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Meat supplier: China unit fell short of standards
The Chinese food safety agency said last week its investigators found unspecified illegal activity and police detained five employees of Husi including its product quality manager. But the government and OSI have yet to confirm publicly whether it sold...

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Bark beetles killing Columbia River Gorge pines
This time of year, the beetles tunnel their way into the bark, where they consume the moist insides of the trees and lay their eggs there. As many as half of the adults move on to colonize other trees, and when the eggs hatch, the larvae emerge to eat...
Wisconsin farmers set record for cranberry harvest
Wisconsin harvested two-thirds of the nation’s cranberries last year and three times as much as Massachusetts, the second-largest cranberry producer.
Alaska governor asks USDA to buy surplus canned pink salmon
The price of canned pink salmon is 23 percent lower than a year ago and the advance price paid to fishermen is down about 33 percent from last year.
Russia bans dairy imports from Ukraine
Ukrainian Agriculture Minister Ihor Shvaika described the ban to Interfax Ukraine as politically motivated.
Fire season in West so far is below expectations
With only about $1 billion budgeted for fighting wildfires, the Forest Service expects by late August to once again have to tap other funds, such as forest thinning projects, to continue fighting fires as the season goes on into the fall, Tidwell said.
Survey: honey bee colony losses in Virginia continue
A state-by-state survey found that Virginia ranked 20th of the 47 reporting states for the highest percentage of honey bee colony loss over last winter.
Farm bank donates $10 billion for rural projects
The Agriculture Department will help identify needed projects such as rural health care and educational facilities, water and wastewater systems, energy projects, and broadband improvements.
Attorney: Kauai GMO, pesticide law protects public
The law targets the companies and intends to impair the operations of seed companies, said Paul Alston, an attorney representing the plaintiffs.
Agency: Couple more weeks for honeybee results
Sandy, Ore., beekeeper Dena Rash Guzman was first to report a bee die-off. She found thousands of dead bees in and around two of eight hives on the 60-acre farm where she lives.
North Dakota wants specifics on backlogged grain shipments
The U.S. Surface Transportation Board told Canadian Pacific and BNSF Railway in June to submit plans to address backlogs in northern Plains states and begin filing weekly updates.