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Carol Ryan Dumas

Southern Idaho Reporter
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Ryan Dumas, Carol

Jerome High School expands ag offerings

- Jerome High School is expanding its ag education program to meet a growing need. This fall, the program will add eight new course, including upper-level animal science and food science, an additional instructor and an addit...

Rancher, conservationist Bud Purdy dies at 96

- Rancher and conservationist Bud Purdy, 96, died at his ranch on Silver Creek west of Picabo, Idaho, on Monday. Purdy was highly regarded as an early adopter and promoter of rangeland stewardship and rest rotation grazing.

Dairy margin insurance offers flexibility

- The new dairy margin protection program in the farm bill provides a better safety net and more flexibility to producers, offering them another risk-management tool. With an expected short sign-up period, producers are being...

Study: Deserts provide significant carbon sink

- 10-year study finds deserts contribute more to offsetting carbon dioxide emissions than previously thought.

New officers take the reins of Idaho FFA

- Idaho's new state FFA officers are excited about the year ahead of serving members and promoting FFA goals. The officers were elected Saturday at the close of the 2014 State Leadership Conference in Twin Falls.

Idaho FFA taps Star members

- Four Idaho students join the elite ranks of state Star recipients during the 2014 State Leadership Conference in Twin Falls on Friday.

Rabobank: Strong beef markets to continue

- Tight cattle supplies, drought in U.S., Brazil and Australia and extraordinary growth in China's beef imports add up to positive fundamentals in the global beef arena.

Dairy groups welcome voluntary GMO labeling bill

- Dairy organizations support a bill requiring FDA to set national standards for voluntray labeling of food and beverages regarding the absence or presence of GMO ingredients.

Dairy product prices continue to move lower

- Consumer pushback,slowing exports, increased global milk supply, and an expected increase in U.S. milk supply are pressuring dairy prices lower.

Idaho FFA officers reflect on their tenure

- Idaho State FFA officers are finishing out their year of service this week at the State Leadership Conference in Twin Falls. It was a fast-paced year of building their own skills and serving members by helping them enhance...

Dairymen enjoy record-high milk prices

- Despite record-high milk prices and lower feed costs, dairymen in the western U.S. aren't making any moves to expand production beyond slowing cull rates. Instead, they are focused on recovering from the extreme downturn in...

Analysts expect dairy feed costs to drop

- Planting intentions, stocks and better weather in most of the U.S. are expected to bring significantly lower costs for this year's feed crops. Combined with high milk prices, it's shaping up to be a profitable year for dair...

Climate ‘hubs’ to offer farmers help

- In an effort to help farmers, ranchers and foresters mitigate the risks of climate change, USDA has created regional climate hubs to provide producers with information and strategies to adddress eratic weather conditions. ...

Climate change accelerates

- USDA is establishing regional climate hubs to help ag producers with accelerated climate change, which is causing erratic weather patterns and extreme events.The scientific community says warming temperatures are behind th...

Dairy margins projected healthy through 2023

- High milk prices fueled by international demand for dairy products combined with declining feed costs should lead to strong profit margins for dairymen in 2014.  Income over feed projections by the University of Missou...

More record prices ahead for cattle, analysis predicts

- Fed and feeder steer prices are set to break records in 2014 and should remain high for a few years until U.S. producers have a chance to rebuild the national herd. Fed steer prices are projected in the mid $180s per hundre...

Rabobank: Milk output hike to lower prices

- Growing global milk production is expected to ease milk prices in the second quarter of the year, but margins will remain attractive for U.S. producers through 2014. U.S. production has lagged the global trend, with many fa...

U.S. milk production up 1.4 percent

- The U.S. national average all-milk price has been above $20 per hundredweight since September, but milk production in response is only creeping up slowly. Production in the 23 selected milk-producing states was up 1.4 perce...

U.S. fertilizer prices heat up

- U.S. fertilizer prices have been moving up since the beginning of the year, but farmers are seeing lower prices than last spring.

Idaho trout sales up 2 percent in 2013

- Idaho trout sales were up in 2013 due to an increase in price, but production was down due to a decline in fish numbers.

UI researches ammonia, odor reductions

- University of Idaho researchers have found that subsurface injection of liquid manure from dairies reduces ammonia emissions by 68 percent and odor by 33 percent compared with surface broadcast application.

California losing dairies, cows

- California lost 67 dairies and more than 45,000 cows in 2013, which dairymen contend is largely a result of milk prices that are significantly lower than prices in federal milk marketing orders. Producers and co-ops are see...

Canada moves away from sow gestation crates

- Canada's hog industry is moving away from sow gestation stalls, requiring new or rebuilt installations to house sows in groups. Existing facilities will not be forced to renovate but must provide larger stalls to allow more...

Outlook bright for dairy producers

- It's expected to be a good year for dairy producers, enjoying high milk prices and lower feed costs. Strong exports are expected to continue, and milk prices are expected to stay high. Dairymen in the West, however, will be...

Chobani expanding Twin Falls yogurt plant

- Chobani is expanding its Greek yogurt plant in Twin Falls, Idaho, to add new packaging and filling areas. The 27,568 square-foot expansion carries a price tag of $3.544 million The city issued a permit Feb. 13, and construc...

Rabobank: Grain prices moderating

- World grain supplies are rebuilding and moderating prices, but there are some wild cards in the mix, including production in South America and Chinese demand. But moderating prices are already boosting margins for dairy and...

Drought, exports drive hay markets

- Hay prices in most of the country are expected to decline in 2014 due to widespread drought recovery. But prices for hay, particularly alfalfa, in the West are expected to remain strong and higher than the national average ...

Farmers need to be stewards of GMO crops, supporter says

- The agricultural industry needs to take stewardship of genetically engineered crops that are helping produce safe food with higher yields and fewer pesticides.

Biotech benefits ag, environment, consumers

- The public readily accepts biotechnology in science and medicine, but when it comes to agriculture it's a different story. Biotechnology has brought numerous benefits to farmers and consumers, and thousands of studies suppo...

Idaho Power offers incentives for irrigation efficiency

- Idaho Power is offering incentives to ag land irrigators in its Irrigation Efficiency Rewards program. One option pays a portion of the cost of repairs and replacements to improve system efficiencies and the other option pa...

Cassia County approves slaughter facility

- Cassia County has approved a conditional use permit for a cattle slaughter facility near Burley, Idaho. Construction is set to begin this spring. The facility will eventually process 500 head a day.

Beef processor looks to expand to Idaho

- A Utah beef processor is considering expanding operations to jerome, Idaho, with a new $7.5 million, 25,000-square-foot plant that would process 300 animals a day. If plans work out it could open in 1 1/2 years.

South-central Idaho water outlook improves

- February storms added much-needed precipitation to basins in southern Idaho, bringing many closer to normal and improving the outlook for irrigation supplies.