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Camelina shows promise in Eastern Oregon
Sean Ellis/Capital Press
Camelina shows promise in Eastern Oregon
While Eastern Oregon farmers are facing one of the tightest ever water years in their area this season, field trials at Oregon State University's Malheur County experiment station are showing that camelina could be a source of income for growers when...

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Lake Lowell water rapidly declining
Lake Lowell water rapidly declining
Farmers in southwestern Idaho have been asked to voluntarily conserve water in an effort to avoid a possible shortage at Lake Lowell near Nampa.
Poll finds Californians back smaller water bond
The survey found 51 percent of likely voters back the existing measure and 26 percent are opposed. Support grows to 59 percent for a smaller bond, but questioners did not ask what price tag respondents would accept.
California’s salmon, steelhead get help
The plans target Sacramento River winter-run Chinook salmon, Central Valley spring-run Chinook salmon and Central Valley steelhead.
Technology turns manure into clean water
Technology turns manure into clean water
On-farm technology to turn liquid manure into clean water, while separating out valuable nutrients, is expected to be available commercially by year's end.
Calif. extends grant deadline
California agencies have extended the deadline for agricultural operations to apply for water efficiency grants.
Officials: Complacency drives hike in water use
The increase was driven mainly by the heavily populated Southern California coastal communities that increased water use by 8 percent in May and the rural northeastern area of the state where use jumped 5 percent.
California drought threatens to dry up farm wells
The study released by the University of California-Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, used computer modeling, NASA satellite data and estimates provided by state and federal water agencies to examine the impact on California if the next two years...
California seeks to send message to water-wasters
California Water Board Chairwoman Felicia Marcus said the vote is historic not only because the steps are unprecedented in California but because the board is trying to spread the burden of the drought beyond farmers and agencies that are trying to...
Drought persists, Oregon irrigators out of water
Jay Chamberlin of the Owyhee Irrigation District in Nyssa says he’s been telling farmers who still have some of their allotments that they should use the water wisely.
Idaho growers concerned about crop heat stress
Idaho growers concerned about crop heat stress
Extreme heat throughout Idaho to start July has raised concerns from some potato and onion growers.