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Rains help east Oregon water picture
The water supply situation in eastern Oregon has improved a little because of a series of spring rainstorms, but it's still dire in certain parts.

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Idaho water situation continues to improve
Idaho water situation continues to improve
A series of snow and rain storms in March and April improved the southwestern Idaho water supply situation significantly and water supply managers now expect a normal irrigation season.
At mouth of Elwha River, new beaches taking shape
The sediment released by the removal of the dam has built up so much at the river’s mouth that areas that were underwater before the dams were removed are now land for hikers.
Water proposal holds potential for making Eastern Oregon bloom
Water proposal holds potential for making Eastern Oregon bloom
Many pivots sit dormant for an entire season — and whole fields are left dry — while most of the farm’s water is concentrated onto relatively few acres for growing potatoes, onions and other high-value vegetables. The alternative for...
No water for ag despite recent Calif. storms
State and federal water agencies unveiled a comprehensive drought management plan for California on April 9 but didn't increase allocations for agriculture. They said new allocations could be made in the next couple of weeks, but added many demands exist...
Irrigators get new water source
A project saving water for salmon is giving a small group of landowners near Cowiche and Tieton, Wash., a new source of irrigation water.
Into the bog: Oregon’s drought may affect crops
Oregon has water issues like most of the western U.S., according to Kathie Dello, associate director of the Oregon Climate Change Research institute at Oregon State University. Because the rain and snow falls from October to March, Oregon relies a lot on...
Short water year for Klamath irrigation project
The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation operations plan released Wednesday shows only 61 percent of the water needed for full irrigation is available to the 1,200 farms on the project.
Water deliveries remain at zero pending further study
The California Department of Water Resources and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation on Wednesday announced that water deliveries will remain at zero until a new analysis is complete.
Farmer, Ecology settle water dispute
The state Department of Ecology says it has reached a settlement agreement with a Royal City farmer whom it says was illegally irrigating cropland.
Hastings talks water, gets award
Hastings talks water, gets award
California's water issues, Endangered Species Act reform and EPA's new" power grab" attempt were addressed by House Natural Resources Chairman Doc Hastings, R-Wash., at the National Water Resources Association's annual meeting.