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Russian cattle producers tour Idaho

- Idaho Agriculture Department hosted Russianbeef cattle producers in hopes of building relationships that will lead to cattle and semen sales in the future.

Researchers continue work on coldwater disease vaccine for trout

- University of Idaho researchers are one step closer to developing a vaccine for coldwater disease in trout and have completed four studies and a field trial on an enhanced vaccine.

Idaho Dairy Council awards $71,000-plus to schools

- Idaho dairymen have awarded more than $70,000 to 30 Idaho schools through the Idaho Dairy Council to support the Fuel Up To Play 60 program, which encourages healthful eating and physical activity.

High prices slow U.S. dairy exports

- U.S. dairy exports are slowing due to high U.S. prices that are discouraging buyers on the open market. Exports in July were down 9 percent from June on a volume basis and down 10 percent on a value basis.

Algae prompt health advisories in Idaho reservoir, lake

- Health advisories have been issued for a southern Idaho reservoir and a northern Idaho Lake due to blooms of blue-green algae, which release a toxin that can be deadly to humans and animals if ingested.

Farm bill provides new conservation easement program

- USDAwill invest $328 million in conservation easements to protect and restore farmland, grasslands and wetlands under a new program that consolidates three former easement programs administered by Natural Resources Conserva...

Biogas initiative recognizes dairy potential

- The White House sponsored Biogas Roadmap is an initiative of voluntary strategies the U.S. dairy industry can use to reduce methane emissions, produce biogas and recover nutrients with the anaerobic digestion of manure and ...

New dairy program offers choices

- National Milk Producers Foundation is encouraging dairymen to evaluate the new voluntary margin protection program and at least sign up for the no-premium basic coverage.

NMPF: Margin protection ‘excellent program’

- USDA launched sign up for the new dairy margin protection program that protects margins between a national milk price and a national feed cost calculation. Producers have until Nov. 28 to sign up for coverage of four month...

Six traits of successful farmers

- Producers with solid ag operations joke that successful operations take hard work and luck. But it take a lot more than that, and successful operators share some key qualities.

Hoof-health company expands to Jerome, Idaho

- A California company that develops hoof-health products and automated hoof-bath systems for dairies is expanding its operation to Jerome, Idaho, with a $2 million investment.

Idaho dairy ranks favorably with consumers

- Independent market research found that Idaho's dairy industry has a leg up on consumer perception, with high ratings from Idaho and non-Idaho consumers.

Idaho dairy weighs identity issue

- Idaho's dairy industry has questioned whether it needs a national marketing campaign to brand Idaho products. A marketing research team has found the industry's diversity of products would better benefit from an awareness c...

Utah State team wins new dairy product contest

- Food science students at Utah State University have developed a a sourdough starter product using acid whey from Greek yogurt production. The product earned them top honors and $10,000 in Idaho Milk Processors' annual new ...

Ross withdraws controversial Calif. milk marketing bill

- Following criticism and lack of support from California dairymen, California ag secretary has withdrawn her legislative proposal for sweeping reform to the state's milk marketing requirements for Class 4 milk.

U.S. cattle on feed numbers continue to tighten

- USDA reports cattle on feed on Aug. 1 were down 2 percent over a year earlier. July placements and July marketings were the lowest for the month since the data series began in 1996, and feedlots are placing lighter weight c...

Dairy producers critical of Calif. milk pricing bill

- California Department of Food and Agriculture Sec. Karen Ross has introduced proposed legislation through Assembly member Susan Eggman, D-Stockton, that would eliminate minimum pricing and pooling requirements on Class 4 mi...

Higher prices prompt increase in milk production

- High milk prices and lower feed costs grew U.S. milk production 4 percent in July over year-ago levels. Continued favorable margins are expected to boost production the rest of the year.

Idaho dairy exports gain ground

- Idaho's dairy exports are on a fast track in the first half of 2014, outpacing the same period a year earlier by 52 percent.

Water, labor, taxes challenge Idaho’s dairy growth

- The growth of Idaho's dairy industry is running up against challenges, incuding water availability and access to immigrant labor.

Rabobank: Potential for land asset bubble looms

- Rabobank warns that the long-term, steep growth pattern in land values – driven by high commodity prices, low interest rates and scarcity of land -- has to change in order to avoid a land asset bubble.

Yaks offer couple a unique alternative

- Idaho couple raises yak for their meat but also sells meat, breeding animals, hides, skulls and fiber.

Simpson says ag faces challenges on Capitol Hill

- Rep. Mike Simpson tells Idaho's dairy industry the biggest challenge facing Congress at present is passing appropriations bills to fund government.

Decision on Calif. milk pricing to come swiftly

- California's pricing of milk to manufacture cheese, which has given California dairymen severe heartburn and caused industry infighting for four years, could be on the the verge of a landmark decision by California's A...

CDFA floats change in California milk pricing

- In a surprise move, California's Ag Secretary Karen Ross distributed draft legislation to the dairy industry last week that would bring the state's Class 4b milk prices in line with those with Class III in federal orders. T...

S.D. rescinds brucellosis test on Idaho cattle

- South Dakota has lifted its requirement that all Idaho cattle entering the state must be tested for brucellosis. North Dakota's restriction remains in place.

EU restriction on cheese threatens trade pacts

- While U.S. dairy sales and market access have improved in South Korea since a free trade agreement was implemented two years ago, certain U.S. cheeses are still restricted due to a subsequent trade agreement between South K...

USDA seeks input on Sheep Experiment Station

- USDA Agricultural Research Station will be taking comment on the research activities at the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station in Dubois, Idaho, during two teleconferences scheduled for Aug. 6 and 7. Earlier this month USDA soug...

Hay exporters unsure of China’s GMO requirements

- U.S. alfalfa exporters to China are trying to find out more about news that China could be changing regulations on imported alfalfa regarding contamination by genetically modified material. The country has a zero tolerance ...

U.S. cattle on feed continue downward spiral

- USDA's latest cattle on feed report shows the declining cattle numbers supporting record-high cattle and beef prices.

July cattle inventory lowest on record

- The decrease in overall number of cattle and calves in the U.S. on July 1 is no surprise to the industry. But the decrease in beef replacement heifers is, considering other USDA numbers showing signs of herd rebuilding.

Davis: Sale positions Davisco Foods for growth

- Davisco's CEO saysthe sale of the dairy processors' assets to Canadian Agropur was a business move to continue to grow operations and offer more opportunity to their employees.

Producers wonder when cattle price bubble will burst

- Record-breaking cattle prices, bringing strong profits up and down the beef supply chain, have many concerned about a market downturn. Feedlots are the most at risk but have a pretty good cushion through October.

Technology turns manure into clean water

- On-farm technology to turn liquid manure into clean water, while separating out valuable nutrients, is expected to be available commercially by year's end.

Cow/calf profits soar

- Cow/calf producers are enjoying sweet prices on their beef calves, with average profits running $480 per cow.

Sheep industry relieved by experiment station’s rescue

- The sheep industry is relieved by congressional action to keep the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station at Dubois, Idaho, open. USDA had requested reprogramming of funds for the station, which would have shuttered its doors.