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Farm groups divided over House farm bill

- Most major farm groups support the House draft of the next farm bill but note needed improvements as the process moves forward. Others, however, are calling out what they consider grave failures.

Livestock groups pleased with first draft of farm bill

- Beef and pork producers say first-year funding to establish a vaccine bank for foot and mouth disease is a good first step. Dairy producers say the bill improves risk management but more needs to be done.

Revised MPP should pay off for smaller producers

- With significantly lower premiums for the first 5 million pounds of milk production, MPP offers effective protection for smaller dairy producers.

Animal welfare groups join lawsuit over USDA organic rules

- The lawsuit targets USDA’s failure to implement a final rule regarding organic livestock and poultry practices and its intention to withdraw the rule.

House Ag Committee unveils farm bill

- Committee Chairman Mike Conaway said with no new money, the next farm bill demands some hard decisions but he believes the House proposal provides an adequate safety net.

Clouds linger over dairy markets, analysts say

- Dairy farmers can expect the rough patch to continue before global supply and demand start to rebalance in the second half of the year.

U.S. pulse plantings projected to decline

- USDA expects dry edible bean plantings to be down 3 percent, following a 12 percent increase in 2017 over 2016. It also expects plantings of dry edible peas and Austrian winter peas to continue their decline and lentil acre...

Livestock Hall of Fame celebrates newest inductees

- This year’s event honored six couples for their wide range of contributions to the Southern Idaho livestock industry.

USDA: California milk prices higher in federal system

- A USDA economic analysis of California joining the federal milk marketing order system suggests the blend price to producers would average 45 cents per hundredweight higher in the federal system than in the current state or...

Simplot CEO announces his retirement

- Bill Whitacre has been with the company for 18 years, serving as CEO for the past nine years.

Brazilian company acquires control of National Beef

- Marfrig’s acquisition of National Beef will make it the second-largest beef processor in the world and gives it access to more markets, including Japan and South Korea.

New Idaho FFA state officers ready to serve

- The Idaho State Leadership Conference concluded this weekend with new state officers who want to enrich the FFA experience for members across the state.

CWT changing direction on dairy exports

- Cooperatives Working Together will focus its strategy on building long-term export opportunities for cooperatives, rather than spot sales.

Trump adviser credits FFA for his success

- The White House agricultural adviser says FFA gave him the skills, experience and confidence to meet challenges and successfully advocate for agriculture.

Profit outlook mixed for Northwest agriculture

- Most agricultural commodities in the Northwest are expected to show varying degrees of black ink in 2018, but milk producers can expect their share of negative margins.

Dairy farmers urged to consider improved margin insurance

- The improved Margin Protection Program for Dairy has significantly lower premiums on a producer’s first 5 million pounds of milk production. Enrollment will be open from April 9 through June 1.

Outgoing Idaho FFA officers wrap up a year of growth

- Leaders bid farewell with fond memories, new insights, gratitude and advice for incoming officers.

Anxiety mounting over China’s retaliatory tariffs

- The escalating trade war between the U.S. and China is alarming folks in farm country, who are already struggling with economic hardship.

Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer recharge shatters record

- As of March 22, the Idaho Water Resource Board had sent nearly 360,000 acre-feet of water flowing back to the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer.

Milk production increases in the West

- University of Wisconsin economists say milk production seems to be trending westward while slowing in the Northeast and Midwest.

U.S. pork bears brunt of Chinese tariffs

- The U.S. pork industry is hopeful the 25 percent increase in tariffs on pork exports to China will be short-lived.

USDA issues final decision on new federal marketing order

- The referendum on the proposal will be held April 2 through May 5. USDA will be hosting a public meeting on the proposal on April 10 in Clovis.

Farm groups relieved by new S. Korea trade deal

- The revised KORUS trade agreement announced this week retains the critical components that continue to provide opportunities for U.S. agricultural exports.

Economists forecast slow recovery for milk prices

- Increasing production in the U.S. and the EU are big factors in the slow road back.

Study of Wood River aquifer shows poor recharge retention

- The Wood River Aquifer is so small that retention rates are poor, with nearly all recharge water flowing back into the Big Wood River within a year.

Omnibus bill includes manure reporting exemption

- Restoring EPA’s exemption for reporting manure emissions and another delay in the requirement for livestock haulers to use electronic logging devices top the list of wins for animal agriculture.

Research focuses on varroa mite control

- Because developing varroa mites are sealed inside a capped brood cell with developing bee larvae, they are protected from miticides. Artificially forcing the colony to become broodless for a short period would eliminate tho...

Eastern Idaho potato growers prevail in PCN case

- The judge did not vacate the pale cyst nematode program but ordered USDA to correct its errors in the rulemaking process and issue a concluding statement or new protocols.

USDEC boosts its dairy export efforts

- Growing U.S. dairy exports to accommodate growing milk production will demand more attention to markets in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as defending and growing other critical export markets.

Idaho legislators vote to reimburse ranchers

- Idaho House members said the state failed in its responsibility to protect state sovereignty over stockwater rights on federal land, and the two Owyhee County ranchers who prevailed in restoring those rights should be compe...

Honey production down across U.S., but increases in NW

- Drought in the Midwest took a toll on honey production in 2017, but good weather in the Northwest raised production there.

U.S. House bill addresses high risk of suicide among farmers

- The legislation would reauthorize the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network program, which was authorized in the 2008 Farm Bill but never funded.

Exempting manure emissions from CERCLA gains momentum

- A bill introduced in the House on Wednesday clarifying that emissions reporting does not apply to farms follows a similar bill introduced in the Senate on Feb. 13.

DOT again delays ELD mandate for livestock haulers

- Livestock groups say the compliance delay will give the Department of Transportation more time to educate livestock haulers on electronic logging devices while the livestock industry works on solutions to drive-time limitat...

New certification goes beyond organic

- The Regenerative Organic Certification is open to organic producers certified by USDA, but it sets a higher bar for soil health and animal welfare and adds standards for social fairness for farmers and workers.

Chobani, Clif Bar invest in innovative partnerships

- Chobani is investing in its third round of start-up food companies across the country, and Clif Bar is funding organic grain-breeding research at Washington State University.

USDA clears the way for California FMMO

- After delaying the process for establishing a federal milk marketing order for California to guard against legal challenges, USDA is now ready to move ahead.

USDA withdraws organic livestock rule

- The Organic Trade Associations says it will continue to fight USDA over its failure to implement the rule and that its case is gaining significant momentum in the organic community.

UI ag research yields healthy return on investment, study finds

- The need for funding to address the aging infrastructure of the University of Idaho’s agricultural research centers led to an analysis of the economic impact of research spending.

U.S. beef outlook guardedly optimistic

- Favorable cattle and beef markets bode well for the U.S. beef complex but drought, increased production and U.S. trade policy could rock the boat.

Alltech founder dies at age 73

- Pearce Lyons helped revolutionize the animal feed industry, building a multi-billion-dollar international business that started in his garage in the late 1970s.

Milk price cycle more impactful than in the past

- For the past 15 to 20 years, swings in milk prices have been as much 50 percent.

Higher prices drive increase in trout sales

- Food service establishments such as restaurants and cafeterias are demanding more value-added products to cut down on labor.

Idaho water outlook mostly positive

- Good carryover storage across southern Idaho should provide adequate irrigation water, while supplies in parts of central Idaho are marginal.

Oversupply pressures global dairy markets

- The biggest challenge in global dairy markets is ongoing growth in milk output in Europe.

Western Innovator: Lender saw future in Idaho dairy industry

- Agricultural lender Dave Stout not only witnessed the meteoric growth in Idaho’s dairy industry over the last 40 years, he was a key player in fueling it.

2017 dairy exports highest in three years

- Strong overseas demand for milk powder, whey and cheese led the way for a 14 percent jump in U.S. dairy exports last year.

Idaho aquifer recharge headed for another big year

- This year’s recharge efforts are expected to put 370,000 acre-feet into the aquifer, surpassing last year’s record of 317,000 acre-feet.