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New efforts to ban tobacco farm child labor
This month, the Tobacco Growers Association of North Carolina said it “does not condone the use of child labor” and said tobacco growers and farm labor contractors should not employ workers under 16 years old.

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Texas State Fair sets food, ride sales record
Temperatures that were largely mild and few storms helped bolster the 24-day event, which wrapped up Sunday.
Permaculture farming seen as a match for Southwest
The family is committed to holistic practices and a back-to-the-garden lifestyle. Their solar-powered home is off the grid, they catch rain (with a permit), have greenhouses, raise their food, and host agricultural programs at their 80-acre...
Turkey farmer branches out to raising chickens
So for the first time since his father, Lloyd Bevans, began raising turkeys on land he bought in the early 1960s, the Bevans farm will produce chickens, too.
Kauai, state form group to study pesticides, GMOs
The first step will involve interviews and discussions to identify the questions the fact-finding group will ask. The parties will select nine or more people to serve in the group.
Minnesota corn harvest raises safety concerns
Widespread railway delays are also adding to concerns because they could cause even more farmers to send their grain to bins and elevators.
Wyoming landowners praised for grouse conservation
The landowners recognized Wednesday are the first in Wyoming to join the program, called Candidate Conservation Agreements with Assurances. Jewell said the agreements formalize what some of the landowners have already been doing.
EPA approves new weed killer for engineered crops
The agriculture industry has anxiously awaited the approvals, as many weeds have become resistant to glyphosate, an herbicide commonly used on genetically modified corn and soybeans now. Enlist includes a combination of both 2,4-D and glyphosate.
African leaders: Ebola could lead to food crisis
Liberia Agriculture Minister Florence Chenoweth says billions of dollars of outside agricultural investment is gone because farming has been decimated.
Peanut farmers deal with fallout from salmonella
The forecast calls for nationwide production to approach 5 billion pounds, an increase over last year, but those numbers won’t include as many Valencia peanuts as in years past. Grown along the New Mexico-Texas border, the sweet variety is coveted...
Protesters to shadow Wisconsin wolf hunters
Wisconsin’s hunt is slated to run until Feb. 28 or until hunters reach the 150-animal statewide kill limit.