution and finance company based in Wisconsin, is expanding its facilities in Jerome, Idaho, to meet the growing needs of Idaho's booming dairy manufacturers.

Glanbia to train 40 new workers with state help

- Idaho Department of Labo rhas committed workforce training funds to Glanbia Foods to train new workers at its Cheese Innovation Centerin Twin Falls and at its Gooding production facility.

Western United Dairymen hires new CEO

- Western United Dairymen's new CEO has held senior positions with Madera County Farm Bureau and California Asparagus Commission as well as with national and state legislators.

EPA falls under scrutiny at Senate Judiciary hearing

- EPA was held up as a prime example of the ills in the U.S. regulatory system and congressional oversight during a June 10 hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

U.S. ag exports expected to fall $12 billion

- UISDA trade analysist are expecting a $12 billion year-over-year decline in U.S. ag expors in FY 2015, primarily due to the strong U.S. dollar.

Structured decision-making avoids traps, economist says

- On-farm decision-making can be waylaid by lack of structure, bias and psychological traps.

Calif. dairy producers hope for price relief

- California's dairy producers and cheese processors proposed adjustments to the whey value in the pricing of milk to manufacture cheese. But the price spread between their proposasl swould have amounted to $1.05 per hundred...

Idaho strengthens sage grouse protection

- An executive order by Idaho Gov. Butch Otter that puts legal authority behind the state's sage grouse protection plan reiterates the state's proposal for management on federal lands.