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FDA releases revised produce rule

- FDA officials say the agency's revised produce rule would provide more flexibility for farmers to meet proposed water quality standards. The revisions were announced today on the Federal Register website.

Wash. farmer, daughter on ‘Survivor’

- He survived decades as a Washington farmer. Now Dale Wentworth and his daughter, Kelley, find out if they can survive on the CBS reality show "Survivor."

Harvest of big walnut crop under way in California

- The harvest of early walnut varieties is under way in California, and growers are expecting a record overall crop.

Oregon site selected for biofuel plant

- Oregon biofuel project will produce fuel for U.S. Navy ships and planes.

Hunting traditions pass from one generation to another

- Columnist Ryan Taylor writes about life in the country.

Researcher finds gatekeeper wheat gene

- Washington State University researcher Kulvinder Gill has found a key gene that will allow breeders to move traits from wild grass relatives into wheat varieties. Gill expects to focus on finding stripe rust and root diseas...

Portland daily grain report

- Bids as of 9:30 a.m. Pacific time; subject to change.

Restoration project done on Sprague River

- The project was collaboration between ranch owner Greg Bulkley and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Montana wolf stamp decision postponed

- The $20 stamps would be considered donations by non-hunters to help fund management of the animals.

Japanese Burger Kings serve all-black burgers

- The fast-food chain added black cheese and darkened the other ingredients in the special burger duo added to menus Friday.

Didier files complaint in U.S. House race

- The volunteer, Washington State Potato Commission chairman Chris Voigt, faces allegations from the state Executive Ethics Board that he used his potato commission email and car to arrange for the delivery of Newhouse campai...

Man faces arson charge in huge California wildfire

- Wayne Allen Huntsman, 37, was being held Thursday night on $10 million bail in El Dorado County Jail and was scheduled to be arraigned on Friday.

Salmon numbers jump at central Idaho mountain lake

- The last time sockeye numbers exceeded the current run was 1955.

Crash leaves truck dangling over bridge rail

- The truck pulling a flatbed trailer was negotiating a left curve Thursday morning when it hit the guardrail and went onto the bridge railing.

DOL says it can’t return all the ‘hot goods’ money

- The U.S. Department of Labor claims it can't come up with the cash to fully reimburse Oregon farmers for the $220,000 it unlawfully coerced from them.

Researchers find Septoria resistance to some fungicides

- New alternatives will help Willamette Valley farmers overcome Septoria resistance to some fungicides, researchers say.

Russian cattle producers tour Idaho

- Idaho Agriculture Department hosted Russianbeef cattle producers in hopes of building relationships that will lead to cattle and semen sales in the future.

Intermountain grain & livestock report

- Idaho Farm Bureau Intermountain Grain and Livestock Report for Thursday, Sept. 18.

Jury won’t consider deaths in salmonella trial

- Prosecutors say they made a calculated legal decision in keeping evidence of deaths off the table.

Steam being used to kill deadly citrus bacteria

- The steam heat kills the bacteria, and while it doesn’t cure the tree entirely of the disease, it does extend the tree’s lifespan, allowing a grower to harvest more fruit.

U.S. to train veterans to install solar panels

- The Agriculture Department will also spend nearly $70 million to fund 540 solar and renewable energy projects, focused on rural and farming areas.

Native Americans getting final settlement payments

- Checks were sent beginning Monday to more than 493,000 people by the administrators of the $3.4 billion settlement from a class-action lawsuit.

Portland daily grain report

- Bids as of noon Pacific time; subject to change.

Mill worker killed when wood press activates

- A millwright was killed at about 11 p.m. at the Freres Lumber mill.

E. coli investigation clears Oregon restaurant

- Officials have said they don’t expect to be able to determine exactly what made the children sick.

Farmers follow their instincts

- Innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit serve farmers well as they look for new markets and opportunities.

Optics of an ‘ag gag’ prosecution should give industry pause

- The challenge of Idaho's Agriculture Security Act will continue in federal court, but the optics of a prosecution under the law should give the ag industry pause.

Beware of Trojan Horse labeled ‘COOL reform’

- Country of Origin Labels should be as clear as Congress can make them.

Growers, scientists tout GMOs in Calif. media tour

- A group of growers and scientists is in California this week touting the benefits of genetically modified crops.

Ag-based economies help small Oregon counties thrive

- Agriculture has provided a strong base for economic recovery in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge counties.

Water will flow until October in Treasure Valley

- Irrigation districts in southwestern Idaho won't cease delivering water to farmers until the first part of October, a month later than last year. They also expect to have a decent amount of carryover water left for the 2015...

GMOs face the test in Hawaii

- Syngenta is one of the big five global seed companies doing GMO and pesticide research and development in Hawaii. They are involved in a statewide and national debate over GMO crops.

Engineered moths could reduce pest population

- Biotech moths may allow farmers to control pests without chemicals.

OSU’s forage straw research to continue

- The Oregon Legislature's Emergency Board Wednesday approved $100,000 for Oregon State University's forage straw research

EEOC sues Washington fruit grower over firing

- An East Wenatchee tree fruit grower has run afoul the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for allegedly violating law by firing an employee because she was pregnant.

Idaho spud sizes down, yields average

- Early in harvest, Idaho's potato yields appear to be average or slightly below average and spud sizes are down from last season.

WSDA asks to enforce federal food law

- The Washington Department of Agriculture is willing to take on enforcing new federal food safey law if Congress funds it. A Washington state lawmaker says he doesn't want to go to the trouble of setting up a state enforceme...

IPC appoints youngest board member ever

- The Idaho Potato Commission is adding its youngest board member ever.

Lawsuit could impact Idaho agriculture

- A pending lawsuit targeting Idaho Wildlife Services could impact Idaho agriculture since 88 percent of the agency's funding is used to protect agriculture, especially livestocck producers, from predators.

Growers await methyl bromide alternative

- Agricultural industry leaders are happy to see the development of fluensulfone, a non-fumigant alternative to methyl bromide approved for controlling nematodes. But it could be awhile before the product is used in the field...

Impact of labeling law on farmers debated

- Opponents of mandatory labeling for foods containing genetically modified organisms say an Oregon ballot initiative would create legal risks for growers.

Lumber town takes stock after wind-driven wildfire

- Wind-driven flames destroyed or damaged 150 structures, a saw mill and a church in Weed, Calif. At times, the fire moved so fast that residents had only a few minutes to get out of the way.

General Mills misses Street 1Q forecasts

- The Minneapolis company said it is reviewing its manufacturing and distribution network. It said the cost-cutting initiative could save it $100 million per year by fiscal year 2017.

Group levels abuse allegations against New Mexico dairy

- The dairy said in a statement to The Associated Press that animal care and well-being are central to its operation. As a result, the dairy fired all employees and referred the abusive workers to law enforcement for further ...

Barbed-wire fence cutting case prompts $5,000 reward

- On Sept. 9 or Sept. 10, someone cut a large amount of barbed wire surrounding 80 acres of property in rural Nevada.

Galloway project could help Idaho farmers

- Public comment during a Sept. 11 meeting on the proposed Galloway Dam project was decidedly against it, but farmers say it would greatly aid growers and other water users throughout the state.

33 cattle die after Idaho big rig crash

- A truck that turned over Tuesday resulted in 33 cattle on board being killed.

Feds withdraw proposal to delist Calif. beetle

- The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Sept. 16 it is withdrawing its 2012 request to remove Endangered Species Act protections for the valley elderberry longhorn beetle. The agency is citing new scientific reviews th...

Washington apple harvest in full swing

- Washington growers are nearing the half-way point of harvesting their largest apple crop in history. So far good weather has helped but most everyone could use more pickers.

Judge rules GMO measure can appear on Maui ballots

- The proposed moratorium would make it illegal to cultivate, grow or test genetically modified crops in Maui County until companies complete environmental and public health studies to show their practices are safe.