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Low snow shuts down Eastern Sierra winter recreation zone
The sorry state of the snowpack in the Sierra has forced a ban on snowmobiling until further notice at a popular recreation area near the California-Nevada line

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Government challenges dismissal of Cliven Bundy’s case
Prosecutor contends that the dismissal sets a dangerous precedent for law enforcement by encouraging the public to disrespect the law.
Water forecast is bleak for major reservoir in Southwest US
Hydrologist: There is only a 10 percent chance that enough mountain snow will fall during the rest of the winter and spring to bring inflows back to average.
Militia group founder charged with 19 counts of grand theft
The founder of a militia group known as 3% of Idaho has been accused of keeping nearly $87,000 in rent payments meant for clients from 2013 to 2016
Basque culture leaves its mark on Nevada
Their numbers may be small, but Basques and their descendants have left an indelible mark on Nevada _ so much so that the theme of the 34th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko is "Basques & Buckaroos: Herding Cultures of Basin, Range and Beyond"