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Permaculture farming seen as a match for Southwest

- The family is committed to holistic practices and a back-to-the-garden lifestyle. Their solar-powered home is off the grid, they catch rain (with a permit), have greenhouses, raise their food, and host agricultural programs...

Cattle ranch keeps family busy

- Maggie Justice of John Day, Ore., writes about her grandfather's ranch.

Favorite boots get new lease on life

- Columnist Ryan Taylor writes about life in the country.

NCBA says generic checkoff would fall short

- NCBA and state cattle associations contend a supplemental beef checkoff proposed by USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack would be detrimental to the beef industry and producers and point out the differences between the current beef-s...

Crisis group addresses Idaho grain losses

- A crisis response group convened by Idaho's Speaker of the House is trying to find ways to help growers in Southern Idaho deal with the huge losses in wheat and barley production they suffered this year due to unusually hea...

Irrigators, state launch water improvements

- The Methow Valley Irrigation District and Washington Department of Ecology are improving river flows for fish and the district and town of Twisp are more certain of water with a project that ends years of disputes.

Pipeline part of latest Rangen water mitigation plan

- Members of Idaho Ground Water Appropriators have developed a new mitigation plan to satisfy a water call by the Rangen, Inc., trout farm. The irrigators say the state has received the plan favorably.

Conference focuses on small farms

- Spokane's small farms conference returns, called Farm-A-Palouse-A, Nov. 1. The annual event doubled its offerings in effort to convey information to small farmers, says Spokane Conservation District outreach specialist Eric...

EPA, Jerome Cheese reach settlement

- Jerome Cheese has settled with EPA over alleged Clean Air Act violations at its Jerome, Idaho, plant. The company has agreed to pay an $88,000 penalty but admits no wrongdoing.

FSA helps farmers understand new risk management tools

- Farmers will want to learn more about new USDA Farm Service Agency insurance programs in the weeks ahead, says Judy Olson, executive director of the Washington office.

Trading company sues Smithfield after Russia trade ban

- A legal dispute has erupted between a major pork producer and a trading company due to a Russian ban on U.S. farm products.

Wanted: People to advise Washington on wolves

- The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife seeks members for its panel to advise the agency on wolf recovery.

Portland daily grain report

- Bids as of 9:30 a.m. Pacific time; subject to change.

Monsanto gives $2.5 million against GMO labeling

- The anti-labeling camp has so far raised $10 million, compared to $5.4 million for the pro-labeling side.

New guidelines aim to prevent bee die-offs

- An industry group has suggested best-management practices to protect bees from pesticides during the almond blossom. Bee experts are lauding the effort, which follows a massive bee die-off at the end of the bloom earlier th...

Montana decides to keep Yellowstone bison in state

- Yellowstone bison are considered extremely valuable because they are one of the few wild herds left that have no cattle genes. These 145 bison were captured a decade ago under an experimental program to start new herds usin...

Turkey farmer branches out to raising chickens

- So for the first time since his father, Lloyd Bevans, began raising turkeys on land he bought in the early 1960s, the Bevans farm will produce chickens, too.

Idaho cheese company, feds reach settlement

- On Thursday the EPA announced that the company has since corrected the violations.

San Diego Padres player a pumpkin farmer

- Jake Goebbert, who did much of his summer work at a place called Petco Park, feels at home back among these animals who are visiting his family’s farm.

Kauai, state form group to study pesticides, GMOs

- The first step will involve interviews and discussions to identify the questions the fact-finding group will ask. The parties will select nine or more people to serve in the group.

Minnesota corn harvest raises safety concerns

- Widespread railway delays are also adding to concerns because they could cause even more farmers to send their grain to bins and elevators.

Study predicts damage of Idaho water call

- University of Idaho researchers have analyzed how a water call by the Rangen, Inc., trout farm in Idaho's Magic Valley would influence the economy if curtailment were implemented.

Idaho Wheat Commission faces revenue cut

- Losses to Idaho wheat and barley production caused by heavy August rains will have a significant impact on the budgets of the state's grain commissions.

Proposition 1: Christmas in November

- Proposition 1, the $7.5 billion bond that would pay for a vast array of water-related projects, brings a festive atmopshere to California's general election. This may be the ultimate Christmas tree proposal.

Idaho voters should reaffirm regulation reviews

- Idaho voters should pass a contitutional amendment that will affirm the Legislature's ability to review administrative regulations.

Nobody likes an international bully

- The U.S. bullies other nations in trade and other areas.

Government agencies out of control

- Writer wonders whether the federal has declared war on farmers and ranchers.

Election concerns trump Clean Water Act rule comments

- The EPA and the Corps of Engineers have extended the comment period on a controversial new rule that will change the definition of "waters of the United States" in regulations enforcing the Clean Water Act. The extension ap...

Even normal rain won’t end Calif. drought, expert says

- California will likely remain in a drought this winter even if most areas receive normal rainfall, according to an expert from the federal Climate Prediction Center. The center issued its annual winter outlook, which predic...

Idaho spud museum renovating building

- The Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot is undergoing a renovation and plans to add a restaurant that will serve potatoes.

Yellow fever mosquito reaches Southern California

- Experts say the mosquito is aggressive and bites during the day. It’s capable of spreading yellow fever, dengue and chikungunya — although so far those diseases haven’t turned up in Los Angeles County.

Big leap forward for recovery of endangered frog

- The amphibians, whose scientific name is Rana muscosa, once thrived in the high mountain streams and lakes of the Sierra Nevada and Southern California.

Sheriff: No criminal negligence in corn-maze death

- Witnesses said the teenager was dressed as a zombie when he emerged from his hiding place and ran toward a modified school bus carrying paintball players. Witnesses say he tripped and fell in front of the rear tires and got...

Commodity groups turn to science to help shape federal nutrition policy

- To help shape the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, U.S. commodity groups consider it a top priority to promote and advance science demonstrating the health attributes of their crops and products.

$7.5 billion question faces California water users

- Under California's proposed $7.5 billion water bond, it could take years before growers see any water from new storage projects, if they ever do. But farm groups say the measure would still provide a boost to existing water...

Wyoming landowners praised for grouse conservation

- The landowners recognized Wednesday are the first in Wyoming to join the program, called Candidate Conservation Agreements with Assurances. Jewell said the agreements formalize what some of the landowners have already been ...

EPA approves new weed killer for engineered crops

- The agriculture industry has anxiously awaited the approvals, as many weeds have become resistant to glyphosate, an herbicide commonly used on genetically modified corn and soybeans now. Enlist includes a combination of bot...

African leaders: Ebola could lead to food crisis

- Liberia Agriculture Minister Florence Chenoweth says billions of dollars of outside agricultural investment is gone because farming has been decimated.

Peanut farmers deal with fallout from salmonella

- The forecast calls for nationwide production to approach 5 billion pounds, an increase over last year, but those numbers won’t include as many Valencia peanuts as in years past. Grown along the New Mexico-Texas borde...

Task force members differ over water diversions

- Several representatives of farm and irrigation associations criticized the direction of a task force that’s studying how much water can be withdrawn from streams during periods of high seasonal flows, such as during ...

Onion growers grapple with proposed produce rule

- Oregon State University researchers have started new trials designed to help onion growers meet minimum standards for bacteria levels in irrigation water contained in the FDA's proposed produce safety rule.

Oregon wolf count could trigger delisting process

- Look for stormy public hearings if Oregon considers removing wolves from the state endangered species list in 2015.

Ranchers profit from conservation

- A May, Idaho, rancher has received a large grant to continue improving his range land for the benefit of sage grouse, seeking to be proactive in case of an endangered species listing.

At 86 and still working, Oregon cannery worker considers her job a “blessing”

- Like other ag-related industries, food processors are concerned about attracting and retaining workers. But in Colleen Wolfer, Truitt Family Foods has a throwback to another era.

Washington game managers criticized for wolf shooting

- The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife hosted a meeting in a Seattle suburb and heard the shooting of a wolf to protect sheep criticized.

Protesters to shadow Wisconsin wolf hunters

- Wisconsin’s hunt is slated to run until Feb. 28 or until hunters reach the 150-animal statewide kill limit.

Apple Commission reps wary of GMO apples

- Genetically modified Canadian apples may soon be approved by the USDA and Food and Drug Administration for production and sales in the U.S. Overseas promoters of Washington apples say that will make their jobs more difficult.

Jewell: Sage grouse problems not insurmountable

- Federal land managers face a deadline as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is under court order to decide next year whether the bird should receive federal protection. Experts told Jewell that wildfire, habitat loss due to...

Cattleman band together against new checkoff

- Cattlemen are banding together to fight Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack's intention to resolve a stalemeate in the beef industry over amending the national beef checkoff by establishing a supplemental, secondary beef checkoff un...

Opponents seek to overturn Missouri right to farm

- The legal challenge hinges on the ballot description presented to voters about Constitutional Amendment 1.