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Agriculture exhibit to open at LSU
In addition to photos and documents, the exhibit will include a listening station at which visitors can select audio clips from current and retired extension employees.

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Illegal immigrant deportations down 20 percent
Over 10 months in 2012, Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported 344,624 people, some 25 percent more than this year.
Doctors: Finding source unlikely in E. coli deaths
Results have yet to come back on a kind of DNA fingerprinting test of the E. coli, which can then be compared to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s national database.
USDA boosts corn, soybean harvest to new records
USDA boosts corn, soybean harvest to new records
Record corn yields will be set in 18 states, the USDA said, and 10 states including Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, the top three producers, have the highest number of ears per corn stalk ever.
In 5-week salmonella trial, defense takes 1 hour
Experts say it’s the first time corporate executives and workers have gone to trial in a food poisoning case; prior prosecutions have ended in plea deals without prison time.
Rocks slow wildfire in Yosemite backcountry
The Yosemite blaze has burned more than 7½ square miles and was 23 percent contained Wednesday night.
Goat raffle has b-a-a-d outcome for farm store
The city animal control agency on Wednesday fined the business $100 for raffling a live animal in violation of a local ordinance.
A ‘very good’ Va. apple crop hitting peak season
Apples were Virginia’s 15th largest agricultural commodity in 2012. Farm cash receipts totaled $54 million that year.
Pot producers add demand on Northwest power grid
New energy demand among growers of marijuana is estimated to expand to as much as 163 megawatts a year by 2035. That represents about 10 percent of what Seattle uses annually, or roughly what a small city such as McMinnville, Oregon, uses.
Senators chide freight railroads on delays
The rail industry’s top lobbyist said the industry is struggling to keep up with a sharp increase in freight rail demand created by the oil fracking boom in the Bakken region of North Dakota and two years of unusually bountiful harvests, and that...
Councilwoman wants to do study of Kauai GMO law
The ordinance would have required large agricultural companies to disclose pesticide use and GMO crops. It would have also established buffer zones around sensitive areas such as schools and hospitals.