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WSDA working on manure application bill
WSDA keeps a low profile as it works on a bill to regulate the application of manure on farm fields.

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Klamath pact supporters press bill’s passage
A bill that would ratify dam removal and conservation funding along the Klamath River is running out of time for passage in Congress.
Delta tunnels the next big water fight in Calif.
Now that California's Proposition 1 has passed, some activists who fought the state's water bond have turned their attention to Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed tunnels that would bypass the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.
Governors team up to tackle western drought
Governors team up to tackle western drought
California, Nevada team ukp to fight drought.
Ecology changing watershed evaluation process
The Washington Department of Ecology recently presented possible changes to the way it evaluates watersheds for pollution.
Idaho water officials try to avoid Swan Falls curtailment scenario
If Snake River flows drop below a minimum level at the Murphy streamgage, 2,500 upstream water rights could be subject to curtailment. State water officials will work with those water right holders to develop a plan to try to preclude that from happening.
Drought Monitor authors encourage growers’ input
Drought Monitor authors encourage growers’ input
Authors of the U.S. Drought Monitor encourage growers and others to submit information about how the drought is affecting them so that the weekly maps can be more accurate.
Funding to finish East Low Canal a ‘rough pull’
Funding to finish East Low Canal a ‘rough pull’
Finding funding to continue development of the East Low Canal in Eastern Washington will be tough, says Mike Schwisow, director of government relations with the Columbia Basin Development League. The league emphasized partnerships at its annual banquet...
Bear River adjudication proposed
Bear River adjudication proposed
The Idaho Department of Water Resources has scheduled meetings to measure interest in adjudicating water rights in the Bear River Basin.
Calif. water bond battles turn to implementation
Two-thirds of California voters approved Proposition 1, the $7.5 billion water bond, but backers and opponents say their battles will continue over its implementation.
Ruling could impose mid-season mitigation on well users
A judge has ruled the methodology used for basing water obligations of Idaho junior groundwater users in the Surface Water Coalition's call must be changed.