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Idaho hay glut weighs down prices

- Alfalfa hay prices are bound to dip below breakeven,which is running about $80 a ton in southern Idaho, before they turn around.

U.S. farm income continues to shrink

- USDA is forecasting the lowest farm income in seven years but points out the farm economy remains healthy despite challenging markets.

Great American Milk Drive passes million-gallon mark

- Milk is one of the most requested but least donated items at food banks, with donations providing less than one gallon per year per person served by Feeding America.

Variability of ARC-County payments topic for next farm bill, economists say

- Benchmark yield calculations in the Agricultural Risk Coverage-County program has led to wide variability in payments from county to county.

Feedlots aggressively selling beef, but slow buying

- Feedlots have slowed feeder cattle purchases, leaving a lot of feeder supplies still out in the country. But demand is expected to pick up once feedlots get to breakeven margins.

Analysts ID key areas for ag to watch after elections

- It’s too early to know the implications of new policies under a Trump administration, but Rabobank analysts key in on some important areas for agriculture, such as trade, immigration and regulation.

Lawyer: Idaho open range laws complicated

- Idaho has about 22 million acres of rangeland, with 80 percent managed by government agencies.

NCBA: Trump win positive for cattlemen

- Donald Trump in the White House and Republican control of Congress bode well for many issues of concern for the cattle industry, starting with regulatory reform, an industry representative says.

Idaho cattlemen endorse Little for governor

- Idaho's cattle community has formally endorsed one of its own,Lt. Gov. Brad Little, for governor in 2018.

Hay crop good, but prices depressed

- Idaho hay growers enjoyed a good growing season and some rain challenges in the fall, but prices remain in the ditch.

California dairy groups split over TPP

- Dairy farmers in California are not as united in their sentiment toward the Trans-Pacific Partnership as those in Wisconsin, which overwhelming reject the trade pact.

Voters strengthen legislators’ control over state rules

- The authority of Idaho legislators to review and reject or approve rulles put forth by state agencies will be added to the state's constitution following voter approval on Tuesday.

Wisconsin Farmers Union dairy farmers reject TPP trade pact

- PNW dairymen's organizations support the Trans-Pacific Partnership as a net positive for the U.S. dairy industry.

Low prices drag down producer optimism

- The decline in prices since summer has been a major factor in driving the barometer lower.

U.S. meat exports make headway in tough environment

- Despite a 6 percent increase in U.S. beef production this year, the percent of production exported is holding steady at 13 percent.

Pivotal time for grain producers, analyst says

- Grain growers are facing another tough year financially and need to be careful about borrowing operating money against their assets and evaluate underperforming land.

HSUS reduces its staff in restructuring

- The animal-rights organization has laid off several dozen employees.

Dannon’s sustainability pledge spurs ‘Straight Talk’ campaign

- The “Straight Talk” campaign is an effort by ag groups to engage the food industry in a dialogue on sustainable agriculture production, the marketing practices used to reach consumers and the intersection of b...

Idaho governor flip-flops on HJR 5

- Burdensome regulations by federal agencies are fueling a debate over an amendment to Idaho's constitution to protect legislators' authority to reject new rules from state agencies.

Idaho DEQ offers free nitrate screening

- Idaho DEQ is offering free nitrate screening for private well owners on Saturday in Twin Falls. Annual testing for the contaminant is recommended.

Wisconsin dairy economists optimistic about milk prices

- Supply and demand dynamics are pointing to better milk prices in 2017, according to two noted dairy economists.

USDA predicts TPP would be net positive for U.S. dairy

- A USDA analysis shows increased exports of U.S. dairy products with the Trans-Pacific Partnership and a drop in dairy exports if the U.S. does not participate in the agreement.

USDA moves ahead with new GIPSA rules

- The GIPSA rules USDA has sent to the Office of Management and Budget include an interim final rule on competitive injury and two proposed rules to address undue preference and the poultry grower ranking system.

Livestock groups weigh in on grazing restriction

- Livestock groups go on record about one of the most restrictive and burdensome requirements -- stubble height -- in sage grousel resource management plans.

Ag groups criticize Dannon’s sustainability pledge

- Farm groups send letter of disapproval to Dannon chief over the company's pledge to have its dairy farmers move to GMO-free feed.

EU grab of common cheese names worries U.S. dairy industry

- The EU's attempt to extend geographic protections to common cheese names, such as parmesan and feta, is a threat that cannot be allowed in trade neogtiations between the EU and the U.S., according to U.S. dairy industry off...

Woman granted wish to attend Idaho sheep festival

- A young women's wish to experience the Trailing of the Sheep Festval came to life through the Idaho chapter of Make-A-Wish Foundation and sheep festival organizers.

Idaho ag groups protest Clif Bar foundation’s ‘Mr. Seed’ video

- Clif Bar's anti-conventional agriculture video has caught the unfavorable attention of Idaho's ag community.

USDA cheese purchase a disappointment

- USDA purchase of surplus cheese leaves $13 million on the table.