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And you thought wolves were a problem
The Siberian tiger was one of three released by Russian President Vladimir Putin in May in a remote part of the Amur region, which straddles the border between far eastern Russia and northeastern China.

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Obama immigration plan good, not great for economy
Along with the Congressional Budget Office, independent economists say growth would be much stronger with a broader overhaul that would more than double the number of illegal workers eligible for legalized status.
New bird flu cluster identified in Netherlands
At least 25,000 chickens and ducks are being slaughtered on the farms and the ministry said it has also ordered birds slaughtered at a third farm as a precaution.
Boehner: ‘We will not stand idle’ on immigration
Boehner: ‘We will not stand idle’ on immigration
House Speaker John Boehner took issue with President Obama’s claim that he had to act because House Republicans never moved on the bipartisan immigration bill that passed the Senate last year.
NOAA: Globe sets 5th hottest-month record of 2014
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Thursday that last month was the hottest October on record.
Environmental groups to sue over Gunnison grouse
The Center for Biological Diversity and Western Watersheds Project filed a formal notice Thursday.
Country of origin label for meat cuts endangered
Canada and Mexico need to tell the U.S. “more clearly and more specifically, what, if any, variation of this will work for them,” the agriculture secretary said last week.
Obama immigration order sets up battle with GOP
As the president is poised to take executive action to grant temporarily shield as many as 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation, Republican leaders in Congress say they are ready to oppose the measure when they take control of both houses in...
Syngenta faces dozens of lawsuits over GMO seed
Exports of U.S. corn are down 85 percent this year compared to 2013 and that has driven down corn prices, according to the 13 suits filed in federal court in Des Moines, Iowa.
GOP vows to pass Keystone later if bill fails now
The vote puts pressure on Obama to approve the pipeline, which he has resisted in the past. Environmentalists have pressed Obama to reject the pipeline as proof of his commitment to curb global warming, even though a State Department environmental review...
UK bird flu strain same as the Dutch one
Officials believe wild birds may have brought the bird flu to Britain. It is the first outbreak here in six years.