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USDA extends comment period for organic checkoff

- The checkoff is strongly supported by the Organic Trade Association and staunchly opposed by the No Organic Checkoff Coalition.

Voluntary pooling biggest issue in CA marketing proposal

- The question for co-ops and milk producers could get down to how many processors might opt out of the pool and paying minimum milk prices.

Organic certifiers de-stress transition

- Organic certification is not an all-or-nothing proposition. A mistake or violation could lead to a field losing certification but not the whole farm.

Panel explores building local food economy

- Growing the local food economy is challenged by Idaho’s climate, the need for year-round production and a lack of processing capacity.

California dairy groups weigh USDA marketing order proposal

- Led by the state’s three major dairy co-ops, the initiative came from years of frustration over the price producers receive for milk going into cheese vats.

Water managers lay out Idaho’s water issues

- Returning the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer aquifer to a sustainable level is a monumental task that must be achieved.

Idaho dairymen trying to mitigate flooding

- Unprecedented flooding in Southern Idaho raises concerns over regulatory compliance. State veterinarian says run-on and runoff of water in the current situation has been beyond producers’ control.

Beekeeper develops ‘smart bee’ winter storage system

- Initial results of the “smart bee storage” facility show winter death loss at 6 to 7 percent.

U.S. dairy industry rallies against Canadian dairy scheme

- Dairy organization and state departments of agriculture are urging President Trump to discuss a change in Canada’s milk pricing policy with Prime Minister Trudeau.

Severe flooding hits Southern Idaho hard

- Widespread flooding is damaging crops and fields and stressing livestock.

Idaho Power offers incentives for energy efficiency

- Idaho Power paid nearly $2 million in irrigation efficiency incentives in 2016.

Electrical safety on the farm demands thinking ahead

- Safe habits around electricity take the same mindset as buckling a seatbelt before every excursion.

House kicks BLM planning rule closer to curb

- Senate passage of a joint resolution to repeal the Planning 2.0 rule would send it to the White House for President Trump’s signature.

Water quality affects pesticide performance

- Water acidity, minerals and suspended solids can all have a negative effect on the efficacy of pesticides.

U.S. beef herd expansion not done yet

- USDA’s annual cattle inventory surprised many analysts, who thought the beef herd expansion was winding down.

Oregon professional to lead southern Idaho economic development

- New executive director will focus on talent attraction and business recruitment in the expanding business atmosphere of southern Idaho.

Senate, House resolutions would overturn BLM Planning 2.0

- Livestock groups feel good about the chances of overturning the rule, saying legistlators have been made aware of its numerous problems by their constituents.

Organic growers differ on transitional certification

- USDA’s new National Certified Transition Program to provide uniform standards and oversight for organic certifying agents is viewed by some as helpful and by others as adding more confusion for consumers.

Harsh winter challenges Idaho dairies

- Snow, ice and extremely cold temperatures are taking a toll on dairy cows and newborn calves, with losses significantly higher than normal this time of year.

Glanbia announces joint venture for new Michigan plant

- The new cheese and whey facility would utilize the growing milk supply in Michigan.

Water conference set for Feb. 16 in Burley

- The conference was organized in conjunction with a visiting Smithsonian exhibit on the environmental, cultural and historical significance of water.

USDA lowers hurdle for transitioning to organic

- USDA is accepting applications from organic certifying agents for the first round of a new transitional program through Feb. 28.

Organic conference returns to Twin Falls

- The conference will focus on organic practices, risk-management strategies, pollinator and beneficial insect habitat and the region’s burgeoning organic grain production.

Dairy organization petitions for immigration reform

- Idaho dairy producers are gathering signatures on a petition to hasten federal legislation for an effective visa program for dairy workers.

Organic checkoff proposal exposes a split in industry

- The checkoff could raise more than $30 million annually for the organic industry to use for production-based research, on-farm technical assistance, consumer and producer education and brand promotion.

Soil health workshop set for Burley

- The workshop will feature a direct seeding and cover crop project by the Minidoka Soil and Water Conservation District.

Toxic plants cost ranchers $300M a year; management key to prevention

- Identifying toxic plants on rangeland is the first step, researchers say.

Tom Vilsack to take helm of U.S. Dairy Export Council

- Talk in the industry of Vilsack leading USDEC begin in early December; his acceptance of the position was formally announced today.

Supreme Court to hear WOTUS appeal

- The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review a 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals assertion of jurisdiction to hear challenges to Waters of the U.S. rule

Utah ranchers forming LLC in innovative grazing plan

- Ranchers in northern Utah are consolidating their grazing permits and livestock to implement rest rotational grazing across 10 allotments and 136,000 acres.

Cold, snow challenge cattle producers

- A winter storm left cattle producers caring for their herds through bitter cold.

U.S. House moves to rein in regulation

- U.S. House of Representatives is making quick headway on regulatory reform, but it remains to be seen how legislation will fare in the Senate.

Mexican veterinarians sue Idaho dairy

- They claim in a lawsuit that the dairy fraudulently recruited them, promising professional-level employment but forcing them to work as general laborers.

USDA moves to dismiss HSUS pork trademark lawsuit

- Pork producers say USDA’s motion is long overdue but still chastises the agency for entering into settlement talks with HSUS.

New Idaho Cattle Association chief ready to ride

- Mulrony grew up across the Idaho border near Clarkston, Wash., and graduated from the University of Idaho at Moscow.

Idaho livestock research facility back in spotlight

- Significantly renewed efforts to establish a state-of-the-art research and teaching facility focused on sustainability in dairy production are expected to gain ground in this legislative session.

Western Innovator: Researcher studies how fish digest

- The new director of the University of Idaho Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station is passionate about how living things work, and why.