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McDonald’s to use chicken without human antibiotics

- The chicken change will take place within the next two years. The milk change will take place later this year.

California shuts down oil wells to protect ground water

- A review found more than 2,500 instances when the state authorized the injection of oilfield waste into protected water aquifers that could be used for drinking or irrigating crops.

Test aims to boost irrigation efficiency

- Tubes buried 10 to 16 inches underground will deliver water to plant roots, avoiding evaporation and other problems associated with surface irrigation.

Bill would require giant cane growers post $1 million bond

- Legislation would require farmers to file at least a $1 million bond to grow giant cane, which critics say could become an invasive weed in Oregon.

States ask judge not to lift stay in immigration lawsuit

- The 26-state coalition said “there is no emergency need to institute this sweeping new program.”

Cuba looks north to U.S. farmers for help with food crisis

- Cuba spends roughly $2 billion a year to import about 80 percent of its food and a long-standing humanitarian exception to the trade embargo allows U.S. farmers to fill some of that demand.

Two large agriculture co-ops in the Dakotas planning to merge

- Aberdeen, S.D.-based South Dakota Wheat Growers has more than 5,400 members in the eastern Dakotas. Ipswich-based North Central Farmers Elevator serves 2,500 members.

Consultants seek feedback on triticale crop insurance

- AgriLogic Consulting holds listening sessions in Pendleton, Ore., and Almira, Wash., this week to discuss a crop insurance program for triticale.

Cash dairy markets end February mixed

- Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy news.

Some of Idaho fruit crop was damaged by November cold snap

- Record low temperatures in November have caused damage to Idaho's fruit crop, but the extent of the damage won't be known until May or June.

Calif. manual survey shows 5 percent of normal snowpack

- The California Department of Water Resources found little snow water content in its third manual snow survey of the season March 3 despite weekend storms that dumped 12 to 18 inches of snow in parts of the Sierra Nevada.

Oregon wine industry honors five at annual awards dinner

- The Oregon wine industry, riding a crest of artistic and financial success, honors some of its pioneers.

Idaho seed growers exceed ring rot program requirements

- In the first year of mandatory testing of Idaho certified potato seed for bacterial ring rot, many commercial growers have requested that theirseed be tested at higher than minimum levels.

Lawmakers consider new lime fee

- A new 5 cent fee on lime is proposed under a bill being considered by Oregon lawmakers.

Lawsuit claims malfunction killed 100,000 chickens

- A lawsuit filed by an Oregon egg producer claims that an electrical malfunction halted ventilation at one of its facilities, thereby killing 100,000 chickens. The company is seeking $500,000 from the installer of a control ...

Calif.’s State Water Project boosts allocation to 20 percent

- California's State Water Project increased its anticipated deliveries from 15 percent to 20 percent of requested supplies as early-season storms enabled the state to send water to storage south of the Sacramento-San Joaquin...

Japan negotiator: TPP trade deal with U.S. possible by spring

- The U.S. and Japan must set a deal before a final agreement among all the countries can be reached.

Congress sends Homeland bill to Obama without conditions

- The outcome was a defeat for the GOP strategy of trying to overturn Obama’s executive actions on immigration by linking them to funding for Homeland.

Chilled meat exports will take 45 days to normalize

- Phil Seng, CEO of the U.S. Meat Export Federation, says it will take time for the export of meat to Asia to return to normal.

(No heading)

- U.S. Meat Export Federation CEO Phil Seng says chilled beef may wait until May for normal trade to resume because of contract considerations..

Apple company builds new facilities for future

- Washington Fruit & Produce Co. remains aggressive in building new multi-million-dollar packing facilities and expanding orchards on eve of turning 100 years old.

Tight supply boosts premiums for low protein soft white wheat

- The biggest demand by exporters for soft white wheat right now is for low proteins, to blend with wheat with higher proteins, grains market merchandisers say.

Low-lignin alfalfa eases quality/yield trade-off

- Low lignin alfalfa varieties could solve growers' dilemma of harvesting for quality or yield and provide harvest flexibility to avoid rain.

Columbia-Snake irrigators push plea for water to the top

- Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Associaton has appealed to the head of U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to approve its irrigation proposal.

DNA tool helps biologists find elusive species

- Scientists are turning to environmental DNA, or eDNA, an emerging surveillance tool that detects the presence of an organism by analyzing cellular material such as urine, hair, feathers or skin cells that are left behind in...

Portland daily grain report

- Bids as of 9:30 a.m. Pacific time; subject to change.

Satellites give scientists a view of forest insect outbreaks

- Scientists with Oregon State University have combined new satellite imagery with older data from airplane and ground surveys to show in unprecedented detail where insects are damaging trees.

Fire destroys Boardman barn

- A sow and litter of pigs were killed in a barn fire Monday.

This spud’s for you: Umatilla County donates 33 tons of potatoes to food bank

- State Sen. Bill Hansell, R-Athena, sponsored the donation of 33 tons of potatoes to the Governor's Food Drive.

Rallies oppose states’ push to control federal lands

- Utah lawmakers passed a 2012 law demanding that the federal government hand over about 31 million acres of public land by the start of this year.

Montana trappers take 77 wolves; rifle season ends March 15

- To date, a total of 204 wolves have been killed by hunters and trappers this winter.

Appeals court upholds protection for threatened seabird

- The American Forest Resources Council had argued that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service acted arbitrarily and capriciously in designating the U.S. population of marbled murrelets distinct from birds in Canada.

House may drop immigration from Homeland Security bill

- Democrats said they believe the House eventually will vote on the stand-alone spending measure, which conservatives oppose and President Barack Obama is eager to sign.

Senate approves bill to allow hemp farming for research

- The state will be poised to capitalize on hemp as a cash crop once federal restrictions are lifted.

New Mexico House panel tables horse slaughter bill

- Animal advocates have been working to stop horse slaughter in the state. They acknowledged that a federal spending ban on inspectors has effectively put the brakes on the possibility of any horse processing plants opening i...

Selected Western livestock auctions

- Stocker steers and heifers $10-15 higher, due in part to larger receipts and good buyer attendance at the Toppenish, Wash., Livestock Auction.

National wool and sheep reports

- Slaughter lambs were steady to sharply higher. Slaughter ewes were steady to $7 higher. Feeder lambs were $3-4 higher in light test.

Western hay price report

- Even though port operations are back to normal, exporters are still having scheduling problems.

West Coast grain markets

- Bids for U.S. 1 Soft White Wheat guaranteed maximum 10.5 percent protein during February trended 24 to 24.50 cents per bushel lower, from $7.0325-7.50, mostly $7.3125 per bushel.

California shell egg report

- Asking prices for next week are unchanged on all sizes.

National slaughter, feeder and stocker cattle report

- Weather curtailed receipts throughout much of the Southwest and Southeast as snow and ice storms moved across the trading areas.

Bill aims to speed completion of Sites Reservoir study

- A bill in Congress aims to expedite the completion of the proposed Sites Reservoir in Northern California, which has been identified for possible funding under the $7.5 billion state water bond passed by voters in November.

SY Ovation top wheat variety planted in Idaho, survey shows

- SY Ovation was the most planted wheat variety in Idaho in 2014, according to an annual Idaho Wheat Commission survey. Brundage and ORCF 102 were second and third.

Southern California sees more rain after weekend downpours

- To the north, the Sierra Nevada received a welcome dose of snow Friday and Saturday, with some areas reporting 12 to 18 inches of snow.

U.S. firm buys Canadian GM apple company

- The Canadian company that developed a genetically modified apple is being purchased by a U.S. firm. The transaction is to be completed in the first half of this year.

Average price of gasoline in Oregon $2.78

- Oregon gasoline prices are up 66 cents in a month.

Skagit Valley flowers blooming early

- Tulip bulb growers say their fields will likely be full of color before the end of the month.

Average price of gasoline in Washington $2.72

- Gasoline prices are up 59 cents in a month.

Portland daily grain report

- Bids as of 9:30 a.m. Pacific time; subject to change.

Cutting-edge technology boosts precision

- New University of Idaho researcher Olga Walsh is focusing on developing ways to use precision agriculture techniques to help farmers improve the efficiency of their crop production.