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Officials: Complacency drives hike in water use
The increase was driven mainly by the heavily populated Southern California coastal communities that increased water use by 8 percent in May and the rural northeastern area of the state where use jumped 5 percent.

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Idaho growers concerned about crop heat stress
Idaho growers concerned about crop heat stress
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Environmentalists say they’ll sue over bull trout
A separate case involving bull trout is pending in federal court in Oregon, where environmentalists sued federal officials in April for failing to develop recovery plans for the fish.
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Inslee submits ideas for new water-quality rules
How much fish people eat is part of a complicated formula that determines how clean waters should be. A higher rate theoretically would mean fewer toxic chemicals would be allowed in waters.
California hopes fines up to $500 slow water waste
A combination of mandatory and voluntary restrictions so far has resulted in a statewide water use reduction of 5 percent through May — far short of the 20 percent sought by Gov. Jerry Brown.
Water board to use ‘light touch’ on urban water regs
California's State Water Resources Control Board is set to adopt fines for urban dwellers who waste water outdoors, but the regulations would only apply in communities that don't already have conservation plans in place and wouldn't be mandatory for...
Water levels at Nevada’s Lake Mead drop to new low
The lake on Tuesday was just under 1,082 feet above sea level, and the reservoir was about 39 percent full.
Calif. official rebuffs call to reconsider water regs
Calif. official rebuffs call to reconsider water regs
The chairwoman of the California State Water Resources Control Board has rebuffed a state senator's request to reconsider ramped-up enforcement of stop-diversion orders issued to water rights holders.
California board considers fines for water wasters
Violations would be infractions punishable by fines of up to $500 a day, and tickets could be written by any public employee empowered to enforce laws.