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Forecast: Seeds, nuts top ‘superfoods’ for 2015

- Seeds and nuts will top the list of "what's in" when it comes to healthy eating in 2015. Kale, coconut products, Greek yogurt and avocados will also prevail. Consumers are also welcoming fat back into their diets, according...

Women in Agriculture focuses on marketing

- The 4th Annual Women in Agriculture Conferece in the Pacific Northwest focused on marketing and branding, highlighting a successful direct marketing operation in Washington's Walls Walla Valley.

Beef, pork groups critical of dietary recommendations

- Beef and pork organizations are urging USDA and Department of Human Health to acknowledge the role of lean meat in a healthy diet following a recommendation by the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee that Americans l...

Boise company first to export meat to Myanmar

- Boise-based Agri Beef became the first U.S. company to ship meat to Myanmar, a developing country in Southeast Asia.

Analysts: Hay prices at point of no return

- Despite short-term challenges in the western hay market, global demand for quality hay and production constraints will continue upward pressure on prices.

Rabobank explores cow-calf confinement to rebuild beef herd

- Limited land for grazing will challenge cow-calf producers' efforts to expand the beef herd, but viable alternitive production methods can be found in confined and semi-confined systems, according to Rabobank.

USDA projects four years of declining milk prices

- USDA is forecasting a large drop in milk prices this year followed by three years of slower declines before stabilizing. Domestic use and exports of dairy products are forecast for continued growth.

Analyst expects contra-seasonal market trend

- A Cattlefax analyst says despite tight supplies in the beef industry, other factors are pointing to a contra-seasonal market trend in the cattle business.

Agreement raises hopes for beef checkoff reform

- Efforts to increase the beef checkoff assessment seem to be gaining momentum after they were stalled last fall due to disagreements over program governance.

Ranchers critical to sage grouse conservation, report shows

- The partnership between ranchers and USDA through the Sage Grouse Initiative is demonstrating success for sage grouse and working landscapes.

Second-half slowdown curbs 2014 dairy exports

- U.S. dairy exports were up 6 percent year over year in 2014 with a significant slump in the second half of the year tempering aggressive buying in the first half of the year.

U.S. hide, skin, leather exports hit record in 2014

- U.S. exports of hides, skins and semi-processed leather topped $2.85 billion in 2014, breaking the previous record set in 2013, with the majority of product going to China.

Idaho ag exports double over six years

- Idaho has doubled its agricultural exports since 2007, growing to nearly $2.6 billion in 2013.

COOL challengers drop lawsuit against USDA

- Meatpackers and their allis have dropped a July 2013 lawsuit against USDA to block implementation of country of origin labeling

California dairy co-ops petition for federal marketing order

- California dairy co-ops petition USDA to allow the state's milk producers to operate under a federal milk marketing order rather than their state milk-pricing system.

Idaho Ag Dept. requests funding for 6 new positions

- The Idaho Agriculture Department is requesting additional funding and spending authority for six new positions to meet growing demand from the state's ag industries.

Organic agriculture has room to grow in Idaho

- Organic food companies new to Idaho could provide future opportunities for Idaho organic growers, but growers might have to adapt to meet the companies' needs.

Beef herd expansion more aggressive than anticipated

- USDA's Jan. 1 cattle inventory report brought several surprises to industry watchers, revealing signs of faster-than-anticipated beef herd expansion.

Agencies withdraw controversial Clean Water Act rule

- Federal agencies have withrawn controversial guidelines pertaining to agricultural exemptions for discharge permits under the Clean Water Act.

Dairy processors promote overhaul of milk pricing

- Dairy processors have adopted policy to promote changing regulated milk pricing in the U.S. to market-based pricing, noting advantages in othe rprice- deregulated countries.

Herd expansion analysis shows cow-calf profits

- Cow-calf operators won't see the $550 per cow profits they enjoyed in 2015 in the expansion years ahead, but there's still plenty of opportunity to profit.

Women in Ag conference to target marketing

- The 4th annual Women in Agriculture conference is set for Twin Falls, Idaho, on Feb. 21 with a focus on marketing and will broadcast to 28 other locations in the Pacific Northwest.

IDFA: Regulations hinder innovation, opportunity

- International Dairy Foods Association, representing processors, is calling for changes in milk pricing and product standards to allow for innovation to meet the needs of growing and changing consumer demand.

Documentary chronicles evolution of high lift pumping on Snake River

- A new documentary, 10 years in the making, chronicles the evolution of high-lift pumping to irrigate Snake River plateaus in Idaho. The film was written and produced by Idaho videographer Randy Quigley.

PCN water supply forecasts mixed

- Iirrigation water supplies for Washington and Idaho are shaping up to be adequate overall for the coming growing season. Oregon's outlook is yet uncertain, however, and California is again facing deficits.

December feedlot placements down 8 percent

- Analysts view the latest USDA cattle on feed report as moderately bullish and as showing signs of heifer retention for herd rebuilding.

Public support for grazing strong in Idaho

- A University of Idaho survey of Idaho residents shows a 90 percent approval rating for livestock grazing on public lands and a high level of trust in Idaho's public lands ranchers.

U.S. milk production up, prices down

- U.S. milk production continues to increase, and milk prices continue a downward trend from record highs seen this fall. Analysts don't look for rmarket recovery until mid year but are forecasting continued moderate feed co...

Case could impact dairies, livestock operations nationwide

- A district court ruling this week applying RCRA regulations to manure for the first time in history has serious implications for livestock producers nationwide.

Organic conference targets cover crops

- Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides will present an organic conference on using cover crops to enhance soil fertility in Twin Falls on Jan. 30

Agri-Action set for Feb. 5-7 in Twin Falls

- The trade show with accompanying seminars for farmers will be at the Expo Center of the College of Southern Idaho.

Wearable technology is farming of the future

- Wearable technology is the next wave to hit agriculture. Smart glasses will be like wearing a computer, providing quick and efficient hands-free communication and data transfer.

U.S. ag sees potential in Cuba trade

- U.S. ag organizations pushing to end the U.S. embargo on Cuba contend there is plenty of opportunity in Cuba if the U.S. government allowed the country to purchase U.S. food and ag commodities on credit rather than cash in ...

California tops in margin insurance sign-ups

- Dairy producers nationwide have enrolled more than half of the U.S. milk production in the new federal Milk Margin Protection Program. Participation details were released Friday morning by USDA Farm Service Agency.

DOD airlifts dairy, produce to Pacific commissaries

- The Department of Defense has begun airlifting dairy products and produce to military commissaries in the Pacific as shipping delays at West Coast ports have led to empty store shelves.

Ag coalition urges normalized trade with Cuba.

- U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba is pushing to lift longstanding U.S sanction on Cuba and liberalize trade in an effort to improve economic opportunities for both countries.

Calif. dairy groups file lawsuit against water board

- California Dairy Campaign, Western United Dairymen and Milk Producers Council, representing dairymen, have filed suit against the California Water ResourcesControl Board over dramatic increases in annual waterquality permi...

Chobani says press reports of turmoil aren’t true

- Chobani says reports by the New York Post of turmoil at the Greek yogurt company, based on allegations from unnamed sources, are false and rresponsible.

Diversification brings fish farmer success

- Leo Ray has built a successful aquaculture business in Idaho's Hagerman Valley through diversity, innovation and strict attention to customer service.

Strong U.S. dollar to challenge global fertilizer demand

- A strong U.S. dollar and lower commodity crop prices could strain global fertilizer demand and will likely lead to flat to lower potash and phosphate demand in North America iin 2015.

Dairy economists forecast milk margins below $8

- Economists with the University of Wisconsin forecast much lower milk prices in 2015, coming off a remarkable year in 2014. Margins over feed costs are expected to drop below $8 per hundredweight of milk.