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U.S. cattle inventory hits nine-year high

- While the beef cow herd shows the industry is continuing herd expansion, replacement heifer numbers suggest that heifer retention is slowing and expansion is winding down.

National Milk welcomes improvements to MPP

- While improvements to the Dairy Margin Protection Program remain a work in progress, NMPF says the Senate committee’s lower premiums and higher threshold for free coverage for the first 5 million pounds of milk produ...

California quota proposal nears finish line

- California’s quota system came about in the late 1960s as a means to compensate milk producers selling into the higher Class I market and gain their support for establishing a state marketing order.

Atypical BSE case won’t change U.S. risk status, USDA says

- The atypical form of BSE detected in an Alabama cow occurs spontaneously and rarely in older cattle and is not contagious, experts say.

Dairymen to tee off for charity

- Rabo AgriFinance and Western States Caterpillar are throwing their support behind an organization that supports victims of domestic violence by cosponsoring a charity golf tournament for Rabo’s dairy clients to raise...

Irrigators want investigation of fish management

- Temperatures were high and flows were low in the Columbia-Snake river system in the spring of 2015, yet fisheries managers ignored requests by NOAA to begin barging juvenile salmon and steelhead downriver, an irrigator grou...

EU-Japan trade agreement worries U.S. ag groups

- The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement announced last week will give the EU a significant competitive edge over U.S. dairy and meat exports.

Coors field day draws hundreds

- Idaho growers produce one-third of the barley used in Coors beer and are expected to produce 8 million bushels for the company in 2017.

Global milk production modestly recovering

- Rabobank predicts low feed prices will keep U.S. dairymen slightly profitable.

Market disruptions changing beef trade

- U.S. beef exports have benefited from market disruptions in several competing countries, and domestic demand has been strong. But increasing supplies and slowing seasonal demand has Rabobank analysts projecting an end to th...

Organic food sales jump 8.4 percent in 2016

- Fruits and vegetables continue to lead the way in organic food sales, but proteins and condiments made big gains in 2016.

Oregon dairy among sustainability award winners

- This year’s winners represent the dairy industry’s efforts to continuously improve sustainability.

Groups file suit against Hawaii dairy

- The lawsuit alleges a Hawaiian dairy, owned by an Idaho family, has and continues to illegally discharge wastewater into streams that flow into the Pacific Ocean.

Farm groups cheer EPA move to roll back WOTUS

- EPA intends to rescind the controversial rule and take another crack at defining waters of the U.S. under the Clean Water Act.

Global coalition keeps heat on Canada’s dairy policy

- A new national milk pricing policy in Canada, following a similar move in Ontario, is drawing criticism from the international dairy community and a call for intervention.

UI plans workshops on manure, dairy goats and sheep

- The manure and compost application workshop is free. The dairy goat and sheep workshop is $30 with preregistration until July 21 and $40 after and includes lunch.

Cattlemen get update on traceability

- There will be a lot of hoops to jump through in exporting beef to China, with traceability at the top of the list.

Tour offers update on research progress

- The University of Idaho updated industry members on the wide array of research taking place this summer at the Kimberly Research and Extension center.

UI research initiatives support animal agriculture

- Agricultural research at the University of Idaho is disproportionately geared toward plant-based agriculture, given a big shift to livestock production in the state, but efforts are afoot to transform the college of agricul...

U.S. dairy gains more access to China

- U.S. dairy companies that have been frozen out of the Chinese market while a new registration process was being developed will soon have the opportunity to register for access.

Cattle thief gets suspended sentence, ordered to pay restitution

- The Idaho judge in a case of cattle theft wasn’t buying any of the defendant’s claims of justification for stealing cattle in sentencing him to 12 years probation contingent upon full restitution.

Western Innovator: Helping Western landscapes go native

- A University of Idaho researcher’s love of native plants and recognition that water is a limited resource in the West has led to the domestication of native ornamental species for residential landscapes.

Nebraska packer first to ship beef to China

- Greater Omaha Packing processes 14,000 to 15,000 steers weekly and already had systems in place to meet the criteria of 68 foreign countries, including China.

Analysts lay out NAFTA scenarios for dairy

- Renegotiation of NAFTA would likely bring more upside than downside to U.S. dairy, increased risk to Canadian dairy and an effective status quo for Mexico, according to a new report by RaboResearch.

U.S. beef industry gets roadmap to China market

- China’s requirements for U.S. beef include animal traceability and no growth promotants, which will take time and effort for the U.S. industry to meet.

Export picture brightens for U.S. dairy

- Higher world prices are making U.S. dairy products more competitive with other exporting countries.

How Trump’s budget proposal would impact USDA

- Budget cuts proposed for USDA, the largest of which is in nutrition assistance.

U.S. meat exports slower but still solid in April

- U.S. beef exports volumes were 13 percent higher year over year in April, and pork exports were 8 percent higher.

Idaho cattle producers impressed with Perdue, Zinke

- The Trump administration’s focus on collaboration between agencies and stakeholders and its position of aggressively managing issues has Idaho cattle producers optimistic about better management of public lands.

California FMMO would have significant implications

- A federal milk marketing order for California should increase prices and stabilize milk production but could bring significant changes to the industry.

Judge again delays sentencing in cattle theft case

- Jason Anderson testified he had no choice but to sell another producer’s cattle because the owner only paid him sporadically, he couldn’t get in touch with the owner and he was in jeopardy of losing his own co...

Federal marketing order would jeopardize quota program, Rabobank analysts say

- Rabobank analysts say when California dairy producers see clearly on their milk check that the majority of them are losing money in the state’s quota program, the tide will turn on support.

Ag dean wants to elevate University of Idaho

- Michael Parrella started with University of Idaho a little over a year ago after having served 15 years as chairman of the Department of Entomology and Nematology and 10 years as associate dean of Agricultural Sciences at t...