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Three-tier wage plan set for Senate vote

- A bill to set a three-tier minimum wage for Oregon goes to the Senate next week.

Ag research gets boost in Obama budget

- Pres. Obama's proposed budget would double funding to a USDA ag research initiative to the $700 million annual investment authorized in the 2008 Farm Bill.

Bill amends Idaho production exemption for farming operations

- A bill introduced in the Idaho Legislature would ensure equipment used to remove agricultural commodities from storage isn't subject to the state's sales tax.

FFA members focus on future at career fair

- Washington FFA members check out possible career options during the Spokane Ag Expo and Pacific Northwest Farm Forum.

ISDA: Keep pesticide applicator license current

- Penalties for licensing violations are $100 for each day of operating without a license. Violators are also subject to license suspension, denial or revocation.

Senate resolutions would bless Idaho water agreement, direct recharge

- Three senate resolutions that would allow lawmakers to give their blessing to last year's agreement between surface and ground water users in the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer have been introduced in the Idaho Legislature.

Idaho Legislature set to battle over animal cruelty law again

- A bill has been printed in the Idaho Legislature that would toughen the state's animal cruelty law, and more legislation addressing the issue will be introduced soon.

Oregon bill would increase scrutiny of wetland conversions

- Wetland conversions of farms would be subject to local government approval under a proposed bill in Oregon.

Washington cattlemen in beef over promotion fees

- Legislation to raise fees that support the Washington Beef Commission has divided cattlemen.

Peterson Brothers offer ag advocacy farmer-style

- The Peterson Farm Brothers spoke and performed at the Spokane Ag Expo and Pacific Northwest Farm Forum Feb. 3-4. The brothers post agriculture-themed parodies of popular songs.

Utah sues federal government over sage grouse plan

- State officials argue that the guidelines announced in September impose unnecessary restrictions for activities on and near sage grouse habitat.

Obama seeks $10-per-barrel oil tax

- House Speaker Paul Ryan called the plan “dead on arrival” and “an election-year distraction.”

Man charged in Oregon standoff wins jail release

- U.S. Magistrate Judge Janice Stewart determined that Ehmer wasn’t a flight risk and appeared to have joined rather than incited the standoff.

Washington lawmaker: Let ranchers save their animals from fires

- A Washington lawmaker proposes that ranchers be free to decide for themselves whether it's worth the risk to rescue their livestock from wildfires.

Oregon seed pre-emption law challenged in Legislature

- Rep. Peter Buckley, D-Ashland, has proposed a House Bill 4041, which would effectively reverse Oregon's pre-emption statute.

Entrepreneurial buzz surrounds pot industry

- It's a cannabis trade show in Portland, so you kind of know what to expect. And that's cool.

Three-tiered minimum wage back on the table

- The Senate Workforce and General Government Committee is expected to vote on minimum wage Friday.

Cold, blustery weather could complicate almond blossom

- Cold, blustery and wet weather in California could interfere with bee activity during the almond blossom, industry officials warn.

49th Annual World Ag Expo runs Feb. 9-11

- The World Ag Expo attracts visitors from around the world to learn about the latest in agricultural equipment and technology.

World Ag Expo 2016 schedule of events

- A look at the schedule of events for World Ag Expo 2016.

World Ag Expo seminar sessions focus on hot topics

- Dairy genetics will take center stage during a series of presentations at the World Ag Expo.

Expo brings Top 10 innovations to center stage

- Every year the World Ag Expo honors 10 innovative products.

It’s time for Western politicians to speak up

- Western politicians need to protect the rural West from from being turned into a playland for the rich.

‘Poverty Promoters’ taking over rural West

- Environmental groups are imposing poverty on the rural West by cutting off economic development.

Letter missed point on civil disobedience

- Letter writer needs to be sensitive about the issues facing Americans.

Out-of-control ‘authorities’ must be reined in

- Government "thugs" attack occupiers on Oregon highway.

Water mound slowing Twin Falls Canal recharge

- Idaho water officials recently announced they expect to recharge 80,000 acre-feet of water in the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer this winter.

Idaho private aquifer recharge organization breathes new life

- A private recharge organization is forming, aiming to provide a service for groundwater users seeking to reduce their consumption to comply with a recent water call settlement with the Surface Water Coalition.

United Dairymen partner with Girl Scouts

- United Dairymen of Idaho are donating milk to the Idaho Foodbank as part of the Girl Scouts "Cookies and Milk" effort.

Idaho dairymen give $95,000 to schools

- The Idaho Dairy Council will give school money to health them promote physical activities for students.

Idaho Dairy Council hires wellness manager

- Idaho diarymen have hired a health and wellness manage.

Low wheat prices to continue, economist says

- Washington State University small grains economist Randy Fortenbery says wheat and beef prices aren't likely to recover to higher levels in the next few years due to large global supplies. Farmers will have to be more conse...

Yum’s sales mixed in China, climb in U.S.

- For the quarter ended Dec. 26, Yum Brands Inc. reported net income of $275 million.

Wolf advisory group softens rhetoric to face hard questions

- The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has invested, politically and financially, in its Wolf Advisory Group.

Food industry looks to Congress as Vermont’s GMO labeling law nears

- The food industry argues that GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are safe and a patchwork of state laws isn’t practical. Labeling advocates have been fighting state-by-state to enact the labeling, with the even...

Oregon Wild’s litigious past a factor in Ochoco opposition

- More than 50 lawsuits that list Oregon Wild as the plaintiff have been filed in Oregon and regionally since 2004, according to Pacer, an electronic court database.

Feds beef up security at other wildlife refuges

- National wildlife refuges across the nation and other sites run by the agency are exercising extra vigilance.

Standoff leader Bundy, others indicted

- A newly unsealed indictment names 16 defendants, including standoff leader Ammon Bundy and other occupiers arrested last week.

Entrepreneurs flock to Oregon cannabis conference

- Speakers at a cannabis conference in Portland say the industry should model itself after the organic food movement's growth and quallity.

Conservationists sue federal wolf-killing program in Oregon

- The lawsuit targets the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services program, which controls the number of wolves, coyotes, grizzly bears, mountain lions and other wild animals.

Onion growers happier with final FDA safety rules

- The FDA's final produce safety rule will cause some headaches for onion growers but it's much better than the agency's initial proposal, Idaho and Oregon onion growers were told Jan. 2 during their annual joint meeting.

U.S. posts strong beef cattle numbers

- USDA's cattle inventory shows cattlemen are continuing to rebuild the beef herd, but substancial revisions to last year's reported inventory changes the story on growth in 2014.

Federal miscommunication causes pesticide respirator confusion

- Miscommunication among federal agencies has led to confusion about pesticide respirators among farmers.

Washington lawmaker aims for bipartisan minimum wage bill

- Washington senator proposes a compromise on the state's minimum wage.

Douglas offers alternative viewpoint on global warming

- Aweather expert says other factors must also be considered when studying global warming.

Review reveals problems protecting workers from pesticides

- An Associated Press review of federal and state enforcement data and other records revealed that the pesticide-safety system is riddled with problems.

Wet late January maintains Idaho snowpack

- Idaho's snowpack improved in the second half of January.

Brown’s wage proposal hits constitutional snag

- Linn County Commissioner Roger Nyquist told the committee his county won’t go along with any wage increases if the Legislature doesn’t cover the added costs.

Utah House measure aims to keep drones away from wildfires

- A new proposal in the Utah Legislature creates a possible penalty of jail time for people who fly drones within 3 miles of a wildfire.

Portland daily grain report

- Bids as of 9:30 a.m. Pacific time; subject to change.