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Drought forces painful choices for New Mexico ranchers

- Most of southern New Mexico is grappling with some level of dryness, with extreme drought increasing in the northwest corner of the state.

Letter: Dairy farmers need help now

- Seven things the USDA and Congress can do to help dairy operators.

National wool and sheep review

- Domestic wool trading on a clean basis was at a standstill this week.

West Coast grain price report

- Bids for US 1 Soft White Wheat delivered to Portland in unit trains or barges during February for ordinary protein trended steady to 10 cents per bushel higher compared to week ago prices for the same delivery period from 5...

California shell egg price report

- Asking prices for next week are 15 cents higher for Jumbo, 22 cents higher for Extra Large, 21 cents higher for Large, and 16 cents higher for Medium and Small.

Fluid milk and cream review — West

- Pacific Northwest milk production is steady and manufacturers report no problems getting the milk needed for processing.

National feeder and stocker cattle report

- On Wednesday at Bassett, Neb., a load of 719 lb replacement quality heifers sold at 183.50.

Western hay price report

- Trade slow this week with moderate to good demand for dairy hay in the Columbia Basin.

California officials charged with misspending public funds

- Former officials at the Panoche Water District in central California misused more than $100,000 in public funds.

Citing impending ‘catastrophe,’ WAWG joins call for Trump to rejoin TPP

- The Washington Association of Wheat Growers are urging President Donald Trump to re-enter the Trans-Pacific Partnership, saying the losses without being part of the trade deal would be “catastrophic.”

Ag coalition asks judge to halt Prop 65 glyphosate listing

- Proposition 65 listing is based on factually incorrect information, the plaintiffs argue.

State planning to reopen fishing on a river owned by a tribe

- The U.S. Department of Interior ruled in 2016 that the river was part of its reservation.

Lawmakers battle over bill to prevent breaching of dams

- Three Republican U.S. House members from Washington state are criticizing Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., for opposing their legislation that would prevent the breaching of four dams on the Snake River to protect endangered sal...

Lawsuit seeks to halt Yellowstone bison captures

- Bison leaving the park are routinely captured and slaughtered by state and federal agencies to protect Montana livestock.

General Mills gets pet-friendly, buying Blue Buffalo for $8B

- General Mills has suffered three consecutive years of declining revenue as it follows customers seeking more fresh food on the dinner table.

Interior boss alters overhaul after pushback

- U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has changed a proposed overhaul of his department with a new organizational map that more closely follows state lines instead of the natural boundaries he initially proposed

Perdue to food box critics: Give the idea a chance

- Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said the plan is a work in progress, but it is fundamentally rooted in the idea that new technology can create opportunities.

Washington carbon tax bill clears key fiscal committee

- Aviation fuel and fossil fuels used in agriculture are among those that would be exempt from the tax.

Dean seeks input on future of Parma research center

- Idaho farm industry members are being encouraged to attend a March 8 listening session to offer input on the future of University of Idaho’s Parma Agricultural Research and Extension Center. UI officials said they pl...

Wheat industry increases push to convince Trump administration to re-enter TPP

- U.S. wheat industry representatives will reach out to Trump administration officials to outline why re-entering TPP would avoid loss of market share in Japan, the largest and most valuable market for the industry.

2017 dairy exports highest in three years

- Strong overseas demand for milk powder, whey and cheese led the way for a 14 percent jump in U.S. dairy exports last year.

Eight honored for their contributions to Idaho agriculture

- During the 24th Annual Larry Branen Idaho Ag Summit Feb. 20, eight people were honored for their contribution to and support for Idaho’s farming industry.

Funding available for NRCS Conservation Innovation Grants

- Up to $250,000 in federal Conservation Innovation Grants is available in Oregon for eligible landowners, local and state governments, tribes and non-governmental organizations.

Washington budget-writers smile on hemp

- Washington lawmakers support hemp, but how much?

Editorial: A salute to all who farm

- The future has never been brighter for those who choose to cultivate the land, and make a life from it.

New Timeline Proposed For Oregon’s Cap And Trade Bill

- The legislation, known as the Clean Energy Jobs Bill, would cap the state’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2021 and launch a trading system for emissions permits.

Letter: Census questions infringe on rights

- It would behoove all of us to review and study the Constitution and Bill of Rights and be vocal.

Yellowstone fee proposal advances in Wyoming Legislature

- Proponents say the proposed fee would generate money for Wyoming, Montana and Idaho to deal with wildlife management issues.

Noxious weed or fine apparel? Idaho educator says ‘both’

- Scarve co-designer thought an aesthetically pleasing accessory might help spread the message about noxious weeds.

Hershey’s renews trademark battles with marijuana businesses

- Correction: Hershey's-Marijuana Legal Disputes story

Northwest Coastal Wetlands Won’t Survive High Sea Level Rise

- In higher scenarios of sea level rise that range anywhere from 2 to 6 feet, big changes are in store.

Editorial: Wolf transplant bill signals frustration among ranchers

- Introducing an apex predator in their midst that they are powerless to control will certainly motivate westside livestock producers and rural residents to join the fight.

Custom wine bottling plant conducts test runs

- The largest custom wine bottling plant in Washington is testing ahead of its first commercial run with owners hopeful it will replace bulk wine sales.

Washington capital gains tax plan includes costly flaw, critics say

- Washington House bill doesn't quite exempt farmers from proposed capital gains tax

Idaho aquifer recharge headed for another big year

- This year’s recharge efforts are expected to put 370,000 acre-feet into the aquifer, surpassing last year’s record of 317,000 acre-feet.

Networking, internships, education help farmers get started

- Shelley Bowerman and Dan Schuler tap a variety of sources of information on farming.

Ambrosia apples make their mark

- McDougall & Sons Inc., of Wenatchee, Wash., has developed Ambrosia apples into a leading managed variety and a profitable investment.

Small apple growers disappear as industry grows

- Costs, labor, regulations all increasingly take their toll on Washington’s small tree fruit growers who once ruled the industry. Only a handful of large companies may someday remain and some small guys think the big ...

Selected western livestock auctions

- Very light test of feeder cattle this week at the Woodburn, Ore., Livestock Exchange.

EPA aims to avoid jury in Clean Water Act lawsuit

- Farmer Bill Case of Linn County, Ore., says the Corps of Engineers and the Oregon Department of State Lands told him the work was OK.

Column: The time has come for industrial hemp

- President Trump and Congress can lessen the burden of regulation that is stifling innovation, research and entrepreneurship in the emerging hemp industry.

Oregon officials struggle to ID which pot sites are legal

- Oregon Liquor Control Commission has only 23 inspectors for more than 1,200 marijuana grows and retail outlets.

Some fear California drought cuts could erase water rights

- Plan is part of an effort to make water conservation a way of life, with climate change expected to lead to longer, more severe droughts.

Yellowstone begins capturing bison to reduce population

- At least 96 migrating bison from Yellowstone National Park have been captured for potential slaughter under a program meant to shield Montana livestock from disease.

US Supreme Court: Wyoming must pay Montana in water dispute

- Montana has spent more than $5 million on the case since it sued Wyoming in 2007 over allegations it had been shorted on water.

Wildlife officials to study brucellosis in Montana elk

- State wildlife officials are planning to study a bacterial infection found in elk by equipping a number of the animals in southwestern Montana with tracking collars

Cold snap brings freeze, frost warnings to California

- The warnings expired at midmorning but were set to go back into effect Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

Oregon’s ‘rocking’ wine industry advised to avoid complacency

- With their wine sales growth outperforming other regions, Oregon producers should avoid resting on their laurels, experts say.

Computer programmer creates future of small farming

- Athol, Idaho, farmer Luke Black hopes to develop artificial intelligence that will help manage his small farm.

Washington cattlemen’s group howls over missing wolf grant

- WSDA awards grants to ward off wolves