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Bird flu, drought boost tab for Thanksgiving meal 70 cents

- This year's traditional Thanksgiving meal at about $50 for 10 people will only cost consumers 70 cents more than last year, and farmers will receive less than 20 percent of those food purchases.

Western governors home in on species conservation

- The governor of Wyoming wants states to take a greater role in conserving species on the Endangered Species List.

Extension educator keys on sustainability

- New Minnidoka County Extension Educator Carlo Moreno comes to Idaho with a penchant for identifying problems and working with producers to solve them.

Zeolites filter showing results in capturing ammonia, odor

- University research on reducing ammonia emissions from manure effluent could help dairies reduce impacts from odor.

Organic 101 workshop set for Twin Falls Dec. 3

- An organic workshop in Twin Falls, Idaho, is aimed at helping farmers meet the growing demand for organic production.

Strong dollar, faltering economies challenge meat exports

- U.S. beef exports to Japan and Hong Kong are down drastically this year, contributing to a 13 percent decrease in volume and a 10 percent decrease in value of total U.S. beef exports through September

Southern Idaho farmers experiment with cover crops

- Farmers in Idaho's Magic Valley who are experimenting with cover crops and direct seeding say the practices are the way of the future for agriculture.

More California farmers trade dairy for nuts, analysts say

- More California acreage, including cropland on dairies, is being converting to nut orchards, raising questions as to the impact on California's future milk production.

FDA shuts down Idaho juice company

- The owner of a juice company in Ketchum, Idaho, has hired a technical consultant to get his company's HACCP plan into FDA compliance.

Researchers target seed enhancement in rangeland restoration

- Encapsulating sagebrush seed within pillows or pellets of desirable materials holds promise for increasing the liklihood of emergence and good seed-soil contact to restore western rangelands.

Red meat industry disputes WHO cancer finding

- A World Health Organization panel has formally linked the consumption of red meat to cancer despite numerous studies moving in the other direction, according to the U.S. red meat industry.

Physician group wants hot dogs off school menus

- A physicians group that supports a vegan diet has peitioned USDA to pull processed meat from school menus following a World Health Organization decision to classify those products as a carcinogen.

Rancher: Living with wildfire is about balance

- Wildfire suppression and rangeland restoration is making progress in the Jarbidge resource management area of south-central Idaho through a partnership between ranchers and BLM and research and technical support from the Un...

No new cases of illness linked to dairy’s raw milk

- Idaho health officials see no ongoing illnesses related to an investigation of raw milk purchased from a dairy in Kuna.

Dairy industry urges Senate action on COOL

- Organizations representing the U.S. dairy industry are asking the Senate to solve the long-running trade dispute with Canada and Mexico over country-of-origin labeling before those countries retaliate.

How conventional farmers make the transition to organic

- Demand for organic food is booming with no sign of slowing, opening the door for farmers to take advantage of higher prices for organically grown crops. Getting certified, however, takes three years and a steep learning cur...

Dairy industry targets millennial consumers

- Promoting consumer confidence has always been a focus of the dairy checkoff. Its lasest evolution is optimizing social media to get the "dairy good" story out to the next generation.

Sheep festival preserves, shares heritage

- Annual sheep festival honors herder heritage.

Report highlights dairy industry progress in sustainability

- Sustaniability is top of mind with consumers, and it's becoming increasingly important for the U.S. dairy industry to communicate its efforts in that regard.

Economist: U.S. ag in reset mode as world growth slows

- After 10 years of wealth in agriculture, global economics are pressing the reset button on ag and rural areas.

Feedlot placements down but pipeline building

- Placement of cattle into feedlots in August was below industry expectations, but much more is needed to relieve large inventories of beef on the hoof and strengthen prices.

Idaho sues Interior, USDA over sage grouse plans

- Celebration over the Interior Department's decision that an ESA listing for sage grouse is unwarranted is being tempered by last-minute amendments to federal land-use plans for sage grouse habitat.

Ag economist: Keep eye on global slowdown

- Sluggish economies and political unrest in countries worldwide could easily filter back to put a hit on U.S. agriculture.